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Austria convened a summit yesterday in Vienna on migration via the “Balkan Route”. The other countries participating in the confab were Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz were the principal speakers. Greece was not invited. In response to the snub, Greece withdrew its ambassador from Vienna.

In other news, German media are reporting that the government expects that 3.6 million “refugees” will have entered Germany by the year 2020.

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Financial Crisis
» 40% Goldman Oil: Gas Loans to Junk-Rated Companies
» Italy: Wine Sector 160% More Profitable Than Financial Markets
» Italy: Retail Sales Up in 2015 After Four Years of Drops
» Italy: Bourse Closes 2.3% Up
» Subprime Auto Loans Triggering Crash: “Borrowers Are Upside Down in Their Vehicle”
» 340% ‘Miscalculation’ Is Basis for the CA Air Resources Board’s Diesel Regs
» Justice Scalia Spent Final Hours With Members of Secret Society Affiliated With Bohemian Grove
» Marco Rubio, The Aspen Institute, And the CFR
» The Gun Grabbers Are Coming! Lexington Massachusetts Now Faces Semi-Automatic Gun Confiscation
Europe and the EU
» Britain’s New Mainstream Racists?
» Italy: Roma Settlements ‘No Man’s Land’, Rome Prefect Says
» Italy: Afghan Boy Gets Real Messi Shirt
» Italy: Virginia Raggi Chosen as M5S Rome Mayor Candidate
» Italy: Galatasaray Fans Throw Flares, Firecrackers in Rome
» Italy’s Top Court Rejects Lombardy’s ‘Anti-Mosque’ Bid
» Juncker in Rome ‘To Build Bridges’ EU Source Say
» Law Extending Beach Concessions Against EU Law Says Court of Justice AG
» Not OK: Google! France Demands US Tech Giant Pays $1.6bln in Back Taxes
» PC Gone Mad: Outrage as School Calls Police After Pupil Looks at UKIP Website in Class
» Poland to Spend $7.9mln on US-Made Cruise Missiles
» ‘Rethink U.S. Presence in Italy’ Says Salvini After Berlusconi Spy Reports
» Romania Anti-Corruption Report: 431 Mln Eur in Bribes
» UK: BBC Could Have Stopped Savile in 1969, Inquest Claims
» UK: Engineer Becomes Victim of Yet Another Exploding E-Cigarette Battery
» Montenegro: Poll: 42% Would Vote for NATO Adhesion
North Africa
» Ambassador Rejects Idea of Dividing Libya Into Three
» Islamic State Expanding in Libya and Across Wide Area of Africa
» Le Monde: ‘Paris Conducting Secret Operations in Libya’
» Military Occupation of Libya Unthinkable Says Pinotti
» No Military Solution in Libya, Says Italian FM
Middle East
» ‘Every Rape Felt Like I Was Being Cut Up Inside’ ISIS Sex Slave Reveals Horrifying Abuse
» Kerry’s Plan B: Carving Up Syria
» Saudi Writer Asks How Muslims Would Act if Christian Terrorists Blew Themselves Up in Their Midst
South Asia
» Moscow, New Delhi to Trade in Own Currencies
Far East
» China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada Caucus
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Somalia’s Al-Shabab Killed ‘At Least 180’ Kenyan Troops
» The ‘White Squatter Camps’ of South Africa Which Are Home to Hundreds Revealed
Latin America
» Brazil to Construct a $250 Million Submarine Cable to Avoid US Spies
» Austria Holds Balkans Route Summit Without Greece
» Cutting the Influx of Migrants is Now a ‘Question of Survival’ For Europe, Warns Austria as it Blasts the EU for Failing to Tackle the Crisis
» EU Migration System Could ‘Completely Break Down’ In 10 Days, Avramopoulos Warns
» Germany: Migrant Crime Skyrockets
» Germany: Migrants Who Threatened to Cut Throat of 6-Year-Old Lied About Age to Get Into Classroom
» Greece Recalls Ambassador From Austria
» Greece: We Will Not Become Souls’ Warehouse
» Greece-Austria Spat Adds to Pressure as EU Seeks Refugee Response
» Italy Court Backs Nigerian’s Appeal Against Asylum Rejection
» Leftist Mob Threatens Mafia-Style Attacks on Germans Who Protested Against “Refugees”
» Lille Court OK’s Calais ‘Jungle’ Expulsion
» The Influx of Migrants in Germany Could Reach 3.6 Million by 2020
Culture Wars
» Indonesia: Jakarta: Authorities Ban Male Actors Dressed as Females Because They Seem LGBT

40% Goldman Oil: Gas Loans to Junk-Rated Companies

About 40 percent of Goldman Sachs’s loans in the petroleum sector is to oil and gas companies considered “junk” by credit ratings agencies, according to bank data released Monday.

Goldman’s overall exposure to oil and gas companies stood at $10.6 billion at the end of 2015, including $4.2 billion to non-investment grade counterparties, the investment bank said in a securities filing.

Of this sum to junk-rated companies, $1.5 billion is in loans outstanding and $2.7 billion in future commitments…

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Italy: Wine Sector 160% More Profitable Than Financial Markets

1 euro invested in 2001 now worth 5.4 euros, study finds

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — The wine sector is 160% more profitable than the financial markets, a study based on Mediobanca figures showed Thursday.

On a global level one euro invested in wine in 2001 is now worth 5.4 euros, the study said.

The same amount invested in the global stock markets now has a value of 1.6 euros. The food and wine industry appealed to 30.6% of people interviewed as a possible target for investment, second only to new or existing personal businesses at 42.5%.

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Italy: Retail Sales Up in 2015 After Four Years of Drops

0.7% increase in 2015 with respect to 2014

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — Italian retail sales increased by 0.7% in 2015 with respect to 2014, the first year-on-year rise after four consecutive annual falls, Istat said on Thursday. The national statistics agency said the increases regarded food goods, up 1.3%, and non-food stuffs, up 0.5%. Sales for mayor retail companies were up 1.5% but small shops registered a rise of just 0.1%.

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Italy: Bourse Closes 2.3% Up

Amid Europe-wide gains

(ANSA) — Milan, February 25 — The Milan bourse closed 2.3% up Thursday amid Europe-wide gains.

The FTSE-Mib index ended the day’s trading on 17,104 points, recouping most of Wednesday’s losses.

