Bomb an Airport, Muslim Kids Cheer. Tweet the Event, Police Visit You.

On Tuesday Diana West reported on the case of Ivar Mol, a Dutch-speaking Belgian man (or, more accurately, a Fleming). Not long after the massacres at the airport and the Metro in Brussels, Mr. Mol posted a tweet about Muslim children who celebrated the atrocities in school. For his temerity in discussing such provocative issues on Twitter, Mr. Mol was visited later the same day by three police officers.

That evening Ivar Mol was interviewed (audio only) by Omroep Brabant, the regional broadcaster for North Brabant. Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation:

With this tweet it all began: ‘How can you teach if Muslim children applaud?’ Ivar Mol, you tweeted this at what time?

About nine o’clock this morning. I teach at home. It hasn’t got anything to do with this school. I teach a.o. yoga. I was sitting behind my computer, saw the first messages after the attacks. A number of those messages came from teachers in Brussels. They said their pupils were cheering in the schoolyard. The school hadn’t opened yet, but they were cheering on the schoolyard already.

I read the same on several Belgian forums. That people in the quarters [immigrant neighborhoods, ghettos] saw the same thing in their areas: children cheering with joy.

That surprised you?

Yes, it did. Nobody reacted to it. Normally Twitter starts spewing on such a topic. Then another teacher tweeted that he opened his class and the children came in, celebrating. That’s when I wrote that tweet: how can you teach when children, Muslim children, sit cheering with joy in their classes? That is a question.

Which was picked up immediately and retweeted many times. And resulted in three police officers knocking on your door.

Yes, at a quarter past nine. I’d begin my own lessons here. I had two people for a yoga class. I had no idea what was going on on the Internet. About one in the afternoon the doorbell rang. Three uniformed police officers were at my door. They said: ‘We are here on the orders of the mayor of Breda personally. We want to ask you not to tweet this kind of topic. That’s very awkward for us, and we have better things to do.’

It wasn’t quite intimidating, but… well, actually, it was.

Three officers on your door, when did that happen before?


So it was really intimidating?

Yes, it was somewhat intimidating. Those two yoga students were scared as well.

They immediately knew what it was about?

No, because I was busy. No time for Twitter. I was teaching. They officers said, looking at my surprised face when I said ‘What was that all about?’, ‘You have to check the Internet.’ Then I saw my twitter account was almost filled. I read a few items

Then I said, ‘Yes, I don’t understand why you are here, but something is happening’ … I don’t recall exactly what I said.

They said: ‘You have to understand, if we can find you, anyone can find you. Do you want everybody at your door? There are people who don’t agree with you. You want to see them too? A weak argument, I think. For my tweet wasn’t that offensive. Just a rhetorical question.

Anyway, they took my statement, made a copy of my ID card. I had to sign, then they left.

Leaving you with a strange feeling? You didn’t remove your tweet.


You said it, and you got the police at home?

I stand firmly behind my tweet. I posted a new one, with what had just happened: three officers are knocking on my door. On the one hand I find it ridiculous children cheer about Brussels, and strange that nobody reacted to that. I found my tweet completely logical. It’s outrageous that the police find this important enough to visit me. I continued the day teaching. At four o’clock I finished. By then it was really busy on Twitter.

Not ten minutes ago the mayor of Breda called and offered his apologies. And he said he was not the person who ordered this.

Yes, you hear that too, right? The police said twice that they acted on direct orders of the mayor. They mayor just called. He said, and I believe him, ‘The order wasn’t mine, I don’t know anything about it. I only found out when this became a scandal.’ And he apologized. He said he took full responsibility, of course, but he had no knowledge of this case at all. I really believe him.

Apparently, a group of municipal civil servants reading tweets at work.

I think somebody noticed my tweet. Whether that is via digital scanning or by hand, I don’t know. Somebody read it and reported it.

And called the police.

A high ranking civil servant must have ordered three police officers to take charge of this. For we don’t want any awkward situations.

How do you feel about that?

Well, from the mayor’s response, not much is going to happen there. I find it weird. I don’t know how they work, and care even less about it. Whether the order came from the mayor, a high-ranking civil servant, or for all I care, a cleaner: you do not sent three uniformed officers for something trivial as this. We have freedom of speech, this isn’t a really shocking tweet. I simply asked what a teacher is supposed to do when some of his pupils, Muslim pupils, are celebrating after an attack as today in Brussels. A completely normal question.

Would you tweet that again tomorrow?

