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Earlier this month we received the following email from a representative of JewGida, a Jewish Counterjihad group in Europe:

Dear Gates of Vienna team,

We are the Jewish fraction of Pegida Germany, called JewGida. We want to thank you for supporting the one and only Jewish state in the world in this dark and sad time of Islamic Jihad against the free world.

We are addressing you with a plea to educate your readers about the Jewish contribution to the Counterjihad movement. We notice a worrying rise of anti-Semitism among the patriotic movements across the Western world. “The Jews/Zionists/Israel are behind the Islamization of Europe” is becoming the narrative of a certain minority of Western patriots.

It reminds us of the Black Death of the 14th century. Instead of improving the overall hygiene, the Jews were blamed to have poisoned the water wells. The brutal persecution of European Jewry didn’t help back then. 25 million — one-third of the European population — died a tragic death.

We understand, that the European nations are frightened in the face of a massive Muslim invasion. But rising anti-Semitism will not make the Muslim bogeyman go away.

Today it is urgent for the European nations to remove the treacherous leftist politicians, fight back against the leftist socialist ideology, close the borders, support patriotism, reclaim the media, promote the criticism of Islam and engage in Counterjihad. The Muslim plague may become even more lethal, if Europe doesn’t wake up and engage in Counterjihad.

There are of course leftist Jews who are fueling the fears of Jewish conspiracy. Examples include George Soros, an anti-Jewish Jew, who recently proclaimed Muslims to be the new Jews, and has been funding anti-Jewish and anti-Israel projects for years. Or Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American Jewish feminist, who talked in an interview about the “Jewish leading role” in multicultural Europe, as a reference to the biblical concept of “light unto the nations”.

You have your Antifa and “Gutmenschen” (idealistic multicultural hippies without any connection to reality); we have ours. Still, it is remarkable, that already in the first seconds of the full video, which presented the Jewish community of Sweden in 2010, it is said that Swedish Jews are suffering because of Muslim immigration.

We have prepared for you an overview of Counterjihad projects founded by Jews as well as certain remarkable Jewish activists known to us, who have contributed significantly to raising awareness about the dangers of Islam, and defending Europe and the West. As we suggest, most of them are known to you already. Some have been warning the West for decades, and it is not the fault of the Jews that movements such as Pegida were founded only in late 2014.

We highly appreciate your work. It is very urgent to defend the free world and stop the Islamization of nations.

Kindest regards,


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In response to those who lament the over-representation of Jews in far left Multicultural organizations, I frequently point out the massive over-representation of Jews in the Counterjihad. On both sides of the Atlantic, but especially here in the USA, some of the staunchest and most dedicated activists resisting Islamization are Jews, in numbers far greater than their proportion in the general population. They show by their example that many Jews understand Islam’s plans for Israel and the Jews — that they will be the first infidel victims of the Caliphate, followed closely by Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists, and all other non-Muslims.

Not all Jews are trotting along meekly like lambs to the slaughter, bleating out their support for those who would butcher them. I can’t give you exact statistics — I don’t know if any exist — but a substantial proportion have joined us in the resistance.

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  1. Thank you.

    “We notice a worrying rise of anti-Semitism among the patriotic movements across the Western world.”

    I was curious about these elements. I’m not familiar with any entities and want to know more. Do you have any links for education?

    • scherado: They pop up as individuals in conservative discussion threads and often get a worrying number of upvotes on disqus. Originally it was a hard core of dyed in the wool Jew haters but I’ve noticed recently that they’ve started receiving support from ordinary conservatives concerned about moslem migration. People are flailing around looking for a group to blame for the migration disaster, which seems an inexplicable folly. (Another group I’ve seen being blamed are women.)

      • Sorry, I have to agree that there are some very influential Jews and women that are greatly contributing to this problem and that is why they get associated with it. Everything from Hillary Clinton to the Southern Poverty Law Center has their stamp on it. I’m just as confused by their thinking as JewGida is.

        • dhans: There are also some very influential men/Christians/vegans/atheists/pick your group according to taste that are greatly contributing to this problem.

      • Yes, there is a tendency among simple-minded individuals who see a majority of some group voting in a way they consider to be wrong (or against their own interests) to simply blame that group. This is kind of silly because it doesn’t really help solve anything.

        The more useful thing to do is try to figure out what’s going wrong so that something can be done about it.

        In the case of the Jewish population, large numbers have bought into neo-Marxist philosophy because it places all sorts of minority groups including Jews into a protected class category. This makes a great deal of sense, and did for a long time, except that now we are finding out that jihad is being seen as a “class struggle” by the neo-Marxists, and that means Muslims are the proletarians and Jews become the Marxist enemy class. So the solution to this is to point out to more Jewish people 1) what philosophy they’re following and 2) that this philosophy is increasingly placing them into the “enemy class” category rather than the protected class so it might not be such a good idea to support it.

        As for women, the issues are way more complicated because they are based on social psychology. But yet again the real issue is understanding what’s going on so something can be done about it. Unfortunately this is made difficult by zero-sum class warfare mentality which makes it only acceptable to criticize male psychology but not female psychology. And some people even seem to think that the “solution” is to make it unacceptable to even claim that there’s any difference.

        I don’t know what the key to persuading women is but I do know the studies have concluded that girls usually “game switch” rather than “rule negotiate”. I don’t know how the game switching happens though. I keep bringing these things up hoping someone who knows more than I do will think of something other than “blame” which is pointless.

        • Nimrod: I suspect in the case of Jews there is another reason. A Jewish person might see a counter-jihad article or comment and mentally replace the word ‘Muslim’ with ‘Jew’. This sends shivers down their spine. Many have parents and grandparents who were victims of insane and unjustified antisemitism. From their point of view they would be doing the same to Muslims as once done to their own people. It’s an extreme, emotional gut reaction.

          It takes a self-imposed distance and the exercise of reason to see the difference between antisemitism and anti-Islam – to see that although one is based on fantasy the other is founded on reality.

          • I think you’re right. I think that had occurred to me at some point but I underestimated the emotional significance, which is why I need people to tell me this kind of thing. In my case I think it’s a combination of not being that good at predicting emotional reactions and not being Jewish.

    • So sad that after all this time and this late in the day anyone would ask such a question. Feminist sheeple and ultra liberal Jewish people. Don’t concern yourself about “further education” education right now. Focus on the basics.

    • This is all just about one thing. Stupidity. The internet is available for everybody and stupid people always looks for simpel answers.
      Just say illuminate or zionism – and all the stupid people crawl out of the woodwork.
      Besides – some lefties use “rightwing-profiles” to shout out their jewhatred in every way possible. It often works on stupid people.

  2. Thanks Baron. I think this post will become a useful reference – especially to Eastern Europeans. Unfortunately in that part of the world, it’s still all too often repeated, that the refugee influx and resulting “transformation” of Europe is the result of a Jewish plot – without anyone mentioning the Jews emigrating from Malmo and France, due to the “cultural enrichment” in these areas.

    • I have no proof for this idea, but since discovering from Andy Bostom’s work how the Janissaries were recruited throughout that region, I’ve wondered if the deep hatred of Jews in Eastern Europe didn’t arise from the fact that Jewish boys were exempt from being grabbed from their families to be sent off to be trained as elite Islamic killers?

      If my beloved son were taken from me – my beloved SONS, as they often took more than one – and my Jewish neighbors’ children were left alone bec they were “inferior”, my heart would fill with hatred for my neighbor…I would become paranoid from the grief and unremitting loss.

      This doesn’t explain Western Europe’s beliefs, but my guess is that the many raids along the Med and the retreat into mountain redoubts made those groups xenophobic over generations.

      • You have some funny ideas about Jews and the draft in various European nations. My father-in-law, as an infant, was taken out of Europe by his father dressed as a woman because he was about to be drafted. This would have entailed leaving his young wife and baby without support. No one in the government cared about the consequences of the draft. The draft in Europe was a relatively new phenomenon. Before Napoleon’s draft, people joined the army with the hope of victory and the loot that could be acquired. The draft was applied without fairness in Russia, Poland, and much of Bohemia. The Jews either submitted to it or left Europe. They were not favored. My mother-in-law’s father was starved for three months before being presented to the local draft board. All these folks wanted was cannon fodder.

        • @jlevyellow:

          I wasn’t talking about the draft. The Janissaries had nothing to do with the draft and experienced the brutality of Islam in the parts of Eastern Europe under its sway.

          I was referring to the brutal removal of slavic boys from their families by the Ottoman Empire beginning in the 14th century. These boys were ages 6 to 10 or so. They were never seen again unless as marauders in service to the Ottoman Empire.

          Google is your friend: try Janissaries

          Or Andrew Bostom on Amazon:

          The Legacy of Jihad

      • The only issue is, that this hostility to Jews exists in areas which were under Ottoman control – and areas (like Poland) which weren’t… imo the reasons are more historic, much of which centres around WW2 and Communism (Jews were vastly over-represented in the Communist apparatus, and many welcomed the Soviet troops in 1939), as well as who runs “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Poland’s biggest daily, regarded by nationalists as “anti-Polish”, and the biggest fans of welcoming the “refugee” influx. Its editors have, to my best knowledge, all been Jewish.

        On the other hand, there is also a Jewish presence (although probably smaller), among the counter-PC and liberals – people such as Dawid Wildstein and his father, who made public a list of former Communist agents.

        Btw, it’s worth remembering that Poland had by far the biggest percentage Jewish population in 1939 in Europe – more than Jews in all other European countries combined (bar Russia). This coming as a result of an earlier invitation in the middle ages from a Polish king to Jews fleeing persecution. And more and more people in Poland are interested in its Jewish history. Anti-semitism there is by no means universal – although admittedly more likely to exist among far-right nationalists.

        • Antisemitism in Poland has nothing to do with WW2 since it was prevalent in pre-war Poland. Jewish Communists are as much a straw man, as Jews guilty of Islamizing. The history of antisemitism in Poland has plenty to do with the Catholic Church and human envy and mendacity.
          The Communists had easy picking among Jews in Eastern Europe since they were denied basic rights and economic opportunities and most importantly, access to education, something Communists were promising them.
          You are reversing the cause and effect.

          • So, to summarise: The jews were oppressed by the catholics in Poland. The jews sided with the communists, who in turn oppressed the catholics. Then the Germans came rolling in, and the catholics aided the nazis in their extermination of the jews. Then the communists drove out the nazis and went on oppressing the catholics.

            I can see there are some pretty profound trust issues here, in both directions. Words and lofty declarations can hardly ever fix those doubts. Can we honestly observe and discuss the revealed preferences of either side? You know, what do people in either group(*) actually DO, when push comes to a shove? CAN they realistically trust each other? Or should they rather consider sustainable arrangements not dependant on mutual trust… I don’t know, but I think it needs to be on the table.

            *) Here: Jews and catholics, particulary in Central/Eastern Europe

          • @ Hermann Robak – I take it you are aware that more Polish (presumably Catholics) have been named as “Righteous among Nations” by the Yad Vashem Holocaus memorial institute in Israel, than any other nationality – for putting their lives at risk to help Jews survive during World War 2? And this, despite the Nazis punishing the WHOLE family of any such person with deportation to a death camp – harsher than in any other part of Europe (where usually, it was just the person caught helping the Jews who were deported). Likewise, many Jews were hidden by Polish Catholic nuns in convents – including the mother of the former British Labour party leader Ed Milliband. (since women were not circumcised, they were easier to hide – hence perhaps why it was easier for them to survive). Not to say that elements of the Catholic Church were entirely blameless – but it’s quite a feat to, in spite of such occurrences, to tar a whole nation as “aiding the Holocaust”, don’t you think?

