Islam Sits Sulking in the Corner

The following essay on the violence, misogyny, and “honor” of Islam in the West was originally published on the German blog Die Achse des Guten. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Islam Sits Sulking in the Corner, Defending Its Honor and Blaming Everyone Else

by Jennifer Nathalie Pyka
April 13, 2016

Recently, on Frank Plasberg[1], there was speculation on whether Islam has a problem with violence. After 75 minutes, there was a unanimous “jein” (yes/no). Naturally, it is difficult to judge to what extent Islam and its many doppelgängers actually suffer from the violence that surrounds them — or, by way of comparison, do not find it okay. At the same time, it would be comparatively unimportant what ails Islam, so long as it was only a kind of sadomasochistic club among religions. That is, a kind of arrangement whose adherents, by mutual agreement, give each other hell.

Yes, there are a number of other groups that have a real problem with Islam, but unfortunately don’t fit well on a talk show. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, women suffer under Islamic justice, which condemns the victim of rape to death by rope if she makes a complaint against her tormenter. In the Islamic State, an “infidel” or Western journalist holds very poor cards (unless you look like Jürgen Todenhöfer[2]). Islam also makes itself known in Israel now and then, for instance by Palestinian rockets impacting in the front yard. Islam is not yet in evidence in German front yards, but in Berlin-Neukölln or Duisburg Marxloh, you can depend on seeing its friendly face. And in German refugee shelters, everyone becomes intimately acquainted with Islam so soon as he has a Bible.

The much more suspenseful question is not whether Islam has a violence problem, but rather what can be done about it, so that it will not cause any more problems. But before it comes to that, other things must be clarified. For instance, all those things that have nothing to do with Islam. Or the hazards that can arise from not enough Islam. Katrin Göring-Eckardt[3] prefers to defer to them, in fact, with more Islam education. Islam, indeed, suffers not only from a violence problem, but an understanding problem.

What unites the terrorists as well as the hustler immigrants is the fateful inability to understand both the Koran and Islam. Some angry voices even maintain that both of them are not at all Muslims. Alcohol, terrorism and absenteeism from the mosque are deeply un-Islamic. It is only too bad that the appropriate groups are not moved to insight when they are excommunicated for non-Islamic issues by Lamya Kador[4] and other experts.

Of course, it is quite possible that the Brussels perpetrators and the molesters in the cathedral square in Cologne really interpreted the Koran falsely, and never even read it to the end. But Islam is not necessarily what is in the Koran. Islam is what its adherents make of it.

And, all things considered, the result is not so amazing. One part of Islam’s adherents practices cherry-picking. From its teachings, they select what makes life more beautiful and pleasant: that is, oppression of minorities, harassing women, plus murder and manslaughter whenever anyone makes fun of Mohammed. The other part suffers from what the first part does, or is indifferent to it. Islam is apparently too busy for all the arduous things, such as tolerance, brotherly love and debate.

And, in parallel, the suspicion arises that Islam has another problem: one with women. It cannot be by chance that a suicide bomber in paradise does not get a villa with an attractive wife and servants or a whole fleet of Porsches, but — believe it or not — 72 virgins. You have to ask what is going on with men who drape their women in full-body coverings, because otherwise they can’t keep it together. And besides, it cannot be socially healthy when families misplace their raison d’être to a place between their daughters’ legs.

The women in question never do anything against it, above all, because any protest could be life-threatening. The fact that any number of “problem men” turn up is comparatively easy to understand. It could in fact be that many of the problems with Islam in Neukölln , Syria and Israel have in large part to do with the schizophrenic relationship of the sexes. Suppressed sexuality leads to frustration and aggression. More than ever, when the radical and substantially more pleasing counter model can be seen every day on the smart phone or at the front door. And this frustration must be released. So it is good that there are women and minorities to vent it upon.

It is often claimed in the West, that young Muslims are especially frustrated because “we” don’t let them join in. In actual fact, the young Turk may become furious if promotion does not come instantly. But the West offers him a cornucopia of possibilities: from attending school, through volunteer service for the republic, to the casting of “Germany Is Looking for the Superstar” — nowhere he does not have access to them. On the other hand, the absence of free choice of partner and sexual development is difficult to escape. It is fenced off by the ever-present “honor”. The individual means nothing — honor means everything. This lack of alternatives can only be endured, or fled.

It is from this, presumably, that a second problem results, which afflicts contemporary Islam: its chronic inability to take responsibility. Honor and personal responsibility have as much to do with one another as Pierre Vogel and Harald Glööckler.[5] If the only thing that counts is what the community thinks or could think, then individual decisions do not count. And if there is always someone who oppresses — the man the woman, the woman the daughter-in-law — there is no need to think about one’s own advancement. So Western ideals like striving for prosperity are not disappearing from the radar screen — they are not there at all.

Instead, there is the possibility of outsourcing responsibility: to the USA, the Jews, the Shi’ites, the Sunnis and Alawites, to their own dictator, the neighboring dictator, or even the woman wearing a miniskirt. The earth still turns on its axis, poverty is still being fought, the West is still prospering, Israel is still mutating to a second Silicon Valley — and meanwhile, Islam sits sulking in the corner, defends its honor and blames others for its fate.

And that is why no one contests the claim that Islam belongs to Germany. Nowhere else is responsibility so quickly abdicated as at the entrance to the local job center. From there it disappears — never to be seen again — in the underworld of bureaucracy, and is replaced by a friendly social worker who is up-to-date on Islamophobia and discrimination. And everyone profits from that: the social worker, the family honor and Katrin Göring-Eckardt.