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Subprime Auto Loans Triggering Crash: “Borrowers Are Upside Down in Their Vehicle”

Uh oh — here we go again. Do you remember the subprime mortgage meltdown during the last financial crisis? Well, now a similar thing is happening with auto loans. The auto industry has been doing better than many other areas of the economy in recent years, but this “mini-boom” was fueled in large part by customers with subprime credit. According to Equifax, an astounding 23.5 percent of all new auto loans were made to subprime borrowers in 2015. At this point, there is a total of somewhere around $200 billion in subprime auto loans floating around out there, and many of these loans have been “repackaged” and sold to investors. I know — all of this sounds a little too close for comfort to what happened with subprime mortgages the last time around. We never seem to learn from our mistakes, and a lot of investors are going to end up paying the price.

Everything would be fine if the number of subprime borrowers not making their payments was extremely low. And that was true for a while, but now delinquency rates and default rates are rising to levels that we haven’t seen since the last recession. The following comes from Time Magazine…

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340% ‘Miscalculation’ Is Basis for the CA Air Resources Board’s Diesel Regs

The metastasis of statewide diesel truck regulations created by the California Air Resources Board has forced many large and small truckers out of business. The truckers still in business have had to spend $20,000 to $50,000 per truck retrofit with the CARB’s expensive, mandated Diesel Particulate Filter, or they have had to buy newer model trucks to meet the new regulations. New trucks are hugely expensive.

By the stroke of a pen from unelected career bureaucrats hiding behind layers of government, millions of trucks were suddenly deemed illegal. And it was done retroactively. It is a violation of the U.S. Constitution for the government to pass a law retroactively, criminalizing something after the fact.


The CARB’s Truck and Bus Rule was created out of ‘miscalculations,’ Junk Science, and one Phony Ph.D. credential.

The CARB’s new diesel rule has been repeatedly discredited since 2006 after University of California Los Angeles Epidemiologist Dr. James Enstrom exposed the agency’s cover-up of “junk environmental science.”

The CARB grossly miscalculated pollution levels of 340 percent over reality, in a supposedly scientific analysis used to toughen the state’s clean air standards.

Yes, that is 340 percent.

Yet the CARB forged ahead with the Truck and Bus Rule’s diesel regulations anyway.

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Justice Scalia Spent Final Hours With Members of Secret Society Affiliated With Bohemian Grove

Cibolo Creek Ranch, TX — Since the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, there has been a great deal of suspicion about the details surrounding his death. First, the fact that an autopsy was not performed on Scalia raises suspicion, but then after it was reported that he was found with a pillow over his head, many began to suspect foul play.

This week, another interesting fact has been reported by the mainstream media, which adds an additional layer of mystery to the story.

According to the Washington Post, Scalia spent his final moments with members of a secret society which has ties to the Bohemian Grove. The group is called the International Order of St. Hubertus, and they are an Austrian secret society that dates back to the 1600s.

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Marco Rubio, The Aspen Institute, And the CFR

The NWO Establishment: If we can’t get Jeb, we’ll take Rubio

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men. —Samuel Adams

The Aspen Institute is sort of an American Bilderberger Group. In addition to the globalist Aspen and Brookings Institutes, there are a staggering number of private groups that shape and command American policy, including the CFR, and Trilateral Commission, etc. Nearly every elected official is influenced by them, and this includes Marco Rubio. The Aspen Institute is largely funded by one world government foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation, none of whom have freedom and liberty as their top priorities.

Surely most folks remember that UN Agenda 21 author and promoter, Maurice Strong, was the Director of the Aspen Institute for some years. If you like Smart Growth and the elimination of property rights, you’ll love Agenda 21 and the Aspen Institute.

Aspen Institute named Marco Rubio as one of the top young elected officials to its third class of Aspen-Rodel fellows. The Institute’s Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership program brings together bipartisan groups of public officials judged to be the rising stars of American politics. Isn’t that just lovely?

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The Gun Grabbers Are Coming! Lexington Massachusetts Now Faces Semi-Automatic Gun Confiscation

Proposed law would ban semi-automatic weapons with magazines carrying more than 10 rounds and impose mandatory buybacks

Lexington, Massachusetts. Does the name of that quaint New England town ring a bell for anyone? It should, Lexington, MA, is where American independence was kicked into high gear. On April 19, 1775, the British “red coats” marched out of Boston, heading for Concord, intending to seize caches of arms stored by local militias. They were first met on the Lexington town green and the skirmish was on, the rest as they say is history.

Fast-forward almost 240 years to the day and some of the residents of Lexington have come full circle.

They are now advocating for the government to seize legally owned firearms from the town’s residents.

The town of Lexington utilizes an annual town meeting to set policy, bylaws and approve things like the town budget. The residents do not vote directly; instead they have approximately 200 “town meeting members” who vote in representation of their constituents.

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Britain’s New Mainstream Racists?

by Douglas Murray

The British Labour party is currently led by a man, Jeremy Corbyn, who has described Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” and has spent his years in the political wilderness with Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, terrorist-sympathisers and all manner of other undesirables. Now that he is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, he has tried to present himself as a more moderate force by stressing that he has spent his life fighting racism and anti-Semitism. In fact, he appears to have spent his life being remarkably content with exponents of both.

His Shadow Chancellor spent the same period in similar company, but with an even more fervent devotion to the terrorists of the Irish Republican Army.

The communications chief of this whole disastrous enterprise is one Seamus Milne, who devoted his career at The Guardian to keeping the scent around Joseph Stalin rosier than it ever ought to have been. If a fish, as the saying goes, rots from the top, who can be surprised if there is rot also from the tail up?

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Italy: Roma Settlements ‘No Man’s Land’, Rome Prefect Says

57 camps in the capital, including 44 illegal settlements

(ANSA) — Rome, February 24 — Rome Prefect Franco Gabrielli on Wednesday said that only 13 out of 57 Roma settlements in the Italian capital have been authorized, warning they have become “no man’s land”.

“Talking about Roma camps in the city, we have 57 settlements: 44 are illegal and tolerated; 13 have been authorized”, Gabrielli told a press conference at the chamber of commerce on security during the Jubilee Year.

He added that the municipal government has not been investing money on the camps, which “are not governed anymore”, becoming areas where illegal activities prosper. “The only solution is to go beyond Roma settlements but it is necessary to have an administration that takes charge”, he said, noting no action had been taken by the last municipal government due to lack of funding.

With Rome extraordinary commissioner and former Milan prefect, Francesco Paolo Tronca, steering the capital to June elections following the ouster of mayor Ignazio Marino last November over an expenses scandal, the situation is at an impasse given the commissioner’s more limited role, Gabrielli said.

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Italy: Afghan Boy Gets Real Messi Shirt

Photo with plastic bag had gone viral

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — A five-year-old Afghan boy whose photo went viral wearing a plastic bag with Lionel Messi’s Argentina shirt penned on it has now received an authentic version from the Barcelona great.

After sending the shirt, Messi said he would like to meet Murtaza Ahmadi as soon as possible.