          • NYgal – are you arguing that antisemitism was prevalent in Catholic Poland before WW2, as opposed to, say, Protestant Britain, where the portrayal of Jews took the form of such loveable figures as the thief Fagin in Oliver Twist, or the miserly Scrooge in A Christmas Carol – and where Jews in the East End of London had to face quite a bit of hostility? May I remind you that at roughly the same time, in the mainly Protestant USA, there was also a ban on Jews belonging to some country clubs, and quotas put on the maximum number of Jews at universities. Would this also be in some way influenced by the Catholic Church?

            As for opportunities, I’m not sure how dirt poor Jews differed from dirt poor Catholic Poles in this regard. I’m told that my great grandmother had access to only one pair of shoes, which she used to wear to Church on Sunday. Economic poverty was rife throughout pre-war Poland and I’m not sure how this was different for Jews (apart from owning a vastly disproportionate number of factories. Pre-WW2, Jews in my city Lodz apparently used to say “your land, our buildings”)

          • @Baron – the thing that strikes me is that, to my best knowledge, there was no widespread Polish collaboration with the Nazis with regards to the Holocaust. At Auschwitz and other camps, the guards were often Ukrainians – I’ve never heard of there being Polish ones, or Poles grassing up Jews often to Nazis – in spite of substantial rewards, and in spite of relations between Poles and Jews not always being so friendly. Some of those who helped Jews and are honoured at Yad Vashem were even ardent antisemites! (eg Zofia Kossak-Szczucka)

            Yet people will still say “Poles aided the Holocaust”, without elaborating. Unless I’m missing something, this is not just lazy stereotyping but total ignorance – which is on the verge of making anti-Polish attitudes perhaps the only acceptable form of “racism” in our wonderful new PC world! (at least as far as Britain is concerned)

          • (Responding to Green Infidel here; for lack of a reply button below his reply to me…)

            I was paraphrasing NYgal in my “summary”. I didn’t frame it with “so, according to your worldview, this is the score… right?” My bad.

            Now, for the sake of the argument, IF that “summary” reflects a prevailing perception among significantly large minorities on either side, that might support my main thesis; that there are some grudges and mistrust. Not necessarily firmly grounded in facts, or held by a majority, but very much present, and not easily brushed off.

            This article is about JewGida, and the message is (paraphrased) “trust us, don’t be so paranoid!”

            Personally, I would rather be shown than told which potential allies to trust. Our esteemed host may help us readers to establish JewGida’s track record over time. Show, don’t tell, as some editor of yore said.

    • Green Infidel: The Eastern Europeans need to take this on board. There was an Hungarian vid recently posted on Vlad Tepes (from a regular TV discussion) – highly recommended by the site moderator – where one of the panelists (who I believe is a regular) was clearly implying the existence of a Jewish conspiracy.

      • As someone born and raised on the ex- Pale of Settlement territory (east of modern Poland), I can confirm the antisemitism feeling deeply rooted in the local population. This sentiment has started to slowly vanish due to the Jewish exodus from the late 80s to the early 2000s, as well as the natural replacement of the local population by the generation that has little or no experience of living with the Jews. No way the anti-semitism has any connection to the Ottoman conquest (Turks have never reached this part of the continent), it just has different historical ground.

        Nevertheless, it is true that you can find claims of the Jewish conspiracy in almost every comment section of the youtube videos about the current refugee/migrant crisis, be a commentator from the west/east of Europe or the US/Canada. Regretfully, such attitude is fuelled by the influential and loud Jewish figures that stand behind the treacherous leftism movement and have their share of responsibility for the catastrophic muslim invasion that have engulfed Europe.

  3. This is something we’ve talked about many times. And we’ve talked about how very polarizing is the subject of Duh JOOOZ . How, from long experience, we’ve learned the other irrational subjects it’s best to avoid. Russia, for instance, or abortion. Otherwise normal people have Beserker Buttons which, once pushed, seem to by-pass the higher functioning parts of the brain to light up parts of the reptilian brain.There is something deeply irrational at work here. If they didn’t have the Jews they would have to invent them. Either that, or black people would be in even more trouble. No, wait: this kind of irrational hatred has to have a large part of envy in it.
    Islam excels at US and THEM. Their spread into Europe and the US has meant the spread of anti-Semitism. Bill Warner puts it well:

    …go back 1400 years to Medina. In Mecca Mohammed had “proven” his divine status by claiming to be in the same lineage of prophets such as Moses and Noah. There were no Jews in Mecca and the story played well enough. Mecca was the home of “Islam, the religion of peace”.

    However, in Medina the town was half Jewish, consisting of three tribes. The Jews of Medina told Mohammed that he was not a prophet and this shattered his foundation as a prophet. Mohammed’s attitude about Jews went from being a spiritual brother to that of an archenemy.

    Two years later the last of the Jewish children were kidnapped and adopted as Muslims, the Jewish women were sold into slavery and 800 Jewish males were beheaded. Medina was Judenrein, cleansed of Jews.

    What are we to make of this well-documented event and the fact that it is only one of over 70 events of assassination, executions, raids, tortures, enslavements, battles and brutalization of the Kafir (non-Muslim) Arabs around Mohammed? All of this is recorded in the Sira (Mohammed’s biography).

    The Muslim’s point-of-view is about this vast suffering is that it was a triumph for Islam, a victory and cause for celebration.

    The apologist’s point-of-view of this violence is: that was then, this is now. Christians have done worse. Let’s not be judgmental.

    Then there is the third view, that of the Kafir victims of Islam. Mohammed led a nine-year rage of jihad against them. There were pagan Kafirs, Jewish Kafirs and Christian Kafirs, but they were all Kafirs who were annihilated. The cause of all of this suffering was an intellectual idea—Mohammed is the prophet of Allah and every person must declare this “truth” or be subjected to violence. The Kafirs were the victims of Islam, then and now.

    The story of the jihad against the Kafirs is told in the Sira and the Hadith (the Traditions of Mohammed). No one was allowed the luxury of avoiding Islam. If you were in the neighborhood of Mohammed, then you had to be for him or suffer violence. After Mohammed had conquered all of Arabia, he died while in the next phase of jihad, the conquest of the Christians to the north of Arabia.

    This brutal story is told with great vehemence and force. Mohammed and Allah rejoice at the suffering of the Kafirs. And who cares? The apologist agrees that the violent triumph of Islam over all neighbors was a wonderful success for humanity. The Kafirs are human garbage to be put into the disposal of jihad. Who cares about dead Kafirs? Who cares about the annihilation of native cultures?

    Why is it that the history of the Native Americans, Blacks and other minorities can be told, but not the Kafirs? Why can those victims have a place in history, but the suffering to the Kafirs is denied? Why do they have no history? Why can’t the victims of jihad and their history be given a valid seat in the marketplace of ideas?

    This denial of the suffering of Kafirs can be seen in how our history books are written. The rise of Islam is glorious, but the suffering of the Christians in Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East, the suffering of the Hindus in Pakistan, the suffering of the Buddhists in Afghanistan are all denied. The victims do not exist in our history. If you die at the hands of Islam, you are invisible to history.

    • “Why is it that the history of the Native Americans, Blacks and other minorities can be told, but not the Kafirs? Why can those victims have a place in history, but the suffering to the Kafirs is denied? Why do they have no history?

      Political Islam w/Dr. Warner: Jahiliya (ignorance) – such history is not advantageous to Islam thus eliminated from evidence. Denial is the narrative…despite: African Slaves In The Arab World

      Over 28 Million Africans have been enslaved in the Muslim world during the past 14 centuries While much has been written concerning the Transatlantic slave trade, surprisingly little attention has been given to the Islamic slave trade across the Sahara, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
      While the European involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to the Americas lasted for just over three centuries, the Arab involvement in the slave trade has lasted fourteen centuries, and in some parts of the Muslim world is still continuing to this day. A comparison of the Muslim slave trade to the American slave trade reveals some interesting contrasts.
      While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men, the proportions were reversed in the Muslim slave trade. Two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims.
      While the mortality rate for slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Transsahara and East African slave trade was between 80 and 90%!
      While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work, most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation as concubines, in harems, and for military service.
      While many children were born to slaves in the Americas, and millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the USA to this day, very few descendants of the slaves that ended up in the Middle East survive.
      While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.

      It is estimated that possibly as many as 11 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic (95% of which went to South and Central America, mainly to Portuguese, Spanish and French possessions. Only 5% of the slaves went to the United States).
      While Christian Reformers spearheaded the antislavery abolitionist movements in Europe and North America, and Great Britain mobilized her Navy, throughout most of the 19th Century, to intercept slave ships and set the captives free, there was no comparable opposition to slavery within the Muslim world.
      Even after Britain outlawed the slave trade in 1807 and Europe abolished the slave trade in 1815, Muslim slave traders enslaved a further 2 million Africans. This despite vigorous British Naval activity and military intervention to limit the Muslim slave trade.
      By some calculations the number of victims of the 14 centuries of Muslim slave trade could exceed 180 million. Nearly 100 years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in America, and 130 years after all slaves within the British Empire were set free by parliamentary decree, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, in 1962, and Mauritania in 1980, begrudgingly removed legalized slavery from their statute books.”

  4. Thank you Baron Bodissey. I am new to Gates of Vienna and similar sites. This is my first time to post. I was always in favour of multiculturalism but not at the expense of the host nation. I think it is good to work with people from all over the world but wherever people go we must respect the law of the land. When I lived in my last apartment I used to run past a synagogue as part of my regular marathon training. For years the gates of the synagogue were open and the Jewish community were a part of the neighbourhood for generations and over this time made a disproportionate contribution to the business, art and culture of the city. Then new people started coming to our country. Around that time security gradually tightened at the synagogue. Gates went up. An intercom security system went in. New more secure gates went up. I thought it was sad. These people had been respected by the host nation for generations so why had security measures at the synagogue skyrocketed in the last 10 years?

    Muslims have also made a positive contribution to the professions in my country. Just as there are different sects of Christianity there are different sects of Islam with different ideologies. The Westboro Baptist Church is vastly different to the Anglican community I grew up in.

    Rational debate is essential. The late Sir James Goldsmith wrote two excellent books, The Trap and The Response. Read them. They are not as terrifying as Raspail’s Camp of the Saints but Goldsmith was a very shrewd man and made some accurate predictions.

    Not all Irish people were IRA terrorists during the Troubles. The elites of any nation will have vastly different ideologies to the rest of the people. They happily use people from everywhere as pawns. Divide and conquer is one of their tactics.

    Many of the Syrian refugees are pawns in a greater agenda. Like wolves hiding in a flock of sheep a trained militia is making its way across borders among the genuinely destitute. They recruit disenfranchised young men into their ranks and use them to further their agenda. The people behind the trained Trojan Horse militia have an agenda. They do not respect colour, creed or religion. Their aim is to subjugate EVERYONE for their own gain. It is easier to control the world when everyone is impoverished, cowed and in chaos.