And all the rest have to await the day when Islam finally integrates Tinder and ElitePartner.[6]


1.   Founder and moderator of talk show hart aber fair (Tough but Fair).
2.   Jürgen Todenhöfer — Journalist and original advocate of US support of Afghani guerrillas against the Soviet occupation; foe of US actions there after 2001; much-traveled in Iraq, and areas of the Arab Spring.
3.   Prominent member of 90/The Greens, cheerleader for “Islam belongs in Germany” attitude.
4.   Syrian German-Muslim religious educator, Islam scholar and author and head of the Liberal Islamic Federation.
5.   Vogel is an infamous Muslim hate-preacher of jihad; Glööckler is a well-known fashion designer.
6.   For old folks like me who have to look them up, these are dating sites.

15 thoughts on “Islam Sits Sulking in the Corner

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this:

    > Suppressed sexuality leads to frustration and aggression.

    It’s long been my opinion that sexually-frustrated 20-something men are the main source behind the violence that is ubiquitous in Islam.

    Try to imagine a typical hormone-charged male growing up in a society where even looking upon the uncovered face of a female is a sin. Well actually, you are allowed to see uncovered women, provided they are your sisters…which leads to young men having sexual fantasies about their sisters, another big frustrating no-no. In Islamic there is no such thing as “dating,” no opportunity to chat-up unrelated girls, hold their hands, get to know them as human beings – in short, no opportunity for normal sexual development so common in the rest of the world. Some Muslims seek gratification through gay sex, very unsatisfying if you’re hetero-sexual, plus it’s prohibited and punishable by death.

    Thus, the only opportunity young Muslim men have to explore their hetero-sexual nature is through rape. And so, there is plenty of that.

    When young Muslim men see non-Muslim couples walking down the street holding hands, laughing, having fun, all they can feel is frustration, jealousy and hatred.

    Should it come as a great surprise that all this leads to violence?

    • I very much disagree with you Cy ,
      If all rape was justified because the rapists are deprived , then all robberies and crime are justified too if the robbers are poor. So is gangsterism due to social deprivation. If that were true then society would have gone to hell a long time ago . Most people retain their integrity even during hard times while the social structures , be it church , mosque or community usually step in to alleviate the suffering as best they can . What the long term achievements are depends on the individual and his efforts thereafter , besides , nothing is permanent .

      I consider life as a grinding stone . Some of us are ground down while others are polished up and it depends entirely what you are made of .

      • I visited India for a month a few years ago with a Pakistani friend. He speaks Urdu and Hindi fluently, even though he was brought up in Europe, and has Western values. It was his first time actually meeting Indian Muslim culture, and his conclusion after that month was: “this is a culture of sexual frustration”.
        Of course, people in all times and cultures have been frustrated and deprived. I would think it is the culture and upbringing that teaches people how to live with frustration.

      • And I very much disagree with you…
        First, the sexual urge, which is biological in origin, is FAR more powerful than the urge to get some money because of poverty.
        Secondly, you are measuring the “integrity” of “most people” through Western eyes, and those eyes are quite different from those of the folks in the ummah.
        In my estimation, the entire sharia structure has been designed purely to provide the kind of aggressiveness that ensures extreme violence. Muslim men are essentially the necessary canon-fodder that promoted the level of violence required for merciless conquest and the resulting predation – especially sexual predation – over the conquered societies.
        Your grinding stone metaphor is fine, except that in situations wherein the stone is battering you constantly in the face, the going can get quite rough, as it were.

    • So sad. One can be this blind? Read more about how war actually works in the seventh century.

  2. The cry of “its always someone else’s fault” will never result in change for the better. Because unless Islam addresses its own problems, shortcomings and lack of responsibility… how can you change what isn’t even acknowledged?
    How liberal left wingers can support a political doctrine which advocates such deep inequality, that it goes beyond the word “inequality” I will never, ever understand. Prosecute a Christian business which has a problem with homosexuality, yes that’s correct. But… then, to excuse Islam’s treatment of homosexuals (murder no less!!!) because it’s “their culture” is one of the most monstrous demonstrations of Doublethink there is.

  3. This nonsense about suppressed sexuality and frustration, etc. Please refer to the Koran for enlightenment. These Muslim thugs are TOLD how to behave at an early age. They are instructed to treat women as inferior beings, and that non-Muslim women are little more than breeding vessels. This is who Muslims are and they are proud of it.

  4. I’ve often wondered if the prohibition on alcohol might not have something to do with it, as well.

    It sounds like a joke, I know.

    But I wonder if perhaps in “normal” societies, a significant number of the “problem” people don’t turn into dysfunctional alcoholics, damaging themselves and society in *that* manner, instead of engaging in jihad-style activities.

    I’ve always thought that alcoholism was a scourge, but maybe it isn’t…

  5. Actually the issue with Islam is similar in some ways with the problem of the assimilation of the Black community in the United States. For both the Blacks and the Muslims (and also for Communists in general) the problem for their plight always lies with the ‘other’. For Muslims it is the infidel or the apostate. For Blacks it is the white oppressor. For Communists it is the capitalist oppressor. For all of these groups, the response is violence, and this violence is morally sanctioned.

    While most Muslims or Blacks do not engage in violence, those that do oppress their entire communities. In the Muslims world, violence is used to control both Muslims and non-Muslims, and also women, who though wives, are reduced to the status of chattel. The pattern in the Black community is similar, but in the black community the family has been destroyed, so wives are replaced with sequential relationships where the status of women are reduced to that of a sexual partner who has no claim on the man, and the children suffer. Violence is used to control and manipulate, and the middle classes (both Black and white) run away from the violence to seek refuge in safer locations.

    While both communities vary in particulars, they are similar in substance. Neither can be changed from the outside. For change to occur, it has to come from within, and result from a change in values. Absent that change, the social dysfunction will continue.

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