Definitely! That’s how I feel about it. How can you be so daft as to cheer? That’s weird.

How must a teacher respond to that? For you have to teach the next fifty minutes. How do you handle those chaps? That’s a question I still want to see answered. That’s what I tweeted. A completely normal tweet. I find it absurd the police request me not to do that in the future.

Perhaps a good question for the police: How do you work with Twitter and the people from Breda?

Those officers were only doing their job. They were under orders, and perhaps found it ridiculous themselves. I think that the high-ranking civil servant should be questioned why he ordered this. Why do you order the police to check tweets?

That guy, I want to talk with. The mayor I believe was innocent in this, the police perhaps too, but this man? No.

42 thoughts on “Bomb an Airport, Muslim Kids Cheer. Tweet the Event, Police Visit You.

  1. Just as outrageous an Englishman in London asked a muslim woman in the street if she could explain to him what had happened in Brussels; he tweeted about it and he’s been arrested for racism and hate speech. Now, if that doesn’t tell you whose side the metropolitan police are on, if not every police force ( sorry, they’re a service these days, the police service) then I’m not sure what could make it clearer. But if you take a look at the brave people of the Britain First movement matches in muslim dominated areas of London and see how the muslim hordes swarm around them like rabid animals waiting to devour their prey. That’s islam in the raw.

    • Then the authorities will wonder why in a few years time that these sick deluded Muslim children have grown up into fully fledged fanatical jihadists. Their parents should have been notified that their little darlings behaviour was unacceptable and that they were excluded indefinitely from the school with immediate effect. When will the leaders of Europe wake up to the common denominator in all these atrocities? The killers are not Amish, Catholic, Methodist, Jewish, Church of England, Lutheran, Piscapalean, Jehovah Witness, or Atheist they are Muslim!

  2. I’M JUST REALLY ANGRY❗Again we are shown that being an European citizen means you have to be “PC” NO MATTER WHAT.
    NEVER say anything regarding JEWS❗
    NEVER say anything regarding ISLAM ❗
    NEVER say anything regarding sodomites ❗

    • The muslims get away with calling Jews “pigs and apes”… they NEVER get hauled in on RACISM charges.

      MAYBE that needs to change. Jews need to get vocal and LOUD about those types of comments when muslims make them.

      • Problem is: any ideology calling itself a ‘religion’ is permitted non-stop hate speech, encouraging violence. In many countries this violent material is protected, not limited by blasphemy/hate speech laws. Until we change this, they can say whatever they like.

        • You are correct. Islam is an ideology with a thin veneer of religiosity. Islam and it’s adherents wish to coerce with violence or tribute. Christianity on the other hand wishes to persuade with dialogue and reason.

          As for me, I’ll take the God of Abraham any day.

    • You can say anything (nasty) you want about Jews. Just package it politically correct. Substitute Zionists for Jews. That’s okay.

  3. We have enough to worry about, no?

    Yeah, be concerned, very concerned about the Muslim kids. But as far as the visit goes, based on what the gentleman says it looks like an overly p.c. civil servant is the villain, not the cops or the mayor. I had the feeling that the cops once there were kind of telling him that perhaps caution should be taken visa vi the religion of peace advocates. That is to be careful not to identify himself very clearly. This of course is obviously very problematic in itself if I read it correctly. Or maybe the cops were simply using a throw away line because they didn’t have much else to say. So the villains here are the behavior of these kids, the parents and the “religion” which” are ruining them, but perhaps not the cops and the state.

    Although it would be great if instead of those morons singing Imagine after the horrific events near the scenes of the murders Brussels citizens spent time reading Gates of Vienna.

    • People who sing ‘Imagine’ clearly have no imagination. 😉

      . . . that, and the fact that the music is a dirge.

      • “the religion of the peace of a mass grave.”
        And that, the only sure way of silencing truth, at least partially explains the affinity between Marxist-Socialists and Islam.

  4. “If we can find you anyone can find you”

    Sounds like the police were warning him that his next visitors might be Muslim fanatics.

  5. Just business as usual. the political class in Western Europe is rife with the Politically Correct (culturally Marxist) lackeys,lapdogs,sycophants and groveling apologists of Islam.

  6. Mike, let me point out something. The 3 uniformed officers came to intimidate this man. Following orders, doesn’t excuse their behavior.

