Everybody must get stoned — especially Dortmund trannies

[Yes, I know I’m not supposed to call them that, and the PC brigade will have my hide for it. But it’s a lot shorter in a title than “transvestites” or “transsexuals”.]

A group of “youths” in the German city of Dortmund became upset when they realized that the women they had been harassing were in fact men. So they did what comes naturally to culture-enrichers: they picked up fist-sized stones and threw them at the people who had insulted their manly honor.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Stoning in Germany? Unimaginable. But now
00:04   even the police speak of exactly this: Young Arabic-speaking men
00:08   flipped out completely when they realised that these were two transsexuals
00:12   they were sexually harassing. Only the police were able to stop
00:16   what keeps the two victims in shock until today. Today, for the first time,
00:20   they spoke about it with us. Out of fear they wish to keep their anonymity.
00:24   Each time this film plays before my eyes
00:28   I start crying again. Within seconds we were tossed around;
00:32   then I realised what they said: “You whores need to be stoned!”
00:36   And that’s what they did. The picked up stones
00:40   from the corner and threw them at us. And then…
00:44   I was completely floored. Jasmin and Elisa from Dortmund
00:48   are still traumatised. The transsexuals
00:52   were humiliated, attacked and stoned by three “youths”.
00:56   and this only because Jamal and Gordon, as they were called before,
01:00   are now women. They had sexually harassed us before,
01:05   and that was okay with them,
01:09   they were men at that moment and their honor was hurt,
01:13   and that’s why they flipped out. Who knows what would have happened to Jasmin and Elisa
01:17   if there had not been by chance a police patrol nearby.
01:21   Luckily just at that moment a police patrol passed,
01:25   became aware of the situation and intervened.
01:29   The three suspects could be arrested. The three North African youths
01:33   were known to police. They had been arrested several times for assault
01:37   and theft. But the attempted stoning
01:41   adds, even for the Dortmund police, a new dimension. It is a fact
01:45   that the perpetrators actually spelled it out. According to witnesses/victims
01:49   they testified that “these kinds of people” need to be
01:53   stoned. From this we assume that they actually,
01:58   really wanted to do this (stone to death) or they would not have picked up the stones.
02:02   Jasmin has been living for thirty years as a woman. Now, for the first time,
02:06   she does not feel safe in her own skin. Immediately after the attack
02:10   she had a security camera installed at her front door.
02:14   What they did is barbaric. They are barbarians. I’m sorry, I have never heard about this
02:18   But now I have experienced it, in 2016 in Germany with stones…
02:22   that beats everything. Even five days after the attack, the two women
02:26   don’t dare leave their homes. The shock is too great.
02:30   To have really become victims of an attempted execution by stoning,
02:34   to digest that and to feel safe again as transsexuals
02:38   will take probably a long while.
02:42   Sorry.

54 thoughts on “Everybody must get stoned — especially Dortmund trannies

  1. Just dern!

    If Germany does NOT deport those Islamic fellows, then it will show the other islamics weirdos that they can get away with ANYTHING.

      • According to Islam, killing homosexuals, especially infidel homosexuals, wouldn’t be murder. The police are simply following sharia law to treat this like it isn’t attempted murder.

  2. Apparently 2% of the population is trans-sexual. In the Left’s endless search for victim groups to recruit for their power base, these people have been exploited and encouraged to expect that they be considered ‘normal.’ They are not normal, meaning they are a tiny minority.

    Whether people find their life style personally offensive is immaterial. As human beings, and suffering human beings at that, they deserve our love and compassion ( I don’t say pity, as that is condescending).

    Islam is primitive and still harbors the need to destroy those who don’t fit into the general pattern. That is why it is an inferior culture and is well past it’s Used By Date.

    • And yet they keep mating with their own kin…over and over, down the generations.

      BTW, Islam appears to be obsessed with sex. I was looking at Tommy Robinson’s Twitter feed earlier and he has a short piece from someone’s camera. The background is a busy urban area full of small stores and lots of pedestrian traffic. There is a mannequin curbside, dressed in a two piece bathing suit – not even a bikini. A vaguely European-looking fellow, clean shaven but wearing a full length grey gown, rushes over to the mannequin and begins furtively fondling “her” – grabbing the hard plastic breasts, a brief pull down of her knickers or bathing suit – all the while looking around so as not to be caught. He then rushes back across the street.

