So You Think You Know What Happened in Cologne?

JLH has translated and fisked an article by one of the Gutmenschen, a journalist originally from the DDR who now resides in the Czech Republic.

So You Think You Know What Happened in Cologne?
by JLH

Since you are reading this blog, you are probably a sour and angry person of limited mental capacity and distrustful of the more illustrious sources of news and opinion. Your thoughts, when you have any, rise directly from your viscera. What you need is exposure to an elite and enlightened view of the world, to help you unscramble your untidy reactions to what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other cities in Germany and beyond.

Good news! Here is just what you need, in the form of an introspective article by a cosmopolitan journalist. Born in East Germany, he lived there for the first ca. 45 years of his life. He studied journalism in Leipzig and joined East German radio, specializing in Eastern European politics and foreign affairs. In the 1990s, after the Wall came down, he moved to what was then Czechoslovakia, and is now the Czech Republic, where he still resides and writes for Die Sächsische Zeitung (Dresden), Die Welt (Berlin), a Czech news service and the German-language newspaper in Prague.

His article in Die Sächsische Zeitung will take you by the hand through the thoughts and feelings proper to this series of events. I will provide marginal remarks.

Am I a Racist?

Our correspondent in Prague is horrified by the events in Cologne. His opinion is that everyone has to assimilate in a foreign country — Everyone!

by Hans-Jörg Schmidt

The troubles in Cologne and elsewhere on New Year’s Eve recently impelled me to pour out my fury in a long comment on Facebook. I admit, not every word was chosen carefully. It was consistent: I had imagined how it would have been if women or girls from family or my friends’ or acquaintances’ families had been among the victims that night. I don’t believe I would have accepted that easily. Although naturally I see that vigilantism can belong at best in a plot for “Scene of the Crime.” And yet, my adult daughter could have been among those molested — even my two granddaughters. What a traumatic thought. You could blow your top. Fortunately only verbally.

In my rapidly written post, I became very agitated about the police in Cologne, who repeatedly failed to control the situation. When a policeman in a newspaper interview admitted he had been afraid, I thought, I’m in the wrong movie. How can it be that, in a country of laws, the police can tuck in their tails and look away when something goes completely haywire? Don’t misunderstand me. The police have many complex tasks to perform nowadays. That makes me think of the poor behavior of countless “soccer fans” on every weekend, wherever you are in Germany. None of that is any fun. I don’t envy the police their job. Nevertheless, they are the keepers of order on whom a citizen absolutely must rely.

Right now in Cologne, there is a feverish investigation under the pressure of massive publicity. At the time of my Facebook post, the word was that the perpetrators were “North Africans” or “Arabs.” That infuriated me for two reasons. First because I realized that it must be a downright tsunami for the mills of everyone who is of the same mind as those who feel compelled to go on weekly “strolls” or, even worse, attack asylum residences in order to “save” the West from foreigners. In my opinion, neither PEGIDA nor AfD and certainly not the arsonists at asylum residences, are “the people.” Still, as an aside, I no longer feel quite at ease in my regular visits to Dresden. In public transportation, I have the — possibly exaggerated — feeling that everyone is examining me and seeing how much I despise the openly racist part of PEGIDA.

[Well, obviously the really crucial point here is that this could damage the PR efforts to make the influx seem like a good and humane thing.]

[PEGIDA should not use “We are the people” — because they are unworthy? Did this guy ever even go on those walks in 1989?]

The second reason for my anger was that, for the first time since the refugees started arriving, I sensed that I might not be free of prejudices myself. They arise from the time of the “Wende” [Fall of the GDR] — the time of open borders in [East] Berlin, where I was living at the time. On weekends, my then-adolescent daughter frequently arranged to meet friends at discotheques in West Berlin. Her tales about young Turks who — speaking euphemistically — showed little respect for young blond girls, made me nervous. After that, my daughter always received taxi money so she could get away “safely” and quickly. That nothing ever happened to her, I had put down to our successful parenting. But I also thought, perhaps she had exaggerated a bit in her stories about the young Turks.

[Maybe she exaggerated??!!]