    • I worked for the Montana Dept. of Transportation in 1997, the summer in which Tony Blair became Prime Minister.
      That same summer, our open-access buildings were retrofitted to house security check-points at the entrances. I thought it so strange! In Montana, of all places!
      Bush the 1st and Clinton after him, I have come to realize, like Blair, were actively setting the foundations in place for the eventual elimination of the nation state, much as Ted Kennedy had done in foisting on us the 1965 Immigration Act which he promised would not change America’s demographic. Only the non-sentient person would believe such a bald-faced lie; as usual, the commie media covered for him.
      The leftist disease attacks the brains of every ethnicity and people, Irish, Jewish, French, American. All are equally vulnerable.

    • Always remember the famous quote of Herman Goering.

      “It’s very easy to militarize a population. All you have to do is make them afraid.”

      The Muslim fear of the west drives them into the Jihadi camp, and the fear of the Muslim drives people into the counter Jihad. This is what makes the situation in Europe so toxic. You have cultural, religious, and ethnic divisions all at play.

      • not quite true. The reality is a population is militarized when they see an opportunity to steal from their neighbors either foreign or domestic. The vikings did not fear the Celtic monks when they raided the monasteries of Britain and Ireland, nor did the Muslim pirates fear the Christians of the Mediterranean when they went on slaving raids…

        Sometimes people want to excuse evil rather than confront it

      • Fear plays some role in energizing the jihad. But jihad militarization is largely based on the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, not on fear of the West. Jihad is a very large part of what Muhammad did. He is the prime exemplar for Muslims.

        Strict Muslims do not allow, or severely constrain, independent reason and independent conscience. They do so because of central currents of Islamic theology and belief. For example, that the Qur’an explicitly denies the biblical claim that human beings are made in the image of God and are children of God. (See Qur’an 42:11, )

        Even if one supposes that the Judeo-Christian worldview is nothing but a tissue of fantasies, key elements of that worldview lead toward open societies. One reason independent conscience and independent reason have often been permissible to Jews and Christians is that they were deemed “images” of God. What is more, the fact that the Bible revolves around contracts — covenants — between God and human beings is a substantial part of what led Europe to evolve over time away from authoritarianism and toward democracy. Even feudalism was based in some sense on contractual or ostensibly contractual relations between serfs and lords. And of course the central figure of the New Testament is portrayed as saying that one should give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, to God the things that are God’s. Also: “my kingdom is not of this world.” This led immediately to a sense among the early Christians, albeit an often confused and unstable sense, that there should be two realm, the spiritual and the temporal, with different prerogatives. True, during the course of history, the confusion about those prerogatives led each realm to try to expand at the expense of the other, sometimes to the point where one realm almost completely dominated. Yet because of the words attributed to Christ, the dominated realm always remained at least in latent form, and the dialectic of the two realms often left openings for cultural evolution and individual development, leading to the Enlightenment and eventually the separation of religion and state. By contrast, Muhammad became Caesar, or at any rate the theocratic ruler of an aggressive, expansionist, totalitarian state.

        Daniel Boorstin, in a very short chapter about Islam in his great work The Creators, points out another key difference between the Judeo-Christian paradigm and that of Islam. Both Gods are portrayed as issuing commands and being creative. But Boorstin points out that the emphasis is very different: the Judeo-Christian God emphasized his creative work in the beginning — and said that human beings were, after their fashion, to imitate that creativity. The Qu’ran responds to this and explicitly denies, for example, that Allah needed to rest on the seventh day of creation. Why? Because Allah merely commands a thing to be, and it is, the Qur’an says. He therefore had no need of rest. The Bible, by contrast, emphasizes God’s creative work, and consequent need of rest. Allah is a God of Fiat, far more than the Judeo-Christian God, concludes Boorstin, who writes further that for the Muslim, to create is a “rash and dangerous act,” because Muslims are not God’s children, but only his servants or slaves.

        Again, even if both worldviews are mere tissues of fantasy, one of them leads toward open societies, the other leads toward societies that are closed.

        • Maybe not now but just wait until the west starts physically fighting back. Then you will see the very dynamic role fear has to play in all of this.

    • As many celebrity Counter Jihadists have stated there is no problem with muslims as people. They can contribute to the society they live in. The problem is with Islamic doctrine.

      The intrinsically hateful, supremacist and intolerant aspect to their belief system always, always affects host societies “immigrants” have invaded; creating human suffering and misery. It cannot function within an integrating multicultural system. It has to be dominant.

      There is a huge difference between the motivation of Irish nationalists and Islam. Irish republicans had a political goal, using violence as a public relations lever – true regardless of perspective. Their goal was not to kill everyone who is not a republican, regardless of the wrongfulness of their actions.

      Islam by its own design is an invasionary system that has to convert, kill or financially subdue all of non Islam. Which of course is why so many different groups of people, with such widely varying beliefs and moral codes are united against it – Islam is against everything else, without exception, forever – this is its unalterable doctrine.

  5. I didn’t read everything, but that beginning is a joke. Israel doesn’t support the counterjihad, never has, never will.

    • That’s an inflammatory statement. Can you cite any reliable sources that provide hard data supporting what you say?

      • I belive I can, given time and effort. This is a really difficult subject to google. However, I don’t see what is inflammatory about what I said. After all it was only a negation. It’s not as if I was accusing anyone of anything.

        • It depends on exactly what you meant. It’s a blanket statement. Did you mean the Israeli government? Or Israeli society as a whole?

          If the former, I’d like to see the sources — showing that the Israeli government was different in that regard from, say, the French government, or the Dutch, or the Swiss.

          If the latter, I’d expect that you would either have lived in Israel for an extended period, OR that you have links to sociological data based on surveys etc., which would provide the relevant statistics.

          • Yes. and he/she should actually come to Sderot and find out what it is like to be frontline. It continues to amaze me that people point fingers at Israel, we have terrorist incidents on a daily basis, but nothing is reported in the world’s MSM.

            Already this morning there has been a terrorist stabbing incident.

            The world tends not to characterise Islam’s attempts to destroy Israel as the ultimate in Jihadist terror, they prefer to subtly justify the so called ‘Palestinian’ cause as ‘the Jooz took their land and they are fighting back’ as ‘freedom fighters’. However, both both the PLO and Hamas justify their persecution of Jews and (secondarily) Israel as a Jihad and thus a duty for all Muslims. On the basis of that, then every effort of the IDF/police/security guards in Israel is counterjihad based.

            Israel shoots back, and is roundly condemned for it by most of the EU and US, it should just roll over and submit, just like the rest of the bunch, then there would be world ‘peace’.

            Compared to the UK from which I fled, Israel both recognizes the danger from Islamic Jihad and actively defends me from it, irrespective of my religion, but no war is ‘nice’ and horrible things sometimes happen, chidren kill and are killed, a 14 year old girl with a knife kills one just as dead as a 40 year old man with an AK47.

            What is different about CJ in Israel? Nothing much except that it started much earlier, maybe with Jabotinsky in the 1920’s and is now part and parcel of daily life.

            Also, much of the Israeli problem with ‘Jihad’ was caused and magnified by UK and US governments empowering Arab Nationalism in order to secure cheap and secure oil supplies; the PLO was defeated until the Oslo accords, Gaza was neutralized until Israel was forced to hand it back to the PLO and then Hamas took it over and it is now a rogue (non-)state shooting missiles at the population of Sderot and surrounding areas.

            Is this not Jihad?

          • I certainly meant the government. But then again, the French government doesn’t support the counterjihad, neither does the Dutch government or the Swiss government (AFAIK), and they never have and I believe they never will – except possibly until after they are violently overthrown.

      • Dear Baron,

        In response to the article referring to JewGida, since you published it I reply to you, trusting that you will forward it; thereby showing also that it was worth to approach Gates of Vienna and that that approach yielded at least one good response, Kind regards, DFD…..

        Dear JewGida,

        Referring to your concern about an increasing presence of the ‘ultraright’, that is Nazi type type people/movements, in the counter-jihad movements.

        This is a well founded fear on primarily two accounts. Firstly, they want to infiltrate and ultimately take over such movements as PEGIDA or parties such as the Afd. Obvious reason is their ludicrously low membership, see “footnote”. Secondly, such groups and parties are also targeted by infiltrators from the government / security forces; their aim being to drag these to the far right or at least to generate the impression that they are, and thus to be able to discredit them.

        This may serve to explain why PEGIDA and the AfD are so keen on vetting, and the occasionally intrusive thoroughness of their wardens during demos. I am sure you have come across comments in the ‘media/Lügenpresse’ such as ‘Nazi in Nadelstreifen’ (pinstriped Nazis) etc.

        So, as well founded as the fear is, it is only well founded if the infiltrators, of whatever ilk, succeed. May I make a suggestion that I believe would be helpful? Reduce any significance as “Jewish group” and join the mainstream. Join the AfD, join PEGIDA, if you are Germans that is. If you are French, join the French branch of PEGIDA, and whatever party you wish. That will show that you are French, Germans etc. Just like there are German Protestants, German Catholics, French Pro…… et cetera est. It also helps to reduce any conspiracy ideas. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have your umbrella organization, such as JewGida. Particularly if you use your group to help the Christians to start their own umbrella groups, say a CathoGida group, or something like that. The Christians for instance need that help, just look at the Pope, or the generally state of the Churches, and the bewildered flock.

        Moreover, there’s a nightmare scenario. What happens when a group like PEGIDA and a Party like the AfD gain enough votes to achieve a stand off with the established parties? Then even a mini party like the Nazis become king makers. A tonne plus 100 grams equals more than a single tonne! And that holds true for all countries concerned.

        Before continuing, a word about myself, I am Anglo-German, Protestant upbringing, still Christian but have given up on denominations. So here it comes, and please think about this, I realize that the holocaust is, at least for members of your older generation, is part of your psychological or sociological make up, it has to be for obvious reasons, but REDUCE IT. It would help a mutual reintegration, particularly under threat of a common enemy. I know, it is very difficult to cooperate and to make friends, but it is worth it. I personally like to see you fully re-integrated into our societies. As far as PEGIDA (and similar) are concerned, it would also help to keep the infiltrators out. Thus strengthen all of us, whilst simultaneously weaken the dhimmi collaborators. What I am saying is this, play a full part, be of us, don’t segregate into a subdivision – and then, possibly, drift off. That weakens you and us.

        Best wishes

        Footnote (or part 2 if you so wish):

        Personally, I think the government infiltrators and agitators are far more dangerous than those from the Nazi parties such as the NPD in Germany for instance. In sheer numbers, I believe the Nazis to be severely overrated, at least in Germany. From personal experience: When I was a kid in Berlin in the sixties, the NPD just started out, and we were curious. We, friends, wanted to go to several parties and simply learn what it was all about. So, naturally, the NPD was one of them, CDU, SPD and FDP being the others. The NPD had a particular lure, because the press was so hyped up about them. First session was only 15 or 20 minutes, the opening hours for the disco approached, which of course was vastly more important than politics. The second session was about 1 hour, may be 1½ hours – oh Brother! Some guys had NSDAP party buttons on the inside of their lapels, others talked about how to fight, wrapping fists into sandpaper or using bicycle chains as knuckle dusters… We left, quickly. That was in the sixties, with about 2 hours spent in total. Forward to the late nineties, my Grandmother was still alive in Germany and received letters for me, from the NPD! In these I was addressed as a “dear party member”. We, family, had a laugh. But it shows, at least to me, their membership numbers are either way out, or pure fantasy.

