Erdogan, Erdogan: Germany is not Kurdistan!

A few weeks ago a satirical poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was read out on state TV in Germany. The poem made headlines all over the world when Mr. Erdogan took offense and demanded that Jahn Böhmermann, the man who wrote and performed the poem, be prosecuted. The furor intensified when Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the go-ahead for an investigation of Mr. Böhmermann that may eventually result in his prosecution.

A comic performer named Dieter Hallerforden has now jumped on the bandwagon, demanding his own prosecution for performing a satirical song about the unfortunate Mr. Erdogan

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this report:


00:00   In the debate on the freedom of satire, the cabaret artist, Dieter Hallerforden
00:04   attacks the Turkish President Erdogan in a
00:08   song. It is in reaction to the demand by Turkey to prosecute
00:12   Jahn Böhmermann after his offensive poem and their summoning
00:16   of the German ambassador after a program on the TV Magazine “Extra 3”.
00:20   In this song, too, Hallerforden does not mince his words:
00:25   Erdogan, Erdogan, please denounce me, too.
00:29   Erdogan, my dear swan, you’re a
00:33   a great advertising man. Erdogan, Erdogan,
00:37   do make my song famous too. Erdogan, Erdogan,
00:41   just get really enraged. I simply sing what you are:
00:45   a terrorist, who craps on free spirits.
00:50   Erdo-Erdogan:
00:54   as censorship cannot do everything, every joke that you ban
00:58   makes a joke of YOU, my man.
01:02   Erdo-Erdogan: the global net swells with LOLs, as many users
01:06   are still free, even in Turkey.
01:11   Erdogan, Erdogan:
01:15   fire up the big publicity drum.
01:19   Erdogan, Erdogan, free your inner megaloman.
01:23   As La Merkel chose you and pledged herself to you,
01:27   something new was discovered in her: HUMOR!
01:31   Erdo-Erdogan, oh you poor rich man,
01:36   every joke you ban makes you
01:40   a JOKE yourself ! Erdogan,
01:44   Erdogan don’t even start with that.
01:48   Erdogan, Erdogan: Germany is not Kurdistan.

6 thoughts on “Erdogan, Erdogan: Germany is not Kurdistan!

  1. All of this illustrates the humorless, dark side of Islam. Power in Islamic countries is there through family and tribal influences, threats and favors, unsaid threads of power. Just as Islam is a public religion – i.e. how you act in public, so the public sphere is fraught with danger. It is highly fragile to any ridicule. As no one can speak the truth as there is no truth only power, everyone must be extremely careful about what is said. The penalty is not just what happens to you but what happens to all your family.
    Hey welcome to the new Europe – it fits perfectly with post modernism and leftist ideology. EU politicians, bureaucrats and academics are preparing the way.

  2. The irony of mutti Merkel resorting to law to extradite herself from the sticky situation she has found herself in for her total appeasement of Erdogan seems to be totally lost on the German public. She has been cited by senior constitutional judges as HAVING BROKEN THE LAW in the way which she bypassed her party, parliament and the German people when she threw open Germany’s ( and by definition Europe’s too) Borders to the third would hordes and causing the resultant chaos throughout the continent.
    Take a leaf out of Brazil’s book people. IMPEACH HER, lock her up and throw away the key! As Geert Wilders has said stop looking the other way.
    Do you really want to witness her bring more shame on Germany when she next cowers beside Edogan, like a rabbit caught in the head lights, when she next visits (slithers to) Istanbul?
    Enough is enough for pity’s sake
    PS – I think her strait jacket is an XXL!

  3. For megalomaniac rulers or senile, has-been, former apparatchik spies, the song is a rapier through the heart. For anyone else, it’s a delightful, satiric piece of humor. It shows Germany is not yet completely in the mire and muck of totalitarian thought control. It also puts Merkel in a bind: she can’t prosecute the one without the other, and if she prosecutes this song, she will be an open, international laughing stock.

    • dear Ronald,
      Ms. Merkel will not prosecute anybody.Though I do have an inner distance to my government, this is still a nation of the law, where independent courts do the rulings, not the governing classes.In this particular case, the madman from asia minor referred to a stipulation of the late 19 th century that no foreign head of state should be offended when visiting Germany. But one question arises: how did HE learn about a second rate comedy show and an obsolete law from way back when?We are under close scrutiny from people who live on our expenses to an extend of 40 0/0.

      • Dear Herb,

        I much appreciate your view and information, and my affection and best wishes for Germany to remain free.

        I based my statement on the fact that for the prosecution, which is simply a trial and not conviction, to take place for this law, the German government had to explicitly give its permission. Merkel not only gave the government permission, but she announced it publicly.

        ” Chancellor Merkel announced that the federal government had granted permission for criminal proceedings to go ahead against Jan Böhmermann under the controversial Paragraph 103 of the German Criminal Code. The law makes it illegal to insult the representatives of foreign countries. The federal government must approve the initiation of Paragraph 103 proceedings.”

        I think it fair to say that Merkel is prosecuting Böhmermann, as she decided that the prosecution would occur;.

        The best possible result is that the case motivates Germany to assert its own sovereignty against a tin-pot, would-be, megalomaniac Islamist caliph dictator…and against the migrants who apparently feel they can maintain their old culture while receiving free benefits from their hosts.

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