Giant Hogweeds: The Vegetable Muslims of the Kingdom of Plantae?

Seneca III considers the relevance of a botanical analogy when examining the Religion of Peace.

Giant Hogweeds: The Vegetable Muslims of the Kingdom of Plantae?

by Seneca III

Early morning a couple of days ago (18/04/16, or, for our cousins over the pond, 04/18/16) I stumbled across two articles in the online version of the Daily Express. They were not sequential, but well separated in terms of visual presentation so at first they didn’t really register as in any way connected. To a passing observer such as I they could have been just another example of ships that pass in the night as the passengers sleep blissfully in their bunks.

However having fed the cat, had a shower and breakfasted, I then sat in quiet contemplation considering what to do on this the first day in ages that had dawned without any immediate obligations demanding my time (go fishing, open another book, hit the pub at opening time and stay until closing or simply lie back and do sod all?) but that bloody-minded little Elf that lives between my ears decided to put its boot into my gentle ruminations and prompted me to look again more carefully. Over the years I have learned to pay attention to its evil kicks as they have proved fruitful time and time again, as they did this time.

The first article was entitled: ‘Giant HOGWEED invasion: Warning as TOXIC weed capable of horror burns to INFEST Britain[1] This, for once, is no media exaggeration. Heracleum mantegazzianum is member of the plant family Apiaceae — superficially it resembles Heracleum sosnowskyi, the (harmless) Common Hogweed — and is native to Central Asia. Contact with the sap of the Giant Hog[2] causes severe blistering, long-lasting scars and blindness. These reactions are caused by the poison in its leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds — toxins that penetrate into the nucleus of human cells and form a bond with the DNA, thus causing the cells to die. The resultant brown colour of the scars is caused by the toxin’s producing melanin during this process.

Heracleum mantegazzianum was introduced into Britain in the 19th century as a decorative plant and it is now widespread throughout the British Isles; it soon spread to Germany, France and Belgium as well, where it has overwhelmed the native species. Giant Hogweed was also introduced into the US, in New York, around 1917 and is now extensively spread in the north-eastern and north-western states and southern Canada where, as it does throughout its global range, it colonises by rapidly reproducing and forming dense stands that displace native plants and destroy indigenous wildlife.

In the UK it is an offence under the Countryside Act 1981 to plant or grow it, and because of its invasive and toxic nature it is often actively removed. In the USA H. mantegazzianum is regulated as a ‘federal noxious weed’ and it is illegal to import it or move it interstate without a permit.

The second article to which the Elf drew my attention was titled: ‘Hundreds of Syrian refugees to be housed in UK city plagued by homelessness[3], and this is where the obvious link between the two articles becomes clear. Homo servus moratur (Islam) is a primitive subset of the family Homo sapiens sapiens; it was introduced en masse into the West beginning in the late 20th century and with malignant intent. In some superficial ways it does physically resemble the indigenous inhabitants of those biomes that it is colonising, but that is where any resemblance ends.

However if, as I suspect, you, dear readers, have read the articles referenced you will have no doubt figured out precisely where this rant is heading, so instead of my re-iterating the main points of the second article, I encourage you to indulge yourselves in a little box ticking below from which you will be able to draw your own conclusions:

1.   Is Islam…        
    Invasive?   Yes □   No □
    Toxic?   Yes □   No □
    Welcome?   Yes □   No □
    Backward?   Yes □   No □
2.   Does Islam…        
    Reproduce rapidly?   Yes □   No □
    Form dense stands?   Yes □   No □
    Displace native flora?   Yes □   No □
    Replace native fauna?   Yes □   No □
3.   Do you think the governing classes in the West should…        
    Classify it correctly?   Yes □   No □
    Forbid its importation?   Yes □   No □
    Cease enabling it?   Yes □   No □
    Actively remove it?   Yes □   No □

Scoring and analysis

Award yourself one point for a ‘Yes’ and two for a ‘No’.

0-10 points:   Answer all of the questions or it doesn’t count!
12 points:   Close, but you aren’t really paying full attention.
13 points:   You may be spot on and if so you are on the correct survival track.
14-15 points:   You are wobbling.
16-18 points:   You are standing on the edge of a precipice.
18-23 points:   You are in free fall — if you have a parachute to hand you might just be in with faint chance but that is doubtful.
24 points:   You are stuffed. You are either a natural born Dhimmi or simply suicidal. Just run up a white flag in front of your house and don’t expect any return from whatever price your daughters fetch at the slave market — unless you have already converted, that is.

— Seneca III, in the usual place and in the usual mood, 20th April, 2016.


2.   It’s called Hogweed because swine can eat it without ill effect.

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23 thoughts on “Giant Hogweeds: The Vegetable Muslims of the Kingdom of Plantae?

  1. In Florida these are called “invasive exotics” and that is exactly what Islam is, it is an “invasive exotic.” There are exotics that are not invasive and hence are not a problem. But Islam is and it ought to be exterminated.

  2. its the pc mind trap. diversity is good. ofcourse it is. its a wonderful thing. a miracle. everyone knows that. what they neglect to mention are invasive species. decimate the native population in no time. think we`ll all have to move to brownsea island before long, move in with whats left of the indigenous red squirrels.

    • My lady friend’s father, a military reservist, was responsible for the defence of Brownsea Island in WW2. Many years later, I worked for the John Lewis Partnership, who have a holiday home there. Cue theme music for “The Twilight Zone”…

      As Seneca III is evidently intelligent, I hope the “Express” is not his only source of news!

      • Mark, unfortunately intelligence isn’t the only factor, I read the Express too, and mainly because they have always printed my comments–can’t say that about the other UK papers.
        Plus of course, the Express has Leo McKinstry and Beachcomber!