The picture of Ahmadi with the official Argentina No.10 shirt has also gone viral.

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Italy: Virginia Raggi Chosen as M5S Rome Mayor Candidate

37-year-old lawyer, former city councillor, won online vote

(ANSA) — Rome, February 24 — Virginia Raggi has been chosen as the candidate for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) in the Rome mayor race.

The 37-year-old lawyer and former city councillor beat out four other potential candidates in an M5S online vote Tuesday.

Raggi will be up against centre-right candidate Guido Bertolaso, the former civil protection chief.

The centre left has still to hold primaries for the June vote, with Lower House Deputy Speaker Roberto Giachetti of the ruling centre-left Democratic Party the favourite to get the nomination.

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Italy: Galatasaray Fans Throw Flares, Firecrackers in Rome

Two nabbed last night for drugs

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — Some 1,000 Galatasaray fans on Thursday threw flares and firecrackers in Rome’s central Piazza del Popolo square as they marched towards Villa Borghese park, where buses are on hand to take them to the Olympic Stadium where the Turkish team faces Lazio in the Europa League tonight.

Police later baton-charged Galatasaray fans trying to skirt a cordon that was directing them towards the buses. The situation was swiftly brought back under control, also thanks to pleas from heads of the Turkish side’s ultras.

Police searched the fans and checked their banners before letting them on the buses.

Rome police headquarters said fans from the two sides “made contact on Wednesday night in the Ponte Milvio area” and that two Turkish team supporters were arrested for possession of “significant quantities of hallucinogenic drugs”. The police have stopped and ID’d over 200 fans in central Rome as part of Police Commissioner Nicolò D’Angelo’s security plan for the capital. No arrests were made, police sources said.

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Italy’s Top Court Rejects Lombardy’s ‘Anti-Mosque’ Bid

A bid by the Lombardy region to limit the construction of new mosques has been rejected by Italy’s top court.

The region’s right-wing leadership approved regulations, which became known as “anti-mosque” laws, in January 2015, but Prime Minister Matteo Renzi later referred the new rules to the Constitutional Court for review.

Roberto Maroni, the Northern League president of the Lombardy region, took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the court’s decision, adding that left-wing politicians were hailing it “Allah”.

“The court has rejected our law regulating the construction of new mosques,” Maroni wrote. “The left celebrates: Allah Akbar.”

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Juncker in Rome ‘To Build Bridges’ EU Source Say

EC chief ‘a career consensus builder’

(ANSA) — Brussels, February 25 — European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will be in Rome “to build bridges”, EU sources told ANSA Thursday. The EC chief will meet with Premier Matteo Renzi on Friday to discuss immigration, the economy, structural reforms, budget discipline, and “an ambitious investment program”, the sources said. The agenda does not include any specific decision-making, they said. The timing of Juncker’s mission is significant, given that it comes on the second anniversary of Renzi’s administration.

The EC chief has always sought to build consensus during his 35-year political career, the sources said.

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Law Extending Beach Concessions Against EU Law Says Court of Justice AG

Opinion issued on cases involving Sardinia, Lombardy

(ANSA) — Brussels, February 25 — European Court of Justice Advocate General Maciej Szpunar said Thursday that an Italian law automatically extending beach concessions until 2020 is against European law.

Szpunar issued the opinion in relation to cases involving concessionaires on the holiday island of Sardinia and a company operating on Lake Garda in the northern Lombardy region.

The opinion of the advocate general is not binding but it generally feeds into the sentences issued by the court. Most Italian beaches have many beach establishments that rent sunbeds, deck chairs and sun umbrellas, provide life guards and often feature bars or restaurants.

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Not OK: Google! France Demands US Tech Giant Pays $1.6bln in Back Taxes

A tax scandal arising in France after US tech company Google was told to pay €1.6-billion in unpaid taxes.

The French government is demanding €1.6-billion ($1.76) from Google, accusing the US internet giant of avoiding local taxes by using a corporate revenue-shifting scheme, a widespread legal practice used by many large multinational companies to avoid high taxation.

“As far as our country is concerned, back taxes concerning this company amount to 1.6-billion euros,” Reuters cited a French official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Several countries, including France and Britain, have long pointed out how companies, such as Google, Yahoo and other digital giants make huge profits in their countries, but have taxation done in other countries with less corporate tax rates.

Google, in particular, has a structure that allows it to pay taxes in Ireland, even when sales occur elsewhere. Since Ireland has less corporate taxation, the company ends up paying fewer taxes than it would have had it had office in France.

Sundar Pichai, the current Google CEO, is currently in Paris and expected to meet with French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday night. The two might touch on the issue.

Although the corporate revenue-shifting scheme is legal, some French citizens think Google has to pay its fair share.

“It’s just not acceptable that Google, which makes about €1-billion (over $1.1) in revenue in France, doesn’t pay taxes,” said Stephane Richard, the head of Orange, the leading French telecom operator, as cited by Forbes.

Le Monde reader Marius also thinks Google isn’t doing fair business in France:

“This universal communication tool [Google] uses monopoly and is able to cut whole sectors of the [French] economy… This is not even a return to the 19th Century, but to the Middle Ages.”

Another reader Olivier agrees:

“Google should fix its taxation policies in accordance with French tax authorities. Of course it would manage to get away with it [not paying taxes], but only by cheating.”

Last month, British tax authorities managed to squeeze out 130-million pounds ($181.2) from Google in unpaid taxes since 2005. The British settlement, however, was more than 10-times smaller than what the French are asking for.

Despite the huge sum imposed on Google by the French government, the company doesn’t need to pay the entire €1.6 billion. The US giant will probably appeal and the two sides would most likely negotiate, AFP said.

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PC Gone Mad: Outrage as School Calls Police After Pupil Looks at UKIP Website in Class

A schoolboy was hauled out of class and interrogated by detectives after politically correct teachers reported him to the police for visiting the UKIP website.

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Poland to Spend $7.9mln on US-Made Cruise Missiles

Poland plans to spend $7.9 million on its second purchase of advanced long-range cruise missiles under a deal approved by the US Air Force, the manufacturer Lockheed Martin announced in a press release on Thursday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The deal involves Lockheed’s Joint Air-to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), a long-range, radar-evading cruise missile designed to destroy hostile air defenses before aircraft are within range.

“Our airworthiness efforts expand and refine JASSM’s employment flexibility on Polish jets, ensuring the Polish Air Force has this vital cruise missile capability,” Lockheed International Program Manager Bob Adams said in the release.

The contract follows a previous purchase of JASSMs by Poland in September.

The missiles will be carried on F-16 jets operated by the Polish Air Force, the announcement noted.

