Die Kanzlerin und ihre Koran

I hope I got that little bit of German right…

I made the following graphic this morning, for no particular reason:

(Click to enlarge)

I happened upon a good high-res photo of the Chancellorette against a near-uniform background, taken face-on with no foreshortening of the lectern in front of her. A shot like that is perfect for making composites against alternative backgrounds. Add to that the fact that she had one finger pointed skyward (or maybe Allahward) in the well-known tawhid gesture that serves as the gang-sign of the Islamic State.

So how could I resist?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Chancellor Merkel has surrendered her country and her people to the enemy. And not just any ordinary enemy, but a barbaric, backward, depraved, brutal enemy. An enemy that is as different from a German as a snail is from a horse.

It is as if Kaiser Wilhelm II, after firing Bismarck, had invited the armies of Czar Nicholas II to occupy the German Empire. And told the Russian soldiers to bring their wives and children along. And if they didn’t have any wives, why, they could just rape any German women they wanted without facing any consequences.

Oh, and then offered to pay all their expenses and provide them with a stipend of 500 Goldmarks per month.

It’s insane. It’s madness on a scale that can scarcely be comprehended. The fact that the German people haven’t staged an armed uprising against their treasonous state is a sign that the German people are also infected with this collective madness. As is the rest of the West — we are all afflicted with a bizarre mass insanity that has developed so gradually and is so pervasive that ninety-nine out of a hundred people can’t even detect it.

May God help us all.

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  1. That’s [a remnant of nasal secretions] on her finger!

    Never mind the audio — if you look carefully you can lip-read what she’s saying:

    “Das Deutsche Volk? DAS DEUTSCHE VOLK! Don’t talk to me about das Deutsche Volk!

    THIS is what I think of DAS DEUTSCHE VOLK!”

    • I keep repeating: home schooling parents send their kids here. I don’t want their complaints. Enough with the body fluids…I’d never hear the end of it if I let some little kid on here to rant…

      Hey. Wait a minute. How old *are* you??

        • Oh. Second childhood. I get it – I’m there, too. The little girl with the big fat bow in her hair and her patent leather shoes…

          …the one who thought getting all A’s in Spelling was the height of virtue. Not so hot in the “Deportment” Department. Even then I was Irish loquacious.

          • Deep chuckling here with the “Deportment” Department reference. As an elementary student in a NJ parochial school during the 1960’s, it was common for ambitious students to compete for each week’s award of “deportment pins”.
            I asked my youngest child if he knew what a ‘deportment pin’ was and he was quick to assure me he did…’a badge marking one for deportation’…was his reply. Sigh.

    • John Archer, remember me from EU Referendum?

      This is an excellent web site and has some great articles and the people who run it are pure gold, but they do not like salty language, I know you feel like me from past conversations, I would respectfully ask you to respect their desire to have more refined speech, I know you can do it and I would really appreciate your biting wit without the salty parts.

      • Hi DaffersD! Salutations!

        Long time, no see. 🙂

        I fear then this site is not for me. I prefer to be free to say what I want. Shame. But thanks all the same.

        Best wishes.

    • By the way, Dymphna, it wasn’t a fluid, more a flexible solid, unless left lying around long enough — under a desk lid perhaps, to be savoured later, or flicked to add another crack to the draughty schoolroom window.

      Look, I don’t like being misrepresented like this, but something tells me you’re probably the fair type, so how about reinstating my redacted?

      Tell you what: to show my goodwill, I’ll meet you half way and settle for the medical term instead. How about it?

      That way I’ll be happy and the little kiddies will improve their vocabulary beyond their customary vulgar vernacular. We’ll all be winners! — as Adam Smith might have put it. What do you say?

      Come on now! Be a stand-up chapette! Do a deal with me! That’s how we do things in the West. We’re civilised!

      • You touched my heart with your entreaties, John Archer. I took pity on you and adjusted it.

        • Thank you. That’s MUCH more like it. Reason triumphs again!

          But then it’s our job to ensure it does.

          I’ll review my prejudices.

          Not my rabid anti-muslim[] ones though! Oh no! NEVER those! They stand resolute — they’re ENTIRELY based on reason and my HUGE philanthropic impulse.

