Pat Condell on Feminism: “Censorious Small-Minded Safe-Space Harpies”

Below is a brief chat by Pat Condell about the surrender of progressive feminists in the face of Muslim misogyny. It was released the day before Islamic terrorists massacred more than thirty people in Brussels:

9 thoughts on “Pat Condell on Feminism: “Censorious Small-Minded Safe-Space Harpies”

  1. Excellent, thanks Pat for distinguishing between ‘progressive feminists’ and ‘real feminists’. I have always been the latter and it’s been frustrating that the whole term has become associated with multiculturalism over the last while.

    • Congrats on refusing to drink the poison Kool-Aid of the left. What you really are is an individual, and not part of some identity politics voting block that responds to sound bites.

    • It’s not multiculturalism that it’s been associated with as much as neo-Marxism. This started a long time ago, it isn’t recent. See Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone for one (but not the only) example.

  2. I wish the real feminists would talk out against the horrible women’s rights abuses of Islam .
    They should provide a counter narrative to the progressive feminists so that the whole movement can save its reputation.
    I have never identified with feminists (although I do believe in equal rights for women) because the feminist movement in my mind has always been associated with women who hate men.
    Traditional women by contrast ,appreciate men for their good qualities – such as their desire to provide for , shelter and protect (even should it mean laying down their own lives) their women and children.
    Feminism seems merely to concentrate on the worst qualities of the worst of men and to constantly belittle the virtues of the majority of males.
    In such a scenario good men never receive the praise they deserve .And this is heartbreaking.
    Men should be allowed to be chivalrous and their sacrifices should be honored and acknowledged.
    We need the sexes to live in peace, harmony ,mutual respect and appreciation, rather than a bitter state of mistrustful armed hostility.
    Yes some men are very very bad ,as are some women.
    But the feminists never can acknowledge those men who are very very good.And if they did so the world would be a happier place.

    • That sounds good. I love my chivalrous, strong man who treats me as an equal. After all, where would society be if physical strength equaled extra rights?

      What you’re describing as ‘feminists’ sounds like Pat’s description of ‘progressive feminists’. ‘Progressive’ anything seems to mean ‘always unhappy and victimised’.

      If you can find translations of Alice Schwarzer, she is an old-fashioned feminist who has been speaking out against islam and has taken a lot of flak for it.

      • Phyllis Chesler, also.

        She’s my kind of feminist. I don’t agree with her about everything (for example, I find some of her claims about court biases to be overcooked), but those are disagreements between people who basically have the same view.

        Anyone who pretends that she’s a feminist and wants to encourage Islamisation should first go to Afghanistan to test it out for herself, like Phyllis Chesler did. That’ll fix her, is what I say.

        I think that third wave feminists / progressive feminists have a screw loose, and it’s very much the same screw that makes some women chase “bad boy” types like motorcycle gang members. Do that for yourselves if you want, but leave the rest of us out of it!

    • In fancy language, what you’re disagreeing with is called zero-sum conflict “theory”. (It should really be called conflict philosophy but hey, they got to make it sound like it’s “scientific” and proven.)

      You can see evidence of this in various places where someone tries to claim that anything that helps men automatically harms women, and vice versa, which is ridiculous. But the mentality leads to the idea that harming men will somehow help women.

    • Man here:

      I’m 100% in favour of equality of opportunity and equal rights. This used to make me a feminist.

      I’m against enforced equality of outcome schemes, making nice with Islamists (including in large part because of the way they treat women!), “third wave” feminists, and so on.
      This now makes me a right-wing reactionary.
      … according to the chattering classes, anyway.

      Most “real” people see it pretty much as I do.

  3. I really don’t understand how the inestimable Pat Condell, in modern day Britain, isn’t already in jail! I’m sure there are many who would love to put him there, if they could. I for one hope he continues to afflict the comfortable for years to come.

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