Different Strokes for Different Völkerwanderung

JLH for has translated a brief piece about Germany’s recent notorious government sex manual for migrants. The translator includes this note:

This is Henryk Broder’s ironic comment on the illustrated public service guides to proper sexual etiquette, aimed most particularly at the poor immigrants who do not understand the nuances of making love in a European country. (Like: don’t rape children in swimming pools!)

By the way: I found the pictograms shown at the top of this post on the website described in the essay below. Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

The translated piece from the political blog Die Achse des Guten:

How Do You Say Stroke Cuddle, Kiss and Lick in Arabic?

by Henryk M. Broder
March 10, 2016

Two weeks ago, the federal center for health education, in the context of a professional conference on the subject of “Strengthening the Sexual Health of Immigrants”, presented a new web portal: zanzu.de.

The accompanying press release says that a “national and international” advisory council “guided” the project, which offers “graphic information on sexual health and thus eases communication on sensitive subjects”. “And especially those who have recently fled here and have not lived in Germany very long will have discreet and direct access here to knowledge in this area.”

For that reason, this graphic information is offered in a dozen languages. Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian and Romanian, but also English, Polish, Dutch and Spanish, which can only mean that these countries, too, lack “discreet and direct access to knowledge in this area”, and so the German federal center must helpfully intervene.

And so that the biological German does not feel disadvantaged in comparison to immigrants, there is also a German-language zanzu page. Under the heading “Types of Sex”, we learn, among other things, that sex begins “frequently with caressing, cuddling, kissing and licking of the other person, and with the stimulation of the erogenous zones of the other person”. That is “foreplay”. And “If both partners are sexually aroused, they might possibly like to have sexual relations.”

It might also be possible that they will be content with reading the zanzu page, which explains the meaning of “vaginal sex”, “oral sex”, “anal sex” and “self-gratification”. Fact: “You can have sex in different ways. Not everyone likes sex the same way. Talk about that with your partner and come to an agreement.” If there should be a problem, “you can speak with health professionals”.

Such information is extremely helpful. Especially if the one who receives it has just wandered in from Schorfheide or Altmühltal.*

* Wilderness/wildlife areas.

14 thoughts on “Different Strokes for Different Völkerwanderung

  1. Actually, I think that a huge part of the problem is a cultural/religious negative on masturbation, so I’m all for encouraging that.

    “Masturbation: sex with someone you love!”

  2. This manual may backfire. Its sexual frankness could reinforce migrants’ belief that Germans are sexual fodder and it could *ahem* over-stimulate them so there are more ‘sexual emergencies’. Male testosterone is not something that can be instantly tamed by instruction manuals. It takes hundreds of years of civilisation and tradition to sublimate.

    • I agree and I’ve seen others make the same observation.

      Not only that but it seems like there’s a failure to realize that not everyone in the world even thinks in terms of things like instruction manuals even if they can read.

  3. I find it ludicrous to think that a pamphlet, book, lecture or ‘lesson’ will change a culture of 1400 yrs. of oppression,second class status, being regarded as property and unclean (especially Infidel women). It’s in their teachings.

  4. My goodness. And to think that back in my day (the 1960’s) we kind of figured all this out for ourselves. Now they need illustrated instructions?

  5. Just want to say that if there’s a problem with “Romanians” or “Bulgarians”, it is the Roma, who are neither Bulgarians nor Romanians. I’d like those of them that are without education and unemployable, and therefore in Germany just to cause trouble, not to be allowed to travel.

  6. Welcome to Merkel’s ‘ The State’.

    As one might imagine nothing happens in The State that is not enfranchised by The State. When The State imports a million rapists that run rampant over the local (if soon to be defunct) population The State must impose its imprint of acceptability upon such rape. It does this simply by changing the subject, by pretending to “do something” by changing the language from rape to consensual sex between diseased, inbred Cro-Magnons’ and what was, before the advent of Socialism, the progenitors of a darn fine culture.

    Nothing will reverse this situation short of the properly planned and organized application of violence across the whole of Europe, because at this point continental violence is assured thanks to the r~Type Socialists who have ruled Europe for the past sixty years.

  7. Potassium Bromide would achieve far better results than those dummkopf pictograms.

  8. This is pure fantasy on the part of the “elite leadership.” The rape of women and girls in Europe is a part of the Islamic jihad. If Islam can rape the women of Europe without the population rising up and killing them, then they have just about won the war of the wills and will continue to the kinetic jihad. Europe is going down the tubes unless a fearless, statesman- warrior can rally the people and turn back the invaders. This would also include taking out the “elite leadership” who are partners with Islam.
    God bless Europe and we hope they can maintain Western civilization.

  9. They could start the domestication programme with simpler pictograms, things like shaving, using toilets, clipping fingernails, drinking from a glass, etc. I have a feeling that these sex lessons are too hard for little brains.

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