          • I don’t know how anyone can look at Angie waving her finger around like that without humming a few bars of Kinky Friedman …

  2. Almost 🙂
    Die Kanzlerin und ihr Koran. Koran is a masculine noun, so the possessive adjective is ihr.

    • That’s funny, because Google translated it as feminine! Does google know something about the word of Allah that we don’t?

      • Wonder what Babelfish would have made of it.
        I find it amazing that so many Americans have German or partially German heritage, yet so many know virtually nothing about German language, culture, history – besides the standby stereotypes, of course.

        • Many of our German-ancestry Americans have been here since before The Revolution. They may not speak German anymore, but if they’re, say, still farming, you can tell when you’ve come across a “German” farm.

          In our rural county we have Welsh (and a cemetery whose headstones are in Welsh) and German Swiss. The language is gone by now, but the family names (and place names) remain. As do the cultural characteristics.

  3. It should be “ihr” so it reads “Die Kanzlerin und uhr Koran.”

    One of Germany’s most senior constitutional judges has said Angela Merkel’s government is violating the country’s constitution by failing to protect its borders.

    In a report commissioned by Mrs Merkel’s partners, the Christian Social Union (CSU), Udo di Fabio says the federal government is constitutionally obliged to take control of border security when European institutions are impaired.

    Mr. di Fabio, himself from an immigrant family, adds that the overwhelming migrant influx, and the subsequent suspension of the Dublin Convention, means that the German government is therefore obliged to step in, but has so far failed to do so adequately. In doing so, they committed a “historic breach of law”, N-TV reports.

    Taking a shot at Merkel’s appeals to keep the borders open due to compassion for refugees fleeing war and persecution, he adds:

    “The Basic Law does not guarantee the protection of all people worldwide through de facto or legal entry permits.”

    The report will be of particular concern to the German authorities since article 20(4) of the German constitution says citizens have a right to “resist” any person seeking to violate the country’s constitutional order, “if no other remedy is available”.

    It reads: “All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available”.


      • See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dublin_Regulation

        Quick ‘n’ dirty summary:

        “Dublin” is one of the two treaties that are now in tatters. The Schengen treaty is about open borders throughout (most of) Europe, but it relied on the EU external borders being policed, which they are not.

        Dublin says that asylum-seekers must apply for asylum where they first enter a treaty state and may not move on to another member state to claim asylum there. Accordingly, Germany’s constitution was changed in 1993 (Art. 16a (2)) to bar persons from applying for asylum if they traveled through an EU member state or another “safe” country.

        In effect, this meant — while “Dublin” lasted — that the only people legally able to apply for asylum in Germany arrived on intercontinental flights. It was a good arrangement for Germany, not so good for Italy and Greece, who were left saddled with the bulk of migrants claiming asylum who arrived via surface travel.

        Germany and the other rich EU states offered assistance to Italy and Greece to help them cope, but it went down a black hole. Even before last year, Italy was already giving asylum-claimants cash, travel papers, and train tickets to Germany to get them out of its hair. There was grumbling about this in Germany but not enough anger to make a difference.

        Then last year, Erdogan opened Turkey’s floodgates and Merkel, instead of sanctioning Turkey, declared Dublin dead. And this is where we are now.

      • I believe it’s the protocol that says that asylum seekers should seek asylum in the first safe country they get to – not shop around for the best conditions.

        • The muslims have made their, well known, “Human Rights” – based on sharia, the Cairo Declaration of 1990, copying the Universal Human Rights of 1948, article by article.

          Hence, the Sharia rights – often confused with the Universal Human Rights – are stating that, notably according to sharia,

          everyone has the right to seek asylum in their country of preference!

          In other words, as long as you are muslim, you have the right to choose which country to settle and demand Your Sharia Rights be provided by kuffar.

          Human Rights of 1948 and Sharia Rights of 1990, may look the same, but are very different.

          Angela Dorothea Merkel may know the difference, but still the systems are all tuned in to the Sharia Rights.

          Nothing new about this copying. That’s also what their “holy book”, Der Koran, is based upon as well.

