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A man in his fifties was raped by a teenager in a restroom stall in a major department store in Manchester, England. So far there is no information on the race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation of the young miscreant.

In other news, maps circulating among migrants in Greece show that one of the planned new routes for the migration may overwhelm popular tourist resorts on the coast of Croatia.

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Financial Crisis
» Canadians Owe $1.65 for Every Dollar of Income and Other Reasons to Fear for Humanity This Week
» Apple-FBI ‘Conundrum’ Could Set Off Chain Reaction Worldwide
» CEO of Bitcoin Firm Found Dead
» Chicago Protests Not About Trump
» Idaho Shooting Suspect’s ‘Hypersexual’ Martian Manifesto is a Window Into an Unraveling Mind
» It Won’t Matter Who Gets Elected After This Happens
» Obama Puts Down His Encrypted Phone Long Enough to Tell US: Knock it Off With the Encryption
» Trump Has More Support From Blacks Than Any Republican Presidential Candidate Ever
Europe and the EU
» Germany: Cologne is “Every Day”
» Italy: ‘Systematic Corruption’ At Highways Agency ANAS
» Italy: Catholic Institute to Hold 11th Edition of Exorcism Course
» Italy: Killers ‘Slept in Each Other’s Arms After Murder’ Say Investigators
» Italy: Biella Synagogue’s Torah Scroll Oldest Still in Use
» Italy: Messina Strait Bridge Will Happen Eventually Says Renzi
» Norway’s Oil Fund Doubles Stake in Lithuania State Bonds
» Number of Poles Asking UK Passport Cut by Half
» UK: Iranian-Born Driver Prosecuted for Racially Abusing Warden by Calling Him ‘English’
» UK: Teen Arrested After ‘Man in His Fifties Was Raped at a Next Store in Manchester’
» UK: Women-Only and Gay-Only Shortlists for the PC Liberal Democrats
Israel and the Palestinians
» Hamas Vows Retaliation for Israeli Gaza Airstrikes
» France’s Hollande Vows ‘No Concessions’ To Turkey on Rights, Visas
» Germany: Bricks Delay Invader “Voting”
» Merkel: “Invaders Will Go Home”
» Revealed: The Popular Holiday Destinations Set to be Overwhelmed by Migrant Crisis
» Shutting Down Migrant Debates Has Seen Britain Suffer ‘Terrible’ Damage
» Swedish Prime Minister Says “Muslim Migrants Are Not to Blame for Muslim Migrant Sexual Assaults on Women and Children and Muslim Migrant Terror Attacks”
» ‘We’ll Take Merkel to Court Over Migrant Chaos’ Furious Sweden Hits Out at Germany

Canadians Owe $1.65 for Every Dollar of Income and Other Reasons to Fear for Humanity This Week

Canadians Indebted Like Never Before

There are three things Canadians love: hockey, the Liberal Party and debt. According to new numbers from Statistics Canada, the ratio of household debt compared to disposable income reached another record high in the fourth quarter of 2015. The report shows that the ratio increased to 165.4 percent, up from 164.5 percent in the previous quarter.

In simple terms: the average Canadian household is $1.65 in debt for every dollar of disposable income.

This comes as total household credit market debt (consumer credit, mortgage and non-mortgage loans) rose 1.2 percent to $1.923 trillion.

[Comment: Canadians are still asleep. Witness the election of Trudeau. Canadian communist media is responsible for a big part of this — constantly playing a false illusion.]

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Apple-FBI ‘Conundrum’ Could Set Off Chain Reaction Worldwide

Allowing law enforcement to breach such encryption unravels a technological bulwark protecting privacy and cybersecurity.

Lawmakers in France are preparing legislation that would force tech companies to unlock their devices or face the imprisonment of their executives.

The measure is included in a crime bill presented to the French parliament by Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas. The legislation was cleared upon first reading in the lower of chamber of parliament by 474 votes to 32.

