Identitaires Interrupt Refugee Play in Vienna

The following brief TV news report from Austria is the only information I have about an anti-immigration action in Vienna, in which members of the Identitaire movement interrupted a play performed by refugees. It’s intriguing to consider a cast of “refugees” — How did the director choose the cast? Did he run background checks to determine whether a migrant was an actual refugee, and not an economic migrant? Or did anyone with a dark complexion and a foreign accent qualify?

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   In the Audimax of Vienna the performance of the play
00:04   “Die Schutzbefohlenen” (“The protégés”) by Elfriede Jelinek was interrupted by an incident.
00:08   So far we do not have any documented material except via Twitter.
00:12   We received photos that we can show you. The play was performed by refugees
00:16   from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. While they were on the stage
00:20   about thirty members of the right-wing movement
00:24   “The Identitaires” stormed the stage, unfurled banners and splattered artificial
00:28   blood around. Spectators in the packed auditorium
00:32   pushed the identitaires out and alerted the police, who are now searching
00:36   for the troublemakers. After a short interruption, the refugees decided
00:40   to perform the piece to its completion.

3 thoughts on “Identitaires Interrupt Refugee Play in Vienna

  1. “It’s intriguing to consider a cast of “refugees” — How did the director choose the cast?”

    Look for the Refugee Repertory Company, coming to your town! This rag-tag troupe of thespians, jugglers, tumblers, scammers and taqiyya artists from various countries of the All-Too Near East have been known to put on many a play by the great Shakespeare (whom academic scholar and expert Karen Armstrong has argued was really a Muslim whose Arabic name, “Sheikh Sbeir”, has been garbled by evil white Western Orientalists). Among the plays done by the RRC:

    The Tragedy of Khalifa Ibn Beth
    The Tragedy of Mohammlet, Saudi Prince of Denmark *
    Othello, the Moor of New York City
    Allah’s Well that Ends Well
    The Merry Sex Slaves of Windsor
    The Taming of the Wives Suspected of Rebellion
    The Jew of Venice
    Much Ado about Tawheed
    A Midsummer Night’s Jihad

    * for Mohammlet’s soliloquy (“To behead, or not to behead…”), see:

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