      What is it about Islam that ends up with men so obsessed they’re jumping mannequins?

      In another tweet (perhaps someone linked to Tommy’s site, can’t remember) a Rapefugee (as he is labelled) tells an interviewer why he has to rape: doctors orders. He must have “five [Dutch] women” asap. Why? Because his family jewels are swollen “THIS big” and that is the only relief to be had…

      He appears to think his story is utterly credible.

      Sadly, I had gone over there to post a tweet about Tommy’s FIVE MONTHS in solitary confinement – kinda got lost in the underbrush.

      • I can help his family jewels. I only need a flat surface and a hammer.
        Very quick procedure and he will never have this problem again.

        • Re: LGBT – I’ve read that in any given human population, 5-7% belong somewhere in that group, which sounds about right. It has been part of PC culture to champion small minority groups or exceptions as the norm everyone has to adhere to. A pattern which the internet has brought to a screeching crescendo.

          Re: Sex – White women are the most desired worldwide. Everyone has known this for thousands of years, thanks to the last 5 decades or so of PC culture (see above), the subject has become taboo.

          Kind brings me to what may be the most puzzling part of the whole Islam deal : Muslim women.
          If I was a Muslim woman, faced with stuff like genital mutilation, forced marriage and basically a lifetime of repression and near slavery, the first thing I would do if I got anywhere *near* a western country or even consulate would be to FLY into a women’s shelter, rape crisis center, police station, church, ANYTHING to get away from Ibrahim, his mother and his 5 dozen look-alike cousins.
          Even hooking up with the most lowlife, blockheaded drunk of a hooligan who beats me senseless when his soccer team loses would be an improvement.
          At least his family won’t have me killed if I go into a store by myself.

          • The passive behaviour of Muslim women seems to be due to fear (of the penalties for apostasy, in this world and the next), or a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

      • You know how these guys behave? I think you finally made me understand it.

        Like guys who haven’t heard of MASTURBATION.

        That’s what the rest of us do when we have unsatisfied urges. They should try it. It works.

        I can imagine that if didn’t have this option, we might have similar uncontrollable urges.

        So the solution is, they need to be taught to whack off. Apparently this is something only advanced cultures have figured out!

        • I believe Islam prohibits it Mike. Add to that almost zero contact with women outside the family, & you can see the problem. Wilders uses the term ‘testosterone bombs’.

        • Perhaps the German govt can start classes to teach incoming immigrants the appropriate onanistic techniques?

      • I think Freud can partly explain this phenomenon by the idea of repression (forbidden fruit) which makes the inevitable resurgence of desire for what one is forbidden all the stronger.

        But actually this fiction is based on keeping women powerless. They are imbued with such terrifying sexual power, that they have to be hidden, repressed and kept under lock and key. Is it a primitive Freudian castration fear? There are also strict rules about abstaining from sexual contact when the woman is menstruating because she is considered dirty.

        Rape of white women is, of course, an attempt to shame the enemy. It’s an act of war.

        Let’s face it, Muslims are so screwed up in the head (which rules the genitals) that they are beyond assistance both above and below! What does one do with vestiges of a primitive culture? [redacted]

        • “I think Freud can partly explain this phenomenon by the idea of repression …”

          Actually, I think Freud’s concept of “sublimation” is closer to the mark. Freud develops the concept in his book “Civilization and its Discontents.” His thesis is that man takes the psychic energy involved in destructive activities, holds them in, and rechannels the energy into creative pursuits, such as building houses. Thus, our civilized society as we know it is the result of necessary frustrations experienced by individuals.

          Applying this to Islam, what is the one goal of Islam? To spread itself, like the AIDS virus. Islam produces nothing that we would consider of value, but sublimates virtually every human trait into spreading Islam. These sublimated traits include humor, creativity, logic, intelligence, empathy, productivity, and the parental drive to protect his offspring.

          We conceive of Muslim men with 4 wives to be super-erotic, but in fact, I doubt if there is a sexual feeling to be involved. It’s all duty, and the act of sex with them is akin to relieving themselves sexually…there’s no joy or excitement or mystery involved.

          Although Islam is a blight on civilization, it is one of the most successful memes on the planet, judged by its ability to spread. The spread of Islam requires the sexual use of multiple, unfamiliar women. This is mandated in the Koran.