The proposed punishment for failure to cooperate with the French state is drastic-a 350,000-euro ($386,000) fine and five years in prison for executives who refuse to cooperate, as Apple CEO Tim Cook did in the United States when he refused to unlock pair of phones allegedly used by the San Bernardino shooters.

In addition the law will impose a fine of 15,000 euros and two years in prison for any person who refuses to share data with the government.

After the proposed legislation clears the lower house it will be reviewed by the Senate and move forward to become law.

In Britain the government is working on similar legislation. A proposed law targets popular chat and message services such as WhatsApp, iMessage and FaceTime, outlaws end-to-end encryption and will force Apple to rewrite its iOS from the ground up to accommodate surveillance by the state. It would also force tech companies to provide backdoors accessible to government.

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CEO of Bitcoin Firm Found Dead

The turmoil recently surrounding Bitcoin is thought to be the cause of Autumn Radtke’s death. Police are investigating the death of 28-year-old American CEO of Bitcoin exchange firm First Meta, as a “suicide.”

Radtke was found dead last week, on February 28th. She was in her Singapore apartment when she died. Local media have joined with police in considering this a suicide, but officially Singapore is waiting for toxicology test results before ruling the cause of death.

Radtke’s death raises a number of questions, especially after five international bankers were found dead within a short period of about a week and a half.

Most recent amongst these dead bankers was Richard Talley, 57, the founder and CEO of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, has reportedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head — multiple times — with a nail gun.

Talley was said by coroners to have shot himself in the head with a nail gun, even after the first nails had entered his brain.

Why suicide? Talley’s company was, in fact, under investigation by state insurance regulators, but the means of suicide seem highly suspect.

Talley was found by a family member, dead in his garage. Talley had formed a number of companies, some of which have closed down, including American Escrow, Clear Title, Clear Creek Financial Holdings, Swift Basin, Sumar, American Real Estate Services, and the American Alliance of Real Estate Professionals.

Talley joins four other top officials from JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and the Federal Reserve have all turned up dead over the course of the past two weeks.

Are these suicides? Is this simply the result of pressures commonplace in their line of work? Or is there something else going on?

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Chicago Protests Not About Trump

Professional Protesters have arrived in Chicago, and scored a win for their efforts to silence opposition to liberal left politics because they believe their freedom of speech is more important than anyone else’s, and all others must be silenced. The claim of hate-speech is an attempt to silence opposition. Trump’s verbalized positions regarding immigration and the influx of terrorists through the import of Muslim migrants is the claimed reason for the protests in Chicago last night, but the people accusing Trump of being a hater showed America their own version of disgusting hate. The hypocrisy of the liberal left was apparent to everyone, except them.

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Idaho Shooting Suspect’s ‘Hypersexual’ Martian Manifesto is a Window Into an Unraveling Mind

Kyle Odom was arrested after throwing objects over the White House fence on March 8. He is suspected of shooting an Idaho pastor two days earlier, and released a manifesto warning of “Martians” in Congress before his arrest. (Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post)

On Tuesday evening, as tourists snapped photos in front of the White House, a young man with blond hair and blue eyes approached the black iron fence.

Kyle Odom wasn’t there to take pictures, though.

He was there to deliver a message to the president.

A Secret Service agent spotted Odom tossing something over the fence and approached him. When the agent ran his name through a law enforcement database, a red flag popped up: an arrest warrant issued just two days earlier on the other side of the country.

The charge: attempted murder.

Arriving seemingly out of nowhere, Odom was arrested at the White House, bringing a sudden end to a two-day hunt for the Marine veteran.

It also provided a bizarre coda to an already baffling crime saga, one that stretched from rural Idaho to the nation’s capital and potentially threatened the lives of 50 members of Congress.

When Secret Service agents unwittingly stopped Odom, the 30-year-old was the only suspect in the shooting of an Evangelical pastor in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on Sunday. According to authorities, Odom had ambushed Tim Remington in his church parking lot, shooting the popular pastor in the head and back before he vanished.

[Comment: Very bizarre account. Possible that others “helped” unravel his mind. Military/CIA has a history of experimenting with soldiers.]