        But I think the government infiltrators are a different kettle of fish. And their methods and determination speaks for itself. Witness here the treatment or change in the four star general after the protest in Calais, how he changed tack – essentially turned coat. A general! You can be sure that you will be labelled as ‘Zionist conspirators’ not just by Nazi infiltrators, but most certainly by some of the government guys too; if not more so. Everything and ploy to cause division.

        So, we have our work cut out, and it will take resolve. Let’s build bridges and strong foundations among and with each other. The more subdivided we are, the other easier it is for the opposition. In case you haven’t noticed, we are already under partial occupation. The recent event in the Netherlands where a chap was arrested for wearing a pigs head hat speaks volumes. And that without a member of the religion of ‘permanently offended ones’ being about. That I think is a definition of being occupied! And on the unhappy note I leave with the very best of wishes, and hope.

        • I’ve been told by multiple sources in Germany that about a third of the leadership of the NPD is made up of agents of the state. This makes the NPD kind of the official, tamed Nazi party. They put it out there as flypaper to catch the nationalists, and then discredit them.

    • Israel’s very existence is counterjihad. Aside from Koranic anti-Semitism, this is why the Muslims hate it so much: its existence belies the inevitability of Islamic supremacy.

    • Most European governments, Canada and even US administration promote jihad and you are talking about Israel. This is anti-semitism, hiding behind a pseudo-intellectual rhetoric.

  6. About fifteen years back, I asked a young muslim woman, who was a legal student and a part-time worker in the department store where I was working, what was the faith of most of the people in N Africa and the Middle East before Islam (I didn’t know myself then). She said she didn’t know, and I don’t believe she was being disingenuous.

    A good argument for more comprehensive teaching of history, I think.

    • Ask it to any mohammedan you want. Hardly a soul will be able to answer that. Those that do had higher education and a sincere interest in history. In muslim countries the period before islam is something vague. Especially about religion. That’s something they genuinely feel ashamed about.

      Take Indonesia for example. That is now the biggest mohammedan state in the world. It wasn’t always so. When we Dutch arrived on Java for the first time, that conversion process was in full swing. I can’t give exact figures, but from memory, about 40-55% were at that time where mohammedan. Only the ruling classes and those right below them. The remainder were polytheist, as they still are on Bali.

      Talk with an Indonesian. He probably doesn’t know that. In fact he doesn’t WANT to know it, as it as polytheism. After atheism the most feared religion by mohammedanism.

      You can easily compare this with left wing politicians who were in their youth flower power hippies (hi, Hillary!) or advocated for free sex with children. That’s something they feel very embarrassed about now.

      • Do you know of a history of indonesia book? I’d be interested in the Dutch colonial experience in particular. After all, the Dutch gave up New Amsterdam in trade for some spice islands…no, our feelings aren’t hurt. The Dutch spirit still has a grip on parts of the now-NYC…

        • Oh…and another thing: with Geert maybe rising to a higher post, which part of Indonesia is his family from? Has the Royal Family expressed its regrets about letting colonials into the country? Are they begging yet for having him repatriated? Or at least the part of him that’s not ‘pure’ Dutch?

          How many people – outside the NL – ‘get’ his hair? When did he discover blondes have more fun?

      • Hi, I’m an Indonesian, and have posted several times here. I believe you’re incorrect about Indonesian history. Conversion of buddhists and hindus to moslem have started long before Dutch colonialized Indonesia in 17th century. The first moslem came to Indonesia in 11th century, to Aceh (that experienced Tsunami in 26 dec 2014).

        This is my theory of Islamization: moslem succeeds conquering many socializations because non-moslems (either buddhists, hindus, christians, atheists, pagans, and perhaps even communists) are generally PACIFISTS. Non moslems cannot fathom and refused to acknowledge there is an evil doctrine (and that there can be MANY individuals hold that doctrine). Indonesia before the coming of moslems are dominantly buddhists and hindus. The conversion happened through violence and taqqiya.

        Sorry I included communist as pacifists. In Indonesia, even communists are slaughtered by moslems. When Indonesia broke tie with communists, Indonesia cut diplomatic relationship with China, because China is perceived as communists. Yet, chinese in Indonesia for sometime underwent severe persecutions from predominantly moslem communities.

        Hence, we must unite. Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, even atheists.

      • The Buddhist populations of Asia will not be forgetting their history anytime soon. Especially the Therevada branch of the family. Wiped out in Malaysia and having their heads chopped by the fifth column in southern Thailand today. Already arrived and apparently gaining acceptance in Western Europe.

        • And of course the Indonesia butcher shop. Let’s hope the Australians are watching their backs. I mean Australian non Muslim backs that is.

  7. This is good to see. It’s just too bad that David Horowitz is such a hypocrite considering his slander of Diana West.

    It’s hard for me to trust him on anything after what he and Radosh did to her. I know he is too entrenched to *ever* recant or even moderate his views. (I’m sure he hates Trump as well.) Of course he’s right on Muslims and jihad but that’s a no-brainer.

    When I go to FPM I never read what he has to say.

    • Horowitz also cultivates a soft wing of the Counter-Jihad which, although the harder-nosed Daniel Greenfield is a part of it, seems dominated by the old operating system (“Counter-Jihad 3.0”) of Jamie Glazov and Daniel Pipes (with special guest Dennis Prager) — i.e., “radical Islamist extemism” is the problem you see, and most Muslims just wanna have a sandwich…

    • Yes, he is deranged re Diana West. And so are other former fellow-travelers, like his Red-Diaper-baby childhood friend, Radosh.

      I’m sure Diana has a list of her attackers. I did collect such a list but it got fried on my old computer. One that stood out is Gatestone – also on that pictogram of the Counterjihad – who fired the inestimable Claire Lopez for mentioning DW’s book in a post. No one gave CL the memo not to ever mention Diana Wes (her colleague and friend) on Gatestone. So when Planet X pointed to Lopez’ sin (wish I’d saved thehe essay she wrote) to Gatestone, the Iron Curtain came down with a thud. They didn’t even inform her s’d been ex-communicated or her essay purged. Bizarre. And so like the Communists these people claim to have rejected.

      I use Horowitz’ valuable “Discover the Networks” all the time. It has background material on every leftist group in the country. But in another twist from Bizarro Camp, it also has a page devoted to Diana West.

      I didn’t believe it when I ran across the page…which has links on the sidebar to both her supporters and her detractors. Like this one:

      (The link on the Networks page is broken but googling on the key words brought up the original.)

      And a link to his further beatdown:

      The man doth protest too much. And leaves out too much. That’s why Diana West published her rebuttal of all the name-calling:

      The Rebuttal: Defending ‘American Betrayal’ from the Book-Burners

      The Kindle version is 2.99…and it’s fascinating. Read the comments…especially the top one.

  8. Yes, the anti-Semitic argument about the problem of Islam is odd: Why would Jews massively enable a global ideology dedicated to the genocide of Jews? Only two explanations would relieve the pressure of that bizarre factoid: Either Jews are insanely suicidal on a mass scale; or Jews are supernaturally diabolical, able to manipulate the anti-Jewish hatred of over a billion Muslims in a way that expertly avoids crippling or destroying Jewry, while at the same time destroys the West so that Jews can take over. Or even more outlandish (if that’s conceivable) is that there is no real Islam, it’s just a fiction created by those diabolical Jews.

    • The problem here is that most of the Jews with deadly intent are Atheists, they gave up their belief in a Creator and decided that ‘man is god’

      To me, it is a shame that ‘Jew’ as a race and ‘Jew’ as a believer in Yah’s creation and Torah are lumped together, one is inspired by Yahovah, the other by, by, errrr ummmmm Marx? Satan? wealth? power? (maybe just like anybody else……)

      • Well,

        1) plenty of religious rabbis do the old “inter-faith seminar” nonsense, so merely being a believer doesn’t immunize one from indulging in PC MC (though it’s likely that the highest concentration of PC MC/Leftist Jews is found among the Woody Allen/Larry David type Jews)


        2) the tendency to conflate all Jews as Jews, whether atheist or not, is also deeply a Jewish cultural thing.

        It would be nice if being anti-Islam were deeply a Jewish cultural thing… (and also deeply a Christian cultural thing, for that matter…)

  9. Why any Jewish person would not be horrified by what is happening in Europe is beyond me. Even the most liberal, secular Jew has to fear for the future for themselves and their children. In answer to the article, there are a few things that are happening. There has always been elements of what is best described as the KKK (or similar) that want to co-opt the counter jihad movement for their own purposes. In an attempt to gain influence you will see their views pop up from time to time. That is why you see such postings on these types of sites. They just can’t seem to fathom that the enemy is liberals, and liberal thinking, and not some sinister mythical organization (see NWO, Jewish globalists, etc.). Such far ranging conspiracies involving thousands of people would be impossible to organize, and even harder to keep hidden from the public. I would say that there is an inverse relationship between the number of people involved, and the likely hood that a conspiracy exists.

    If you have enough liberals in a democracy, even the conservatives must bend to their views in order to retain political power. This poisons any attempt to rectify the situation. This is what we see today when our educational system and news reporting are dominated by liberals. These two things control the message and the public environment. This is very hard to overcome when an uninformed public cannot see through the BS, or actually think about the long term consequences of such thinking. This brings people to start questioning why things are as messed up as they are, which leads to conspiracy theorists running wild. What is dangerous is that the mainstream media has lost credibility. What do people now trust as reliable?

    The real problem is exposed before our very eyes all the time, yet we do not see. The nihilism of the humanist, secular, multicultural left is a toxic cancer in western society. It is incapable of defending any belief system or values. Nature abhors a vacuum so as we see in Europe something will fill the void. We are the problem. The solution is us actually having a value system we actually stand for. Let’s start with the U.S. Constitution. The left’s desire to change this should be a warning to everyone.

    • Oh, and I forget to add the entertainment industry to the host of evils that plague our society. They too have bought into the cancerous thinking of the left, and greatly spread its message on many levels that most people don’t even question.

      • I read Mary Pipher’s Reviving Ophelia in 2005, when it was first published, regarding the moral development and mental health of adolescent girls.

        Pipher used a phrase in her book which has stayed with me ever since that first reading, and she urged readers, parents, teachers, and anyone else with influence and/or contact with girls to protect them from the entertainment industry as much as possible. Cell phones were available in 2005, as was the Internet, and she addressed these.

        Protect girls, she urged, from “junk values” perpetrated on them by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, which are only trying to sell tickets, “fashionable” clothing (not durable, well-made, or even remotely modest), and make-up. Junk values, indeed.

        Yes. The Junk Values of the entertainment “industry” are highly suspect, at the same time many children (girls and boys both) are blind-sided by it with little protection from their parents or their wider culture….

        • You are onto something, Cynthia. Instilling strong anti-junk values in young girls is necessary; however, it is not sufficient. Society will have to clamp down on the enabling, too.