          For those readers interested, the study of nanotechnology (microscopic machines) involves the term “grey goo”, which denotes the state of life if self-replicating, microscopic, killer machines got loose in the biosphere. Islam results in a civilization “grey goo”.

          • The Islamic practice of 4 wives and 5 concubines is the opposite of love or erotica. The Arabs I know who love their wives are those who have a single wife, I know and work with a few such doctors. The purpose of multiple females, generally sexually mutilated, is to produce multiple offspring for the strength of the tribe, or as income by selling off the daughters. The local Health sciences faculty in Beer Sheva has made many academic miles on the inbreeding, so that we can name the disease by naming the tribe the diseased child comes from. Al-Danfiri is always a kid with Hemolytic Spherocytosis, etc…

      • Yes that clip is going around on some of the usual blogs. Absolutely insane – behaving that way in a public place with a tailor’s dummy.

    • Trannies receive my pity because I find them pitiful, they do not deserve my love. You seem to have fallen for exactly what you aptly described: The Left’s search for victim groups. Just what do you think about screwed up gender makes a tranny a victim, other than the obvious act of rock throwing?

      • I ought to have said ‘self-appointed victims.’ Of course they are not really victims unless they are stoned by Muslims or bullied (which happens when they believe they are entitled to flaunt their sexual identity in public, provoking anger , disgust and even perhaps fear.)

        If you are a Christian, then they DO deserve your love, but love doesn’t mean approval. Perhaps what you mean by ‘pity’ is what I mean by the old Christian sense of love as ‘charity’.

        • You’ve pointed out a chasm between Christian theology and Islamic juridical laws. Christianity (following and furthering Greek philosophy) delineated the various kinds of love. The caritas you describe is akin to caring for one’s neighbor. But there is also filia (or philia), the love of brothers or kin; eros, the attraction that leads to marriage and must needs be tamed if a culture is to thrive. Finally, there is agape – a kind of ‘pouring out’ of oneself, a dedication to one’s community that is meant for few to follow…but it’s still there in some cases. Bonhoeffer was one such person.

          And on the other side we have jihad.

          • Well, you have to balance love of the individual with love of the community, too. While my prayer for the LGBT’s is that God’s Holy Spirit would make them responsive to the Word and turn their hearts to repentance and saving faith (I myself wrestle with an nasty, uncharitable temper, which is also sin), I also recognize that “normalizing” LGBT behavior and encouraging a confused youngster to become a eunuch with long hair, silicone breasts, and a female wardrobe (while every cell in his body continues to scream “XY! XY!”) is a very horrible thing. Our Western hell-for-leather (and I don’t take the “Hell” part lightly) attempt to sweep away not only Christian morality but all remnants of natural law possessed by the Heathen (cf. Rom. 2:14) is a big part of our cultural suicide. And, when something is dying, do not the vultures, coyotes, and other such unclean creatures gather?

            Now that they’re encouraging young boys to “explore their feminine side” by becoming trannies (such as those gender reassignments done on under-18’s), I’m not so sure that the trannies need to be stoned rather than a few learned professors, judges, lawyers, and “experts”. Actually, such people give a public hanging a good name.

    • Islam is primitive? Why mince words?
      They are INBRED plain and simple.

      The amount of cousin marriages in ALL Islamic nations is well above the norm in western countries. And it has been a CONSISTENT occurrence there, throughout the CENTURIES!

      But back to topic, the most damning here is that the perps are well known by the police!
      Yet another piece of evidence that the Gutmensch can try ignoring, until the first culturally enriching stone hits them in their own face.

      • You’re right. What we see in Europe’s rapefugees are the products of generations of inbreeding. That’s because Islam is a low-trust desert-based culture where the only ‘trust’ is within the tribe.

        Not many of the new arrivals can be “well known by the police” but I’m sure they’ll become more familiar with them as time goes on.

        • Likely they will not. The Police are afraid to tackle them. See how they retreat from crowds lobbing stones at them, never drawing their weapons to fight fire with fire. As numerous victims of on-the-road stonings, and stabbings in Israel demonstarte, stones and bullets are no different. One high mass low velocity the other low mass high velocity. Its the intention of the user which matters, not the means.

  3. In the end it doesn’t really matter who these trolls attack. It matters that they do.
    Hopefully the events of the last weeks are waking people up. What I keep saying is
    that what will make a difference is for the people on the front line, Germans, Danes, Austrians etc, to tell what is happening to them. While you still have the internet, use it.
    Power To The People.