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It Won’t Matter Who Gets Elected After This Happens

Surveillance state gives elite all the power needed to control the population

The Establishment wants to make sure their guy gets in because they have some big plans for the future.

The surveillance state is already being built up to ensure total control.

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Obama Puts Down His Encrypted Phone Long Enough to Tell US: Knock it Off With the Encryption

Back doors, skeleton keys, just make it happen, nerds

Amid the row between Apple and the FBI over the unlocking of a mass murderer’s iPhone, President Barack Obama has told the tech world to suck it up and do what the Feds want.

Speaking today at hipster-circle-jerk SXSW in Austin, Texas, the United States’ Commander in Chief said phones and computers cannot be unbreakable “black boxes,” and that an “absolutist” view on encryption won’t fly with the laws and courts of the land.

Of course, the President and his staff, his military, his government agencies and his intelligence services all rely on tough and non-compromised encryption — but that’s not for you. You’re too busy “fetishizing” your smartphone, the leader of the free world said.

Obama, nearing the end of his presidency and appearing relaxed sans necktie, decided to drop his earlier touchy-feely approach of finding a compromise between prosecutors and technology giants, and instead put his foot down.

Here are the highlights of his SXSW chat:…

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Trump Has More Support From Blacks Than Any Republican Presidential Candidate Ever

There’s a nasty little statistic that Trump predicted, the pundits said were wrong, yet has been true thus far.

He wins in places with high unemployment and minority (black, in particular) representation.

Think about that for a minute in the context of the General election. These are people who almost-always vote Democrat, but in the contests that are open-primary (or nearly-so, where you can switch on election day) and have these two characteristics… Trump has won all of them.

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Germany: Cologne is “Every Day”

Nonwhite invader rape and sex attacks are now so common in Germany that the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have become “every day,” according to a Google maps website set up to track the incidents. The German Twitter account, @XYEinzelfall (“individual cases”), has created a Google map to track police reports of crimes committed by nonwhite invaders in the country. “Cologne was just the tip of the iceberg,” the page says. “Cologne is every day.”

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Italy: ‘Systematic Corruption’ At Highways Agency ANAS

‘Widespread rottenness’ says warrant, 19 arrested

(ANSA) — Rome, March 11 — Finance police on Friday acted to execute 19 arrest warrants in relation to a probe into alleged corruption at highways company ANAS. Managers and officials at the company are implicated, along with a lawyer, a politician and entrepreneurs whose firms have won mayor public works contracts. Friday’s operation, involving searches of properties to obtain evidence and over 250 police officers, is the second part of an investigation that exploded in October into alleged kickbacks paid by entrepreneurs to ANAS officials to win contracts. The politician under investigation is Marco Martinelli, a 53-year-old lawmaker for Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Forza Italia (FI) party, sources said. Martinelli allegedly guaranteed a businessman that a tender commission would be headed by someone “not hostile” to his bid for a contract in Sicily.

The finance police said 36 people were under investigation in the second part of the probe, which uncovered alleged “systematic” corruption.

The police said the corruption was not limited to manipulating the awarding of tenders.

They said it also influenced the timing of payments, the failure to apply target-related penalties and the payment of damages for the dispossession of property.

A Rome preliminary investigations judge wrote that there was evidence of widespread corruption at ANAS in the warrant for Friday’s arrest.

The second part of the probe largely stemmed from Antonella Accroglianò, a manager nicknamed the ‘black lady’ who admitted to being involved in a web of graft after being implicated in the first part. In a statement, ANAS thanked investigators for Friday’s operation and the help they are providing to enable the company to “clarify its past and put in order and protest the healthy part of the company, made up of the overwhelming majority of its employees”. Former transport ministry undersecretary Luigi Meduri was among a number of managers and officials arrested in the first operation in October.

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Italy: Catholic Institute to Hold 11th Edition of Exorcism Course

Organiser says secular society opens way to demonic influence

(ANSA) — Rome, March 9 — The Regina Apostolorum pontifical institution of the Legionaries of Christ in April will offer the 11th edition of its week-long course on exorcism, open to both clergy and laypeople who want to learn about the practice of exorcism as well as its practical applications in both pastoral life and other fields such as psychology and law.

