Will Congress Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization?

It’s taken eight years, but it looks like it might actually happen: Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee favorably reported HR 3892 out of committee and onto the floor. The bill, if passed by the full House, would declare that the Muslim Brotherhood meets all the conditions that define a foreign terrorist organization, and would require the State Department to designate it as such.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been patiently infiltrating its assets into American institutions for more than two decades. It has placed agents at high levels in the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White House. Members of Muslim Brotherhood serve as legislative advisors to congressmen and senators.

After the convictions handed down in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008, the Muslim Brotherhood in America should have been rolled up and shut down. That same year, however, the American people elected a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood as their president, and U.S. government policy concerning the Ikhwan subsequently did a 180-degree turn. The new administration not only formed a positive relationship with the Brotherhood, it actively promoted the “Arab Spring” revolutions that thrust Ikhwan members into power.

It took until 2016, the final year of the Obama administration, for a Republican-controlled Congress to push back against the forces that are relentlessly Islamizing the United States.

This is the summary of HR 3892 from Congress’ website:

Introduced in House (11/03/2015)

Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015

Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) the Muslim Brotherhood has met the criteria for designation as a foreign terrorist organization, and (2) the Department of State should so designate it.

Requires the State Department to report to Congress within 60 days whether the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria for foreign terrorist designation, and if not, which criteria have not been met.

In the video below you can hear Chairman Robert Goodlatte (R-VA — from the 6th District, next door to ours) read out the infamous quote from the Explanatory Memorandum:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

After Mr. Goodlatte’s opening statement, you’ll hear John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) declare his opposition to the bill. His statement sounds like it was crafted by CAIR, and it probably was. After all, he represents Michigan’s 13th District, which includes portions of Detroit, Dearborn, and Hamtramck — some of the most culturally enriched real estate in the United States.

Mr. Conyers’ arguments may be summarized thus:

1.   This bill is procedurally flawed.
2.   Five years ago (when the Democrats controlled the House) Congress didn’t think this was such a good idea.
3.   Not all members of the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists.
4.   The Muslim Brotherhood does important charitable work.
5.   This bill would be provocative and Islamophobic, and would increase the likelihood of hate speech and physical attacks against Muslim-Americans.

In his objection to Chairman Goodlatte’s amendment to the bill, Mr. Conyers cites Professor John Esposito of Georgetown University. If you aren’t familiar with Prof. Esposito’s sympathies, see the entry for him in Discover the Networks. Rep. Conyers might as well have cited Hassan al-Banna or Sayyid Qutb to support his arguments.

By arguing that the amendment “plays into ISIS’ hands and makes us less safe”, Mr. Conyers is inadvertently admitting that the Muslim Brotherhood is associated with terrorists. He is telling us, in effect: “If we say bad things about the Ikhwan and ostracize it, then Islamic terrorists will become angry at us and try to kill us.”

What more do we need to know?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

The full text of HR 3892 is available here.

13 thoughts on “Will Congress Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization?

  1. As an “old cold warrior” in good standing, I can see the same pattern in Conyers’ complaints as were made against any action, description or sense of congress about the former Soviet Union: Such action might make the Soviets angry, might make them suspicious, might provoke them to do something or another. The people who are in favor of this will cause more Americans to view the USSR in a bad light and act in a discriminatory manner thus increasing tensions. The American people would be, in some instances, further subjected to Red Baiting and see a communist behind every tree. Anything we might do, we should not do. Any action by us might push moderate elements over the line to side with the Soviets.

    I remember all this like it was yesterday. Even some of the same relics are in Washington running this same scam. Ignore them. Muslim Brotherhood is an enemy. CAIR is the PR arm of the MB. Understand this. The Left needs an ally-Soviets, Islam it doesn’t matter.

  2. There are lots of posts on the web alleging that Obama is a member of this very organisation, most of which would appear to becoming from Egypt!

    Love to see the FBI or CIA arresting him in the very near future?

    • Well, known MB miscreants have been honoured guests at the white mosque for the both terms of the present moslem/Marxist President.

      Given that islam has been the enemy of the west, and everyone else, for their entire 1400 year existence, and Obama stated at the beginning of his first term that when the political winds blew rough he would support islam, (the enemy) then I admit to being mystified as to how he could possibly occupy the position as President of the United States while openly supporting the enemy of the American people?

      Or is there something I’m not seeing here?

      • Rep Goodlatte happens to be my congressman, but I didn’t know who he was until my wife and I moved here when we retired. I am aware that he is not only VERY concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood, but also the threat of EMP attacks, which are VERY likely to be combined with the threat of missile delivery of nuclear warheads by….oh…. maybe… Iran or North Korea. And then there’s there’s Huma. Isn’t it amazing how… well-connected…in the Islamic World she is!
        We usually take our RV to scenic locations in April and October, but I may have to stay here and do some get-out-the-vote activities this Fall.

        • Interesting post – in Europe President Hollande has recently overtly stated that is within EU rules to reject or recognise any membership state which has elected a “to right wing Government or Coalition!” In other words this prevents Wilders or Le Pen ever coming to power in the Netherlands or France. The UK is going through the charade of a referendum of in/out of the EU the result, judging by the confidence displayed by the porcine, parsimonious, Bullingdon bully boy David Cameron, is likely to be a resounding in vote! Democracy in the West is dead I afraid.

          • “Within EU rules to reject recognition of an elected right wing govt…”

            Lisbon. But I forget when, either last year or the year before…..

  3. I like that bit:

    “4. The Muslim Brotherhood does important charitable work.”

    So did the Nazis, the Bolshies, etc. I am sure even the North Korean Communists are doing something charitable for the North Koreans – it’s just those other things they do apart from that…

    That “important charitable work” is priceless as an argument. I can hear Daffy Duck: ‘Oh Brother! Now I’ve heard everything!’

  4. The State Department will NEVER say the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria of a terrorist organization. So this whole attempt by Congress is a dead parrot.

  5. As a country, we seem to be heading down the road called “Too Stupid to Survive” and that’s not a healthy sign. What is wrong with our government?

    Never mind, I shouldn’t have asked — it was a rhetorical question. It’s all too obvious. Can I trademark “TSTS” and use it to stamp everything I see? Somehow doubtful.

    Forty years of stupid is taking its toll now.

    • Nice post. When America was founded, foreign kings and elites believed the common people are not capable of self government. We are proving that belief?

      • Well, it seems to be getting to that point. We may be running into the “victims of our own success” problem as people too far removed from their means of survival tend to think their survival is guaranteed.

        I think a sort of cultural regulation mechanism is being invoked though, as evidenced by the popularity of zombie TV shows, The Hunger Games books/movies, various survival reality TV shows, and wilderness survival video games. If people didn’t think something was wrong (disconnection from survival issues) then these things wouldn’t be as popular as they are. It’s as though large numbers of people are trying to mentally prepare for something.

  6. I hope so! The issue of the Muslim brotherhood in America is one that doesn’t get enough attention. For the most part the majority of Americans continue to remain unaware of this nefarious organization as it operates freely in America under a litany of various front organizations posing as charities and civil rights groups. Here is my piece on this, I apologize for the length but I go into depth about the MB & it’s something in my opinion that is the greatest threat facing America. http://politicallyshort.com/2016/01/14/the-muslim-brotherhood-in-america/

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