I know that Germans too can have a very dubious relationship with women and girls, most recently since my first train trips from Germany to Prague at the beginning of the 1990s. There were whole compartments full of mostly young men who were interested in anything but the Charles Bridge or Prague Castle. Barely past Dresden, and full of beer, they were booming out what they were thinking of: cheap sex with “hot Czech girls.” When I drove on the 170/E 55 from Dresden to Prague on Saturdays, I found actual columns of cars going to the border location, Dubi. Previously a spa, it had become an out-and-out brothel. For years I was embarrassed by my German fellow citizens. And I was very angry when private German TV stations filmed the E 55, and counterfeited shock at the sad fate of the prostitutes. They were really interested in the half-naked girls. Fortunately all that changed. Dubi is on its way back to being a spa.

[So the thousand roving, molesting “alleged” North Africans and Arabs are just like any thousand or so marauding Western youths in a train station in the Middle East or Asia or Prague, or possibly New Jersey.]

[On the other hand, what if these Western youths had fireworks that they were firing at the folks in the downtown area? Well, maybe the locals could scream and duck like the folks in the cathedral square.]

One of my female Facebook friends rightly commented on my post, “It’s not foreigners who debase women, it’s a******es.” I had suppressed that in my furious reaction to the troubles in Cologne, although of course I knew it. So the question is, am I at bottom susceptible to racism? Why am I getting exercised during the whole refugee drama, when this is about sexual attacks on women by alleged refugees? On one hand, I would defend myself by saying that I am doing it for the sake of the women, who are more defenseless than strong men. But, actually, maybe I should now consider a little longer the question of my “predisposition to racism.”

[Clearly, this is a case of retraining ourselves to be less biased.]

And still, there is something else that makes me mad about all this. What happened in Cologne has now reached the social networks and has arrived in “my” Czech Republic. And it will be used here as a vehicle for strengthening the extremely negative Czech attitude on the refugee question. “This land belongs to us” (and so is taboo for refugees) was the end of President Zeman’s Christmas address to the nation. His predecessor, Václav Klaus, made use of a New Year’s appearance to compare Angela Merkel and her goals with Hitler and Stalin — in all seriousness.

[“This land belongs to us” What a nerve! Who does he think he is — a 20-year-old immigrant with an inalienable right to invade?]

When a major German paper reported on these two, there were hundreds of reader comments which exalted Zeman and Klaus to the skies and blustered about how misguided the chancellor is and that they wanted to emigrate to Czechia., That gave me gooseflesh. I know both of these top Czech politicians much better than any reader of a German newspaper. If I should present Zeman’s and Klaus’s every remark on the refugee question as an article, the readership would eventually become annoyed, probably even hard-core PEGIDA adherents.

[It’s good to be the expert of record. Could we have a few examples? Do they say nasty things about the EU?]

But concerning the reaction of the Czechs to Cologne, I can understand it. Their fear of Muslims, which is hard for some in Germany and Europe to comprehend, does not come only from the fact that they have had hardly any experience with people of this cultural group. Since the expulsion of the Germans and the end of the common state with the Slovaks, Czechia has been a truly Czech “national state” with a tiny number of foreigners. What the Czechs see in the refugee crisis is, above all, what is happening in Germany — the land most desired by refugees from the Near East, the Balkans and Africa. Reports like those from Cologne are not especially helpful to them in reducing prejudices and reconsidering their own perspective. Merkel will not easily find a partner in Prague who is willing to uncritically accept thousands of refugees.

But even if the basic attitude should change, the Czechs — like the Germans — would expect the immigrants to adapt to their laws and customs. If I, as a resident of 25 years in Prague, did not honor these laws and customs, I would have problems, first, with my own neighbors and then local authorities up to the point of getting a notification, against which even my EU citizenship would not protect me. I cannot even drive my car in Czechia unless I have drunk absolutely nothing alcoholic. I have so internalized these rules that even in Germany I never step into my car after even one beer.

[So if you had lived in Iran for 25 years and internalized its rules, how would you be acting in the Cologne train station now?]

I take my own behavior in a foreign country as a standard for the behavior of foreigners in the land of my birth — Germany. So I expect the perpetrators of Cologne will be found, without exception, held responsible and spend a few years behind bars. If it should really turn out to be “North Africans” or “Arabs” who went after women and girls, then there is, in my opinion, no alternative to putting these people on the next plane home. I know the laws in Germany do not allow it to happen so simply. But, I beg your pardon, the law must be changed. That is the other side of the German “welcoming culture.”