The course is organised by the Istituto Sacerdos in collaboration with the Bologna Socio-religious research and information group (GRIS) and the International Exorcists Association (AIE).

“We have a very secularised society in which, more than in the past, there’s the tendency to open the doors to occultism and esotericism,” said Father Pedro Barrajon, director of the Istituto Sacerdos.

“Demonic influence is favored by magical practices and the use of fortune tellers, which can have a real influence leading even to possession,” Barrajon said.

He said the course is aimed at training participants in how to recognise cases that present themselves in a pastoral setting, involving when needed the assistance of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Given the nature of the course topic, which organisers said “could lend itself to sensationalism that derails from healthy theology”, the course also provides a theological basis on the nature and action of angels and demons from a biblical, liturgical, dogmatic and moral point of view in an open dialogue with professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology and law.

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Italy: Killers ‘Slept in Each Other’s Arms After Murder’ Say Investigators

Foffo, Prato accused one another of inflicting fatal blow

(ANSA) — Rome, March 10 — Rome prosecutors said Thursday that Manuel Foffo and Marco Prato slept in each other’s arms in the flat in which they had just tortured and stabbed to death Luca Varani during a cocaine-fueled party at the weekend. The two are accused of murder aggravated by cruelty.

The pair intended to “hurt someone” and looked for a victim for at least 48 hours prior to choosing Luca Varani and inviting him over to Foffo’s flat where the crime took place, investigators said. Foffo has asked to be heard again after an eight-hour interrogation yesterday, investigators said.

Autopsy results showed Varani did not die of a stab wound to the heart, investigators said Thursday. Law student Manuel Foffo, 29, and fellow student Marco Prato, who confessed to torturing 23-year-old Varani then finishing him off with a hammer and a knife accused one another of inflicting the fatal blow to the heart under questioning on Wednesday.

Foffo has also told prosecutors he and Prato cut Varani’s vocal chords so he couldn’t scream, and that he and Prato spent up to 1,600 euros on 26 grams of cocaine.

The pair also tried to clean up the crime scene, prosecutors said. Varani’s body was found naked and with a knife stuck in the heart in the bedroom of a tenth-storey apartment in the Collatino area of eastern Rome on Saturday evening. However, he is believed to have died the previous morning. Carabinieri police arrived at the scene only after Foffo, the owner of the apartment, told his father what had happened. Meanwhile Prato was taken to hospital after trying to commit suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol in a hotel in Rome’s Piazza Bologna neighborhood. He underwent stomach pumping and is now being held together with Foffo in Rome’s Regina Coeli prison.

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Italy: Biella Synagogue’s Torah Scroll Oldest Still in Use

From around 1250, University of Illinois confirms

(ANSAmed) — ROME, MARCH 2 — A meeting of a foundation for Jewish culture in Italy on Wednesday began with confirmation that a Torah scroll at the Biella synagogue is the oldest still in use in the world. Chairman of the council Dario Disegni made the announcement, noting that analysis by the University of Illinois had been carried out on an Ashkenazi Sefer Torah, the restoration of which was conducted by the sofer (‘scribe’, name given to those who can transcribe the Torah scrolls) Amedeo Spagnoletto.

Carbon-14 dating was used to establish that the scroll dates back to around 1250, and is thus the oldest still able to be read in the possession of the Jewish community. Covering the announcement extensively was the Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane Pagine Ebraiche news.