          When you write “junk”, I believe you have “indulgences” in mind: Indulgant behaviour, indulgant habits, material and social indulgences. The gleeful adoption of “guilty pleasures”, and the a confused or absent sense of any idea of propriety. Consumerism is indulgence. It’s says so on the tin: “Because you deserve it!” or “I’m worth it!” Alas, marinading in licence and indulgence weakens the character of most normal human beings. It’s also highly addictive to many people, who in a healthier environment could have turned out just fine.

          The pathologically self-indulgent would have remained a bearable minority, had it not been for the incessant push to enable them: Parents are nagged, goaded, teased, encouraged into indulging their children. Men have their buttons pushed to indulge women. Women have their buttons pushed to indulge themselves. The advertising business have become a fine tuned addiction-amplifier, and politics, ideologies and social mores are following suit: Indulge or die!

          What to do? Long-lasting austerity seems like the most obvious solution. But hardly a popular one…

    • The adequate analogy to describe a Jew being a bleeding heart for Muslims would be: imagine an American black supporting and defending the KKK.

      …or imagine a Jew supporting and defending German Nazis, for crying out loud.

      When any Westerner defends Islam, we can say there is a degree of cultural deformation and civilizational self-hatred going on; however, when Jews defend Islam, given the virulent, genocidal hatred Islam cultivates (where it’s arguable that in their taxonomy of hatred, Muslims hate Jews the most of all objects of hatred), a singularly perverse schizophrenia is going on here.

    • The problem is the democracy itself. We look at it like it is a sacred cow, closing our eyes on many flaws democracy has. Solution is simple, though not easy: restrict some people to have a say in the process of running the country. Taxes, abiding the law and children come to mind. Without restriction democracy is doomed and it will take many lives with it.

  10. At last an erudite point of view from the Jewish Community who up to now have been fairly quiet on these issues. I’ve always thought it was stupid to tar all Jews with this idea that they are behind the ‘Conspiracy’. In the UK we’ve rubbed along with Jewish neighbours for years, mainly on the basis we don’t talk much about religion and therefore don’t know who is Jewish and who isn’t (unless they are fundementalist Jews who stand out because of their code of dress).We’ve always accepted the Synagogues in our midst as we do the Christian churches.

    If there has been recent anti-semitism here it’s been caused by general anxiety about immigration and ‘differentness’ (by some pumped up testosterone or drug fueled idiots), or stirred up by fundamentalist Muslims or, and this I think even more likely, by extreme leftist anarchists. It’s very sad if the bankers and moneymen and political controllers can get away with causing such chaos in the world and not be recognised for the wicked lot they are. Why ordinary folk, like a certain hard working, not very well off Jewish family that I know of, are demonised as well as these Faustian reptiles, I shall never understand. It is these very people, the little Jewish guys, who should have the loudest voices against their own if they are the ones causing the chaos; as we should against Our own who are corrupt and self serving. I don’t think that practising Muslims are able or willing to raise their voices against their own so we’ve reached either an impasse or tipping point. We are now all victims….so sad.

  11. It is an absolute disgrace that American Jews have still not separated themselves from the traitorous Democrat Party which is the home office of Jew hatred in America.

    • I’m a Brit so don’t know too much about US politics. But apart from the official Jewish organisations, surely a significant number of ordinary American Jews in fact vote for the Republicans. I doubt very much that ‘American Jews’ can be dismissed as one Democrat voting lump.

      • If I remember correctly, the Jewish vote for Obama dropped from approximately 86% in 2008 to about 72% in 2012. A significant drop, but even so, a large majority of American Jews still voted for Obama — this after four years of being able to observe his enmity for Israel and his love for Israel’s enemies.

        • That should be an astoundingly dismaying statistic. But for those in the Counter-Jihad who have cultivated an eggshell-treading timidity when dealing with things Jewish, they will look the other way and pretend it’s not as bad as it is.

          • Yes, well check out the actual statistics that RonaldB just left. My memory was faulty, and erred on the high side. It was still high, though.

          • “…86% in 2008
            to about 72% in 2012.
            A significant drop, but even so, a large majority of American Jews still voted for Obama — this after four years of being able to observe his enmity for Israel and his love for Israel’s enemies.” — Baron Bodissey

            “The exact figures…
            Jewish Vote for Obama
            2008 78%
            2012 69%…”

            – RonaldB

            1) Still pathologically too high.

            2) On one level, a distinction without a difference.

            3) It’s pathologically high not only because all those millions of Jews are supporting someone inimical to Israel, but also inimical to America, and to the entire West. Aren’t Jews and their non-Jewish defenders always insisting that they are patriotic and not merely exclusively loyal to Israel?

            Almost every other week on FrontPageMag, someone (usually the Jewish analyst, Daniel Greenfield) is having to point out yet another suicidally reckless Jewish analyst, pundit, activist, or politician defending Islam and attacking Islam’s opponents. This problem needs to be raised to critical luminosity (i.e., shine a light on it, don’t sweep it under a carpet) — just as the problems of the Catholic mainstream and the Christian mainstream and the Atheist mainstream and the Conservative mainstream throughout the West defending Islam need to be aired out with full candor and integrity.

        • Strange. In the UK just before the Election last year it was reported that the percentage of Jews intending to vote for the Conservative Party was roughly the same as the general population (the Conservatives won).

      • Hello Baron,

        Your post opens the door for me to say some things that are painful to me, as I come from a liberal Jewish background, and would not be in the US had my father not been able to immigrate here right before World War II.

        The exact figures, from a Jewish source, are
        Jewish Vote for Obama
        2008 78%
        2012 69%

        The Jewish voting pattern is much like the black voting pattern: very Democratic, hard-left, socialist, gun-control, pro-immigration. Furthermore, a large percentage of Jews vote. This brings up the question of whether it is really in the interests of the US to allow a large number of Jewish immigrants into the country. If they are like the Reform Jewish movement, they will vote for more immigration, more cultural dilution, more socialism, and more minority preferences.

        On the other hand, the Orthodox Jews, such as the contributor MCin Sderot, are an entirely different kettle of fish. They tend to be more conservative, and seem to recognize that their physical well-being depends on a good view of reality and knowing who’s trying to kill you.

        I should also add my respect for the American Freedom Law Center, AFLC, headed by David Yarushalmi, an Orthodox Jew, which does priceless work in countering the legal jihad which is a prime strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

        The AFLC defends Christians as well as Jews.

        The largest group of American Jews are reform Jews, represented by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). The URJ is pretty much a hard-left organization, with the proviso that they (presently) are strong supporters of Israel.

        In 2007, the President of the URJ, Rabbi Yoffie, gave a major address to the (Muslim Brotherhood affiliated) Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The ISNA president, in turn, addressed the URJ convention. The speech itself is on neither website, although it used to be.

        The URJ consistently applies pressure against counter-Jihadists, in the guise of fighting “Islamophobia”.

        “In response to allegations made by Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other House members of foreign terrorist influence over U.S. government officials, religious leaders and religiously-affiliated organizations, Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, issued the following statement:

        “I am deeply troubled by the allegations made by Rep. Michele Bachmann and other Members of Congress in letters to the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense and State, asserting that respected government officials and religious organizations are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. The letters assert that Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Clinton, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and ISNA President Imam Mohammed Magid, are all connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, posing a potential security risk to the United States.”

        “Therefore, the Union for Reform Judaism resolves to:
        Work with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and other appropriate partners to promote a new program of Muslim-Jewish dialogue – Children of Abraham: Muslims and Jews in Conversation – based on building relationships through mutual understanding and shared experiences between congregations, and including a structured dialogue guide for use in such conversations.”

        “From raids on innocent Muslim charities, to pervasive surveillance on Americans based only on their religion or ethnicity, it is impossible to ignore the impact of Islamophobia in the U.S.”

        • Well, it looks like I misremembered the percentages of Jews voting for Obama. Still very high, though…

          • They may have been dismayed that their alternative was a Mormon, “Mitt” Romney. Mormon views re. Judaism are rather…out there, so Jewish voters might have said, “Oh, well, sometimes ya gotta vote for the Lesser of Two Weevils” and done just that.

          • ‘If they are like the Reform Jewish movement, they will vote for more immigration, more cultural dilution, more socialism, and more minority preferences.” While numbers are perhaps, facts, and what RonaldB has written is anecdotal, but referenced, what he says is far more important than the numbers. This is clearly why there tends to be a belief that Jews are pro the current immigration pattern – because they are! As well Jews tend to be anti-Christian and anti the Nation state. And why shouldn’t they be? Jews undoubtedly carry some responsibility for what is happening, even if some of them realise too late what it means for them. Many are undoubtedly influenced by the good relations in the past between Jews and various Islamic caliphates and empires. Perhaps they will survive, again.

  12. As in the US, the majority of Jews in France were ardent, stalwart supporters of the socialist program over several decades. I feel little pity for these socialist Jews in the West, like all Western socialists in general. They had denounced all those who warned of its corrosive effects on the West. It’s not as though they were not warned long ago. Dr. Frankenstein is getting devoured by his monster.

  13. I notice the problem of antisemites creeping up as well. On takimag, they’re very very common, for example. Here, it’s rare.

    In all fairness, a lot of Jews have their head stuck in the multicultural sand very very badly. To some extent, the multicultural sand is a bit of a byproduct of earlier efforts at fighting antisemitism, is part of the connection.

    Hopelessly liberal Jews are a lot less common in Israel, BTW. They’re mostly a North American phenomenon, I think.

    It would be nice if the antisemites realised that (most) Jews are in the same pickle as they are with respect to Islamic fundamentalists, multikultis, and so on, and accept that we’re on the same side. I hope… Really, Israel is the biggest counter-jihad organisation out there, and that is precisely the reason why it’s hated so much by the Islamic world, I think.

    Part of the problem may also be irritation at seeing that the Jews (i.e., Israelis) are successfully fighting back on the jihad, unlike Europeans, and transferring the annoyance into dislike.

    Now, anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists, please pay attention: shift your conspiracy theory skills to Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi conspiracies to spread radical Islam, and you’ll probably be MUCH closer to the truth! Your theories aren’t completely bunk: it’s just that you have the wrong perps named!

    Let’s also not forget: “Two Jews, three opinions.” 🙂

  14. I’m afraid I’m well acquainted with this vicious phenomenon.

    After debating numerous Neo-Nazis on various forums online, I have discovered to my amazement that they have developed a conspiracy theory, according to which the Jewish people is somehow the active driver behind the Islamization of the west. They repeatedly claim that the Jews have decided to “eradicate the white race” by flooding Europe with Islamic immigrants.

    Whenever someone points out that this makes no sense, since Jews are always the first target of Islamic terror attacks, and that the Muslims are not a mindless mob that can be manipulated so easily, they dismiss that offhandedly. It seems that their hatred towards Jews is so great, that they are willing to overlook any facts or logic. They are even willing to absolve the Muslims of any responsibility to their actions, so that they may focus their hatred on the Jews.

