Silence, Infidel!

The following photo shows a non-disclosure agreement German women were to sign in order to receive treatment in Cologne hospitals after they were attacked during the Groping Jihad on New Year’s Eve.

Update: I should have added that neither Vlad nor I can vouch for the authenticity of this document. However, it is completely consistent with the behavior and policies of the German government concerning the Groping Jihad on New Year’s Eve and subsequent events.

Further Update: Vlad has posted a translation of a note that has been circulating in Germany:

Alleged non-disclosure agreement is a forgery! Currently there is an alleged non-disclosure agreement disseminated on the Internet, which was said to have been required from the NYE victims. This writing is a forgery. The “Kliniken Koln” do not require such a statement… ***

So we should all take this with a grain of salt.

Final update: Yes, it seems most likely that this document is a fake, based on the various observations in the comments here and elsewhere. However, despite the recommendations of some of our commenters, I will not take it down. I don’t take things down once they’re posted. I just add updates.

As for “discrediting” myself — the post can only discredit me if I fail to acknowledge that it’s a fake when I learn of it. Acknowledging error or misjudgment never brings discredit.

Taking down a post and pretending it was never there — that’s what brings discredit. It’s cowardly, and I won’t do it.

Besides, I think this thing could stimulate a useful discussion.

It must have seemed true to a lot of Germans for it to spread as far as it did. That means people who saw it must have thought it was credible, and reflected the likely actions of the State, based on what they had observed of its recent behavior.

If it hadn’t seemed plausible to many Germans who use social media, this hoax would never even have crossed the Atlantic and come to Vlad’s attention. Doesn’t that say interesting things about the current state of affairs in Germany?

I’ve moved the image and the translation below the fold, so that people who are offended by its very existence may be at least slightly mollified.

(Click to enlarge)

Below is Nash Montana’s translation of the text, which was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form:

Confidentiality Agreement
Clinics of the city of Cologne AG GmbH&Co KG
Neufelder Strasse 34
51067 Cologne

And the female patient


Living at

—————– Cologne

Hereinafter referred to as The Obligant.

The Obligant agrees with the government to observe silence pertaining all incidents, experiences and observations that she made, pertaining to the incidents during Silvester night in the city of Cologne. This is valid against all other third persons, but especially towards the press. If Obligant breaches this confidentiality agreement, a complaint is to be filed with the court of Cologne.



Noted and signed:


Xaver Gross-Schwalm

60 thoughts on “Silence, Infidel!

  1. So, if the victim comes out with her story, and if she signed this disgusting piece of paper, she’d be charged in court for breaking a…contract of silence? She wouldn’t be treated otherwise if she didn’t sign it??? This is extortion! This is to protect the “good name” of the rapists??? So that no one can get angry at the savages Merkel invited to rape German women? I don’t know why Germans are waiting for an election to get rid of Merkel. They should demand an immediate recall and then demand that charges be levied against for for betraying the country. This is really too much, it’s beyond The Twilight Zone.

  2. This is eerily similar to a 1980s movie regarding the Satanic symbol 666. The mother had to have the mark implanted on her and her sick child for the child to receive treatment. This so-called confidentiality agreement is in violation of every law I’m aware of, to say nothing of the Hippocratic oath. This also indicates desperation by the progressives.

    The state says women will be groped and fondled and like it. Cologne’s Reker says it’s women that must avoid contact with Islamic rapists and not vice versa. Police are powerless at crowd control. Feminists say ALL men groped women and not Muslim migrants who are scapegoats. Traditional media are reluctant to release full details as are the police. Now hospitals dictate to sign the agreement or go untreated.

    And where does this leave women? Can a woman even venture out of doors anymore? This is rapidly spiraling out of the control and Merkel’s head is on the chopping block. How much longer can she stay in office? Germany must unite. And now!

  3. I’d query the authenticity of the document.

    Even if authentic, there’s a big question as to whether it is enforceable.

    • Yes, it may well be a forgery. I’m hoping that the distributed intelligence of our readership — a number of whom are German — can tell us more.

      • yes Baron,
        it is a forgery! PI has revealed it and beyond this, the forgery is blatant.The Cologne City Clinics are not exchange traded and can at the same time be a is plain rubbish. The only form of the letter is painfully amateurish and typographically cheap.

  4. Obviously fake, I am dismayed that you would publish this. Your translator failed to note the typo in what purports to be an official document (“Pressse”) and s/he also failed to note the multiple glaring, massive errors typical of a semi-educated person attempting to sound educated (“… vereinbart die Verpflichtete mit der Landesregierung Stillschweigen zu Allen Vorgängen …”)

    P.S.: If you suppress this critical comment also, like you suppressed my previous one about including two conspiracy-theorist websites in your news overview, it’s the last time I’ve commented on GoV.