[Easy-peasy. Just round them all up, just they way the police have been rounding up the Antifas who have been roaming the streets of Cologne for years now.]

[The law must be changed — from your mouth to God’s ear.]

Everyone in need must be welcome. But he must be willing to integrate. In “my” host country, I could not cheat on basic things. I did not even need a German translation of the Czech constitution to know that.

[Everyone in need must be welcomed — even if they are not really in need, but in heat.]

23 thoughts on “So You Think You Know What Happened in Cologne?

  1. I believe it’s a fisking of a fairly heavy handed satire.

    Either that, or the journalist is genuinely as insane as Merkel.

    • It’s gotten rather difficult to discern the difference between The Onion (long standing satire site) and reality. I’m no longer shocked at the absolutely insane things coming from leftists in the West. PO’d, yes. Shocked, nope.

      • The left does NOT see their own citizens as people just sources of TAX dollars that the left can spend BIG and buy influence.

        Who cares if the CITIZENS suffer, not the left.

        The citizens are the “mice” on which to do social experiments which are actually TORTURE!

  2. This man is probably a repressed man in the usual sexual way( he hates women and their success) and he really gets off on the fact that these “INDEPENDENT ” females are being accosted and assaulted.


    That is my take on this WOMAN HATING excuse for a journalist. HA! Journalist/repressed perv you mean.

    He tries to hide under a “concern” for all those poor “innocent” illegals and he likes to cast aspersions at people like PEGIDA, who UNLIKE him HAVE A MORAL CHARACTER and A LOVE OF HOME!

    WHY So hard on the chap?? Because he deserves to be treated like the DOLT he really is.

    • He also implies that tarts on the E55 were/are the same as the victims of Cologne. I would remind him that even a tart has the right not to be sexually assulted. There is a huge gulf between the buyers of sexual favours and rapists, that gulf is called CONSENT.

      As a young sailor, I used to get propositioned by gay men on a regular basis, I found it offensive even though it was just verbal, women have put up with this day in, day out. To have to put up with unwanted bottom pinching and boob brushing is what girls get from men from the age of puberty, it is not acceptable but it happens. Cologne was something apart, a mass violation of the right of every German woman to walk their own streets in relative safety. This was a declaration of ‘sexual’ warfare on German females. The object being to make them observe shariah law. Can Merkel and Reker not see this? Or is it part of an even more sinister agenda which they and their ilk wish to inflict on us all.

      The Merkel/Reker failure to act decisively just shows that they are totally unfit for office. They and their ilk are worse than Hitler. Hitlerism only destroyed the German country, Merkelism is cynically destroying the German people.

  3. Ahem: If it is a satire, it had to fool the editors of the Dresden newspaper known to PEGIDA supporters as one of the multiculti PC members of the so-called Luegenpresse. We should also consider that his background is not so different from that of Chancellor Merkel. I vote for your second option.

  4. What kind of father does not believe his own daughter. This man seems to me like he has a bad case of “white privilege” (whatever that means) and does not know what to do with it. He has drank too much of the politically correct Kool-aid. I have to wonder if one of the men he may be “racially biased against” had molested his daughter – would he have blamed it on his daughter or would he have taken action to protect her. Somehow I get the feeling it would be the former. The Czechs need to send him back to Germany so he can enjoy some first hand cultural enrichment. One can only hope he is not representative of true German men because if he is then only God can help German women. These are not the times for wimpish men as they will be shown no mercy from the invaders.

  5. Speaking from such high moral ground, I’m surprised this idiot can mingle with ‘the people’ at all. It must be painful for so elevated a nature to have to rub shoulders with the riffraff who object to men from exotic cultures molesting their women and therefore not wanting the barbarians in their nation at all.

    The tell-tale sign is that he studied in EASTERN Germany, so no doubt he is intimately acquainted with that ‘scientifically proven, secular utopia’ which sadly imploded during 1989. However fortunately it survived in the Western universities and now guides our politicians on their noble path of giving succor to all those who despise us.

    He is obviously living in the wrong country and needs to move to a more morally enriching environment like Paris, Brussels or London. There he can practice his anti-racism to his heart’s content and save the Czechs the trouble of defenestrating him from a window in Prague Castle!

  6. This piece is most definitely not a heavy-handed satire.

    Two matters stand out to me.