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Italy: Messina Strait Bridge Will Happen Eventually Says Renzi

Premier says local infrastructure must be ready

(ANSA) — Rome, March 3 — Premier Matteo Renzi said Thursday that a bridge across the Strait of Messina to connect Sicily with mainland Italy will be built eventually, but not before the local infrastructure is ready for it. “The bridge over the Strait will definitely be built sooner or later,” Renzi told Isoradio. “The important thing is that first we bring home results on incomplete works because there isn’t anyone here who is thinking of delivering projects worthy of the Pharaohs”. He said that the bridge would have to be capable of carrying high-speed trains as well as road traffic. “It will be necessary to work out the costs and time spans but that’s not possible at the moment because work on the roads of Sicily and Calabria must be finished first,” he said, adding that highways in some areas were “indecent”. The seemingly moribund bridge project, a former hobby horse of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, returned to the fore in October when the junior government partner, the New Centre Right, passed a motion calling for a reassessment of the feasibility of the bridge for rail traffic only.

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Norway’s Oil Fund Doubles Stake in Lithuania State Bonds

From Eur 76 mln in 2014 to Eur 177 mln in 2015

(ANSA) — VILNIUS — The Norwegian Pension Fund, also referred to as the Oil Fund, doubled its investment in Lithuania’s government bonds from 76 million euros in 2014 to 177 million in 2015, Vilnius media reported. The Fund has been investing in Lithuania’s bonds since 2007.

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Number of Poles Asking UK Passport Cut by Half

83% students intend to return to Poland after graduation

(ANSA) — WARSAW — The number of Polish citizens asking for a UK passport dropped almost by half, Radio Poland reported citing the UK Home Office year-on-year data updated until 2014. According to a recent poll, 83% of Polish students in the UK plans to return to their home country after graduation. At the moment of the 2011 census, there were 600,000 Poles living in Britain.

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UK: Iranian-Born Driver Prosecuted for Racially Abusing Warden by Calling Him ‘English’

Mohammed Akhlagi, 35, pushed parking attendant Robert St Paul in the back and swore at him during the exchange in Hull in August last year.

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UK: Teen Arrested After ‘Man in His Fifties Was Raped at a Next Store in Manchester’

The incident happened inside the Arndale Centre in Manchester at around 11.30am yesterday. The suspect was held by security staff until police arrived and arrested him at the alleged crime scene.

A teenager has been arrested after reports a man was raped in the toilets of a major Manchester department store.

Police were called shortly after 11.30am on Friday after receiving reports of the alleged attack in the toilets of the Next store in the Arndale Centre.

It is understood a man in his fifties complained he was attacked in the toilets of the store which was busy with customers at the time.

[Comment: No information on attacker in article.]

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UK: Women-Only and Gay-Only Shortlists for the PC Liberal Democrats

Party leader Tim Farron will announce on Sunday that he wants the party to be the first to have a disabled-only shortlist for candidates. Currently, all the Lib Dem MPs are male and white.

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Hamas Vows Retaliation for Israeli Gaza Airstrikes

The Hamas terrorist organization which rules the Gaza Strip has vowed revenge for an Israel Air Force airstrike which killed two people on Friday night, after terrorists fired rockets into Israeli territory.

The airstrikes targeted a Hamas military base embedded next to civilian homes in the northern Gazan village of Beit Lahiya. Two children were killed in the strike when shrapnel hit their home, according to Hamas’s health ministry.

The pre-dawn wave of Israeli air strikes came hours after four rockets fired from the enclave by Palestinian terrorists hit the southern Israeli town of Sderot on Friday night. No one was injured in that attack, which was the latest breach of the ceasefire with Israel by Gazan terrorist groups.

“In response to the aggression, the Israel Air Force targeted four Hamas sites in the northern Gaza Strip,” a military statement said.[…]

[A rough night was had by all. The missiles came over about 11:30 (on Sabbath), we heard 1 detonate, and the bombs came about 4 a.m.]

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France’s Hollande Vows ‘No Concessions’ To Turkey on Rights, Visas

French President Francois Hollande said Saturday that the EU must not grant Turkey any concessions on human rights or visas in exchange for guarantees to stem the flow of migrants to Europe.

“There cannot be any concessions on the matter of human rights or the criteria for visa liberalisation,” Hollande told reporters ahead of the resumption next week of tough negotiations between Turkey and the EU in Brussels.