    One of the strange themes that surfaced time and time again on these discussions was the case of an obscure Jewish activist called Barbara Spectre, who apparently advocates for Multi-Culturalism and has become the prime example in Neo-Nazi circles for the so called “Jewish conspiracy”. I have argued to no avail that Spectre is a nobody, that she hold no formal position in any government or legislature, and that their anger should be directed towards the people who really do control the immigration policy of Europe i.e. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron etc. Again my words fell on deaf ears. Somehow these Neo-Nazis would rather believe that their leaders are “puppets in the hands of the Jews”, than to assign them any responsibility.

    As an Israeli who has never experienced Jew hatred on a firsthand basis, it was always hard for me to believe the stories I have heard from my parents and grandparents. However, these discussions have taught me that this hatred is real, and that it is completely irrational. I believe it is some sort of a cultural obsession, which prevents the people infested with it from identifying real threats to their society and dealing with them.

    • If your discussions have been on youtube, then you were discussing on a website well known for being a cesspool for extremists of all varieties – but especially anti-semitic and white supremacist ones.

      Perhaps they’re real haters hiding behind a username, or perhaps they’re just adolescents who say silly stuff due to having more hormones than sense. Personally I believe there’s a lot of the latter. Certainly I’ve never come across any of the hardcore antisemitic opinions expressed there, in real life. In my opinion, as long as Jews stay clear of areas with large numbers of “cultural enrichers”, in Europe they’ll be safe.

    • Hello Oren,
      let me give you a hint or two.

      Noel Ingnatiev: abolish the WHITE race.
      treason to the WHITE race is loyalty to humanity.

      Susan Sontag: the WHITE race is the cancer of humanity.

      Menachem Rosensaft WHITE nationalism-a scourge that wont go away

      Henryk Broder: (translated from german)
      i truly find it good that the so called WHITE heterosexual aryan europe finally marches to its end..
      Quelle: Berner Zeitung, 8.2.2007 (no Link as the earliest page I could call up on the Berner Zeitung was from 2009)
      i would be glad to give up WHITE europe, but i would loathe it to give up democratic europe.

      Tim Wise: letter to the WHITE race

      See a pattern?

      We are always taught that race does not exist but if you look at the quotes above suddenly race exists – to be precise, ONE race exists, the evil WHITE race.

      Look at Ignatievs writings, he always writes against the WHITE race, but you can find no article where he demands the abolishment of the jewish, afro-american (is this term political correct?), japanese etc race.

      You may be right that Spectre is a nobody, but I have found no evidence that any jew ever tried to stop her.
      With todays technology (Smartphone can store a Video of 30 minutes or so and my old 2007 harddisk camera can store 37 hours of Video) it should be no problem engaging Spectre/ Ignatiev etc in a discussion and telling them to stop.

      There a hundreds of hours of Videos on YouTube where antifascists scream at nazis (or those they consider nazis) to stop. And not one jew till today was able to get close to Spectre etc and tell them to stop.

      And the people of Jewgida have one advantage: I as a german am immideatly accused of anti-semitism when I tried to do such thing. But Jewgida could without such an attack.

      And you are right saying that our leaders are responsible. But I remember the year 2002. Before the election the the chairman of the jewish community said in television that immigration shall not be discussed during election. He said so at 17:00 o´clock. At 18:00 o´clock the german television reported that all political parties were following his suggestion.

      And to your argument that it would make no sense for jews to demand the import of jew-hating muslims into europe: Someone looked at the argumentation of Spectre and found the following information:
      “Here instead is Spectre’s argument, which admittedly doesn’t make a lot of sense:
      European anti-Semitism is a reflection of monocultural European societies. Monocultural European societies always take it out on the Jews. Therefore, the solution is to mix European societies to dilute their monocultural and monoreligious nature and thereby create societies that are safer for the Jews. The old Jewish game for a hundred years or so.
      She says that Europe is transitioning from monocultural, monoethnic and monoreligious (and anti-Semitic) to multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious (and implicitly philosemitic). We are in the midst of such a transition right now, though it has not been completed (true). Jews will play a leading role in this transition, not because they want to exterminate the White race, but because they see this as the best way to have safe societies for Jews.”

      It is ironic that the jew-hating whites of europe should become nice to jews by introducing rabid jew-haters of muslim descent.

      And last but not least:
      Why are only Europe and North America mentioned when it comes to diversity and that a few million non-whites should be brought into the countries. Nobody says that Nigeria, China etc need more diversity by moving a few million whites into these countries. And besides they (Nigeria, China) have a right for their own countries and no evil white should be allowed into them.
      And its funny that it is genocide when China moves a few million chinese into Tibet, but if a few million afro-americans are moved into France, Germany, Belgium that is much needed diversity.

      Now, Oren, is this information sufficient?

      • Alex Lund: “I have found no evidence that any Jew tried to stop [Spectre]”

        What are they supposed to do? Kidnap her? And have you failed to notice the list of 33 Jewish counter-jihad (many also anti-mass migration) individuals and organisations at the top of this post?

      • Yes, it is true that there are many people of Jewish heritage that are actively promoting the stupid Multi-Culti agenda, but they are not doing that because they are Jewish, but because they are *Socialists* of the hard core left. Most of them are also anti-Zionist, because they reject any form of nationalism.

        You need no other prove that most Jews are opposed to the mass Islamic immigration to Europe, other than to speak to us Israelis, who are gazing at this phenomenon with sheer amazement and terror. We, who love our country and our Jewish culture, cannot understand why would anyone do such a thing to their own country. The common sentiment here in Israel is that Europeans have simply lost their minds.

        As for “not approaching Spectre” – you know what? I’m willing to pick up the gauntlet. I will write an open letter to Mrs. Spectre and try to engage her. Though I’m blogging in Hebrew, I will publish it both in Hebrew and English for all to see. This may prove very interesting.

        • Yes – in terms of the existential threat to Israel, I can see why a mass influx of Muslims into Europe, increasing the possibility of the continent being dominated by Islam, may be a source o concern to Israelis. The likes of Spectre are non-Israeli Jews (from what I’ve heard, she lives in Sweden) – while Soros is a Hungarian-American Jew. Maybe then there’s a divide on this issue, also between Jews living in Israel and far-left Jews in other Western countries…

          • What lefty Jews and lefty Gentiles have in common is what seems to be a subliminal but powerful urge for self-destruction. When you come right down to it, it’s inexplicable — there is madness abroad in the land, mass insanity.

          • See the op-ed written by Giulio Meotti, a Jewish Italian journalist who has some remarkably perceptive commentary on the subject (in, for example this essay, “Why I Loathe the Israeli Elite”) —


            I think it’s an exaggeration to say, as certain commenters here are implying, that there’s no dhimmitude problem among Israeli Jews. The fact that Israel has not rounded up all its Muslims and deported them, but actually tries to assimilate them, reflects a collective cultural psychosis.

        • Diotima:
          No, but they should confront her and engage her in a discussion.
          Long ago I was an antifascist and there was a Nazi living close to the city where the antifascist organization was based. So they went and confronted this Nazi. And I have to admit that this Nazi was lucky. Normally the antifascist just beat up the Nazi but with this group it was different. They surrounded him, with 30 persons, made sure he could not run away and showed him pictures and told him: “This is Golda Mierstein, born 1935, murdered in Ausschwitz.” When he tried to close his eyes there were two members of the black block who opened his eyes by force. After showing him 30 pictures they just left.

          I do not support violence but why does Jewgida not follow Spectre and whereever she appears a few people hold up pictures and tell her: “This is Ludmilla XY, from Malmoe, She was raped by muslims and you, Barbara Lerner-Spectre, demand that more of those rapists enter Sweden. How many women have to be raped till you are satisfied?”

          And remember so-called Nazi-outings. You can read about them on linksunten indymedia, an antifascist site. The house of the Nazi is painted and every letterbox in the neighbourhood gets a piece of paper where the Nazi is shown with full face and name.
          So, make the same. Put in every letterbox in the neighbourhood of Barbara Lerner-Spectre a flyer with her “accomplishments”, e.g. more rapists for Sweden.

          And did you not see that one person is on both lists?
          Henryk Broder.
          On the one hand he is against the white race and on the other he is a counterjihad member.
          So let me ask the question: Where do his true loyalties lie?

          As an explanation for this question: Whenever a german politician is moving up the leftwing looks at his past. And some members of the CDU or CSU were members of student fraternities (that are Nazi to the antifascists) or they had contact with the rightwing. Then those politicians are put on a chair and relentlessly pursued to find out if they are Nazis or have joined the democratic right. And there is no assumption of innocence. The politician has to prove it. If he does not it is an automatic guilty sentence.
          So according to the latin law principle of tu quoque I ask that Henryk Broder is questioned about his true loyalty.

          And after looking at politics I would like to point something out to you that is a common theme in rightwing circles regarding jews:
          (No, we all know that politics is dirty)
          The jews are on both sides because however this battle ends, the winning side owes the jews.
          If the europeans win, then the jews point to the counterjihad members “Look, we where on your side. And those other ones, like this Spectre woman, she is evil. We will punish her be sending her to Israel.”
          If the muslims win, then the jews will point to Spectre “Look, we where on your side. And those other ones, like this Broder man, he is evil. We will punish him be sending him to Israel.”
          And if the fight ends in a stalemate, the jews have people on both sides of the fence. And when the fighting resumes till there is a winner, just look above.

        • You should read, I think it is called, “Chasing the Jew”. Very interesting little book, dubious ethical position of the author, but my interpretation is that he thinks the left will destroy Israel as well!

    • Oren: Yup, I’ve been observing this for nearly a year. Spectre has gone viral – she was an absolute gift to them and as you point out, they consider her far more significant than Merkel. These people are no longer confined to obscure Jew-obsessed sites called Storm-something-or-other.

      • My heart sank when I first saw that clip from Spectre years and years ago. I knew exactly what David Duke would do with it, and by God, he sure did.

          • You see the same sort of stuff at the Southern Poverty Law center. They think a couple of white, tattooed, unemployed, Nazi bar flies, or someone like Pamela Geller, or Robert Spencer are a greater threat to Jews, than 2 billion muslims. A total rational disconnect if you ask me. Barbara Spectre is delusional, and her brain has been damaged by too much hair spray.

    • Your experience is the same as mine.

      I so wish that these people would put their energy to working WITH the Jewish community in fighting COMMON enemies, but alas, this doesn’t look totally likely to happen, though there are occasional glimmers of hope.

      It’s actually due to an antisemitic relative of mine that I’ve become a hardcore Zionist. Listening to him rant on and on, and later realising that he is far from alone, I’ve become convinced that the only reason Jews are in safety *anywhere* is because the State of Israel exists and is very heavily armed. Without that, Jews would be sitting ducks once again, not just in the Middle East, but everywhere. Sure, things would be better in some places (USA, Australia, Singapore) than others (Hungary, France), but the general principle is there.

      If you want to know how Jews would be treated in Europe without the State of Israel being there as a “big brother” to “beat up the schoolyard bullies” if necessary, look to how the Roma (gypsies) are treated in Hungary. That would be a *good* situation for Jews.

      The corollary to this is that those Jews who don’t care about Israel and feel that they’re personally safe in their Western countries have no clue what would come their way if Israel fell. It’s in this sense that living in Israel is no more dangerous than living elsewhere that seems “safer”. Frankly, the rest of the Western world would probably have it pretty bad, too.

      The Western world is to some extent guarded by the USA, Israel, the Kurds and a few other places.

