Doing the Chicken Dance on the Israeli Flag With Mohammed le Bruxellois

Speaking of April Fools, here’s a little video sequence that has been, ahem, augmented by Vlad for your visual and auditory enjoyment. We need a little humor to get us through these trying times…

4 thoughts on “Doing the Chicken Dance on the Israeli Flag With Mohammed le Bruxellois

  1. When in Rome act like the Romans is an old saying way back in the Roman provence called palestine. This mohamed worshipper must be insane!? Mohamed was not around when Palestine was a Roman occupied territory. So why is this mohamedane crying and squeeling like a piggy about an ancient Roman territory?

    This mohamed worshipper scares the [poo] out of me! This demon worshipper hurts my Roman feelings! I want him deported straight back to palestine or what his kind calls: “dar el islam”. J

    Just get this son of a devil out of my sight. That ugly barbarian is intolerable. We dont need his kind in the civilized world anymore. We wish [Muslims] the same they wish us: Death!

  2. Pre-bombing, there’s a good chance that a Belgian crowd would have joined in chanting “Palestine” with him.

    Post-bombing, they cheered for the flag of the State of Israel, the #1 symbol in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

    Too little, too late, but definitely some progress!

    At some level, Belgians are so nice, and so inoffensive that when THEY get bombed, it really means that things have gone seriously wrong, and nobody can be deluded into thinking that it’s not about HATE any more.

  3. Down in Texas we always danced the deliberate Texas favorite , the COTTON EYED JOE at just about every occasion EXCEPT for funerals. The dance came complete with kicks and yelling B–l Sh-t !! Even my youngsters loved the dance and a chance to swear without getting a whallop on the rump. : )

    So it was amusing to me when moving to Milwaukee, Wi. in the late 1970s and seeing the polka at every wedding or party we attended … then, came that CHICKEN dance. I laughed till I cried . IT was so darn funny! Parties, wedding receptions, company picnics and parties… IT WAS everywhere and quite funny.

    When I saw the original video of the Belgium , WEIRDO muslim doing what looked like the chicken dance on the memorial flags, candles and flowers ….I exclaimed: B-ll Sh-t!! WHAT A CREEP!

    And I meant it!

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