    • Eugene,

      Completely agree with you.

      GoV, I would seriously consider taking this post down before it does more harm than good.

      • I don’t take stuff down. I acknowledge error, and let it remain. Our readers are intelligent enough to discern what’s going on, especially when the “it’s a fake” notice is posted prominently above it.

    • Oh dearie me, we can’t have people looking at ‘conspiracy-theorist websites’ now, can we?

      That would never do.

      The mainstream media is ever so reliable and totally objective, after all …

      • I have no problem with idiots looking at conspiracy-theory websites like infowars and newswithviews, it’s what idiots do. Are you an idiot?

  5. I would be very careful with this kind of news from now on. There was an recent article in the Spiegel about fake news made up by the “far-right”.

    If this is a forgery, enforcing it could be used to discredit the website. I’d suggest to choose the words carefully to convey that this could be real, and so it’s matter of concern, but its authenticity can not be enforced and will depend on further ascertainment.

    • It can only discredit me if I fail to acknowledge that it’s a fake when I learn of it. Acknowledging error or misjudgement never brings discredit.

      • Well, if you are not obsessed that much by quality, maybe you want also publish some other anti-islamic forgeries? I have collected some on my computer.

        Come on, I mean, EVERY halfway intelligent beeing without a tinfoil hat knows perfectly, that this is a scam. The fight against islam is serious and not a sports or childs play and so it should not include such silly stuff which can be used easily against us by our foes.

        • JohnKD —

          “EVERY halfway intelligent beeing without a tinfoil hat ” may know perfectly “that this is a scam”, but only if that “beeing” is fluent in German. The rest of us just have to do our best.

          Interestingly enough, it seems many Germans were fooled by it, too, at least for a while. Do you think they were all unintelligent? Or wore tinfoil hats?

          The success of the hoax is a measure of how closely it aligns with reality in Modern Multicultural Germany.

          • Tinfoil hats must be properly constructed and used in order to be effective. Otherwise, their protection will be ineffective at best .
            This is serious stuff.
            First: Use the good old thick foil–thinner is NOT better , though easier to mould to the head. The really thick turkey-roaster pans are the best if you can handle them.
            Second: The hat MUST be grounded in order to work. This is essential. Run a 14 ga STRANDED wire to the heel of your shoe–right shoe if right-handed, left shoe if a lefty.
            Either do the job RIGHT, or don’t do it at all. A bad job can result in AMPLIFIED signals and can be worse than no hat at all.
            Flintlock: the reply thread is finished so I have to intrude here: HAHAHAHAHA! You made my day. Too bad they replaced my mercury amalgam fillings with resins of some sort. I can’t get signals anymore. Those Martians were some smart dudes 😉

    • Unfortunately Der Spiegel should not appoint itself to be the moral authority on such things. They have long ago jumped the shark to the left ever since Rudolf Augstein had retreated to private life. Shame, really.

  6. Eugene,

    Completely agree with you on this.

    GoV, I would seriously consider taking this post down before it does more harm than good.

    • I don’t take stuff down. I acknowledge error, and let it remain. Our readers are intelligent enough to discern what’s going on, especially when the “it’s a fake” notice is posted prominently above it.

      • Those saying it should be taken down don’t understand how the internet caches everything. Look up the wayback machine.

        To take it down is to hide. To say “I was wrong” is the road of integrity.

        There are some websites who disappear their errors. We are not among them, and we made that policy a long time ago; now we’re just implementing it. Out of 17,000+ posts over ten years, this was a clunker. Not a bad track record.

        If it takes this to make people run…well, it’s a reflection of the times, eh?

        Keep on rowing, Baron… and keep that lantern held high: this is simply part of the fog of war.

  7. Without knowing anything else, the spelling errors already are glaring. It seems unlikely that this is real. The sad part is, we can’t really put it past them to actually do such a thing, so you scratch your head at first. The German government’s obvious errors aside, much worse things happen in the lower ranks of authority and at local levels, and these create the experience of citizens dealing directly with anything government. It isn’t only the “usual suspects” who get sued in the Brussels Human Rights Court, thousands of cases are filed against Germany every year, too. By its own citizens, mostly. People who had their lives shattered by ridiculous bureaucratic thuggery, financial authorities knowing no bounds (the official translation “revenue service” is really a euphemism), and if you really piss off someone higher up, in this “modern” state you end up in a psychiatric ward. You don’t hear much being reported about how these cases fare in the supranational court, and one can’t help suspecting there is a reason for that, too. Because not all of them are lost or thrown out. I only know this because I’m preparing to go there, too.