      • Dymphna

        You’ve hurt my feelings by evidently not having read my essay posted here last June (entitled by your husband as “Saying the Unsayable”). The Dublin Convention is referred to in that and/or its follow up essay. Sniff, whimper, but no sulk.

        • Hmmm…June. I’ll bet I was spending a lot of time in the garden…setting up my straw bale garden and tending to some of the flower beds…Thanks for the title. I’ll look for it.

          You can sulk if you want. The B often mentions your work admiringly, as being of very high quality. He says we’re fortunate to have you as an essayist. So stay well!

    • Sounds like this would provide a rather good legal defense for any officials who would like to refuse to follow orders and act according to their constitutional duty.

      • You would think so, but in practice it would be impossible. Every scholarly commentator on that article of Germany’s law has declared that so many conditions would have to be met, it might as well not be there at all. No German judge will ever acquit a defendant invoking the “right to resistance” article.

  4. I posted a remark on an earlier post about how scary she was saying ‘Wir schaffen das . . .’ in what turned out to be a clip from her New Year Address to das Volk. I struggled for words–it was the saccharine demeanour, I think, that had me stumped. I watched the whole New Year address elsewhere and came to the conclusion that she reminds me of a character who will be familiar to Harry Potter readers: Professor Umbridge. Can anyone find a better comparison?

    • She reminds me of certain Schicklgruber fella, her predecessor in the office (it was Reichskanzler back then, though).

      Just add his mustache to her physiognomy and voila – what uncanny resemblance!

      I of course jest only …

      • As far as we can tell Hitler did not aim to liquidate his own folks.

        This is more Stalin or perhaps Kaganovich.

        Yet even Stalin did not seriously attempt to exterminate the Germans.

        It’s almost as if she’s the [illegitimate progeny] of Henry Morgenthau.

        • “In those first months of power the chaotic terror was directed mainly at the Nazis’ former political opponents. Josef Felder was an SPD member of the Reichstag who was picked up by the Nazis and taken to the newly established concentration camp at Dachau, outside Munich. He was thrown into a cell and chained to an iron ring, and his Nazi jailers removed the straw palliasse which was lying on the concrete floor, saying: ‘You won’t be needing this because you’ll only be leaving here as a corpse.’ The abuse continued as the guard took a rope and demonstrated the best way Felder could use it to hang himself. Felder told him, ‘I have a family. I’m not going to do that. You’ll have to do it yourselves!’ He was eventually released after more than eighteen months in Dachau, having contracted a lung disease.” (Rees, The Nazis: A Warning from History, Kindle Loc. 624)

          Maybe Hitler didn’t intend to destroy the German people but the National Socialists did chuck their own people into concentration camps.

          And who did Adolf blame when it all turned to dust and the whole of Europe lay in ruins around him? Why, the people of course …

          “At 2 p.m. the next day, 24 February, Hitler summoned his Gauleiter to the Reich Chancellery. It would be the last address of this kind. Sitting at a small table, looking haggard and old, his left hand shook throughout. ‘You may see my hand tremble sometimes today,’ he announced, ‘and perhaps even my head now and then; but my heart – never!’ 43 He gave a run down of National Socialist history, a promise of new weapons, and an announcement that, if Germany was to lose the war, it would be the fault of the German people themselves.” (Berthon & Potts, Warlords, Kindle Loc. 5432)

        • Monty

          Kaganovich was a minor Politburo player who ran railways after handing the Moscow City and Province party apparatus to Khruschev. And the Politburo’s token Jew. If you want to identify as alternatives to Stalin amongst his bloodthirstiest henchmen: Yezhov, Malenkov and Khruschev (who were known in the 30’s as “The three inseparables”) are your contenders. Not Beria as many, who have not properly examined the Soviet power structure of the 1930’s and 1940’s – when Abakumov, Serov and Ignatiev were your prime culprits.

          Is it just a coincidence that you invoke the names of two Jews: Kaganovich and Morgenthau?

