France: Jihad in the Ranks of the Gendarmerie and the Army

OK, folks: April Fools’ Day at Gates of Vienna is officially over. The following article is not a spoof.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this report from Junge Freiheit. The translator includes this note:

I can’t help wondering what the Foreign Legion must be like now.

The translated article:

France’s Police Have a Problem With Radical Muslims

March 23, 2016

[Photo: Security forces in front of synagogue]

PARIS: The French police have a problem with Islamists in their ranks. In a confidential document from the Ministry of Public Security (Prefecture of Police) obtained by the newspaper Le Parisien, there is discussion of 17 cases of radicalization between 2012 and 2015.

According to the document, officers on patrol heard widespread Muslim chanting. Also emphasized was the refusal to participate in a moment of silence for victims of terrorism. Furthermore, Muslim police officers are said to have refused to guard synagogues.

Islamic Policewoman Mocked Uniform

In one instance, police became aware of a policewoman who called on Facebook for terrorism and then characterized her police uniform as “filthy rags of the republic” as she wiped her hands on it. Next, she returned from the toilet with a headscarf and justified her actions by noting that exhibitionism is forbidden.

Even though the number of such instances is small, they are of great concern to security forces, according to Le Parisien. Therefore, the police administration has decided to collect instances of offenses against secularism in a weekly paper.

Young Officers Especially Affected

Cases documented in the paper concern above all practice of the Muslim faith in regard to daily prayers and clothing. Most instances involve young officers who are in the lower ranks.

The Military Also Has Problems With Radicals

According to reports in the media, the French military also has a problem with the radicalization of Muslim soldiers. As early as 2013, Colonel Pascal Rolez assistant to the vice director of counterespionage in the Direction de la Protection et de la Sécurité de la Défense (DPSD), warned: “We are seeing a growing radicalization among French soldiers, especially since the Merah Affair.” (In March 2012, Mohammed Merah murdered four Jews in a school in Toulouse and three French soldiers.)

After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the radio station RFI reported the desertion of about a dozen French soldiers, who joined the jihadists in Syria and Iraq. At the same time, the police noticed a 35-year-old female non-commissioned officer of the Gendarmerie, who had converted to Islam in 2011 and had maintained a connection to Amar Ramadani.

Ramadani was one of the accomplices of Amedyn Coulibaly, who had carried out an Islamist terrorist attack on a kosher supermarket at the beginning of January 2015. The policewoman had logged into the national data bank of suspicious persons 60 times, and was sentenced to a year in prison (probation) for offenses against security regulations, and released from the service.

After the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French military dedicated 10,000 armed soldiers to the protection of synagogues, Jewish schools and important traffic hubs, as well as mosques. According to the daily Le Figaro, it is no longer simply the support of the police, but a permanent military presence.

31 thoughts on “France: Jihad in the Ranks of the Gendarmerie and the Army

  1. Well, let’s see …

    Jihaddists in the French police. Jihaddists in the French military.

    How long, do you think, before the US has to turn our nukes to point at Paris?

    • I actually see a serious problem with France having nuclear weapons.

      Efforts should be made to ensure that nukes are turned over to U.S. safekeeping in the event that, er… non-Muslim French are about to lose control of the country. At the rate that things are going, this could be a serious problem in 20 years. The UK might have the same problem in 30 years. Russia may have a Muslim majority eventually as well, but I doubt that ethnic Russians will let them take control regardless, so I’m less worried about that one.

      Apparently, the Pakistani army has such a deal with the U.S., though I don’t know if they’d actually keep to it.

      • So you don’t think that having 40% of the Russian army as moslems would be an issue? That would make any operation in Chechnya interesting in my opinion.

