Head of German Police Union: “Every Officer Knows That a Certain Political Expectation is Being Cultivated”

The following panel discussion from German television is evidence that the first cracks have begun to appear in the German political edifice, with the largest fissure opening between the police and the state. Other media reports have featured honest accounts by police officers involved in the Cologne Groping Jihad cases, but for obvious reasons none of them have been willing to go on the record about what is going on.

That’s not true of this clip The major players are Rainer Wendt, the head of the police union in Germany, and Hannelore Kraft, the leader of the Social Democratic Party and current Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia. In his interaction with Ms. Kraft, the union chief speaks with brutal clarity about the stifling PC regime that has been imposed on German police officers.

We’ve featured Mr. Wendt a number of times in the past few years as the “migration” crisis accelerated.

In the following exchange, pay attention to the politically incorrect responses of the studio audience — clapping and laughing at moments when they clearly are not supposed to. Either the TV producers didn’t hand-pick the attendees, or those good burghers have had enough and gone off-script.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


26:50   We have — we didn’t know anything about it, because the police delivered false information.
26:57   I think that there’s not one serious media outlet that would hush up what really happened.
27:02   It is appalling and this outrage has to be expressed.
27:06   And out of this outrage there has to come more, more…
27:11   But only as time passed did the full scope of all of this become clear
27:15   to all, even to the police, as we now know today.
27:18   I am sorry, but it wasn’t the scope of it all, but it was, however misunderstood,
27:22   perhaps wrongly interpreted political will, because the dimensions of it all were clear that night,
27:26   it was just not passed on, just look at it.
27:31   The Cologne police detained multiple persons at Silvester night,
27:36   without disclosing their background.
27:39   According to the Cologne Stadtanzeiger, this was a conscious decision.
27:42   “(…) with the analogous rationale, that this would be “politically delicate”,
27:47   the shift leader made the decision to withhold the information.”
27:52   Frau Kraft, he didn’t just think of this. How do highly-placed police officers get to
27:57   just make the decision to say ‘these are politically delicate things’.
28:00   Whenever they have the opportunity, and I have had it, to speak with officers out of personal experience,
28:05   they have always said that under their breath, but to this extent I did not think it was possible.
28:09   Where does that come from? I can only tell you, that we did not give out an order,
28:14   that the minister of the interior did not give out a decree that they could not publish these things.
28:17   on the contrary, we appointed an investigative group that investigated exactly that.
28:20   [Exclaims audibly and rolls his eyes, to which the moderator says, “just listen, Herr Wendt”]
28:23   Yeah? We want, we, we don’t just overlook that there are groups of migrants,
28:29   of refugees, of migrants, whatever, and from whichever group,
28:33   with which — where we see criminal activities. But what happened there,
28:37   in this dimension, that is something we all have never experienced before. Nobody among us.
28:42   The question remains, why does a highly esteemed law enforcement officer think this is politically delicate.
28:47   You can accuse the police of many things, but they really aren’t the romantic social worker type —
28:52   my apologies to social workers at this point — there had to be something where they thought,
28:59   can I get myself a reward from my superior; there has to be a climate. it’s just in the human experience,
29:05   I mean it wasn’t just one officer…
29:09   …And we even record it when crimes are committed by foreign citizens, it is all documented…
29:16   …Herr Wendt… we even appointed a group of investigators who were…
29:20   …Herr Wendt… it’s not like we’re trying, somehow, that we are concealing anything, we don’t do that!
29:25   I can’t quit shaking my head, dear Frau Kraft, I am going to explain this to you now how it goes in the public service,
29:30   which is by the way, not a North Rhine-Westphalian phenomenon, it is a Germany-wide phenomenon.
29:35   The minister does not have to pass a decree, and he won’t do it either; I am convinced that he didn’t do that.
29:42   The terrible thing is, he doesn’t have to do that. Because every officer knows, that there
29:46   is a certain political expectation that is being cultivated, that he has to fulfill.
29:52   We’ve had for the longest time an edict (clapping),
29:57   We’ve had for many years an edict, for many years we’ve had a decree that we, within domestic traffic,
30:02   when we write reports, that we are not allowed to make a reference in regard to the background of the offender.
30:08   For years we’ve altered conventional language, so that for instance we wouldn’t
30:12   be allowed to speak of roaming Roma groups, but that we had to say, for instance,
30:18   those are people with frequently changing residences.
30:23   And we don’t say too, for instance, yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous, but you know,
30:27   that’s how, that is how in fact we breed a language which puts officers in a situation,
30:32   better not to say anything so you can’t do anything wrong, in the fulfillment of a
30:38   political attitude of expectation, and that is being bred everywhere.
30:42   What is this political attitude of expectation, from whom does it come, who gives it to you, Herr Wendt?
30:46   Can you assign that to one party?
30:49   No, no, this is a universal political attitude of expectation which is also very clear to officers,
30:54   and I am sorry, but we sat right here, when for instance my colleague Tania Kampouri was accused
30:59   of using rightwing tactics simply because she described everyday reality.
31:03   And not even that suits people, OK, when one describes what they go through daily
31:09   then they get immediately pushed into the “right-wing corner”, and that is our problem.