    Firstly, he postulates the possibility of his then adolescent daughter exaggerating about the behaviour of Turks at German discotheques. Au contraire. Adolescent daughters tend to sanitize the tales told to their fathers about dangers to females in nightspots – they are well aware that if the full truth were told to their dads, their dads might not let them go to such places at all! This man plainly is a disconnected, out of tune, lacking-insight parent if he thinks his daughter was exaggerating. Sheesh!

    Secondly, and more importantly, he lamely attempts to falsely equate the behaviour of young German men with young Muslim men:

    “I know that Germans too can have a very dubious relationship with women and girls, most recently since my first train trips from Germany to Prague at the beginning of the 1990s. There were whole compartments full of mostly young men who were interested in anything but the Charles Bridge or Prague Castle. Barely past Dresden, and full of beer, they were booming out what they were thinking of: cheap sex with “hot Czech girls.””

    Does he not see the huge distinction between young men seeking “cheap sex” with young women and young men raping and molesting women? There is no equivalence whatsoever. One is paying prostitutes who are plying a trade, the other is sexual assault of innocents. The former is distasteful, boorish, etc, the other is the criminal violation of unwilling females. If he can’t see (or is unwilling to see) the huge distinction between the two, well he’s an utterly obtuse fool (or a contemptible disingenuous propagandist)

  7. My New Year’s resolution – no more reading (or listening) to mentally ill politicians or journalists.

  8. “You could blow your top. Fortunately only verbally.” — Fortunately? Only verbally blowing your top will not make the danger go away. We WILL blow our tops by ALL means if we’re to survive.

  9. Lovely fluffy bunny multiculturalism allows and encourages lots of cultures to exist side by side, that is, separately, without the obligation to integrate. Then we can all feel virtuously “tolerant” and “inclusive” and oh-so fashionable.
    Hey, guess what the Dutch word for “separateness” is?
    That’s right – apartheid.

  10. The author appears to be just another nit-wit who cannot tell the difference between “race” and “culture” . . . or hardware vs. software.

  11. So this reporter congratulates himself on his excellent parenting. He should award himself a prize for his hypertrophied hubris.
    Anyway. He perfectly educated his daughter; he thus believe she is as perfect as perfect can be. But he doesn’t trust her word. I guess a “d’oh!” would be appropriate at this point.
    Half of this article made me cringe, although I should be immune to it: I’m reading the French press every day, and sometimes even listens to some state radio. It’s more or less the message that is disseminated, although they don’t have much of a doubt here about being on the right side. We call it bien-pensance, or moraline. And people are starting to get allergic to it.

    • And people are starting to get allergic to it.

      No one believes any of this stuff anymore if they have half a brain. The body of evidence is so overwhelming that it can no longer be ignored.
      So his daughter got away clean from a disco in West Berlin? Bully for her!
      How about all the other daughters, that were using public transit that didn’t get away clean… You were down at the train station? Must be your fault. You should have taken a taxi! Or Uber maybe, yeah, that’s the ticket. I’ll remember that the next time I go to Berlin, NOT!

  12. “I take my own behavior in a foreign country as a standard for the behavior of foreigners in the land of my birth — Germany.” Cheap casuistics.

  13. I don’t think the Czechs are against ‘migrants’ because they don’t know them, but rather because they – like their eastern European neighbors – have better historical memories and less PC culture than the west.
    I got to know our pals from south and east of the Mediterranean pretty well, and you couldn’t pay me to let 1 of them into the country if I could help it.
    Call it postjudice.
    His daughter getting away from the disco harassment unscathed (if indeed she did) isn’t because of good parenting, but just plain luck.

  14. This man is a ‘run of the mill’ leftist.
    Like all leftists, he will eventually wake up–it just takes naïve, PC leftists longer than the rest of us.

  15. See how it works. These best of peoples have been so fixated on bashing their lessors that they cannot bear to become one of the bashed lessors.

    The investment of time and mental energy into pretending that the Muslim Barbarians are not barbarians is quite impressive. And yet the greater evil is to see their evil as evil.

  16. wake up europe to what your leaders are doing to the masses , it’s hard to watch without your emotions getting in the way , this “invasion” was planned , what happened on new years eve was also planned , it’s time to take back your nations from the leaders who also have planned this , ( your leaders ) , [intemperate recommendations redacted].

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