    • People who had their lives shattered by ridiculous bureaucratic thuggery, financial authorities knowing no bounds (the official translation “revenue service” is really a euphemism), and if you really piss off someone higher up, in this “modern” state you end up in a psychiatric ward.

      They can do that here, too. The Tea Parties have felt the heavy hand of the “Revenue Service” for quite a while, and they’re blatant about it.

      I’m reading Tommy Robinson’s book at the moment and they spent two years going through his finances trying to find a penny out of place. A forensic accountant finally told the courts to call off the dogs.

    • It’s not only the typos (or “spelling mistakes”). It’s also the defective grammar (which I won’t discuss in detail here, it would make people’s eyes glaze over). Educational standards in Germany may have dropped in recent years, but I guarantee you that no managing director of a major hospital would sign such nonsense. Language-wise, this document exhibits the same level of “quality” as a phishing e-mail sent from a Russian mail server that claims to be from Amazon or a bank.

      But more importantly, even if you take the document at face value it makes no sense.

      Is it an agreement between two parties or a unilateral undertaking by one party (“the patient”)? If the latter, why the second signature? If it’s an agreement, why are the parties given as the hospital and the patient above, but then in the text the patient promises confidentiality to the government of the federal state? Why, if one party is first labeled Patientin, is she suddenly Verpflichtete? In such a brief document, why the last sentence — and why does it ludicrously have Erfüllungsstandort (place of performance) when logically this should be Gerichtsstand (legal venue).

      Not to mention that even if it were drafted in a less self-deconstructing way, such a “legal document” would simply be unenforceable. A hospital (or the government of the federal state, for that matter) cannot compel anyone retrospectively to keep mum about events that he or she experienced, nor could the third party acquire any sort of claim (say, for compensatory damages) if the person were to exercise their right to free speech after having signed this joke of a document.

  8. I really don’t know why anyone would complain over a document which had a very clear disclaimer penned when it was posted. Baron / Vlad do a damn fine job of compiling and distributing these invaluable data on shoestring budgets, all the while sticking their necks out further than probably anyone knows.

  9. Look closely at the paper, each new Line has a letter spelling out FAKE … besides that, it’s written badly and the signatures have many similarities

    • So it does. I think the letter must be a false flag operation designed to sew seeds of doubt on the narrative coming from the anti-migration camp.

      • That is super smart, Diotima… the note could be sort-of legit? …1 and 1/2 layers down.? First layer-false. Second layer-false but second layer author is true as attributed in first layer.

        You must be an English spy, in from the cold.
        Keep dazzling us.

        • PS: To spell it out – because of the letters spelling FAKE at the beginning of the lines, I’m hypothesising that the document was produced by the left to discredit the right & have a laugh at its expense, not by the right to support its narrative.

  10. In reaction about news made up by the “far-right”: you can bet [ ] most so-called far right fake news is hoaxed by left-extremists to make their enemies look stupid. That’s how they view critics, as enemies. The antifascists/international Socialists are trained in framing opponents.
    Here; spelling and grammar mistakes are actually on purpose, to show how uneducated the right is. ” they even fall for the obvious fake”It’s actually their sick minds that make up all kinds of fascist [effluvia].

    Another framing example from Dutch TV; at a public event with Geert Wilders a guy tells the reporter he’s 100% pro-Wilders, “Yeah, they should deport all Moroccans back to Istanbul(Turkey).”
    Sounded like a bonehead, the clip did it’s youtube rounds as stereotype far right moron.
    Later the same guy was recognized as antifascist- it was a performance to stereotype Wilders support.

    • You’re spot on here. On another site I visit a leftist troll using several avatars regularly poses as anti-EU & makes the most absurd statements, inviting ‘bonehead’ anti-EU readers to upvote him. He’s having a laugh at their expense & making the anti-EU camp look silly. I’m sure he’s paid to troll, perhaps by an EU agency. He’s around all day – doesn’t appear to work at anything else.

      • Back during the height of the Breivik affair we saw a lot of paid trolls here, some of them REALLY obvious.

  11. I attach no blame to the Baron or GoV for running the “non-disclosure” piece. The Baron expressed some doubts on the original post. Those of us who are not German-speakers wouldn’t be able to spot spelling errors (although spelling and grammar errors in government documents aren’t anything new). The Baron has acknowledged the error of taking the document seriously, but I agree with him that it’s a document that comports perfectly with the attitude of the government and its news media in trying to squelch dissent among native Germans about all their new well-mannered Muslim brothers whose characters are so far above reproach (that’s irony, in case anyone doesn’t recognize it).

  12. Still the reality

    Even though today, there may never have existed such a document, the idea is based on a reality that implies that such a document would be a highly natural and a truly credible consequence and manifestation of this reality.