15 thoughts on “Head of German Police Union: “Every Officer Knows That a Certain Political Expectation is Being Cultivated”

  1. Very interesting indeed. And very pleasing to see youngish people applauding the police union leader for telling it like it is. You can’t deal with a problem if you’re not allowed to describe it!

    • Yes, this is so refreshing. Telling the truth is the necessary first step to dealing with a situation that is already out of control.

  2. Note the body language of the woman governmental official in pink: the sour look on her face when confronted, the nervous blinking and finger manipulation. She knows she’s lying.

    • to wit: this ” official” is Prime Minister of a state and as such supreme chief of the police forces. In Germany, police force is ruled by the states, not the Berlin government,this for historical reasons- prevention of a central armed force.

  3. The German police are very lucky to have such a brave, honest and articulate union leader. And so is Germany. Perhaps the police unions of Sweden, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain … the list goes on … should jointly declare:

    “Enough! Permit us to do our jobs without fear of adverse, politically motivated, consequences to our careers and allow us to rigorously enforce the law and work towards making our citizens’ lives secure and safe.”

    When I see footage of German police being challenged and abused by MENA youths, who plainly fear no consequences whatsoever, I despair. Liberal application of truncheons and pepper spray, escalating to rubber bullets if need be. Live ammunition if things get really out of hand and the police officers (or other citizens’) lives are threatened.

    Good on ‘ya Herr Wendt.

    • Isn’t it interesting that it is the leader of a union that is the fearless truth teller? I will have to moderate my views of union leaders to encompass the behaviour of this brave man.

      • unfortunatly, this gentleman represents the smaller and more conservatively inclined police force. The larger union is social- democrat influenced and often on the ” right- thinking” side.

  4. Good for the Police Union Official. The time has come for the German people to respond to the accusation of being “right wing, racist, or racist” with ” I think you mean patriot.” Merkel has been cited by a senior constitutional judge of “HISTORICALLY breaching the German Constitution” by opening the German borders to the third world (& the EU’s too) which has directly led to the dreadful NYE sex attacks. reports on this in the UK media ZERO! Let’s see some discussion programmes on why Merkel is still in office, when she will be impeached, when will she be convicted, and when will Germany make financial restitution to the rest of Europe for all the damage caused by her insane political views?

  5. Well, they say the first rule about Fight Club, is that you never talk about Fight Club. Glad to see them talking about talking about Fight Club.

  6. My heart sings when I hear Mr Wendt speak so bravely and honestly and EXACTY about the great lie , trust a german to to get it all tied down …..I have been waiting for this for 40 years , like the people in a frozen village in Siberia waits for spring , or like the peole in a scorching dersert in south Sudan waits for the Rain . ..I believe we have just now felt the first raindrobs after a 50 year drought …

  7. The German Police Officers involved in this inactivity are dishonouring their oath to the people of their nation and are fraudulently accepting tax payers money. Any involved should resign.

  8. German Judge number two has just cited Frau Merkel’s immigration policy of open boarders( which has plunged Germany and the rest of Europe into utter chaos) as UNCONSTITUTIONAL as her actions are so at oddds with the will of the people and that she had side stepped proper
    parliamentary procedure to force her unwelcome measures through. I believe the the last German Chancellor to side step parliament was a certain Adolf Hitler. Further more it would appear that the Chancellory has ignored many thousand of emails demanding her removal on the grounds of treason, again UNCONSTITUTIONAL as ordinary citizens are entitled to seek her removal for their own protection and that of the German State.

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