      • Yeah, that early Peter Gabriel stuff can be a bit muddy. Here ya be!

        Turn and run!
        Nothing can stop them,
        Around every river and canal their power is growing.
        Stamp them out!
        We must destroy them,
        They infiltrate each city with their thick dark warning odour.

        They are invincible,
        They seem immune to all our herbicidal battering.

        Long ago in the Russian hills,
        A Victorian explorer found the regal Hogweed by a marsh,
        He captured it and brought it home.
        Botanical creature stirs, seeking revenge.
        Royal beast did not forget.
        He came home to London,
        And made a present of the Hogweed to the Royal Gardens at Kew.

        Waste no time!
        They are approaching.
        Hurry now, we must protect ourselves and find some shelter
        Strike by night!
        They are defenceless.
        They all need the sun to photosensitize their venom.

        Still they’re invincible,
        Still they’re immune to all our herbicidal battering.

        Fashionable country gentlemen had some cultivated wild gardens,
        In which they innocently planted the Giant Hogweed throughout the land.
        Botanical creature stirs, seeking revenge.
        Royal beast did not forget.
        Soon they escaped, spreading their seed,
        Preparing for an onslaught, threatening the human race.

        (The Dance Of The Giant Hogweed)

        Mighty Hogweed is avenged.
        Human bodies soon will know our anger.
        Kill them with your Hogweed hairs

        Giant Hogweed lives

  3. Islam is being imported as the left’s private army to 1) become a huge, reliable leftist voting bloc to keep the left in power forever and 2) to crush liberty, freedom, the Constitution, Judeo-Christian ethics, Judaism, Christianity and all other religions.

    • What the blinkin’ fools don’t realize is this: They *truly* do. not. understand. is religious people. They think at most, it’s something to do for show. They do not understand that many people actually believe in things greater than themselves. The West has become a hollowed out shell, believing in nothing but the ephemorisms (is that a word?) of the state, and being free and happy. It’s weak and empty. Islam, evil though it is, is something that muslims *believe* in. They really mean it. I think the Left believes they can merge with islam, and muslims will be just as empty and shallow as they are. They’re wrong, and they will be assimilated. And these empty headed, empty lived morons at some point will see that these wonderful people in their midst have something to really believe in. It’s hardwired into humanity. That, and it’ll give them free rein to attack those horrible, awful Xtians and Jooooos, sanctioned by their new wonderful masters! It’s a win-win!

  4. Someone might revisit Day of the Triffids to see if it provides as good an analogy as the hogweed.

    • Scary. That’s *exactly* what just came into my mind: “The Day of the Triffids.”

    • This is one time where the 1961 movie version is better than the book, at the end of the movie, it was discovered that spraying the Triffids with sea water would dissolve them.
      If only other “invasive species” could be dealt with that easily.

  5. The interesting thing about Hogweed is that its a phototoxic. Its the addition of sunlight that causes it to be toxic. The sap alone does not cause the burning.. This is the same with limes, as they too, are phototoxic, and cause similar damage to bartenders who handle them in the sun. Typically blisters healing with thick scarring. As to the parallels with Islam, there’s probably one there, too.

    • Well, I think that Muslim men are to be (cough, cough) *congratulated* on their concern for “their” womenfolk–making sure the ladies are protected from direct sunlight, for example, so that the phytotoxicity of Islam–

      Oh. Wrong image!


    • I first found out this about limes from a fellow at work. He told a story of his club throwing a celebration for which they bought 3 cases of limes. They had 3 kids and one adult cutting and juicing the limes and it put two of them in the hospital for the damage to their skin. Now I’m really careful when I make margaritas, well I am for the first few.

  6. Whenever I walk by a clump of these I shriek: Triffid Alert! Triffid Alert!
    (I know I should start acting my age and not my shoe size..)
    Anyway, I destroyed 3 new plants yesterday as they are starting to grow.
    I happily stamp on them in my Doc Martens and squish and squash!!! Great fun, Today I will take a big sawing knife to them. They are young, best time to get them!

    • Be sure to get all of the root as well. I have less toxic, but no less determined, taproot weeds to fight here. They regrow from just a fragment of root: red stem filaree, spruge, cudweed, and so on. The only saving grace for the dandelions, sow thistles, plantain, and mallow is that the pet rabbit likes them, so fragments of root aren’t as frustrating–it just means he’ll get more from that location next year.

      (Too bad the Muslim hijra wasn’t recognized early for what it is and stopped THEN.)

      • I have deliberately planted mallow in a confined area. It may or may not come back from last year…but the Baron slowly, patiently dug up every single dandelion in our large yard.…They are all GONE. He rather liked them but when I said I couldn’t stand the way they invaded, getting rid of them became his “project” just because I wanted a dandelion-free yard. He got them tap root and all.

        Did I mention he was tenacious?

      • I got dozens more this afternoon.
        I pulled and cut with a big sawing knife. I am aware that these alien invaders may well grow back, but the thing is: I’m stubborn and I delight in destroying weeds.
        But not dandelions!!! You can eat the leaves of dandelion, make tea with it, use the root to make coffee and make honey with the flowers. Don’t kill the dandelions!!!! And it’s diuretic, hence its name in French: pissenlit (pee-in-the-bed)…
        I kill the Himalayan Balsam as well: I think it’s a great stress-buster

  7. Another analogy is the Borg of Star Trek: “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile” and “We only wish to raise quality of life for all species”.

  8. I know from harsh experience that Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam, two other such imports, are also a damned nuisance and almost impossible to eradicate.

  9. Toxins that penetrate into the nucleus of human cells and form a bond with the DNA, thus causing the cells to die . . . sounds like Islam to me.

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