Radicalization of Students in Austria: “If She Doesn’t Obey, I’ll Just Murder Her”

The following news report about the “radicalization” of students in a Viennese high school begins with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent comments about women, who he thinks should concentrate mainly on being mothers. Mr. Erdogan’s words are taken seriously in Germany and Austria, since he has a strong influence on Turks there, even those of the second or third generation.

Notice that the Chechens — relatively recent arrivals — are said to pose the most serious problem. The same story is told all over Europe: the Chechens are the biggest troublemakers, second only to the Somalis in areas that host Somali communities. You might call them the Somalis of the Caucasus.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Okay, so what did we just listen to, the words from Turkish president Erdogan
0:05   in regards to the International Women’s Day? To him women are mostly mothers,
0:10   a dangerous statement, he is after all the role model for many,
0:15   and it’s a shame that such attitudes are carried over as par for par or worse,
0:19   and are being lived, in Austria as well of course.
0:23   For this report we have looked around at a school in Florisdorf.
0:27   And our reporter Magdalena (…) experienced for herself
0:31   how many migrants show their attitudes towards women.
0:34   Visiting the Franz Jonas Europa School. Here the Islamic radicalization
0:38   of young people is openly discussed, mostly thanks to him,
0:42   the school principal Christian Klar. He has experienced a lot in the past few years
0:46   Concerning religious bullying.
0:49   These students have made Islam, or their Islam, a kind of youth movement
0:53   with which they exercise pressure on others,
0:56   where girls are pressured. ‘Why are you not wearing a hijab?’
1:00   ‘Without the hijab you’re a whore.’
1:03   The school is sensitive, the smallest things are being taken seriously,
1:07   and are immediately discussed, with the student as well as with the parents.
1:12   At many schools, Oliver Steingötter, school social worker for the city of Vienna,
1:16   is called in on assignment. Concerned teachers can talk to him,
1:20   should they notice a serious change in a student.
1:24   These changes can make themselves visible through what a student wears,
1:28   also when a girl suddenly starts wearing a hijab when she wasn’t even a Muslim before,
1:33   but is a convert. They also often change their first names,
1:40   To the Arabic. They exclude and ostracize
1:43   other students on the basis of their religion.
1:47   Again and again during discussions a particularly problematic group
1:50   of people, Chechens, is noticed.
1:53   They are the ones that create the biggest problems at this school,
1:57   whenever the topic is about radicalization and Muslim bullying.
2:01   This is confirmed by a trip to downtown Florisdorf,
2:04   Here we meet this young Chechen man,
2:07   and he does not mince words.
2:10   Actually I wouldn’t let my sister go walking outside without the hijab,
2:14   or let her go outside at all.
2:17   But if she says ‘I want to,’ what will you do?
2:20   If she does not obey, well then, I’ll just murder her,
2:23   if she doesn’t do that, for example if she doesn’t wear the hijab,
2:27   that is how it is with us.
2:30   This young Chechen does not acknowledge radical attitudes and respect for women.
2:34   Would you not want to shake my hand now? — No, I would not.
2:38   Because I am a women? — Yes, because you are a woman. I don’t want that!
2:43   I withdraw my hand. Everything seems to be lost already with this young Chechen.
2:47   But the young people at the Franz Jonas Europa school still have good chances,
2:51   mostly thanks to the very engaged teaching staff, who will do anything they can
2:55   so that every student may live as freely as they themselves chose to live.

16 thoughts on “Radicalization of Students in Austria: “If She Doesn’t Obey, I’ll Just Murder Her”

    • The more I read about Islam the more I start to appreciate Chinese wisdom. Two Chinese sayings:
      1. Rather make friends with 10 thiefs than befriending with one Muslim.
      2. Make friend with a Tibetan, you get a free horse ride; make friend with a Muslim, you get skinned alive.

      • An early American diplomat went overland (to avoid a sea capture) to fight Barbary States’ leaders for the release of American captives who were being sold into slavery…I can’t find the book now (must have given it to the Baron for gift-giving back when he could travel to Europe) but I was struck by the part of the narrative in which Eaton, the American, described the different contingents of men he hired to bring him across from Alexandria. There were Copts, Turks, Muslim Egyptians, and others I can’t remember. In other words, a motley crew. He praised the Copts but said the rest, “Musselmen” were shiftless complainers. They talked about Allah but they really loved money above all, according to Eaton.

        Here’s a brief account:


        I do wish I could remember the name of the book on Eaton. If Hesperado sees this, he’ll probably know.

        • Dymphna-

          Rest assured that Mr. Eaton’s words are just as true in the present North Africa as they were then.

    • Same despair for us, too, the only difference is that the majority here still doesn’t realize it.

    • Good. Hopefully the majority and non Muslim minorities will be in such complete despair soon that we will see some real unity for change. Islam is evil. Muslim ideology is evil. Islam is wrong. Muslims are wrong. How do these Christian and Jew hating people get past the basic immigration questionnaires?

    • Mr. Bracken,
      Do you still think that they will launch the major European jihad this year? Or has the developing situation changed that?

  1. And to think of all the bleeding hearts that supports the cause of these people…

  2. “But the young people at the Franz Jonas Europa school still have good chances.. ”

    No, they don’t, because their principal still talks like this: “These students have made Islam, or their Islam, a kind of youth movement…” in which ‘their Islam’ infers it’s not ‘real’ Islam. But it is.

    The denial of the truth continues.

  3. I start to have greater sympathy for what the Russians did in Chechenya, and that is something that can only come from great disgust.

    When you’re dealing with people who would murder their own sister, I suppose that you end up having to be a bit brutal, sadly.

    • “Rest in Peace” Aqsa Parvez, strangled by her brother and father, with the hijab she did not want to wear, in Canada.

  4. Dymphna, the “brief account” was very interesting (although poorly written). My history class covered all of this in less than a paragraph.

    Also, comparing gypsies to muslims is like comparing angels to devils — can’t be done.

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