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‘Rethink U.S. Presence in Italy’ Says Salvini After Berlusconi Spy Reports

In light of Wikileaks Berlusconi NSA ‘spying’ reports

(ANSA) — Rome, February 24 — Rightwing populist Northern League leader Matteo Salvini on Wednesday said Italy should rethink the US presence in Italy in the light of Wikileaks reports that the National Security Agency spied on former premier Silvio Berlusconi during his last term in office in 2011. “Let’s call back into question this omnipresence of the United States in Italy, from all points of view,” Salvini said.

“I’m a friend of everyone, all it takes is that others respect our work”, he said. Daily La Repubblica and sister weekly l’Espresso carried the Wikileaks reports that the NSA listened in on three-time premier Berlusconi as Italy was on the brink of a Greece-style crisis, an economic emergency that eventually forced him from office. Berlusconi has often said he was the victim of an international plot.

Salvini also said Wednesday that European Commission President Jean-Claude “Juncker and the European Commission are not welcome in Italy”. Salvini, who wants to hold a referendum on leaving the EU, was speaking during a visit to a Roma camp in Rome. Juncker and an EC delegation are scheduled to visit Rome Friday.

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Romania Anti-Corruption Report: 431 Mln Eur in Bribes

1.250 high and medium level officials prosecuted in 2015

(ANSA) — TRIESTE — Romania’s National Anti-corruption Directorate, DNA, registered a total of 431 million euros worth of bribes paid in 2015, Agerpres reported citing the DNA report released Thursday. According to the report, 1250 high and medium level officials have been prosecuted for corruption during last year, including one prime minister, five ministers, 16 deputies, five senators and more than one hundred mayors and heads of county councils. The DNA processed 11,000 cases — twice more than five years ago.

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UK: BBC Could Have Stopped Savile in 1969, Inquest Claims

JIMMY Savile’s abuse of youngsters could have been exposed as far back as 1969 if the alarm had been raised, Dame Janet Smith said.

Her report revealed three clear missed opportunities among a wider number of complaints and concerns about the Top Of The Pops presenter.

Dame Janet added there had also been two missed opportunities to stop Stuart Hall molesting girls and young women.

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UK: Engineer Becomes Victim of Yet Another Exploding E-Cigarette Battery

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Robbie Robson, 24, from Kent, had been carrying spare batteries for his e-cigarette in his trouser pocket when one burst into flames ‘like a firework’.

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Montenegro: Poll: 42% Would Vote for NATO Adhesion

Ipsos: 38% against, 76% would participate in referendum

(ANSA) — TRIESTE, 25 FEB — If there was to be a referendum in Montenegro on NATO adhesion, 76% of citizens would participate, out of which 42% would vote in favour and 38% against, according to a poll conducted by Ipsos for the needs of the Council for NATO membership.

According to the poll, a significant rise in support has been registered since September of the last year, when only 35% of the questioned expressed favourable opinion about the Alliance, compared to the current 48%.

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Ambassador Rejects Idea of Dividing Libya Into Three

On leaks on ‘Plan B’. ISIS beheads 12 guards in Sabratha

(ANSAmed) — ROME, FEBRUARY 24 — Libyan ambassador to Italy Ahmed Safar said Wednesday that an alleged ‘Plan B’ to divide the country into foreign protectorates would be rejected by the population.

he said in meeting with journalists at the Italian-Libyan Chamber of Commerce. The reference was to press leaks claiming that work is underway in Washington, Paris, London and Rome on an alternative action plan to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) if efforts to get the UN-backed unity government approved were to fall through. The ‘Plan B’ would focus on the Islamist-dominated Tripoli parliament and no longer the Tobruk one. It would also foresee the country’s division into the three regions of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan, as had been seen in the Ottoman era.

“The three-way division of Libya is part of our past,” the diplomat stressed. “It is an old idea. Only Libyans will decide their future. And they want a united, democratic and liberal government.” The international community is waiting an official request from the national unity government prior to engaging in substantial anti-ISIS activities in the country. The government, however, still does not exist. Yet once more, on Tuesday the Tobruk-based parliament postponed voting on the government under Prime Minister Designate Fayez Al-Sarraj, officially due to a lack of a quorum.

The situation worries UN special envoy for Libya Martin Kobler, since — he stressed — military events are running ahead of political ones. The Libyan ambassador on Wednesday said that he hoped to get good news soon on the four Bonatti workers taken hostage in Libya in July.

“There is a great deal of collaboration between Italy, the crisis unit, and Libyan authorities to protect the four from harm,” Safar said. However, Italian-Libyan Chamber of Commerce chief Gianfranco Damiano stressed that “much time has passed. Other cases have been resolved much more quickly.” The Bonatti employees Gino Pollicardo, Fausto Piano, Filippo Calcagno and Salvatore Failla were taken hostage on July 19 when they were returning from Tunisia in the Mellitah area, 60 kilometers from Tripoli, near the Mellitah Oil Gas Company compound.

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Islamic State Expanding in Libya and Across Wide Area of Africa

The Islamic State’s branch in Libya is deepening its reach across a wide area of Africa, attracting new recruits from countries like Senegal that had been largely immune to the jihadist propaganda — and forcing the African authorities and their Western allies to increase efforts to combat the fast-moving threat.

The American airstrikes in northwestern Libya on Friday, which demolished an Islamic State training camp and were aimed at a top Tunisian operative, underscore the problem, Western officials said. The more than three dozen suspected Islamic State fighters killed in the bombing were recruited from Tunisia and other African countries, officials said, and were believed to be rehearsing an attack against Western targets.

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Le Monde: ‘Paris Conducting Secret Operations in Libya’

Newspaper, ‘Paris secret war” in agreement with US and London

PARIS — “France’s secret war in Libya”: according to information obtained by French newspaper Le Monde, French special forces are conducting “clandestine operations” to combat the terrorist expansion of the Islamic State (Isis) in the Libyan territory.

A high officer of the French Defense Ministry quoted by newspaper Le Monde said “the last thing to do would be to intervene in Libya”.

Or put it another way: “We must avoid any open military intervention, we must act discretly”.

For France, added the newspaper, the objective is to hit Isis positions and curtail its growth in Libya.

These actions are carried out “in agreement” with Washington and London as illustrated by a US raid against against a training camp in Sabratha, on February 19, which also hit Noureddine Chouchane, reportedly the Tunisian mastermind of the attacks against the Bardo Museum and the Sousse resort.

At the moment, President François Hollande is supporting a line of action based on “unofficial military operations” with the support of “special forces”. Their presence, a fact Le Monde was able to confirm was signalled “in mid February, in the east, by specialised bloggers”.

Several sources agree that the fight against Isis is being conducted through “clandestine operations” carried out by Dgse, the French external intelligence unit.

