Everybody must get stoned — especially Hungarian cops

The following news report from Hungary gives an account of what happened when some culture-enriching residents of a Hungarian asylum center became angry. These high-spirited youngsters started tussling with one another over their Internet connection. When the police arrived, the miscreants resorted to kinetic activism, and started throwing stones at the cops.

Many thanks to Dzsihádfigyelő for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Good morning, I am Balázs Imre.Immigrants attacked policemen in the Kiskunhalas city reception centre.
00:08   On video recordings they are clearly seen picking up stones and throwing them at the policemen.
00:14   Two policemen were injured. The brawl broke out over the Internet access,
00:18   among the three immigrant detainees.
00:21   Our reporter Gábor Gunity is on the premises reporting live –
00:26   Hi there, Gábor — what did you find out about the yesterday’s fight?
00:29   Good morning. It all happened before 11pm yesterday.
00:37   Its 9.00am now, and all is quiet in front of the centre.
00:40   Indeed, it was the Internet that caused the altercation among three immigrants.
00:44   The police with the security guards pulled them apart –
00:49   which upset the men and 20-25 of them started to throw stones.
00:54   They were again driven back by the police and security guards,
00:58   foiling any further riots,
01:01   and the leaders of the mob were held down.
01:04   Two policemen were injured by the stones thrown.
01:07   We do not know the number of immigrants held here in the camp –
01:10   all we learned from the police is that there are twice as many police officers as immigrants here.
01:15   Several police cars have just left,
01:18   and I could count about 40 policemen.
01:21   According to the official phrasing, they are “immigration detainees” here in Kiskunhalas city.
01:26   But I have no information on their date of arrival or departure, proceedings or head count.
01:33   Gábor Gunity, thank you for reporting from Kiskunhalas city.

18 thoughts on “Everybody must get stoned — especially Hungarian cops

  1. After being raised in an Hungarian family for many years… my step-dad was a Hungarian , slow to anger but that slow burn would come back to haunt ‘ya if YOU were the perp of any infractions. Be a good person and be kind and loving to your family , really not hard to do with the family. Be a brat and you would get what you needed to set you back on the right track.
    THEN watch out…no violence, just the sudden lose of car keys as you were on your way out to meet friends… go to a dance…. something fun. Or no extra money for a week for going out.
    My uncles and their wives were the same. Discipline with a heart. For your OWN good.

    I await the day when after viewing the tapes of the rock attack on the police , the authorities line the miscreants up and sort them out. VITIMIZERS /ROCK THROWERS are carried right across the border and kicked out ( IN THE SNOW please) or taken to the airport and put on a plane back to muslim-land with a sideways leg kick on their backsides as a NOT SO FOND FAREWELL to the muslim idiots.

    I feel that I can guarantee that those rock throwing villain will NOT be in Hungary for another MONTH.

  2. Ha, a fellow Hungarian! Isten hozztett — my spelling is not good. Sorry. But I agree, the Hungarians are not wimps and they’ve historically suffered under the Muslims, so they will not put up with this Er, crap? what is a more PC way to put it? political excrement? I am now totally confused because I don’t speak PC.

    When is Europe growing to grow a pair of something and kick all these slime balls back to their own sand box? I would ask our president the same question, but he ain’t listening, either. Merkel, you will be sorry at some point.

    I have yet to figure out why Europe’s leaders are doing this — it really is traitorous.

      • WW I isn’t my favorite historical subject _ I’m more of a Dark & Middle Ages kind of guy – but I’ve read a few books, magazine articles, seen some movies, been to a few museums, sites, etc. and the impression I got that it was a conflict in which a small group of old men, whose thinking was stuck in previous centuries and who failed to take modern developments – such as mechanized warfare – into account, sent millions of young men to their deaths for basically nothing.
        Even the fastest, bravest, most talented and capable frontal charge against an entrenched machine gun nest will only yield a lot of dead guys and dead horses.
        Maybe that’s where sick weirdos like Soros got their ideas.

          • Ah, but Soros ‘ Papa was a WWI kinda’ guy….he was one of those Hungarian Commies who was in Russia helping the Bolshevics take over Russia.

            He chose to stay for a while and started what was called, even then, “open society” with quite the commie bent…. VERY Commie.
            Plus he developed the useless universal language called ESPERANTO… with the help of some other commies.
            See Soros’ papa was a LAWYER AND A COMMIE!

            He headed back to Hungary , created little Georgi with his wife whose Godfather was a RISING NATIONAL Socialist( NAZI) in Hungary.