    • I wonder if other nations in Western Europe have the same problem… (Ex. Italy) When talking to a friend of mine a few years ago the possibility of the Western European armies fracturing because of Jihadists within their ranks came up

      As for Russia… they have a bunch of “muslims” whose identity is more as Steppe Peoples than as Muslims, granted, it’s still a large risk, but the Russians have been able to deal with them since the 1500s, if they see the writing in the wall, pro-natalist policies and probably some not very cheerful measures (from increased pressure to abandon Islam to God knows what) will happen, and the Status-Quo will stabilize again…

  2. The morning of the attack in Belgium, there were reports of “deaths at Molenbeek Police Station”, on TV and and two articles with references to it were also on the Internet.
    Since then, any news about the police station has been non-existent, and at the time I suspected “blue-on blue” killings by Muslim police personnel.
    The Belgian LEOs seem corrupt and incompetent, I would not be shocked if an incident was covered up.
    It has also been speculated that the attack was prompted by leaks from the police who were holding and “interrogating” their ringleader.

    • You are definitely correct, s.c. And this is not without precedent. So-called friendly Afghani Muslims have killed American Marines and soldiers, and similar has occurred in Iraq. Major Nidal Hasan, Ft. Hood, TX, is a Muslim gone fanatical but that was “workplace violence.” There are many more recent instances where Muslims have turned on nonbelievers. The fuse is lit and an explosion is imminent.

      • Yes it is a serious problem. If they throw all the Muslims out of the police & army, a native French force will eventually be hopelessly outnumbered.

  3. Unfortunately all branches of government including the naval and armed forces of the The United States of America are already well and truly infiltrated by Islam. Those good old anti-majority equal opportunity quotas. Well and truly on the way from changing the best in the world to the most diversified divided and multicultural in the world. In France I imagine as in Yugoslavia especially the Muslims will soon be refusing to serve with the Kufar.

  4. Attacks carried out by jihadists in Army or Police uniforms must be a worrying possibility. Infiltration of the Army and Police is a long established Islamist strategy, seen in Egypt, with the assassination of Sadat and in Afghanistan where Taliban regularly use this tactic.

    • Can we trust Barry Soetoro with nukes more than we can trust the French?

      There is a core problem here that is ghastly to contemplate…

      • I believe the US NNPD and NATO articles would preclude any American executive interference into matters such as this, but one never knows really.

        It’s a dangerous time for another democrat run America but that is what is unfolding in front of my eyes.

    • Why not try to get Mossad to take care of the problem… have the Israelis take the weapons and keep them until the French get their act together, or forever if France goes down the drain (which is more likely, sadly)

      If only it were THAT easy… Well, if a Nuke goes off in Tel-Aviv, and we know it wasn’t Pakistani, we’ll know where it came from…

  5. Western nations will be taken over by Muslims but we can always tell ourselves that at least we pretended that Muslims are compatible with Westerners to the very end.

    • Yep, you will have the taqiyya artists constantly spewing the idea of a liberal, tolerant islam, and that will be enough to keep the liberals from acting in their own self defense. Can’t argue with your demographics, because that will determine policy in a democracy.

  6. Next, she returned from the toilet with a headscarf and justified her actions by noting that exhibNext, she returned from the toilet with a headscarf and justified her actions by noting that exhibitionism is forbidden.

    I wonder what she thinks about protesting nude? It wasn’t too long ago that we saw such a thing. “[E]xhibitionism is forbidden” versus protesting nude is permitted. I wonder which will prevail? How long will it be before anyone has an honest discussion of this subject? I’ve decided to do that and it is long overdue and, possibly, too late and, likely, not going to make a difference. I’ve been waiting and some are getting warm (close).itionism is forbidden.

    I wonder what she thinks about protesting nude? It wasn’t too long ago that we saw such a thing. “exhibitionism is forbidden” versus protesting nude is permitted. I wonder which will prevail? How long will it be before anyone has an honest discussion of this subject?

  7. Nothing new,years ago some member of the crew of the aircraft carrier Foch were held in the cafeteria by Muslim.

  8. Dear US commenters on nukes: please refrain yourselves. I am in the process of writing an article on the topic of French mil. In short there is a growing awareness at grassroots level of some of the levels of deceit being used against French society. The tip of the iceberg is the regular protests against proposed laws on work. For those of you who can read a bit of French, I suggest to have a look at Le Salon Beige.

    • “Dear US commenters on nukes: please refrain yourselves.”