According to a source in the French military navy, thanks to its stronghold in Libya — “Isis controls a stretch of coast for the first time. We are prepared to confront tough scenarios at sea”.

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Military Occupation of Libya Unthinkable Says Pinotti

Local government necessary, says minister

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti on Thursday ruled out the possibility of a military intervention to occupy Libya. “Libya can be only stabilized through the intervention of local forces,” Pinotti told Mediaset television. “A military operation occupying the country would be unthinkable”. She said that the first objective to achieve in Libya is stabilization, “which is hard to imagine without speaking to the Libyans themselves”. She continued: “the failure of the vote for a national unity government is a negative sign and we are concerned about the constant postponements. “When the Libyan government takes office it will be necessary to give a helping hand for security with trainers and protection forces, and 19 countries are working on this under Italy’s coordination”.

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No Military Solution in Libya, Says Italian FM

French special forces in Benghazi with General Haftar

(ANSAmed) — ROME, FEBRUARY 24 — Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni said Wednesday at the lower house of parliament that the Libyan crisis could not be solved through military means. “Italy is coordinating planning efforts to respond to the new Libyan government’s requests on the ground in the security sector. We are leading an international process, but the process is very fragile and the road is not yet smooth,” he added. “We must distinguish counterterrorism activities from the solution to the Libyan issue. These are two different sectors,” he said. According to the Arabic Huffington Post, French special forces are already in Benghazi “to support” military operations undertaken by the army under General Khalifa Haftar. The special forces are reportedly at the Benina base and have set up a coordination center for military operations with Libyans.

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‘Every Rape Felt Like I Was Being Cut Up Inside’ ISIS Sex Slave Reveals Horrifying Abuse

A YOUNG woman who was tortured and treated as a sex slave at the hands of evil Islamic State (ISIS) fighters for nine months has bravely revealed her horrific ordeal.

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Kerry’s Plan B: Carving Up Syria

Plan B is, in fact, Plan A

Secretary of State John Kerry said in Tuesday the United States will push to balkanize Syria if a planned ceasefire fails.

“It may be too late to keep it as a whole Syria if we wait much longer,” he told the US Senate foreign relations committee.

The US and Russia have agreed upon a ceasefire despite continued Turkish shelling and Russian airstrikes against Gulf Emirate and US supported jihadists…

The primary objective in Syria, long ignored by the establishment media, is the removal of Bashar al-Assad and the dissolution of the country into ethnic mini-states.

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Saudi Writer Asks How Muslims Would Act if Christian Terrorists Blew Themselves Up in Their Midst

Liberal Saudi journalist Nadine Al-Budair, who lives in Qatar, penned an article in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai in which she wondered how Muslims would have acted if Christians had blown themselves up in their midst or tried to force their faith on them. She called on the Muslim world to be introspective and enact reforms, instead of condemning Western attitudes towards it.

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Moscow, New Delhi to Trade in Own Currencies

New Delhi and Moscow aim expanding economic and trade cooperation

India and Russia are developing a road map for mutual settlements in national currencies which could open prospects for both countries, India’s Ambassador to Russia Pankaj Saran told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

“Transition to mutual settlements in national currencies of the BRICS looks promising. Russian and Indian companies are interested in using national currencies in trade settlements,” he said, adding that there is already a mechanism in place for them to use.

According to the ambassador, New Delhi and Moscow aim expanding economic and trade cooperation. They have already chosen priority sectors such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, technical equipment and machinery, oil and gas, and textiles.

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China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada Caucus

Trump has promised to punish Chinese currency manipulation

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to adopt punitive currency policies that could disrupt U.S.-China relations after Donald Trump’s win in the Nevada caucus.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing that “we are following with interest the U.S. presidential election.”

Hua was asked about China’s response to a possible Trump presidency and his announced plan to punish China for currency manipulation with a tax on Chinese goods.

“Since it belongs to the domestic affair of the U.S., I am not going to make comments on specific remarks by the relevant candidate,” she said.

“But I want to stress that China and the U.S., as world’s largest developing and developed countries, shoulder major responsibilities in safeguarding world peace, stability and security and driving world development,” the spokeswoman added.

“The sustained, sound and steady growth of China-U.S. relations serves the fundamental and long-term interests of the two countries and benefits the world. We hope and believe that the U.S. government will pursue a positive policy toward China in a responsible manner.”

The comments came as Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, is holding talks in Washington that include U.S. concerns about a Chinese military buildup on disputed islands in the South China Sea, and cooperation on dealing with North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations.

Hua said Wang and Secretary of State John Kerry agreed the two sides will enhance cooperation and increase talks and exchanges.

“We stand ready to preserve and advance China-U.S. relations together with the U.S. side,” she said.

Kerry said he spoke to Wang about reducing tensions and finding diplomatic solutions to competing South China Sea claims.

“We want there to be a halt to the expansion and militarization of occupied features,” Kerry said. “Everyone benefits by true demilitarization, non-militarization.”

Kerry also said the United States remains committed to freedom of navigation and overflight, “something which China says it does not stand in the way of; it agrees that there should be peaceful freedom of navigation.”

Reports from Asia say Chinese state-run media have been ordered by the Communist Party to minimize reporting on the U.S. presidential election.

Hong Kong’s Chinese-language news outlet Oriental Daily reported Feb. 5 that the Party’s Propaganda Department, which sets policies for all state-run media, ordered all publications to ban election coverage of U.S. policies toward China and to focus election coverage on negative stories and scandals.

Trump won the Nevada caucus with 45 percent of the vote, increasing his chances of winning the Republican nomination later this year.

Last month, Trump vowed to impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese good to offset China’s devaluation of the yuan.

“They’re devaluing their currency, and they’re killing our companies,” Trump said. “We are letting them get away with it, and we can’t let them get away with it.”

The Obama administration has adopted conciliatory policies toward China on trade and currency issues.

Trump, on his campaign website, outlined a hardline approach to dealing with China that involves officially declaring China a currency manipulator and negotiating an end to the practice.

Trump also wants to thwart China’s theft of intellectual property and adopt policies aimed at bring jobs back from overseas to the United States.

Bolstering the U.S. military and “deploying it appropriately in the East and South China Seas” are other goals.

“These actions will discourage Chinese adventurism that imperils American interests in Asia and shows our strength as we begin renegotiating our trading relationship with China,” the Trump website states. “A strong military presence will be a clear signal to China and other nations in Asia and around the world that America is back in the global leadership business.”

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Somalia’s Al-Shabab Killed ‘At Least 180’ Kenyan Troops

In Jan 15 attack

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — At least 180 Kenyan soldiers were killed in Somalia in an attack on their base in mid-January by Islamist militants al-Shabab, Somalia’s president said, which would represent a historically high battlefield loss for Kenyan forces, according to the Associated Press.