          • Al Stewart has a great song, “Joe the Georgian” from his CD Between the Wars. Our son, when he was a teenager, once sang it a capella TO Al Stewart because the latter couldn’t remember it. The audience was stomping, Russian style, by the 2nd verse:

            Joe the Georgian

            Al Stewart

            Now I’ve got my payment
            For the service that I gave
            They’ve given me my ticket
            To this place beyond the grave
            I suppose it’s kind of funny
            I suppose it’s kind of sad
            Thinking back on all the times we had

            But it’s kind of hot and smoky
            In this ante-room to Hell
            And I won’t make up a story
            ‘Cause you know the truth so well
            It’s much too late to worry
            That we never had a chance
            And when Joe the Georgian gets here
            We will dance, dance dance
            When Joe the Georgian gets here
            We will dance

            We all set off together
            On this sorry ship of state
            When the captain took the fever
            We were hijacked by the mate
            And he steered us through the shadows
            Upon an angry tide
            And cast us one by one over the side

            But it’s kind of hot and smoky
            In this ante-room to Hell
            And I won’t make up a story
            ‘Cause you know the truth so well
            It’s much too late to worry
            That we never had a chance
            And when Joe the Georgian gets here
            We will dance, dance dance
            When Joe the Georgian gets here
            We will dance

            There’s Kamenev, Zinoviev,
            Bukharin and the rest
            We’re sharpening our pitchforks
            And we’re heating up the ends
            We’ve got a few surprises
            For the mate when he appears
            I hope he likes the next few million years

            And it’s kind of hot and smoky
            In this anteroom to Hell
            And I won’t make up a story
            ‘Cause you know the truth so well
            It’s much too late to worry
            That we never had a chance
            And when Joe the Georgian gets here
            We will dance, dance dance
            When Joe the Georgian gets here
            We will dance

            You can see it here:


          • Makes me think of a true story; my old mother had fallen prey to a ‘cowboy builder’ and after we had everything sorted out, she seemed quite calm about what had happened. She was talking the ‘big picture’ view, though, as she explained: ‘He’ll be shovelling coal for eternity … next to Hitler’.

          • uour assessment of Kaganovich is not credible?

            was commissar for Propaganda in the Red Army. Later he was assigned to de-Kulakization of Ukraine. He implimented Collectivization. Later acts include ripping down the Christ The Saviour Cathedral in Moscow and taking the scrap gold. im not arguing with you about Kaganovich im telling you.


            he died in 1992 magically surviving all his opponents and enemies. hes got around 10 million dead and desecrated cathedral on his soul.

          • i mentioned Kaganovich because he ripped down the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.

            used the gold recovered for god knows what.
            its appropo in the context of a Muslim mob raping Germans outside koln Dome.

  5. If Murk-el is making the Islamic tawhid sign, then please note how it is the inverse of the Christian “one way” sign. Just goes to show you how everything about Islam is the polar opposite of Christianity. 🙂

  6. Merkel didn’t “surrended” her country – you can only surrender if first you’ve put up a fight. She didn’t even “throw” the fight. Frau Merkel actively engaged in giving up her country (and, by extension, all of Europe) without a squeak. I really don’t know what you call that apart from a bought-and-paid-for traitor.

    • She’s barely German really.

      Half Polish, half something else, also grew up in the Eastern monster that was the DDR.

        • And yet, democratically elected. That has to say something about the Germans.
          I might add that Obama achieving a 2nd term says something about the US. (truth in reporting)

  7. Yes, both “Koran” and “Islam” are masculine: der Koran, der Islam. Moreover, a dictionary says that they have no plural. Why can’t these words have a plural? And what would the plurals be? Would they have an umlaut? The plural “Islaeme” is lame.

    That raises the question, who determined the gender of these words derived from a foreign language? In this connection, it is a miracle of the Quran that the Arabic word for “bee” is feminine. For the inspirational significance of this fact, see
    (The video is identical to the text, but with pictures of bees.)

    But “bee” is feminine in German too: “die Biene”. How did that happen?
    Well, Martin Luther translated the Bible into German. See
    and he must have made the German word for “bee” feminine, just like in the Quran.

    We can play this game of apologetics-by-gender all day long. Hours of fun.

  8. My only questions are:
    When do the car bombs begin to explode, and
    When does Frau Merkel announce that she actually “reverted” to Islam a few years back?

