Zeman: “The Integration of a Muslim Community is Not Possible”

Political leaders in Central Europe continue to lead the way in the opposition to mass immigration, specifically Muslim immigration, matching Geert Wilders in their “Islamophobia”.

Miloš Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, has now joined Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico in asserting that the integration of a Muslim community into Europe is not only undesirable, it is in fact impossible.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


15:01   Since last year’s
15:05   exceptional measures, the police have detained 3,319 migrants
15:09   on the Czech Republic’s territory. Since the New Year, [there were] just 25.
15:13   Thus, once can say that the coming of winter stopped the migrant crisis. Into our neighbour Germany,
15:17   however, over a million migrants had arrived. Despite this the resistance from some Czechs
15:21   continues to strengthen, specifically regarding the migrants. The President of [our] republic
15:25   will now be questioned on this very topic, by Vera Hornova, who lives in a house
15:29   in immediate proximity to the migrant camp in Drahonice.
15:37   Dear Mr. President,
15:42   I would like to ask — we are here just on the other side of the fence from
15:46   the migrant camp, and
15:50   I would really like to ask you, why do we have to
15:54   put up with them here, when nobody wants them here?
15:58   Well, the so-called ‘Sunshiners’ do want
16:02   them here. Mr. Jiri Diensbier, or
16:06   some others even say that Prague along
16:10   could easily take 15,000 of them, but
16:14   the majority does not want them, In this case, I belong to
16:18   the majority, because I think that
16:22   the wisest course of action is to stop these people
16:26   right at the border, and then, from the borders
16:31   they should then be returned, according to valid international
16:35   agreements, which are called the Dublin Accords.
16:39   And these accords say that the migrant is supposed to ask for
16:43   asylum, perhaps for international legal protection,
16:47   in the territory of the first safe country [where he arrives].
16:51   And our neighbouring countries are
16:55   unmistakably safe, so
16:59   [every] migrant committed a criminal act by failing to ask
17:03   for this asylum, entering — or attempting to enter —
17:07   our territory illegally. And I have, many times,
17:11   urged that not only the police, but also the army,
17:15   for example in the form of mixed patrols
17:20   be [placed] on the borders and return these migrants.
17:24   According to the Dublin Accord, the outcome could lead to, say, Greece turning into one
17:28   giant migrant camp. What to do then?
17:32   Well, in the territory of safe countries, the number of migrant
17:36   camps, there would most certainly be several and not just one.
17:40   Consider: this involves Italy, it involves
17:44   Greece. But watch out! It also involves, for example, even Turkey,
17:48   because that is a relatively safe country.
17:52   And we could continue on: Serbia,
17:57   Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia…
18:01   So there would be more of these migrant camps.
18:05   They are so-called ‘hot spots’ — and these are camps where
18:09   the migrants are supposed to be registered. Unfortunately,
18:13   neither Italy nor Greece fulfills
18:17   that duty of registering these migrants, so
18:21   they let them through into neighbouring countries. The Italians
18:25   for example, [let the migrants through] into France, and from France they enter Britain.
18:29   The Greeks [act] similarly. Well, and I
18:33   sometimes ask if these two countries even have armed forces?
18:37   Mr. Editor, if they had an army, then
18:41   there is nothing simpler than that the army should ensure
18:45   the protection of these “hot spots”.
18:49   When we are on the topic of borders: Minister Chovanes, according to the law supported by the House Committee,
18:53   could have the new option to close the borders for five days
18:57   without any decision by the government — under special circumstances.
19:01   Would you support this practice? I would support not just this practice,
19:05   as I would conclude that according to Schengen rules, one could
19:10   close the borders for up to six months.
19:14   These five days make sense if
19:18   it is shown that, between Germany
19:22   and Austria, the borders have been closed, and thus
19:26   the migration will overflow
19:30   into the Czech Republic, as a transition country.
19:34   But it is not even necessary to close the borders.
19:38   You know that Austria has now toughened up asylum
19:42   rules, so I would expect that, at the latest
19:46   in the spring, the migration wave will indeed
19:50   affect us. I will now return to last year’s Silvester [New Year’s]
19:54   2015, where in some German cities, perhaps mostly in Cologne
19:58   on Rhine, attacks on women broke out.
20:02   Among the perpetrators, it is provable there were migrants. And your daughter, Katerina, lives in London,
20:07   where, according to our information, there are 640,000 migrants. Do you worry about her,
20:11   Mr. President? Every father worries about his child.
20:15   This does not just mean the fear of migrants, it could very well be a fear of
20:19   a traffic accident or anything else. Yet, regarding Cologne
20:23   on Rhine, and other German cities, I would like to return to that.
20:27   I am often charged with
20:31   criticizing Islam, as you well know. So, permit me
20:35   to cite the Koran to you, which says
20:39   that a man has the right
20:43   to beat his wife. This is in one of the Suras, I cannot
20:47   say the name, I don’t recall it now, but you can easily find it [4:34].
20:51   Furthermore, if a woman
20:55   gives testimony in court, her testimony
20:59   is worth half the value of the testimony
21:03   of a male witness. That is also Islam.
21:07   From this it flows that
21:11   these migrants, mostly
21:16   adherents of the Islamic religion,
21:20   have behaved towards the German women similarly to what they had been used to
21:24   in their countries. Thus,
21:28   even if they have this interesting culture,
21:32   it is interesting that our suffragettes, or feminists,
21:36   do not protest against this at all; perhaps they
21:40   are not even aware of it, but, let them have this culture in their own
21:44   countries and let them not bring it into Europe. Then
21:48   the results [of bringing their culture to Europe] are such conflicts, as happened in Cologne on Rhine.
21:52   Simply stated, in one sentence, in your opinion, this is a proof
21:56   of failure of integration? Yes, or of multiculturalism;
22:00   it does not matter what you call it. Of course, integration is
22:04   possible in cultures which are similar.
22:08   And this similarity can be very varied.
22:12   The Vietnamese community, as you well know, has wonderfully
22:16   integrated here. Overall, even Ukrainians have integrated,
22:20   of whom there are 110,000 here.
22:24   And the experience from Western European countries which have ghettos
22:29   where there are no-go zones, and so on,
22:33   demonstrate that the integration of a Muslim community
22:37   is, in practice, not possible.