Between 180 and 200 Kenyan soldiers were killed in the Jan.

15 attack, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said Wednesday. He was speaking in an interview on a Somali cable TV channel while attending a conference in Turkey. Kenya’s government has concealed the death toll.

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The ‘White Squatter Camps’ of South Africa Which Are Home to Hundreds Revealed

The squatter camp in Munsieville, near Johannesburg, is one of 80 across South Africa. It is built on the site of an old refuse site and home to around 300, of which a quarter are children.

[Comment: Those whites who are not communists or useful idiots should leave S. Africa. There is no long term future for them there. It will likely only get worse under communism. Note the same destabilization drug of communism being fed to blacks in the US under “Black Lives Matter” mantra. ]

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Brazil to Construct a $250 Million Submarine Cable to Avoid US Spies

New European data-link would leave Washington out of the loop.

Brazilian Communications Minister Andre Figueirdo announced plans to develop a submarine cable linking Brazil directly with Europe, as part of the nation’s attempts to counter US electronic espionage. The project is estimated to cost some $250 million.

Google and Facebook, however, may be willing to help defray the expense. The two multinational giants are among dozens of companies who have expressed interest in using cable for secure transmission, signaling that the bulk data collection of Washington’s surveillance community is now too great a nuisance for global users to ignore.

The cable, expected to be operational in late 2017, “will be funded by the commercialization of its traffic,” declared Figueiredo in a Tuesday interview at the Mobile World Congress convention in Barcelona. He went on to say that the state-owned Telecomunicacoes Brasileiras, known colloquially as Telebras, “is already marketing the cable to the European Union and major multinational corporations.”

Brazil made plans to construct a secure data link following the 2013 revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had monitored President Dilma Rousseff’s official and private communications, as well as that of her entire cabinet, per files released by WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange commented at the time that, “If President Rousseff wants to see more US investment in Brazil, how can she assure Brazilian companies that US counterparts will not have an advantage provided by surveillance?”

This new development may diminish America’s economic relationship with the burgeoning South American power; as a direct data link to Europe would avoid the US entirely. Presently, the US is the primary transfer node for Brazilian Internet traffic, and the two countries are major economic partners. Prior to the 2013 incident, Telebras had announced plans to construct a new cable directly to the US. The Brazilian government quickly prohibited the US-Brazil data link project, instead ordering Telebras to seek a direct connection with Europe.

Representatives from Google and Facebook have declined to comment on the Brazil/Europe cable plans. The plan will likely be seen by Washington security watchdogs as an impediment to their international intelligence operations. More importantly, the involvement of Google and Facebook represents a direct challenge to US economic and imperial interests by two of the world’s largest Internet companies founded right in California’s Silicon Valley.

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Austria Holds Balkans Route Summit Without Greece

Athens complains; debate over how to curb influx

(ANSAMED) — BRUXELLES, FEBRUARY 24 — A summit entitled ‘Managing Migration Together’ held on Wednesday in Vienna discussed how to reduce migrant flows across the Balkan route. Opening remarks were made by Austria’s interior minister, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, and its foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz.

Invitees included the ministers of Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and the six Balkan countries Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Greece was, however, excluded, drawing heated criticism from both Athens and Brussels. The Ekathimerini website reported that Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias said that the country’s exclusion was seen as a “non-friendly act”, giving the impression that decisions directly affecting the country were being made in its absence. Austrian foreign minister Kurz responded by saying that Greece had “clearly expressed no interest in reducing the (migrant) influx and in contrast wants to continue waving them through” to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, from where they make their way northward. Despite a maximum limit set on migrants (80 asylum requests and 3,200 transits per day), Kurz said that his country’s solidarity was shown by the fact that it is doing much more than the US and Greek immigration minister Ioannis Mouzalas stressed in a televised interview that “there are about 12,000 migrants” stuck in the country at the moment and tomorrow this number could rise to 14,000 and 16,000 the following day. He added that he expected the figure to reach “tens of thousands” after Western Balkan nations brought in restrictive measures. To manage the situation, the Athens government is seeking places to set up additional transit camps by the end of the week. “This is not something that we can do in a day or two, but we are trying to keep people in humane conditions,” Mouzalas said. Greece, he added, is pressuring the EU and NATO to limit unilateral actions by member states and to that Aegean patrols will be more effective. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has meanwhile announced that a referendum will be held in the country on EU migrant quotas.

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Cutting the Influx of Migrants is Now a ‘Question of Survival’ For Europe, Warns Austria as it Blasts the EU for Failing to Tackle the Crisis

Austria warned yesterday that reducing the record influx of migrants was a ‘question of survival’ for the European Union.

Vienna has come under fire from Germany and Greece for imposing daily limits on the number of migrants that can apply for asylum or pass through to other countries.

It hosted a summit yesterday with ministers from nine countries along the west Balkans route used by migrants travelling from Greece towards northern Europe.

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EU Migration System Could ‘Completely Break Down’ In 10 Days, Avramopoulos Warns

The EU has until a March 7 summit with Turkey to curb the number of migrants coming to Europe or else the bloc’s migration system could “completely break down,” migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said Thursday.

“In the next 10 days, we need tangible and clear results on the ground. Otherwise there is a risk that the whole system will completely break down,” Avramopoulos told a press conference after interior ministers dealing with the crisis met in Brussels.

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Germany: Migrant Crime Skyrockets

by Soeren Kern

Migrants committed 208,344 crimes in 2015, according to a confidential police report that was leaked to the German newspaper, Bild. This figure represents an 80% increase over 2014 and works out to around 570 crimes committed by migrants every day, or 23 crimes each hour, between January and December 2015.

The actual number of migrant crimes is far higher, however, because the report, produced by the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), includes only crimes that have been solved (aufgeklärten Straftaten). According to Statista, the German statistics agency, on average only around half of all crimes committed in Germany in any given year are solved (Aufklärungsquote). This implies that the actual number of crimes committed by migrants in 2015 may exceed 400,000.

Moreover, the report — “Crime in the Context of Immigration” (Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung) — includes data from only 13 of Germany’s 16 federal states.

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Germany: Migrants Who Threatened to Cut Throat of 6-Year-Old Lied About Age to Get Into Classroom

Two child migrants arrested in January after a 12-year-old girl was forced to perform sex acts with them are now thought to be adults at least 21 years of age.

The two men who have not been named but are reported to be Iranian citizens were officially 15 and 16-years-old at the time of their arrest four weeks ago. One of the men has now been proved to be “at least 21 years old” through dental examinations, while the second is also thought to be an adult but with no conclusive evidence having yet been brought forward, reports Bild.