    • From the man’s own account it sounds like the police behavior was courteous. Cops know how to intimidate and deliberate intimidation isn’t indicated, at least on the cops part. Intimidation was probably the intent of whomever ordered the police to his house, but it looks like those cops did what they could to diffuse the situation. Still it was three cops when the task could have been handled by one, or at most two. Orders, I suppose.

  7. Some of those ‘cheering children’ will be the next generation of Jihadis, more determined and brazen as the present day ones.

  8. Let me see. This report illustrates the same moral inversion as is practiced everywhere by the haters of the West, of the Islamic variety or of Leftism, its near kin: Victims are punished for being victims.

    There. That about sums it up.

  9. It will take just a spark to set off a major rebellion against this oppression. The Western European populations have been slow boiling for quite some time now. Surely people are not going to continue just sitting there while the Muslims mass.

    • “It will take just a spark to set off a major rebellion against this oppression.”

      You are joking, right? Neutered Euros rebelling? Until a few days ago Belgum had a policy of not raiding houses of jihad suspects from 9PM until 6AM so as not to “inconvenience” those in those non-existent no-go areas.

      Open sharia courts in England?

      Open rebellion? A snowball in hell has a better chance.

    • Once you start, don’t stop until the job is finished.

      If you stop before the job is finished, they will finish you.

  10. Wow, I am beginning to think there is a real possibility that Muslims could overthrow the Belgian state soon. Is the Belgian army large enough to contain a full-blown Jihadi guerrilla insurgency based in Molenbeek?

    Why assume the bad guys haven’t read Chairman Mao? We are in stage 1 of the guerrilla insurgency: urban terror. Stage 2 is the insurgents providing medical, economic and court services to the locals. So Maybe we’re in stage 2? Stage 3 is open conventional assaults, attempting to inflict defeats on the armed forces. There would be many Muslims by now in the Belgian armed forces. What are the odds a big chunk of them wouldn’t desert at the best, switch sides at the worst?

    • I’m much afraid the European armies are not big enough and neither trained nor equipped to fight a civil war.

      • Mr Numan, you are so correct.

        By contrast, you can be sure there’s an astonishing amoung of firearms in the muslim community.

        Every now and then, in the regional press, you come across stories of brawls gone wrong in immigrant neighborhoods, arguments get heated, then one party goes fetching a gun, and BANG. There’s never mention of whether it’s a brawl between Hans and Stefaan, or between Mehmed and Ali, but given that this stuff happens in neighborhoods like Muide in Ghent, e.g…. and knowing who lives there… you can be fairly certain.

        There’s also the fact that while the media and the cultural sector and education do their utmost best to make vegetarian metrosexuals of the boys and lesbians of the girls (the native ones, to be sure), the male children in muslim families LEARN, from an early stage on, how to use and wield knives.

        They also have no concept of empathy. Most of us cringe when we see people in pain.

        Not them.

        It does not bode well.

        In fact, there’s a horrible storm brewing at the horizon, and I fear for the future of my young children.

        • The Dutch army is about 20.000 men strong. The Belgian army likewise. Both suffered severe budget cuts.

          The Dutch army just got tanks. About 12, leased from the Bundeswehr.

          Both armies are not trained for civil war and simply lack the capabilites.

          Add the politically correct establishment. Arresting returning jihad fighters is next to impossible. Any attempt to change that woudl be fought up to the high court and beyond by the left. Supposing the establishment would dare to go that far.

          • No, it’s a bit bigger. Total armed forces (air, land, sea, special forces) is some 32,000. And I thought the Dutch armed forces stood at some 45,000 still, which would make sense, demographically-wise.

            You’re absolutely correct about the budget cuts however. In Belgium, defense spending is, anno 2016, down to a scandalous 0.6% of GNP. The current Minister of Defense plans to augment that to 1.8% by 2019 or so, but that remains very much to be seen. The socialists and greens are fanatical opponents of each and every investment in the military. You should have heard the fuss they made in Parliament over the scheduled replacement of our ageing F-16 fleet. The military would very much like to buy 35 F-35’s, but count on SP.a/PS and Groen!Ecolo to raise hell about that.

            Although in all honesty, I think we could use AFVs more in the years ahead.

            As for The Netherlands, I thought that defense spending was to be raised to 2 per cent as of this year? Wasn’t the downing of the Dutch airliner over Ukraine the catalyst? Also for leasing those Leopard II’s again?

          • ” The military would very much like to buy 35 F-35’s…”

            Well, this seems to be one case where delay and dither has been a marked benefit:


            Just to be clear, I have no specific knowledge of the region at all…but:

            I think the main problem will be that that government will send the army in on the side of the Muslims, or will hold the army back altogether.