      • Well, actually it is not accurate or fair to compare Jews to the Roma. I remember reading a NY Times magazine article about the Roma written by a well-meaning multi-culti liberal. In one part of the article she wrote that the Roma think that it is perfectly fine to steal from non-Roma–it’s part of Roma culture. In another part of the article she decried the prejudice against the Roma and the fact that non-Roma do not want the Roma living near them (typical illogical thinking from the political left).

        I remember wondering why anyone would want a group of avowed thieves living next door.

  15. I have lived in Jewish areas of North London, worked with, and for Jews. I have lived near Muslim areas of Birmingham and worked with Muslim colleagues.
    I had a completely open view and no preconceived ideas about either group, until I worked and lived among them. Jews keep their faith mostly private, they do not expect me to adapt to their ways, and I had a very good Jewish friend in the 80s. The Muslims were different. Polite, but never really friendly, they expected us to make endless allowances for them, e.g a private office over their pay grade, as they couldn’t work with men in an office. Conceded to I might add! If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I would have a Jew for a friend, neighbour daughter in law and son- in law any day. But I never want to do business with or interact in any way with a Muslim again.

    • Funny thing is, for all the comments I make, I know many Muslims, even practising ones, who are wonderful and lovely people. Most individuals are. The core beliefs, however, are conducive to extremism among a minority, who rule the rest through terror. That makes Islam as an entity problematic in terms of interacting with other religions/cultures.

      In other words, having 1% Muslims in the society, distributed widely = no problem. Having 10%+, religion and politics start to mix, and that creates a big problem.

      • “I know many Muslims, even practising ones, who are wonderful and lovely people. ”

        Correction: who seem to be wonderful and lovely people, as perceived through the gauzy haze of my ethical narcissism. Such private, personal, anecdotal evidence will be the death of the West over the decades of this 21st century, unless reversed by a trend of rational prejudice against all Muslims.

  16. Jews who love western civilization and want to help preserve Europe should at least try to understand what causes these sentiments before screaming “anti-semitism”. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that Jews are and have historically been grossly overrepresented in various radical/subversive (especially communist and feminist) movements that aimed at destroying traditional western civilization. If we look at the Bolshevik Revolution, or the Spartacist uprising in Germany, or the “counterculture” of the 1960s, many if not most or all of the leaders and central figures have been (secular) Jews.

    I am not saying that there is a Jewish conspiracy, nor that all Jews are potentially subversive. I know that there are a lot of non-jews who have played active roles on these tragedies and today are also pushing for the extermination and islamization of the peoples of Europe. However, it is a FACT that MANY Jews (especially when you take into account that they are and have always been a small minority of the population – usually around 1%) have been extremely active in anti-white/european movements.

    It is also plain obvious that Jews have a disproportionate amount of influence on the American mass media and government (just take a look at the supreme court) and that influence is unfortunately very negative. Again, I am not anti-semitic and of course the vast majority of Jews have nothing to do with what is happening and will actually suffer a lot with the rise of Islam. But a problem clearly exists, and it cannot be ignored.

    • This Jew here largely agrees with you.

      So do some others. The problem is that, historically, in order to fight antisemitism, these theories found widespread followings among Jews. For a while, it actually made society better. The problem started happening when incompatible cultures ALSO arrived, and the same theories were applied to them.

      Apply the theories to a lot of Chinese or Philippino immigrants, and there’s nothing to complain about, for example. Those folks are almost always a net benefit, and don’t make “trouble”. The problem happens when incompatible cultures are thrown in in large numbers, and I’m *not* just talking about Muslims, though that is a component.

    • AkeP: Is there really a ‘Jewish problem’? Jews as a group tend to be more highly educated than other groups. That’s why they’re ‘over-represented in all intellectual fields. Many do choose the legal profession but I think that’s because there’s some sort of ‘inheritance of acquired characteristics’ – for 2000 years up till the secular age, Jewish males from childhood were taught to reason on and dispute their religious texts. A perfect skill for secular law.

      Yes, Jews do seem to be more involved in political activism. But their involvement in early 20th century leftism should be understood in historical context – at that time every conservative group was antisemitic to a greater or lesser degree. Communism offered full Jewish emancipation in countries where the liberal democratic centre was weak. When communism became a political reality in Russia and Eastern Europe, most Jews were disenchanted and many became dissidents.

      As for modern political activism, as Baron points out in his comments at the end of the JewGida letter, Jews are also over-represented in the counter-Jihad movement.

      Then there’s passive voting. I’ve pointed out further up that in the UK Jews vote for conservatives at around the same proportion as the general population. I’ve no idea why so many US Jews are Democrat voters. But clearly Jewish left-liberalism isn’t inevitable.

  17. this is the first discussion of this topic i have ever read that is both well informed and does not end up a hatefest of racist cretins. thanks to all who contributed

  18. I do not want to be stamped as such, but I think the debated hate evolved from Israelits/Semitic to Jews/Judaism where a fine distinction between the two can no longer be made. It is very true that the socialist revolutionary movements, as already specified above, originated with the free thinkers of the XIX century and later reinitiated in cultural movements of after-War years. What intrigues me is the fact that these thinkers performed a masquerade of inciting (or using) Jewish solidarity and proletariat against the capitalist oppressors who they also called Jews. Here is an excerpt from 1890 Marxist propaganda in which the term Jews is defined as different than Israelites. Please refer to the text only as an educational material.
    The Jew (many are Jews who have become so without this having been destined for this by their race but having become so through native virtues) is he who is dominated by the sole preoccupation of rapidly making his fortune, which he will more easily obtain through theft, falsehood, and ruse. He holds virtues, poverty and disinterest in contempt. The beast that was erected in the desert by the unfaithful tribes has remained the sole object of his adoration. When the Jew is a journalist the newspaper is for him a means of obtaining lucre, and he exploits it every way he can. He has the particular talent of discovering the most obscure passions and knowing how to flatter, satisfy, and encourage them, and he glories in the debauching of others. He knows how to be obscene and how to be chauvinist; he exploits the popular tendency to withdraw itself from great spirits that frighten them and uses language within reach of the lowest. […] When the Jew is a banker he possesses a powerful organization for evil, a dark genius. He is proud, greedy, and false. He accumulates frauds that go from the skillful, and even banal scam to daring theft. He thinks perpetually of subtle machinations, of daring maneuvers. […] When the Jew is a politician he arrives through charlatanry, noise, and flattery. He is a schemer, fecund in fraud, and in politics he will most often only see the possibility of paying his debts and becoming rich through manipulation and speculation. […] Jews are those for whom integrity, beneficence, and abnegation are only words or virtues to be traded; they are those who make money the goal of life and the center of the world.
    I remeber a joke that circulated among communities with Jews, told by my grandfather: There are those Jews who own the banks and the finances, there are those Jews who own the shops down the street and then there are the Jews like us.

    A lot of the the hate has originated as a counter-socialism, a lot (after the War) as a nationalist reaction against Soviets who conquered and converted Eastern Europe with Jewish communist leaders, and a lot was spread through propaganda during the Cold War. But looking at Europe, I cannot reject a conspiracy to make the new world man (which was one of the marxists’ goals from the beginning) while destroying the old man (and order) in the process. But whether the artisans of this are Jews or just evil, probably it would not matter in the end.

    • I must have somehow missed it, but…where is the 19th-century definition of “Israelite” in your source document?


      • I do not post much and usually do not come back to the same post (as I get to read most of them late, when everybody has already expressed their opinions so I just indulge myself in “listening” to high quality discussions, no vulgarities, no stupid remarks) unless there are more answers that I may have missed.
        There were many Jewish communities around Europe, in some countries even large ones. Why this propaganda targeted them is still in the grayish area of comprehension. But it described the perspective of the Marxist revolution like this:
        It was written in la Derniere Bataille that “at the hour of the supreme crisis, when there will be electricity in the air, nothing will bed able to save the Rothschilds.”
        Where the Jewish oppressors have been described as above, the Israelites have been associated with the proletariat at large.
        They have no history and their names are not known, for they have never been mixed up in spectacular trials, fiscal adventures, or spectacular spoliations. They have lived peacefully for years, attached to the land that gave them birth, where countless generations have succeeded each other. They are poor or have just enough money, limited in their desires and with before them nothing but the narrow horizon of the relative well-being that is that of that mass. They know that powerful bankers exist, and they are led to believe that their glory comes from these bankers. They don’t protest, having the customary bedazzlement of the people for piled up millions. But they don’t ask to be like these plutocratic gentlemen. […] Some are workers, others small shopkeepers. Some are doctors, and they didn’t choose that science in order to conquer the secrets of the families they care for […]. They are magistrates, and their integrity cannot be suspected; they are soldiers, most of them officers living on their salary, lovers of possible wars since they are descendants of heroes of antiquity. They are artists and they live in the respect for their art, disdaining the unspeakable glory of the Jews of vaudeville and the operetta.
        I have to cut short, with reasonable limit. What I wanted to point out was that from this Marxist beginning there were Jewish thinkers who told the Jewish proletariat to raise against the Jewish oppressors. This is confusing. At first. But then it starts to make a little sense. With religion(s) already faded and freedom movement successful, the time was ripe for a total social order change. Utopian, as they promised, but distopian as we have seen. The question that remains is what end this Marxist technical inteligentsia expect after everything has been destroyed? I think the initial plan has drastically changed (into a real uncontrolled chaos) because the current generation (of conspirators) are just eager to write their names in the history books.

    • There does seem to be a conspiracy by cultural Marxists. Some of them are Jewish – but it is just an observation. I think that fewer and fewer of them are, actually.

      Take the biggest concentration of Jews: Israel. They *also* have a problem with (Jewish) cultural Marxists, very similar to the White/Jewish/PC ones that are ruining Europe. The universities are a hotbed of this problem in Israel.

      Indeed, I would recommend that anyone who believes in a Jewish conspiracy theory visit Israel. The country is incredibly disorganised, and secret intelligence leaks out on a regular basis. The kinds of “conspiracies” that the Israeli gov’t engages in are things like amateurish attempts to get a New Zealand passport for one of the agents, by pretending to be some New Zealand born institutionalised person. Then they got caught, in a totally stupid way. They’re not that good: they’re just better than their neighbours. Israel is actually a pretty nice country despite everything, and the average Arab that doesn’t engage in violence probably has it better than the average black in the USA, or possibly even better than the average Arab in Europe: in other words, an entirely livable situation. This, despite the terrorism. On keeping vigilantism and revenge actions down, when compared to the level of terrorism that they face, they’re second to none.

  19. “It is also plain obvious that Jews have a disproportionate amount of influence on the American mass media and government (just take a look at the supreme court)”

    Jews have have a disproportionate amount of influence in government, in the sciences, in the arts, in the professions, etc., etc. Despite that, they are not the majority in these endeavors. To think that they are the cause of all that you dislike is to ascribe superhuman powers to them? Do you really think they are superhuman? If so, then your animus is understandable. It would be envy.

    • And, as I keep pointing out, Jews have a disproportionate influence in the Counterjihad movement. This is of no moment to their critics, and seems not to be reckoned to their credit, yet it is reckoned against them that they had a disproportionate influence on International Socialism and Multiculturalism.

      This is inconsistent and incoherent, and a sign that something other than logic is at work.