The men were admitted to a children’s migrant aid centre when they arrived in Dusseldorf last year after they had managed to fool the German government over their true age. Once in the centre they were allowed into the classroom alongside other children from Dusseldorf, and they were able there to gain access to the much younger girl.

She was “compelled and forced into sexual acts” over the course of some days, said the prosecutor. Germany’s Express reports a six year old boy who discovered that the girl was being abused was threatened with having his throat cut for telling on the pair.

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Greece Recalls Ambassador From Austria

‘Unilateral initiatives undermine EU’, foreign ministry

(ANSA) — ATHENS — Greece has recalled its ambassador from Austria after Vienna hosted a meeting with Balkan states on the migrant issue to which Greece was not invited. A Greek foreign ministry statement noted that the ambassador, Chrysoula Aleiferi, was being recalled “in order to safeguard the friendly relations between the states and the people of Greece and Austria”. “It is clear that the major problems of the European Union cannot be confronted via thoughts, attitudes and extra-institutional initiatives that have their roots in the 19th century, and nor can the decisions of the heads of state be supplanted by directives from police directors. The latter is a major problem for democracy. It points to the need for the European Union to be protected from various parties who are ignorant of history,” it said.

“Unilateral initiatives to solve the refugee (crisis),” the statement stressed, “would undermine the very foundations of European unification”. “Responsibility for dealing with the migration and refugee crisis cannot weigh on one country alone. Common sense dictates that effective handling of this complex problem should be governed by the principles of solidarity and fair burden sharing,” it concluded.

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Greece: We Will Not Become Souls’ Warehouse

‘Unilateral acts unacceptable. Not Europe’s Lebanon’

(ANSAmed) — BRUSSELS, FEBRUARY 25 — “Greece will not accept unilateral actions. We can carry them out too. We will not accept to become the Lebanon of Europe and to become a warehouse of souls, even if this implies an increase in funding”, said the Greek deputy minister for immigration, Ioannis Mouzalas, upon his arrival at the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council.

Meanwhile, Greek police said, some 400 migrants, mostly Syrian and Iraqi nationals, have abandoned a new camp of transit near Thessaloniki and are approaching the border with Macedonia.

Greek authorities are dealing with delays at the border after the imposition of transit restrictions by Balkan countries last weekend. The 400 migrants are walking toward the border city of Idomeni, some 80 kilometers of Thessaloniki.

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Greece-Austria Spat Adds to Pressure as EU Seeks Refugee Response

Europe has until a March 7 summit with Turkey to implement agreed measures to deal with the inflow of people or risk facing a collapse of the bloc’s migration system, Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Thursday as Greece’s diplomatic confrontation with Austria escalated to a higher level.

“In the next 10 days, we need tangible and clear results on the ground. Otherwise there is a danger, there is a risk that the whole system will completely break down,” the EU’s migration commissioner said.

His warning came as talks between the bloc’s justice and home affairs ministers in Brussels aimed at putting together a unified response to the crisis descended into acrimony as Austria refused to take back its unilateral measures.

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Italy Court Backs Nigerian’s Appeal Against Asylum Rejection

Court says dangerous situation in country not adequately noted

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — Italy’s highest appeals court has accepted an appeal filed against the Italian Interior Ministry by a Christian Nigerian immigrant who fled religious persecution in his country in 2003 but was refused asylum in Italy.

The man only presented a request for political asylum in 2011, when he started having problems with his documents. His request was rejected by a commission for international protection, a decision backed by several lower courts.

The magistrates from the lower courts said he did not fit the requirements because the persecution he faced did not come from a state or parties that control the state but from a religious group that the government is fighting.

But Italy’s highest appeals court, the Court of Cassation, did not share these objections and said the man’s appeal was valid. It said the current situation of the country had not been adequately evaluated, including episodes of indiscriminate violence in several regions.

A lower appeals court in Ancona will now take another look at the case.

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Leftist Mob Threatens Mafia-Style Attacks on Germans Who Protested Against “Refugees”

“If you scare one more refugee, there will be consequences for you”

A militant pro-refugee left-wing mob has threatened violent Mafia-style attacks on residents of a German village in retaliation for them protesting against the arrival of a group of migrants.

Last week, Germans in the village of Clausnitz in Saxony surrounded a bus carrying asylum seekers and tried to prevent the migrants getting off. The residents chanted “go home” and “we are the people” before police arrived and the migrants were allowed to enter a nearby refugee center.

Antifa, a para-military left-wing “anti-fascist” group, responded to the incident by releasing an open letter threatening to leave the village in “ruins” if any more negative sentiment was directed towards the migrants.

Remarking that they had already visited the village in question, the group threatened to launch a number of different reprisal attacks.

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Lille Court OK’s Calais ‘Jungle’ Expulsion

From southern part of migrant camp

(see previous) (ANSA) — Paris, February 25 — A court in Lille, northern France, on Thursday gave the green light to the expulsion of migrants from the southern part of the migrant camp known as ‘the jungle’ at Calais.

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The Influx of Migrants in Germany Could Reach 3.6 Million by 2020

Germany expects the arrival of 3.6 million refugees by 2020. Estimates were made upon the calculations of the Ministry of Economy in coordination with other governmental bodies.

On Thursday, German media reported that calculations were prepared in order to project the economic development of the country, which has already taken 1.1 million refugees last year and is expecting half a million people to arrive every year until 2020.

However, the head of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees Frank-Juergen Weise denied the report saying that he personally “does not expect these figures”.

The timely report has been published as German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces both domestic pressure from her electorate and growing discontent from other member states on over on her policy of welcoming refugees. According to figures of a poll in January, nearly 40 % of Germans want Merkel to resign over her handling of the refugee crisis.

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Indonesia: Jakarta: Authorities Ban Male Actors Dressed as Females Because They Seem LGBT

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission orders TV stations to ban ambiguous messages on sexual orientation. Make-up, dress, voice, and behaviours deemed “effeminate” are proscribed. For Jesuit priest, LGBT “is a real fact and we must accept it;” however, “marriage is a private commitment between a man and a woman”.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) — The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) has issued directives for Indonesian TV stations ordering them to block shows that present effeminate behaviour by male actors, such as dress, make-up, walking, hand movement and voice deemed “effeminate”. If the TV stations do not follow the Commission’s orders, they risk prosecution.

This decision is the latest step taken by the authorities against LGBT people, culture and way of life, which Indonesia does not accept, and is trying to ban in every way possible.

A few days ago, the government banned smilies from mobile phones with references to same-sex unions. This follows open opposition by various political and religious groups (with different emphases) to same-sex marriage.

