You Have to be Nice to Me — Frau Merkel Invited Me!

Of the fifteen culture-enrichers arrested for molesting and groping women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, fourteen were identified as Syrian. But that should really be “Syrian” in quote marks, because that designation just means that they managed to acquire a Syrian passport somewhere before they arrived in Germany. By now it’s probably easier to pick up a Syrian passport in Istanbul than it is a fifth of Jim Beam.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this account from Junge Freiheit:

Sex Attacks in Cologne: “Frau Merkel Invited Me”

Contrary to police reports, the Cologne police did in fact arrest fifteen asylum seekers during the violent New Year’s Eve rampage. “Out of these fifteen, fourteen are from Syria and one is from Afghanistan. That is the truth. Even if it hurts”, said the chief of police to the Kölner Express. Those persons were in Germany “definitely only a few days or weeks”, he says. “I’ve had these young women right next to me, crying, their underwear torn from them after the mob let them go. Those are pictures that truly shocked me and it will take time for everybody to learn to process this.”

With these statements, the Chief directly contradicts Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker’s statements, who on Tuesday claimed that there was no proof that refugees were part of the massive sexual attacks launched against German women. According to one internal police protocol, says Bild Zeitung, it additionally states: “The police forces couldn’t process every incident, every attack, every crime, etc., because there was simply too much going on, all at the same time.”

“A Few Thousand, Mostly Male Persons With Migration Background”

The police patrol officers were informed by “agitated citizens with shocked and crying children in hand” about the attacks around the train station. At that point, “several thousand mostly male persons with migration backgrounds” had accumulated in front of the Cologne Dome [cathedral].

At around 10:45pm the situation began to escalate: “Women with or without companions were found literally to have been forced to run through a gauntlet made up of the mass of extremely inebriated men in a way that defies description.” Victims and witnesses had been massively and on a grand scale intimidated by the Arab men.

When police tried to intervene, the foreigners reacted with statements such as “I am Syrian, you have to treat me nice! Frau Merkel invited me,” it is said in one report. Meanwhile the number of the assaults reported to the police has risen to 150. Three-quarters of the reports have sexual components. The press office of the Cologne City Police was not available for commentary.

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  1. When are any “real” German men going to stand up? Was planning a trip to Germany/France (Normandy) and Italy next fall. For our 35th anniversary. Think we may just visit the national parks out west instead.

  2. I would recommend watching this Ukrainian Army propaganda video

    you may not understand language, but the message is clear – “we won’t step back”.

    it all started as social, then political protest, then morphed into full-scale anti-criminal, anti-establishment revolution.
    one of the triggers of people’s wrath, were brutal rapes and murders of young women by “loyalist” thugs, you can google “Vradievka” and “Oxana Makar”.

    the siege of Donetsk Airport lasted 242 days, that was modern days Thermopylae.
    loss of life for now stays around 9000 (Ukrainian citizens, among them ~3k military and 1 to 2k civilian, the rest is pro-Russian militiamen).

    after 2 years, it is far from over.

    people in the West simply don’t realize how real difficulties may look like.

  3. So, beginning to look like this may have been the Class of 2015, after all…

    I should have known better – that when a German official says that an incident has “nothing to do with refugees”, it probably means that it has everything to do with refugees.

    Then again, the smugglers would have probably told them all about their invincibility in the face of the German police, as well as the “easy meat” on offer – so should we be surprised?

  4. Going by the response from the cash happies throughout Western Europe, the wildly popular Muslim team sports known as Rape, Rob and Molest seems to be going acceptance in Western European countries. Although Lie, Cheat and Steal is still enjoying a massive following practically everywhere. Hopefully firmer former Soviet European countries are not discovered to be infested with Merkel too.

  5. I read an early report, I think it was Reuters which quoted a Police official saying they had arrested about a dozen men on the night, and that they carried refugee visa documents. That story has since disappeared and the Police according to BBC today say they arrested no one. This is a disgraceful failure of the Cologne Police to protect women and their chief should resign immediately.

  6. Part of an article taken today from the Die Welt German newspaper: Die Flüchtlingsbeauftragte der Bundesregierung, Aydan Özoguz (SPD), zeigte sich erschrocken über die Reaktionen von rechts. “Es alarmiert mich, wie Rechtsextreme die Übergriffe bereits zur Hetze und Stimmungsmache gegen Flüchtlinge nutzen”, sagte sie den Zeitungen der Funke-Mediengruppe. Translation: The German government commissioner for refugees, Aydan Özoguz (SPD), was shocked by the reactions from the right. “It alarmed me, that right-wing extremists are already using the attacks as incitement and propaganda against refugees,” she informed the Spark Media Group.
    Incitement = support and anger for the victimized women who were groped, raped and horribly traumatized by mainly Syrian refugees
    Propaganda = openly admitting and stating to the public the facts, namely that Syrian refugees, recently arrived, were the actual and main aggressors participating in the disgusting , vile acts.

  7. If the German people continue allowing Old Mother Merkel to import aliens on an industrial scale, it shows the extent to which mass brainwashing has succeeded.

  8. So Merkel is all over our screens again pontificating and espousing her usual drivel and stating the blindingly obvious. When is anyone in the press going to subject this dreadful woman to a proper journalistic interrogation? At the very least couldn’t people heckle heckle or just turn their backs on this totally inept politician and walk out! She certainly will not be addressing the European Parliament again in the near future (holding hands with the equally useless Hollande) as she knows Le Pen and Farage WILL tear her “vision” of Europe argument to shreds.

  9. British Fleet Street tabloids and Google English->German translate bots have made clear that Merkel and her pet media in Germany cannot hide what happened from the German people.

    Whether or not Facebook joins in to black out German Social media reports for Frau Merkel.

  10. BBC radio 4 mentioned these assaults/rapes earlier today. The recalled the story of one young girl who’d been molested and finished by stressing how the young victim had (*so the BBC said*) emphasised how important it was not to blame the refugees, who needed our help.

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