      • “Jews have a disproportionate influence in the Counterjihad movement. ”

        1) Where are the stats on this?

        2) The Counter-Jihad is not monolithic, but is divided up into

        a) softies who arguably end up promoting, by a roundabout way, more assimilation (read: infiltration) of Muslims into the West (e.g., Daniel Pipes…)


        b) tougher analysts critical of this artificial taxonomy of Muslims.

        Note: The “roundabout way” I refer to is that of promoting the artificial distinction of “Islamist extremist Salafist Wahhabist Whatever-ists” and Muslims in general

        So, even if there are stats verifying the claim of a disproportionate influence in the Counterjihad movement of Jews, we’d need to see where they fit into the Soft/Hard distinction within the Counterjihad. The two hardest Counterjihad analysts I know (other than me, and I don’t count, I’m a virtual nobody) are non-Jews Andrew Bostom and Bill Warner. Diana West (Jewish) is pretty darn good; her friend Frank Gaffney (Jewish) swoons like a schoolgirl at the sweet taqiyya Zuhdi Jasser whispers in his ear. Daniel Pipes (Jewish) is egregiously, appallingly soft; Pam Geller (Jewish) has taken him to task appropriately). Sam Harris (Jewish) has lost his mind in his irrational admiration for the screamingly oily pseudo-reformer snake Maajid Nawaz.

        My point is, it’s complex; and the problem is not to be waved away by general statements in lieu of a detailed analysis of it.

        • I don’t have any stats; my assessment is drawn from my personal contacts. Some of those Jews are hardliners, like Andy Bostom or Diana West, while others are softer. Those differences of opinion are distributed in about the same proportion as they are among my non-Jewish contacts. In other words, Jews are over-represented in the Counterjihad, but their opinions are roughly the same as Gentiles in the Counterjihad, on average.

          Many of the people I work with are not public, and can’t be tallied in any way that can be publicly verified. So you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or not, as you prefer.

        • Daniel Bostom, whom you describe as one of the hardest counterjihad people, is Jewish I think.

          Hesperado, I don’t see your point.

    • Jews are disproportionately present in almost all fields of scientific and cultural endeavour. Why, I don’t know. It may be that the theories of Ashkenazi intellect are true. It may be the “low context” question which encourages questionning. It may be the same phenomenon as happens with second generation immigrants (from compatible cultures) generally.

      Jews are also disproportionately *absent* in some fields. Historically, engineering was one of them. Apparently because big companies tended not to hire Jews so readily.

      I would say that at the his point, Jews largely parallel the opinion ranges of “whites” about topics like Muslim immigration. More make more noise on both sides, but that’s just what Jews tend to do. It’s not a conspiracy.

      Again, go to Israel and you’ll see why. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s quite socially permissible to disagree outright and to continue the conversation, aside from some very special interest groups. You can share your opinion with much less social opprobrium there than you can in the West in general, regardless of what the opinion is. And the number of fistfights that result are surprisingly low.

      Aside from being disorganised to a degree difficult for a Westerner to deal with at first, it’s actually a reasonably nice country. Overall, I would compare it to Italy in many ways, with less snobism and crappily-dressed people. A Western non-Jew could easily adapt to living in the secular parts. Indeed, some have – it’s fairly common to find Israelis with foreign spouses, who have learn to speak passable Hebrew (not the hardest language) and get on reasonably well.

      In the case of the few (very few) foreign workers that have been naturalised (typically as a favour to their children who grew up there), you’ll actually find a group of people quite content with where they are. They view citizenship (or even permanent residence) in Israel as a much sought-after goal. And you know what? They turn out to be good citizens, a benefit to the overall community.

  20. Also Michael Medved, Michael Levin, Bill Handel and Jamie Glazov. I see Pamela Geller’s website but not her name.

    The [derogatory epithet] who runs BNI claims to be Jewish but I think she had one Jewish grandmother and she posts anti-semitic rants against Jews who who disagree with her. I hate that people might think she’s Jewish.

  21. To finish off, I’m actually more scared of the cultural Marxists and their overall plans for social destruction than I am of the “far-right” fring in Europe, at this time.

    Being Jewish, I have no use for their anti-semitism, leaving that aside, I can have honest conversations with some of them. More easily than with cry-bully leftist anti-semites.

    I think that we should try to set up a project to connect with these people. Hard and weird as it might be, I think that taking them on a tour of Israel, having them talk to people, and having them realise that if they dropped their paranoia about the Jews, they’d actually get a lot further.

    A good example of a right-wing person who is not at all an anti-semite (he is actually a pro-semite, viewing Israel as an ally) is Geert Wilders. If that type of person took over European countries, Israelis would be happy to help. One thing that would be funny is that they’d probably make their help conditional upon minimal human rights standards being upheld if their technology is being used. Because they’re generally decent even to their enemies. Israel takes wounded terrorists to *Israeli* hospitals for treatment. Transfering them to the Palestnian Red Cross, where they would likely receive a lower standard of care, would already be decent enough, but no: in Israel, all injured people, even vicious criminals, get their stay in hospital (before going to court and jail, if appropriate). There are been illegal executions in the past, but these are by no means the norm.

    No, these people are decent beyond belief. Not in the everyday, where they’ll cut in front of you in line and talk to you rudely, so the first impression may be very disturbing. But wait unil you have a REAL problem, like a terrorist is going at you to knife you: most bystanders will run TOWARDS you instead of AWAY, in order to help. That’s why fatalities are relatively. I’ve yet to see another society where people who just cut in front of you in line at the bank, and made fun of you for not pushing back past them, would risk their lives to save you.

    And that’s why Israel survives. When the rubber hits the road, that disorganised, chaotic society, where everyone has his opinion of what to do, mobilises and acts as one until the threat is over. Then they debate endlessly what alternatives they could have used.

    Anyway – when I meet an Israel and there is talk of the situation, I congratulate them for being the best people in the world, in this respect. They’re like family to each other, in this circumstances. That same guy who cut you off like an animal, may well screetch his car to a stop and risk his life to defend you, an unknown. I was impressed.

    (Not that such incidents happen all that often – most large Israeli cities are fairly safe by worldwide standards. There are many areas where unaccompanied women walk around at 2 am, seemingly unconcerned. That is a type of freedom that isn’t to be found in must of the rest of the West.

    Until the next time.

    • Mike: Two anecdotes from my stay in Israel.

      Two guys got into a fight on the pavement. A passing car stopped, a man (total stranger) got out, separated them, and went on his way.

      When sitting outside a cafe I was irritated by a man shouting into his cell phone for a long time, which showed no signs of stopping. I plucked up courage and asked him move away. I expected an aggressive response, at least a sour face (which would certainly have been the consequence in England). He meekly shifted & hushed his voice. No aggro, no uncomfortable aftertaste.

  22. Hey Mike I agree about Wilders ,I hope he wins the election in 2017.
    Our previous Prime Minister (Tony Abbott) was pro-Israel and a conservative Christian.He was also fully aware of the dangers of Islamification and the attendant stifling of all our democratic freedoms.Unfortunately we have a wishy washy replacement who is afraid of upsetting Muslims.

    But I think you will find that the leaders of the Visegrad 4 are all conservative leaders with an awareness of the dangers of Islamification .You might be able to reach out to them.

    I also like Trump’s idea of a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries .I
    certainly think he will be more sympathetic to Israel than Obama has been.

    • “Our previous Prime Minister (Tony Abbott) was pro-Israel and a conservative Christian.He was also fully aware of the dangers of Islamification…”

      He was quite good; but not “fully aware”. For example, he advocated keeping a Muslim teenager in Australia rather than let him go join the Syrian Jihad — in order to try to “teach” the Muslim teenager how to assimilate better into Australia. This is an indication that the likes of Tony Abbot still have much to learn about Mohammedans.

  23. Israel likely would not support a European counter-jihad because there is a feeling among Jews (at least those not on the left) that Europe exterminated 6 million Jews, but invited in millions of Arabs.

    In other words, that it got the Semites that it wanted, and therefore, Europe should not complain now.

    A non-Jewish Spaniard wrote about this eloquently in a piece written about 15 years ago, called “Europe Died at Auschwitz.” He’s right. It did. Compared to pre-WW 2, Europe’s scientific and technological discoveries and inventions have been paltry, its musical, literary and artistic output has been nothing more than ideological (Marxist) drivel, and politically and philosophically, it has become a more totalitarian, less democratic, more intolerant place (and I don’t just mean intolerant in relation to Jews).

    While the present Islamic Jihad in Europe will mean the final chapter of European Jewry, (except, ironically in maybe Russia), the fact remains that 1 million Jews can be absorbed by Israel, Canada, the USA and Australia.

    400 million non-Jewish Europeans cannot.

    • Yes – perhaps the only field in which there’s been much progress since WW2 is aeronautics and electronics/IT. But much of that has been from the US and far East, not strictly Europe. And the very nature of IT means that once the initial inventions have been made, the rate of progress will only ever be exponentially high…

      On the other hand, in the steam turbines on which I’m now working, technology is being used that was developed in the 1930s!

    • The “death” of Europe after Auschwitz, whether tendentiously exaggerated or not, has more to do with the ideological consequences of the successful opposition to Hitler, than with some Europe outrageously conflated with the very same Hitler it fought valiantly to vanquish.

      These ideological consequences catalyzed the development into mainstream dominance of PC MC. I.e., the cultivated opposition in post-WW2 Europe to anti-Semitism has paved the way, in massive ways, to a catastrophic misapprehension of the specter of a “next Hitler” — obsessively seen to be, necessarily, non-Jewish whites, with a neurotic inability to see that, in fact, the next Hitler are Brown People = Muslims — and they are already here and aggrandizing their slow-mo conquest, enabled by this very same cultivation of the aforementioned catastrophic misapprehension.

    • Eric R: Given how warmly Geert Wilders is welcomed in Israel (by those who are not on the political left), I can see no evidence for your assertion that Israel would not support a European Counterjihad. There could be a problem for some Israelis–as there will be for some Europeans and Americans and Australians–that the left is doing everything possible to smear the Counterjihad as a fascist or Nazi movement.

  24. I’ve seen some conspiracy theories claiming there are jewish masterminds behind the muslim mass migration to europe and white genocide. Usually they use individuals with jewish background like George Soros as proof. It’s just so sad how some money worshipping fools can spoil the reputation of good people. Here in Europe people are actually pretty scared and it seems to me that people believe wild accusations much easier when scared for their lives.

  25. @ Eric R.

    “In other words, that it got the Semites that it wanted, and therefore, Europe should not complain now.”

    That is rather how I, a German-born non-Jew, think. But, if I may wildly generalise from my limited observations: “The Jews dont think like that”. I conclude this from their attitude towards their mortal enemies: Even at the height of the last Gaza war, while the rockets were raining down on Israel, this embattled yet so courageous little country took in the granddaughter of Abbas (I think) to attend to her. They take even the very vermin, who 1 minute before just murdered innocent Israeli Jews and save their lives in THEIR hospitals. To a point where I sometimes feel like shouting at them: The way you tend the other cheek, you will run out of cheeks.

    I also read something somewhere which often wanders around my mind, mantra-like; it went something like this:

    “A country who loses its Jews is doomed”.

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