    • Yep. Maybe time for a new “Erklaerung” (Enlightenment), as we once had in the late 17th and the 18th centuries.

      This Enlightenment, one hopes, will show the ordinary people that they’ve been sold down the river and to INSIST on change. It may still be possible in elective societies (I don’t know the specifics of Germany, Austria, but Denmark woke up a lot last February with the coffee-shop and synagogue attack) to get that change.

      The Schengen fragmentation is an optimistic sign.

      • ‘Enlightenment’ would be ‘Aufklärung’.
        ‘Erklärung’ means ‘explanation’.

        • Got me. Since we can’t edit our comments, I’m happy that you’ve provided the CORRECT WORD! 🙂

    • The point ignotred that that the criminality we perceive is not self-perceived as criminality by the Islamic perps. From their point of view EVERYTHING belongs to the Muslims, and possession by the Kuffar is temporary, till the wrong is corrected by Jihad. A western criminal knows he is one. A Muslim criminal knows he is just while the Kuffar practice illegal oppression by “protecting” their life property and especially womenfolk.
      Recently Europe has adapted itself to this Islamic view and refrained from protecting its womenfolk. Whatever Europe did to the Jews is being perpetrated on European women.

  4. “While you still have the internet, use it.”

    Well put, Mike D. I am continually horrified at the things I read here and elsewhere outside the mainstream that are not mentioned by the latter.

    On a lighter note, this reminds me of a CCTV clip I once saw of a drunken youth attacking what he thought was a group of transexuals, but who turned out to be professional cage fighters going to a fancy dress party! Said youth was flicked into the gutter like an irritating bluebottle and the ‘transexuals’ never even paused in their pace.

    Anyone remember the wartime Q-ships?

    • Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D., professor of psychology at U. Penn, wrote “What You Can Change and What You Can’t,” (c) 1993. In his six-page discussion on transsexuals (inside the 300+ page book), Dr. Seligman states that the problem is inborn and intractable. (Therefore, not new to medicine.)

      He further posits that transitory washes of hormones from the mother in utero create these tortured people.

      They are not non-existent, although many of us find it difficult to relate to them with equanimity. They are human, and not “to be stoned to death” like the Dortmund Dolts think.

      • Exactly, Cynthia. Like homosexuality, it seems to be caused by too much, or too little, testosterone at a critical stage of development.

        Peter, I’ve a “male” friend of 25 years’ standing whose manly equipment (he tells me) is underdeveloped, and who wears drag, though only at home. He’s never had the “op”, but maybe he should have. Try to see the new film “The Danish Girl”, and if this doesn’t move you there’s no hope for you.

        • Is that a good film like? I haven’t seen it and don’t know what it’s about but I’m always on the lookout for a good movie.

          Can I recommend ‘Next Goal Wins’? A documentary about the American Samoa football team, who get in a Dutch coach to try & get their first win ever. It really is worth watching, and when you wrote ‘if this doesn’t move you there’s no hope for you’ that was what I immediately thought of.

          Here is the link to the movie’s website (which has a trailer).

          • Sorry for the delay, Nick. “The Danish Girl” concerns one of the first men/women to have an operation for gender reassignment, in Dresden in the inter-war years. Eddie Redmayne, who was amazingly convincing and sympathetic as Stephen Hawking, does it again- and the other actors, sets, costumes and cinematography are excellent.

      • The point is, regardless of what we, the heterosexual majority thinks of this small minority, they can live, unmolested, and have a prosperous happy life. Because in Western democracies live and let live, and do unto others as you would yourself, is the motto. In Islamic society the converse is true. Tolerance of the intolerant is inimical to survival of the tolerant. Hilarious bud sad to see that the abuse we Israelies have lived under for years, stoning stabbing and vehicular ramming, funded and abetted by the EU, is reaching Europe, Big Time.

        • The object of this Essay is to assert one very simple principle, as entitled to govern absolutely the dealings of society with the individual in the way of compulsion and control, whether the means used be physical force in the form of legal penalties, or the moral coercion of public opinion. That principle is, that the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection.That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinion of others, to do so would be wise, or even right… The only part of the conduct of anyone, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns himself, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign. (John Stuart Mill)

          The ‘Harm Principle’ is an alien concept in Islamic societies. It’s worth visiting the USCIRF website and reading the individual chapters of the annual reports describing what actually goes on in Islamic countries around the world.