    • About her “reversion”, I’m not so convinced…. there are actually a lot of Germans – perhaps even the majority (but certainly the mainstream) who think the same way she does… not because they “reverted”, but

      A) Because it makes them morally better
      B) makes the comeback of those ever-dangerous neo-Nazis less likely
      C) “revitalises” the German economy
      D) Even if there are hardships, this is okay because when America was conquered, there were also hardships for the Indians. (so Germans should want to follow in their footsteps)

      On New Year’s Day while hiking in Poland, I talked with a German who especially highlighted point D. This is a very common mentality in Germany – with no “reversion” needed…

      • If Germans want to walk in the footsteps of the Native Americans, you can tell them they will be tiny minorities living mostly on reservations in the most inhospitable places, collecting welfare checks (from an Islamic government? Doubtful.), and dying early from alcoholism or diabetes.
        Once a year, they’ll get together in some gym to perform Schuhplattler dances and wear Lederhosen.
        I wonder sometimes if Frau Merkel read too much Karl May or not enough.
        He was an extremely prolific German author of the late 19th century, his collected works number upwards of 80 books, somewhat similar to Mark Twain, perhaps, except he never actually saw any of the places he wrote about until after the fact.
        The core of his work are a series about Winnetou, an imaginary Mescalero Apache chieftain and his German friend called ‘Old Shatterhand’, who is May’s alter ego and returns as Kara Ben Nemsi in a series of adventures in the Ottoman Empire.

        • “At recess and after school he remained the leader. He had already resided in more places than most of his comrades would visit in their lives and they saw him as a man of the world. In play he was inspired by the adventure stories he was devouring by James Fenimore Cooper and his German imitator, Karl May. The latter had never been to America but his tales of noble Indians and hardy cowboys were accepted as gospel by generations of German and Austrian boys. To Adolf the adventures of old Shatterhand and his comrades were almost an obsession. He tirelessly led his schoolmates into violent re-enactments and when the enthusiasm of the older boys flagged he recruited younger ones and even, on occasion, girls.” (Toland, Hitler, Kindle Location 436.)

  9. Merkel had two choices –
    – or to do what she did, surrender under cover of virtue signaling
    – or to enforce borders and repell the invasion.

    but, the option 2 was impossible to implelent without significant and fast extension of armed forces and police.
    simply put, Europe needed comparable amount of young men to withstand the “host of muhammed”.
    there were none.
    there was not even nearly enough police, no crowd control equipment, no plans, nothing.

    actually, there was third option – [intemperate speculations redacted]

    jihadi planners knew all that in advance, they infiltrated all Western institutions long ago.
    they knew about risible state of army and police, about unrealistic human rights industry.
    then, they organized massacres and rapes, in Brussels, Paris, Kopenhagen, Koln, etc., – to divert attention from the main assault, which was/is the invasion.
    instead of blocking the border, police and army were/are busy playing hide and find with couple of dozens of suicidal clowns, and now, trying to withstand the Hokusai wave of mass groping attacks.

    one must admit, overall, that was serious defeat bringing many new dangers..

    today in London underground, I sat near to one bearded, uniformed muslim.
    that doesn’t happen often. so I decided to play a bit.
    without any hurry, I pulled on one black glove, made a fist, and kept the black fist directed, quite noticeably, at that muslim.
    people around didn’t put any attention, and neither the muslim.
    I name it “One Black Glove Challenge”.
    just casually walking on the street, whoever you are, – if you are in the right mood, pull on that black golve on your right hand.. it is so natural thing to do. 🙂

    • I remember the last time I was in London, attending a graduation ceremony (one more piece of worthless paper to hang on the wall …) I was on the tube heading back to the airport to get out of that godforsaken hell-hole, and lo and behold a practitioner of the RoP was sitting right across me, complete with scraggly beard and small rucksack. I gave him the evil eye big time. He knew it, too.

      In that situation, your self-defence mechanism kicks in. The old fight or flight deal … and there’s nowhere to run to in a train … so there is only one natural option … that guy probably had his sandwiches in his rucksack, and maybe a flask of tea. But I didn’t know that. So I didn’t take my eyes off him the whole time, and if he made a wrong move I would immediately have taken the necessary steps to ‘subdue’ him. Never mind all that ‘politically correct’ rubbish, if my life is on the line I will act and the enemy will go down.

