A Jihad Army of One

The following report was posted today (April 1) at Euroislam.pl. Many thanks to PJ for the translation:

Suicide attack in Jerusalem! One person dead!

Today, on April 1st, a suicide attack took place in Jerusalem. One person died. The attacker probably wanted to protest against Zionism in science.

A man, with an appearance indicating a Middle Eastern origin, shot himself in the head. The attack took place on the Old Town’s rooftops at 3 a.m., when there wasn’t a single soul around.

According to police, the man’s name was Abdul Schizallah. He was probably driven by nervous breakdown, because a list of Nobel Prize winners was found with the body (180 Jewish names and 9 Muslim names on the list).

Human rights organizations, in reaction to that fatal attack, demanded that more Nobel Prizes be awarded to Muslim scholars. “It is a scandal that people have to die to bring attention to Zionist apartheid in today’s science,” said Joanna Wolfstorm of Antizionist Liberal Alliance (ALA).

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which is responsible for granting the prize, declined to comment, but it is unofficially known that all Jewish names were removed from this year’s candidate’s list.

3 thoughts on “A Jihad Army of One

  1. Ah yes. Here we go back to the Nazi’s “Jewish Science”.

    Sigh. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

  2. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which is responsible for granting the Nobel Prizes has mandated that if no moslim earns a prize over a 200 year period then one must be allocated automatically to avoid Jewish and Western dominance.

    Barry Soetoro used up that allotment in 2009.

  3. More April Fools jokes, good thing it’s now April 2nd. I have to admit I do like the idea of muslims shooting themselves in the head in the name of Jihad. That’s a Jihad I can get behind. They get paradise, and we get to live in peace. Works for everyone involved (OK, I’m lying about the paradise part, more April fools stuff).

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