            That paid off big time for little Georgie … because he got spared the train ride to a death camp and eventually earned GREAT riches for sending the Jews of Budapest to the TRAIN STATION for that last RIDE taking them to their demise.

        • Wolfie, by not studying WW I and its predecessor Balkan Wars, you miss a LOT of the background of what’s happening.

          The long-hoped-for but 100-year-long fall of the Ottoman Empire in WW I caused major surliness among Muslims. “Their” special access to underling populations (e.g. Janissary discussion earlier on the weekend) had ended. Kaput. No more.

          The socialist- and Fabian-leaning leaders in the West *also* dismantled a millennium-old aristocracy with a vast inherited knowledge of the land, the people, and deep religious belief. The New World of the 1920s may be more familiar to you, but its foundations lay in the 1905-1918 frame.

          What the combat hadn’t destroyed, the Treaty of Versailles did. And *that* ultimately led to WW II. But that’s another story.

          This “hitting the high points quickly” summary not documented in the interest of speed. (Still not feeling well from the illness that got me last Wednesday.)

          • Wilson’s 14 Points included national self-determination for formerly subject populations that had been part of the empires. Those included Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Czechoslovakia (no full autonomy there), and Hungary.

            This was a liberal, progressive position in those days. A replacement of the old evil ways (multicultural empires) with new good ones (ethnically homogeneous democracies). A hundred years later, national self-determination is once again reviled, and we are back in the Age of Empire, only this time the Empire does not dare to declare itself.

            Yugoslavia was the exception. By inventing a new ethnicity (the “South Slav”), the Great Powers were able to create a fictive homogeneous state headed by a king. As has become obvious since 1992, Yugoslavia was hardly homogeneous. It was a failure from the get-go, and could only be held together by outside pressure and/or subsidies. When the East Bloc died, there was no longer sufficient external restraint, and centrifugal force took over.

            Yugoslavia was a cynical construct, put in place to ensure that a fragmented, squabbling Balkans would not tempt any of the other powers to move in and gobble it up piecemeal — which is what had been happening since time immemorial.

            The ideal of national self-determination had to yield to cold hard realpolitik at Versailles, as in so often the case. But the fiction of the ideal had to be maintained for public consumption.

        • Sorry. Wolfie, generals have *always* been known for fighting the Last War during This One. Brilliant generals, like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and others, managed not to fall into the trap.

          I, too, am often happier to read Dark/Middle Ages history and politics. The morality was much clearer, as were the motivations of the parties. One doesn’t come away feeling the need to use lots of soap and shampoo.

          • I’m well aware of what led to WW I and what followed, never have so many died for so little.
            I think things were a lot better when generals – and even kings – would actually lead their troops into battle themselves.
            Can you imagine Obama in a Marine helmet?
            Hollande in a kepi?
            How about Cameron (or Princeling William) in a kilt and a saber, signaling the charge ?
            I *can* actually see Merkel in a tank.
            Running down German protesters.

          • King Jan III Sobieski of Poland was in the van in 1683 when he led the charge down the Kahlenberg to rout the Turks. That’s the way it was done back in those days.

            General Stonewall Jackson was in the van during the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863 when he was hit by friendly fire. He lost his arm, and eventually died.

            Those were different times.

    • Yes, we just use the “embed” option on the liveleak video page. It provides a <frame> … </frame> object that is simply copied and pasted.

  3. Dymphna, you are absolutely right about Soros (szaros). He is a really creepy old man now, but he was an amoral youth and he DID turn in his fellow Jews (I read about that long ago, written by people who know). So why do people seem to “respect” him? Follow the money.


  4. Dymphna and Baron,

    What is all this one-world business really about? Is it to erase people’s heritages and make them forget who they are? Is that the plan?

    I am just wondering because lately I’ve realized that I don’t understand what is really going on, and yet I know that SOMETHING is going on. I consider myself an American citizen of Hungarian descent. I like my paprikas dishes but I am still an American, as were my parents. And I like hot dogs and burgers, too!

    So my request is that you write up something that “splains” all this to us lesser understanding people — some of whom are getting up in the morning wondering what the heck is going on here? And for what purpose? Or is it only me?

    • Stick around, Mariadee. The phrase often used is “New World Order”; maybe an Internet search (as well as perusing the books offered on the home page of GoV and a look at the blogroll) will get you started.

      Warning: Try to at least start off in a calm state of mind.

  5. Time to get tough! The Police should take bill clubs to the punks throwing rocks at them and knock a little sense in them, then deport them back to their Islamic Hell holes.

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