          • Nick,

            Since I’m an Anarchist (ala the writings/ideas of Larken Rose), this is a much simplier definition that works beautifully without giving any legitimacy to the fiction/superstition of “government/authority”:

            “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” – Thomas Jefferson

            Of course such an ideal is hated by collectivists/statists whether they’re followers of a fake child molesting arab mass murderer or not.

            Yours In Rightful Liberty!!!

          • @Steve,

            Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I will check out the writer you mentioned.

            I wonder, have you ever come across ‘Professor Crispy’?

            aka Crispin Sartwell?

  5. Who wanted EU? elites. Who wanted the refugees? elites. The quest for cheap labour and hence empire building continues.

    • I think it was partly post-war America hatred. Bat Ye’or’s book on the subject is still the best, though:

      Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis

      Not everyone can afford books. So I recommend looking at the reviews on her page…yes, there will be some nay-sayers. Ignore them to get to the informative ones. And there’s been a wiki or two done on her, You Tube videos, etc. Not to mention online essays…the information is available.

  6. Really this is hilarious. One protected group runs into conflict with another. O MG! What can we do? I know, let’s ban Donald Trump. That’ll fix it.

    • I saw ‘satire’video yesterday comparing Trump to Kim Jong Un, the roly poly psychopath of North Korea…ugly ridicule is a sign of fear.

      • I’m sure Mr. Trump is losing a lot of sleep over the possibility of not being able to visit Punjab-by-the-North-Sea, formerly known as Britain.

        • His mother emigrated from Scotland. Trump was devoted to his mother; he began building his mega-golf paradise in Scotland only to lose to the off-shore (but not very far off) wind farms erected near by. So he’s gone to Ireland instead.

          BTW, when the dust settles – in fifty years or so – “wind farms” will be rusting hulks dotting the seas.

          • Too bad wind farm turbines look nothing like windMILLS.

            In Kasterlee, Belgium, in June 2004 there was a windmill still in perfect condition. I don’t know whether it was functional, but it was *not* decorative; it had all the necessary parts to transmit wind energy into whatever might be needed.

            The Dutch/Flemings maintained their windmills–or rebuilt them–over centuries to use the North Sea’s winds against its water. Good, proven, human-scale technology.

          • I just read that Ireland’s TOTAL quota for “refugees” is exactly………twenty.

  7. Here’s a quick quiz. What’s more offensive to the trannie community? And more deserving of widespread public condemnation?

    a) Ricky Gervais, at the Golden Globes, speaking of Bruce “Caitlin” Jenner’s “bravery and courage” but not setting a great example for women drivers;or

    b) Two Dortmund trannies getting stoned by MENA youth when the latter discovered they were not sexually harassing XX chromosome women and being outraged and shamed at their mistake.

    If you picked b) you are clearly behind the times. If I were an actual tranny, however, I would be much, infinitely, more disturbed by b).

    On the question of terminology, I was interrupted and grilled by the 22 year old daughter of a friend last Sunday when I referred in passing to my local “transexual”. “Is she ‘transexual’ or ‘transgender’?” As I have no idea what ‘transgender’ is (or ‘intersex’ for that matter) , I could only answer: “Well, it’s a bloke who has had artificial boobs constructed, had his wedding tackle removed and dresses like woman …” “Does she have a vagina?” “I have no idea” “She might be pre-op! In transition …”. Jeez. I really didn’t care and why anybody does is beyond me. I never got to tell my amusing story about him/her/it.

  8. Having watched the Sons of Anarchy again recently, I can say that the term ‘Tgirl’ can be used, although the fellow who used that term in the Sons paid for it dearly. (Tig blew him away.)

    The character of Venus in the Sons was played by Walton Goggins, and a fine job he did of it too. One of the most memorable scenes in the whole series involved Goggins and Kim Coates (who played Tig). Anyone who has watched the series will know it – Tig came home one night and Venus wanted to stop their relationship, but Kim Coates, in an astonishing performance, let Venus know that he wanted to ‘feel what it was like’ to have someone who knew who he really was, and loved him anyway. It really was an outstanding performance, and in the context of the entire programme, which ran for seven seasons, that’s saying something.

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