18 thoughts on “Zeman: “The Integration of a Muslim Community is Not Possible”

  1. It’as becoming common for journalists to present the “King has no clothes” stories, meaning that the PC controlling mechanism is failing.

    • I hope you are right. So far, I see those stories predominately from the Czech media, perhaps because Czech leaders tend to be quite consistent in their opinions about Islam.

      • No they are not,but we have our grassroot movements,or how to call it.For years now ppl like me,ordinary folks feel that we have to resist loudly to this islamofascism.
        And politician desires to be voted again,not ousted. 🙂
        90 percent of us are pissed off,bluntly speaking.
        And they know it.
        Zeman is HC socialist,but he craves just another
        tour in the office.
        Power tastes great and absolute power tastes absolutely.

  2. It’s great to hear someone say it out loud – that the integration of Muslim communities into the larger whole isn’t possible.

    I didn’t know there was a Vietnamese ‘presence’ there. When they first landed here it was an adjustment – e.g., what Americans consider “pets”, the Vietnamese considered food. But that got ironed out eventually. Here’s a map of Vietnamese in the U.S.:


    • It’s a valid point that most of us can confirm. Certain ethnic communities are very successful at integrating and becoming great citizens for any country. The Jews are really at the top of the list of integration success stories if you think about it. But yes, Indians, Chinese, Cambodians, all work hard and cause little trouble in the countries they migrate to. They bring only an attitude of gratitude towards their new home and a work ethic and have no wish to force their beliefs and customs on the majority.

    • Notice that, on the map of Vietnamese population centers in the U.S., most of them settled in areas where their original trades could be pursued: fishing, farming, small commerce.

      None of them were thrust into freezing-cold winter zones by a resettlement program, where absolutely nothing would be familiar.

      This (IMHO) is a major factor in any immigrant community’s integration into American society.

      Compare (favorably) Ethiopian refugees from the ’70s famine, war, and slaughter of the dynasty dating from the Queen of Sheba. A world tragedy for which no one has ever been held responsible, because (dare I say?) it “wasn’t important enough” for BIG NEWS.

      • Cynthia, one caveat here and that Islam does not assimilate as that would not assist in their goal of conquering the world for their shariah law.

    • Dymphna,

      I got the shock of my life in, Wernigerode, a small town in former East Germany in 1990 when I drove in from West German Goslar. The streets were filled with Vietnamese hawkers selling cigarettes (Marboro) and candy, word of approaching gendarmerie would pass and they would … vamoose! I stood stunned “Vietnamese?! What are they doing here?” Apparently the East European “fraternal socialists countries” offered tertiary education place to some of the youth of the “People’s Republic of Vietnam”. And the university students went straight into blackmarketeering in mountain resort towns like Wernigerode. And given the appalling state of the retail sector in the “German Democratic Republic” I don’t blame them one little bit. Entrepreneurs are good.