  10. It took 70 odd years to turn the Germans into Gutmensch.

    Well done everyone. Mission Accomplished!

  11. Now that Germany’s lost, where is the counter jihad fallback position? Austria? Switzerland? Which one is still capable of being saved?

  12. It shocks me that she hasn’t been eliminated already. But neither has the feckless Obama.

    The West has tossed out every moral value it had except fawning to self-appointed victims who come from barbaric cultures and bowing to cynical politicians in the pocket of global financiers.

    This is not about compassion but about power – Angela Merkel’s power, Barak Obama’s power.

    The free ride on the ‘if it feels good, do it’ 1960s omnibus is now OVER! Our chickens have come home to roost and it turns out they are vultures.
    We are getting what we deserve.

    • don’t worry, they will be, when they have accomplished their tasks and are of no further use.

      • Or they’ll just be retired like Dubya. One of the biggest giveaways ever was the way he disappeared and what, took up painting …. after he had served his purpose and declared islam to be a religion of peace. Next up ladies and gentlemen after a white Texan we will have a black Moslem from parts unknown, just the next step on the road to hell …

  13. God will most definitely NOT be saving Western Europe. When you turn your back on Him, you go it alone (or so says canonical biblical thought). So best of luck, Europe, but (again, canonical biblical thinking here) He tends to be where the people most want Him to be. Today that’s likely South America, and East Asia…

    My personal view is that even if you’re a full-blown atheist, you do best in Christian lands….

    • Richard Dawkins apparently agrees with you. Here’s the link.

      Unfortunately Dawkins and his followers have spent years attacking what could defend them – and their countries – and their freedoms – against the thing they fear the most.

  14. Born in 1938 and living during the greatest time for America (1940’s-1950’s), I have to say that maybe it’s not so bad getting so old. What I see happening to America and to all of the West gives me great comfort having lived through these best of times.

    • I’m a generation younger than you, so the best I can do is watch Humphrey Bogart movies and envy you.

      • I’m another couple of generations younger and me and subsequent generations have no choice but to prepare for the apocalypse served up by the {{endless stream of redacted expletives}} baby boomers.

  15. The fundamental assertion that underlies multiculturalism is that all cultures and value systems are the same. This assertion was repudiated years ago, by a Native American gentleman, no less. And of course – he was right!

    “I am a red man. If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans, in my heart he put other and different desires. Each man is good in his sight. It is not necessary for Eagles to be Crows.” – Sitting Bull.

    • This is sickening. True madness. Or some kind of unconscious drive to annihilate themselves.

      • sorry folks, but this is obviously a false flag operation.I just checked: 20.52 cet, and it is not there.And by the way, this would attract law enforcement for tarnishing a national symbol.
        Of course not so if Nationals are harmed!

  16. Thank you, Baron. Excellent graphic. But be mindful of the growing discontent: Pegida is growing daily, pepper spray will be lawful for self-defense, Britain is restless, guns have disappeared from shelves and black market for weapons is huge. The migrants’ biggest mistake will be a repeat performance of Sylvester Eve but they consider their tactics indefensible. I’ve heard that if water cannon are used again that the trucks will be rushed by angry protesters and the cannon turned on the enforcers. How many can the enforcers arrest? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? A wound will fester only so long before it erupts. It has gotten to that point.

    • Servus, Ingrid.
      Take a look at http://www.sezession.de , they have an article today (or yesterday, I’m in a very different time zone) from a studious academic baby boomer dude who’s going to watch the world implode by sipping fine wine, enjoying gourmet food and resting his arthritic joints in an armchair with a good book.
      I hope there still are young people where you are – they weren’t ALL aborted or prevented in the past 5 decades- and they know what to do.
      They should also take their own first aid kits ands not rely on any help from authorities.

  17. If only the people understood their terrible danger. That without a revolution, Europe will descend into the longest, darkest night the world has ever known…

    God has never, and will never forget us…
    God speaks of His people:

    Isaiah 49:15 “Can a woman forget her nursing child And have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you. 16 “Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me.