            In a general civil war, the government security will break down. It seems to me, the political leaders who brought in the Muslims would be in just as much danger in an area controlled by Belgian nationalist rebels as in one controlled by Muslims: maybe more so.

            I think the Belgian government, like the EU, has nothing to gain by a resurgence of nationalism, even if there is a Muslim uprising.

      • After a few cuts they come up to speed. Who is for who could be a challenge. Seeing that giant screen TV and the tv all dusty will drive many over the edge.

        • PS. There are millions of vets stretching all the way from the UK to the Ukraine. Inspite of all the near despair that goes with the proverbial “Oh no – here we go again”.

  11. Both the Bakraoui brothers were in jail for carjackings and shooting at police with kalashnikovs on earlier occasions, but they were set free.


    It’s all rather depressing.

    It’s 1am now on Friday morning. In hospitals all around Brussels there’s some 150 wounded, most of them maimed beyond recognition.

    Of the 32 (or 34?) dead, only 4 have been positively identified. I… don’t want to think what the bodies of these hapless people look like.

    Good night to all the people of good will.

    • That’s the problem the sentencing in Western Europe seems to be almost ‘revolving door’. In many US states a conviction for shooting at the police , car jacking or serious felonies can get you 20+ yrs. with ease.

      • Yea, but letting the criminals out, or not punishing them at all, shows how humanitarian and morally superior they are. I mean didn’t Obama strongly imply that the US is evil for having so many people in prison compared to other developed countries? Yea, we’re so evil for protecting the innocent citizens from the criminals aren’t we……

  12. That’s why we have the First Amendment in the U.S. , followed by the Second Amendment.

    • There is a reason they were the First and Second, not Last and Second to Last Amendments. It is the same reason why the left wants them eliminated, they serve the freedom of the individual.

  13. Europe is experiencing the nightmare scenario described by Orwell in “1984”.Orwell of course was describing life under the totalitarian regime of Communist Russia.However there is a new totalitarian regime in Europe political correctness.In the nightmare straitjacket of political correctness people are roundly condemned and punished for thought crime whenever they do not pander to Islam.”Big Brother” is always monitoring every word on social media ,ready to brand you a racist Islamophobe for daring to criticize the supporters of Islamic terrorists who crow and cheer at their atrocities.
    And those who share a bus with you will report you for daring to ask a Muslim woman how she reconciles the teachings of Islam with the daily Islamic terrorist atrocities occurring worldwide.
    You will be issued with a straitjacket and a padded cell at best ,a prison cell at worst ,should you dare to question either Islam ,its activities or its adherents.

    • No, Nineteen Eighty-Four depicts Britain as under the rule of IngSoc, which is derived from English Socialism, which has happened after a major -probably nuclear – war. Orwell certainly based his ideas partly on the Soviet Union, but he always gave the impression that IngSoc was an ideology that English socialists had forced on their own people, not an invasion by the Soviet Union, which is actually a more accurate prediction of what has actually happened!

  14. Do what I do when confronted by Police in England. Take their names and numbers and warn them that future circumstances permit, their personal details will be passed to the new authorities that will hopefully exist by then and they will be investigated for behaviour and support of an illegal regime and abuse of their public position. I have done this on a number of occasions. These people are the modern version of ther Guards at Auschwitz and Treblinka. The public mood is on the turn and I suspect that with the real possibility that the UK will leave the EuroSoviet, thjey will seek to save their own sick skins. “I was only obeying orders” is no defence under Nurenburg and clearly established.

    • Bishop, that is a powerful message. It reminds me of images in the US of police covering their badges when filmed, and knocking people’s cameras to the ground when those people had the legal right to film. The comparison to guards at Auschwitz becomes more fair all the time as recent events are revealed and your point about the outcome of Nurenburg is well taken.

  15. This wallowing in the muck and offal of these horrible ideologies of Islam and progressivism is not healthy for our brains. We are virtuous enough to be inspired and uplifted by honorable stuff: love and reason and science and romance and skiing and adventure. We need something lofty and good to help us arise from this medieval mud and evil. We need to be set aglow by some epic goal, like going to Mars or curing cancer or establishing a moon base.

    We have fought Islam and communism many times before and we have done OK. Let this war continue, but shoot, let’s do something glorious too, like sending a man to Mars. Let our adversaries see what man at-his-best can do. Perhaps they will get a hint of their atavism and enter modernity.

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