    Such a document would just be another in the pool of documents that already exist, confirming, as much as possible, the silently seemless islamization of the developed world. Such a document would follow like any other document follows the New Rule of Europe and the EU, with their different governmental agreements and treaties, on islamization and how islam is to be prioritized in Europe, and how Europeans must obey and cede in general.

  13. The “document” is manifested sarcasm based on reality, and tells more about the context in this reality

  14. The real issue of interest here is not that the document is likely fake, but that the craven behaviour of the authorities towards Muslims recently has made people pause long and hard before dismissing it as such.

    The attempts by politicians and the Press to hush up what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other cities is both disgusting and extremely worrying.

  15. I agree with the Baron not to erase the article. Erasing it would be plunging into the Orwellian world of palimpsests and the rewriting of history.

    • Yes, indeed. But folks, exercise greater care regarding what is posted, especially during times the system feels beleaguered, like now. I expect there will be more trolling, and more attempts at sabotage of critical sites. The system has the option of paying people to be trolls, provocateurs, and saboteurs posting stories with the intent to discredit “the ultra right wing idiots.” No point in being gullible.

      • This bogus form is no less credible than what Mayor Reker said at her press conference the other day.

        Due to the times we live in, actual occurrences and bizarre fabrications may be strikingly similar. As a result, it’s hard to be less “gullible”, especially when we’re dealing with material in a foreign language.

        It’s just the kind of risk we have to take in this line of work. Prompt and prominent retraction and correction remains the best remedy.

  16. Considering that the mayor suggested that the women in her city(Cologne) were at fault for not wearing clothing that conforms to the mu[slim] dress code(s), I can see where people would immediately assume that this “form” was an actual form from a hospital there. Not to mention the stifling of the news by all official sources.

    • A case of ‘the truth is stranger than fiction’ …

      There are enough crazy people out there – many of them involved in politics – for anything to be possible nowadays.

      If anyone had said on September 10th 2001 that at the beginning of 2016, that Europe would be deliberately turned into a shariah-compliant continent in accordance with the nonsensical policy of ‘multiculturalism’ and that anyone who spoke their mind and criticized Islam in their own country would risk being sacked or prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ – no one would have believed them!

      Yet here we are.

      Sometimes the most incredible things are in fact, true. As we head further down the road we’re on, it will become more difficult to know what is true and what is not.

  17. Gates of Vienna did the right thing.
    But some people do go on and on about it and that is not constructive.
    Psyops can come from anywhere out there.
    GoV saw the error and acknowledged it.

  18. ” I don’t take things down once they’re posted. I just add updates.”

    Pamela has no problem doing such.

    • How’s the Pamela getting on with her round the world cruise I wonder, the one where she was going to hire a boat and sail around the world picking up ‘refugees’ from war-torn Islamic lands?

  19. The real issue here is not that this is fake, it is that the fake resembles reality so closely as to easily seem plausible. Thus, the fact that this even seems the least bit believable to anyone indicates a very serious problem.

    20 or 30 years ago I am guessing that nobody would have even entertained for a moment the idea that this might be for real, but now? Now, based on the obvious corrupt behavior of the media-political complex, one is now forced to wonder at least briefly if such a document is real.

    • You bring up a good example. That ran on AP for years. And it’s in the way back machine…you are indeed the memory man and just proved our point.

  20. Not to beat a dead horse, but the people here who stress how impossible it is to believe a hospital or clinic would misspell words should have seen the three hundred t-shirts our local hospital had silk-screened – and then handed out, in spite of the misspelling (which I believe actually escaped the notice of the admin staff involved):

    “Caring Is Our Specalty”

    It certainly is _not_ beyond the bounds of belief that a form – rushed into print and copied in large numbers in the face of the large numbers of women who were attacked and then sought medical care – might contain egregious errors such as shown in this fake document. (Nor do I doubt that a country that would tell its own citizens to “leave Germany” if they didn’t like the jihadi “refugees” moving into their towns, might create a document like this.)

    But then, I’m not German, so I may be unaware of their absolute perfection in the printing of forms and announcements, with never an error ever made.

    • Next time, read the comments before sounding off and exposing your cluelessness.

      (1) Typos — not just one but several.

      (2) Grammar — Glaring and obvious to educated German speakers (but not, apparently, to GoV’s translator)

      (3) Logical and legal inconsistency, making the “document” unenforceable and void, even if it were real (GoV’s translator did not know or care)

      (4) Read from top to bottom, the first letters of each line spell “FAKE” (thanks, Diotima). To do so, the word allen had to be incorrectly spelled with an upper-case “A”. Also, these letters appear to be printed at least one point size larger than the rest.

      No one here spotted all four clues at once, but collectively we did so easily and quickly. In German online fora, a few people did fall for the fake but were quickly rapped on the knuckles for their gullibility.

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