      And why should we do that? Because you fancy yourself as some sort of arbieter or pre-crime censor?

      Because you intend to “publish” some unnamed “tell-all” book?

      As the English say, [vulgar imperative]. We Americans don’t take well to some [epithet] telling us to shut up.

      • I believe the point LeDahu was making is that Americans should stop worrying about France’s nukes as the country will sort itself out.
        It wasn’t a demand that Americans not discuss the issue, it appears to be one of those cases where a foreign speaker uses correct language but that the choice of words are misconstrued as being aggressive due to the simple sentence structure.

  9. Catch recent speech by Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmerman, who insists the European Countries MUST be diversified within the next thirty years, the only question is how to achieve it.
    There is no international pressure on Africa, China, Japan, or any Muslim Countries to surrender their countries to other cultures so why should Europe? It is traitors like Timmerman, Soros, Hollande, Cameron, Merkel and others who are intent on the ruination of the European Continent. The so called “deal” with (in reality blackmail by) Turkey regarding migrant swaps is a new low. How these people are still in office, when they should be behind bars for treason, is beyond me.

  10. These people are traitors to la Republique Francaise and should be dealt with as such.

    Shame that the French have become such a bunch of cuckolds they will let this vermin run amok unimpeded.

    • “If you eliminate all logical solutions to a problem – all illogical solutions, however unlikely, become inevitably true.”

  11. OK, Europe is going down the drain. I just wonder about all these tough Americans giving their opinions on how Europeans should handle the issue of Islam and jihadism. Since Grenada (was that a “war”?) the Americans have lost and are still losing each and every war they so willingly start. Al-Qaeda was created with the help of the Americans, and so was Daesh. The Americans want to see everybody “free” (in their opinion free to do ehatever they wnt to as opposed to free from e.g. poverty), and push their type of democracy to every corner of the world, for instance in the cases of Egypt, Libya, and so on. The “Arab Spring”, what a fiasco! And America’s best friend is Saudi Arabia, the root of all the evil we now face. Since you think Europeans are “emasculated” and whatnot, and if indeed you are so tough as you think you are, play your role as the world’s police to the full, stop tinkering about, pretending to be something you aren’t. A bunch of people full of hot air, I’d say.

    • That’s a broad brush you’re using to paint “the Americans”. We are more diverse – in the true sense of that word – than can be captured in one summing-up hostile paragraph.

      For all of us in the West it would be helpful to differentiate between the elites running things and the average American citizen. Already, many now-former Republicans refer to *their* elites as the GOP(e) – certainly a brilliant distinction from what used to be the Republican Party. The GOP may well be destroyed in the next few years, and deservedly so.

      To further muddy the waters many Independents and Dems are switching over to the Republican designation for the purposes of the coming election.

      Yes, the neo-cons pushed the Iraq War but it was fully endorsed by much of the EU, and they lost men proportionally to their engagement in the fighting…our short-sighted leaders, of whom Obama is the worst of them – refused to see that it had to be a very long engagement – as in decades – to keep the ‘peace’ and bring things to a close.

      We are no more “full of hot air” than the bloviating politicians in Britain who, for example, handled 7/7 and the Rigby murder with the most craven p.c. I’ve ever seen. Our best friend may be Saudi Arabia, but the Brits are right in there, permitting those Saudi princes and their obscene over-consumption to have the run of London. Is there any Western capital more fully islamized than London? Is there any other country more fully clamped down on the sin of “racism”, to the point that it sacrificed hundreds of its girl children to the grooming gangs with the full knowledge of those in charge?

      In other words, there is plenty of blame to go around without even getting to the criminality and sexual deviation on parade at the EU headquarters in Brussels. And the totalitarian democracy in Norway, with its open and unashamed support of Hamas – both moral and materiel – is beyond disgusting.

      Please stop the “friendly” fire. It serves no point beyond the momentary satisfaction of your own impotent thrashing about in this mutual nightmare. This comment of yours is definitely a prime example of hot air, I’d say.

  12. I wasn’t comparing stupid Europeans to stupid Americans. I apologize for hurting your feelings as I always seem to forget the American exceptionalism.

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