  18. Linda Rivera —

    Concerning the pasting of long biblical passages and extensive quotes from media articles unrelated to this post: that’s not appropriate. I’ve deleted them, and will continue to delete them.

      • You can leave off-topic comments in the news feed. However, if they are simply long excerpts rather than your own thoughts, then they’re unlikely to be read…there is something about reading from the screen rather than a book that is not conducive to comprehension.

        Someone mentioned the other day that they’d like to see a reasonable limit of 300 words or so to a comment. I agree with that idea – in fact, I used to do just that when we had fewer readers. But having to cut and paste into another window to get a word count is more work than I am willing to do given the level of commentary lately.

        It’s true, though: the likelihood of having another actually read your message decreases with the length of your message.

  19. some thoughts. is it Merkel’s insanity? or is it an agenda to overthrow Europe? Overthrow Europe is my guess and its not insane—just diabolical. At some point in time, the seeming “insanity” reaches a crescendo and then comes either of two solutions that occur “just in time”:
    1) Putin and his army get invited in to save Europe. a massive swift war of liberation occurs and Putin and his army actually remove the islamic threat quickly. once Putin comes in, other timid national armies of Europe finally join in the fray. of course there are some strings attached once the fighting is over and Europe now becomes communist.

    2) the UN, the pope and the western nations declares fundamentalist Islam a moral threat to the world. A globalist world war of civilizational scope occurs and either of two things happen: a) Islam looses and is pushed once again back into the place where it came from; b) Islam wins and becomes the final global government and antichrist system that the bible discusses.

    3) The 3rd option is Merkel and all the European elite are indeed all gone insane. the end result on this is most likely the same as #2b unless the people of the empire wake up, repent of their sins, and do something most dramatic on par with what Martin Luther described in his treatise on The Turk when Europe was on the edge of extermination.

    • This pope isn’t going to declare ANYONE a moral threat to the world.

      You can accuse Mr. Putin of many things, but stupidity is not one of them.
      He was KGB during the final years of the Soviet era and knows perfectly well why that didn’t work.
      I think what he wants is to restore imperial Russia, ca. 1900, and if he can add to that by saving Germany and a few others from the last call of the muezzin, so much the better.

    • “The strongholds of Islam will be knocked down, one after the other, and then there will come many deceiving guides.”
      “Faith [Islam] will crawl back to the Madina like a snake crawls back to its hole.”
      http ://www.answering-islam.org/Mna/frag1.1.html

    • 1 Peter 5:8 ??

      It is quite incredible to see highly educated and accomplished people go along with this nonsense. Isaiah Berlin wrote years ago that the notion that all cultures and values are compatible was an impossibility, a ‘metaphysical chimera’.

      As history shows, anyone who claims to have the ‘final solution’ to the question of how human beings are to live together here on this earth, thereby claiming that all cultures and values are compatible, is going to end up destroying everything around them. It is not possible for a multicultural utopia to exist – the neo-totalitarians are pursuing a vision that can never be realised.

      What is more, like the Nazi system, the neo-totalitarian control system can only become more radical with the passing of time. As they see their goal is not being achieved, not even coming closer, their means will become even more extreme, in an impossible effort to achieve an unrealisable goal.

      Like the Nazi system, the neo-totalitarian system is only designed to go one way. Like the Nazi system, it has no brakes, no means of slowing itself down. It certainly has no means of stopping.

  20. Ein Volk
    Ein Ummah
    Ein(e) Führer(in)

    – Turkisch, or German?
    That may be the question
    Unless things are changed within short time

  21. This constitutes the most weird collection of posts I have ever read here.

    And all I have to add is: Wake Up, America! Before it is too late. It looks like too late for Europe, other than the Eastern Europeans who apparently have not lost their minds as yet. On the other hand, Hungary repelled them and so did others, but that was back in the day when people still had brains instead of technology.

    The Gates of Vienna stopped them a long time ago. What will stop them now?

    (no pun intended)

    I wonder if it is the world’s relative lack of values (and I do mean Christian values, also Jewish values) — where anything goes, it’s no surprise that anything goes from the other side, as well. I do hope this makes sense.

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