      So my hypothesis is that the Vietnamese presently in Czechia are those university students who stayed on after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. And their descendants. I’ve no doubt the culinary scene in Prague is infinitely the better for it. And the laundromats are a bonus too.

      • Not only students,also apprentices were invited back in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s.Also guys from Angola,Cuba,Mongolia and so on.
        Where commies have had interests and enuf friends,
        they’ve invited foreign yokels to learn in former Czechoslovakia how to do factory work for example.
        In return Czechs were building factories in their respective
        countries,where possible,also providing machines and technical support.
        Sugar refineries,power plants,textile factories…
        name it,we did it there in those times.When I was apprentice of metalwork fabrication in the docks of river Vltava during height of the 80’s,there were at least 50 Vietnamese and 20 Cubanos out of 1500 labourers there.
        Both foreign nations did rather well,but working under
        communistic rule was mandatory,absentees were not tolerated and often prosecuted.

  3. I’m amazed that the European leaders are still talking about observing the provisions of the Schengen rules, the Dublin accords, and so forth, all requiring that individual countries accommodate themselves in some manner to any refugee wanting or needing a safe haven. I include the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, which consistently tramples on the right of a country to protect itself against dangerous immigrants.

    According to these rules, even if observed by the lawless leaders of the EU, places like the Czech Republic would be obligated to house millions of refugees. Certainly, if these rules apply, Israel would be obligated to take in millions of Syrian refugees, although nobody expects Israel to take these sorts of obligations very seriously: Israel is simply too strong to coerce.

    The sooner the leaders of countries such as the Czech Republic acknowledge that Europe is in a state of international anarchy, the sooner they can work to eliminate the problem of the immigrants already there. The immigrants have by and large destroyed any true identity papers they may have had, so it is effectively impossible for a country to return them to their native countries in a civilized manner. The longer they have to settle in the country they are squatting in, the harder it will be, politically and physically, to remove them.

    My suggestion would be that any undocumented migrant be considered by default, a citizen of whatever Muslim country is willing to accept them, in return for a payment. Once they land on the soil of the warlord willing to accept them, the host European countries should accept no responsibility for their well-being.

    Likely there would be a few thousand casualties with this approach before the waves of fortune-seekers diminished, but probably fewer than the current number of drownings. Come to think of it, we haven’t heard of drownings in awhile, so perhaps we can assume that the migrants are now simply jumping on the waiting ferries to take them to the waiting trains and buses.

    In other words, obeying laws that are no longer relevant can be fatal, both to individuals and to countries.

    • Many hotels and restaurants in Prague, including one near my hotel, flew Israeli flags. The restaurant wasn’t Jewish, had a piglet roasting there every day. Didn’t see the same in Warsaw.

      • When there is more moslems comming to Prague for visit,
        then more and more we roast pigs and offer ham to foreigners,definitively ostensively 🙂

  4. Just to help, the word “half” is missing from the subtitle at 6.05.
    It should say, as does the transcript at 20.59, that a woman’s testimony is worth half the value of the testimony of a man.

    • Yes, and there were other errors in those subtitles, too.

      Normally I edit the title file for Vlad before he makes the video. However, I was away all day yesterday, and this video is important, so he wanted to get it out there and just went with these subtitles.

      I edited the transcript afterwards, so that the text posted here is fairly close to a correct version.

  5. President Zeman attracts notice in the media for saying that muslims do not integrate, but so many muslim spokesmen have already made it clear that this a basic instruction of Islam.
    “you must love the Muslims … and hate the kuffaar … .”
    “We hate the people of the kufr [non-Muslims]. We hate the kuffar.”
    “you should hate it, you should hate walking down that street.”
    “this is one of the things that will help you to hate them and regard them as enemies”
    “between us and you animosity and hatred forever” (Koran 60:4)
    “The sharia commands us to battle infidels.”
    “Our campaign … will be … destroying the foundations of Western civilization.”
    “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.”
    “You have to live in a state within a state” (Undercover Mosque).

    • But these…ah…small points never make it into mainstream coverage. This is a signal service provided by GoV.

  6. Cautious, measured and logical and even presented within the legal framework of the European Community agreements. How FAR must a leader bend to not be called a ‘racist Nazi’. Abject submission our multiculti masters will accept.

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