Under a controversial draft deal reached this week, Turkey would take back all migrants landing in Greece in a bid to reduce their incentive to pay people smugglers for dangerous crossings to the Greek islands in rickety boats…

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Germany: Bricks Delay Invader “Voting”

A far-left attempt to hold an unofficial “election” for nonwhite invaders in Halle, Germany, was delayed after the activists found the entrance to their “polling station” blocked with a newly-built brick wall. The brick wall had been built overnight in protest against the leftist initiative, and completely blocked off the doorway leading onto the street. The wall had also been painted with the slogan “no way.”

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Merkel: “Invaders Will Go Home”

In the clearest sign yet of her detachment from reality, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed that the vast majority of nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany at her request will “go home” all by themselves. Speaking before a CDU meeting in Baden-Württemberg, just prior to state elections there this coming weekend, Merkel claimed that “3,000 Iraqis were already going back [from Germany] every month.”

[Comment: Not detached from reality. Just a liar. An attempt to mollify growing poublic outrage.]

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Revealed: The Popular Holiday Destinations Set to be Overwhelmed by Migrant Crisis

POPULAR British tourist hotspots so far unscathed by the migrant crisis could be overwhelmed by thousands of marching immigrants as Europe struggles to close down border routes.

The escalating Macedonia-Greece border stand-off has led to smugglers plotting new routes to bypass an iron curtain between Balkan states. has already revealed how traffickers are using new routes through Albania and Romania.

But further route maps have been discovered showing how to avoid the Macedonia-Greece chaos and head straight to British holiday hotspots on the Croatian coast.

It has led to Croatia putting its army on alert as the country rushes to shut down the border.

Police units have already moved across the coast of Croatia, popular with the more than 400,000 holidaying Britons a year

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Shutting Down Migrant Debates Has Seen Britain Suffer ‘Terrible’ Damage

THE British people have suffered “terrible” damage from mass migration because the country’s “elites” shut down debate about the issue for so long, leading Conservative Iain Duncan Smith said today.

The former Tory leader welcomed Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s comments that it was “very reasonable” for people to be anxious and “absolutely outrageous” to brand such concerns racist.

But Mr Duncan Smith suggested such admissions had come too late from the British Establishment.

He said: “For far too many years… the elites really all said ‘it is terrible to talk about immigration and if you do you are racist’.

“So they shut down the debate for many, many years.”

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Swedish Prime Minister Says “Muslim Migrants Are Not to Blame for Muslim Migrant Sexual Assaults on Women and Children and Muslim Migrant Terror Attacks”

Stefan Löfven, the prime minister of Sweden said that the migrants should not be blamed for attacks in Sweden. “Sexual harassment is not automatically binding to Muslim migration and immigration. We have had sexual harassment in Sweden for many, many years, unfortunately,” Löfven told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday. “What it now takes is to be very clear that this is not appropriate, it is absolutely out of line and we need to take a very clear message now to show to these young girls and women they are of course entitled to walk in the city… without sexual harassment.”

[Comment: This like the pigeon that closes its eyes while saying “there is no cat, there is no cat.” No one can be that stupid — he likely knows what he says is a lie. He is just following bankster order to deconstruct his nation — prevaricate, prevaricate…too late now to do anything…oops…]

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‘We’ll Take Merkel to Court Over Migrant Chaos’ Furious Sweden Hits Out at Germany

The Nordic country has lashed out against its fellow EU member claiming it is breaching a convention which says countries can send migrants back to where they were originally registered.

Stockholm says Germany is refusing to cooperate and has threatened to take Merkel’s government to the European Court of Justice over the issue.

It is also claiming it is suffering as a result Merkel’s open door migration policy, which has seen over a million arrive in Germany, and many then heading north to Scandinavia.

Swedish immigration minister Morgan Johansson said: “Not accepting the asylum seekers who registered in the country [Germany] would be breaching the Dublin Regulation.

“If they [decide to implement this policy] we will turn to the European Court of Justice.”

He said: “We have officially contacted the German government and we are not alone, other member states are also affected by this.”

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