In Indonesia, especially on private TV stations, effeminate behaviour by male actors is used to entertain and amuse the audience. This is commonplace in soap operas, reality shows and movies. The feature film Catatan It Boy (Notes from the Boy) was a major box office success in 1987 with a transgender character.

Some traditional Indonesian dances like reog in Ponorogo or East Java show relationships between a warok (warrior) and his gemblak (boy), whilst in the Srimulat comic theatre, there are always male actors acting like women to the audience’s delight.

Fr Franz Magnis-Suseno, a Jesuit priest and professor of moral philosophy at the Driyarkara Institute, in Central Java, spoke out on the LGBT issue and the psychosis it has generated among the authorities.

According to Fr Magnis-Suseno, sexual orientation among LGBT people develops during their growth phase. “Most people have sexual desires towards the opposite sex, but it may be that 5 per cent is oriented toward the same sex.”

“This is a real fact and we must accept it,” the Jesuit said. “We must not discriminate against these people just because they have a different sexual orientation.”

Whilst reiterating that “marriage is a private commitment between a man and a woman with the aim of generating children”, Fr Magnis-Suseno also noted that “sexual orientation is a private matter in which the state should not intervene.”

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7 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/25/2016

  1. ” Greece was not invited. In response to the snub, Greece withdrew its ambassador from Vienna.”

    That’s because Greece is not Turkey. Greece is never considered by EU of any value to satisfy their alpha male, Turkey.
    When it comes to Turkey’s interests, the whole of the west is all ears. Plus America and Canada urge EU to give Turkey more.

    EU does not care if Greece is downed and ruined by invaders as long as Turkey is fine.

    EU. nominally are one cooperating body, but in reality they think individually when it comes to Greece. Greece is overrun by invaders. Austria and Germany do not want Greece to send back invaders and they do not want Greece to let them go to Germany and Austria. Because they have “values”. What clever thinking.

    Solution easy: Don’t create winter disasters and call them Arab Spring. Don’t interfere and bomb muslim countries and create “refugees” and invite them. Let Assads, Gaddafis, Saddams send them to hell. Then no “invaders” renamed “refugees” by EU Traitors.

    “The worst thing is that we watch Assad killing his own people” Traitors has repeatedly said. What noble crap talk.

    No. The worst thing is surrendering your own countries to islamic invaders.
    You must love your own citizens more than foreigners: i.e. unless it is a true democracy.

    • You’ve got it! The Greeks are a decent people, lazy sometimes, but a very decent people; yet still the EU and most western countries continue to ‘urinate in Turkey’s pocket’ and forget their vacations in Greece, and the fact that Erdogan is swiftly reviving the Ottoman empire by blackmailing Eurabia via the use of migrant rabble.

      I’m sick of hearing about Assad killing his own people–he is, and has been, defending his people and country against Obama backed so called rebels, who if they gained control would really slaughter the Syrians, particularly the Christians Assad guards.
      This is something FOX gets dead wrong, continually bad-mouthing Assad, and taking Obama’s side. After all this time, they still haven’t learnt.

      The Russians are doing the right thing in Syria. And yes, I know very well about their ties with Iran….

      This might be a good time to reprint the following:

      “Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf States are against Assad!
      Assad is against the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.
      But Gulf States are pro-Sisi! Which means they are against the Muslim Brotherhood!
      Iran is pro-Hamas, but Hamas is backing the Muslim Brotherhood!
      Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the U.S.!
      Gulf States are pro U.S.. But Turkey is with Gulf States against Assad; yet Turkey is pro-Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf States!

      Welcome to the Middle East, and have a nice day!
      K.N. Al Sabah,
      London E.C.4 U.K.”

      Kind of sums up the madness, doesn’t it?

      • I wish most westerners would have the same real understanding of the situation and complexities in the Middle East, as you have. If they had Hussein would not have been elected. And once he is elected the only things he is good at are praising muslim “contribution” to building America and paving the way to sharia and surrendering.

        One way love: Europe and America love Turkey to death. But Turkey is still seething from the fact that they could not occupy Europe, the infidel.
        America loves Muslims Brotherhood to death, while MB hate America to the marrow for not surrendering their country fast enough.

        Trump, Wilders, Tommy Robinson, Brigitte Bardot , . . . etc. Oh yes Bardot. . . has been fined several times for criticizing the successive feckless French governments for surrendering their country to islam so fast.
        When the west sees Trump and Wilders as strange, disloyal, racist, inhuman, unchristian, . . . etc. confused and miserable. . . the west and Europe are very similar except that things in the west and Europe are still at the stage of brewing and preparing to explode and implode. It is a matter of months until the savagery of Europe, actually of godless humans, for which they are known, will come to surface. Arts, uplifting Beethoven, will be forgotten and will have corpses and red streets.

        God, shorten those days for the sake of the chosen ones, as you have promised.
        Mu slims and Europeans will mix when clay and iron will.

    • You are correct. The EU’s treatment of Greece says everything we need to know about the alleged ‘unity’ of the EU.

      PS – I want Cyprus and Constantinople back!

    • Doesn’t Germany, or the “EU” almost literally own Greece at this point? I don’t remember all of the details of the various bailouts, who bought up what companies, etc, but Greece seems to be owned at this point, the government there seems irrelevant, so of course the new landlords are going to do whatever they want with it.

  2. The UK police rush to that school to interrogate the child who viewed a UKIP web page but where is the report of the German police doing anything but eat more doughnuts when AntiFa, Merkel’s paramilitary auxiliary, threatens to leave a village in ruins?

    From Lapland down to Naples it’s the same hive mentality in Europe. Smother, intimidate, threaten, humiliate, fine, prosecute, and attack anything that looks like resistance to being subjugated. All with a thick icing of lies that would embarrass Hillary Clinton and the SPLC.

  3. Turkey is filling Greece with illegal migrants since 2003. They make a very profitable business out of them.

    As you probably know, Greece has 13,676 kilometres (8,498 mi) of coastline, not to speak of some 6.000 islands and islets, so it’s the ideal place for the Turks to transport and abandon illegal migrants both from Asia and Africa. It’s impossible for Greece to have entire control over its sea borders.

    All this is known to EU, a full member of which is Greece. Nevertheless EU prefer to have good relations with the Turks and give in their blackmail, that they will fill Europe with “refugees”, unless they get 3 billions of €, at first stage and another two later on. And yes, Mrs. Merkel is only too willing to promise them everything, abandoning Greece to its doom…

    “You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time”, a phrase attributed to US President Abraham Lincoln. So far, Turkey is deceiving, pressing and blackmailing all people for about a century and nothing is going wrong with it. The EU and USA are perfectly cooperating with this mafia-state, that transports Islam into the West.

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