Migration News From a Czech Perspective

The video below is a composite of several news reports from Czech Independent TV. It includes observations about the American “phony war” against ISIS in Syria, some interviews with “refugees” in various locations, and footage of kinetic actions of culture-enrichers in Denmark and Sweden.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times from the source clip):

02:07   Czech Independent TV: American interventions
02:12   against the Islamic state — that is, the fighters of the Islamic State have never been
02:17   effective — over the last five years. However, Russia, as we know, has been able to
02:21   destroy more than 50 ISIS bases in a mere
02:25   7 to 10 days. In reality, the United States of America has never even tried to
02:29   destroy the fighters of the Islamic State. To the contrary, during this whole time, they have been
02:34   supporting them. Vladimir Putin has officially confirmed that there was no
02:38   American intervention against the Islamic State in Syria, in contrast with
02:42   what Obama, the President of the USA, claims. We all know well
02:47   that Obama is a big liar and
02:51   that he is a huge embarrassment for Americans.
02:55   The police who often protect criminal hordes, that is,
03:00   this most often happens in Germany, can earn a very unpleasant ‘thanks’
03:04   from their side.
03:36   In spoken and written
03:40   German media, it is possible to gain information that at the
03:44   Austrian-Hungarian border, the situation is truly very
03:48   serious and it is beginning to slip out of control. The police have begun
03:53   to use, tear gas and water canons against the migrants.
04:06   Also, the crushing majority
04:10   of the illegal migrants, as we know well from many news sources,
04:15   do not actually come from Syria, but from completely different countries.
04:20   From which they should not actually have any reason to escape to somewhere. If anyone is still
04:24   unconvinced, let’s look at one report where the reporter
04:28   is asking the immigrants directly, directly in front of
04:32   the building where the immigrants go to submit their
04:37   asylum requests. I am from Serbia. From Serbia?
04:41   And you are waiting here for a residency permit? Yes? Many different nationalities,
04:45   not just Syrians, I have to note… I thought that freedom reigns in Germany
04:50   and democracy, But this is no democracy.
04:54   When you make any search
04:59   you find 100 [Syrians] and two thousand from other countries.
05:04   They have no war — Algeria, Morocco.
05:08   So you think Syrians need to have a priority? Really, because we have
05:13   we are here… Too much, too much! Too many people?
05:17   Too much, Albanians, Serbians. Where we have problem: Syria, Iraq problem.
05:22   And now, too much people here, you understand? Albania, Kosovo…
05:26   What is going [on] in Albania, Kosovo?
05:31   It must be different, because we are fleeing our country.
05:35   Our method [reason] is emergency!
05:39   I wish I never come here. I paid
05:43   €18,000.
05:47   €18,000 to come to Germany? To ‘traders in people’.
05:51   They took money to get me here. So I am,
05:56   now I am sorry… I feel guilty.
06:00   Europe pays money, much [many] millions
06:04   here, to terrorists, to destroy my country.
06:08   And weapons, and everything. Everyone knows.
06:13   I wish to die in my country with a machine gun
06:18   or rockets… These sentiments speak for everything.
06:22   I would describe it, for the most part, that the people here are young men,
06:27   from various countries. There are many and I spoke with many.
06:31   I ask where they came from, and each one says: From Syria.
06:35   This is abused. Exactly, exactly, One gets the impression
06:40   that, not caring that we are overburdened, they are making it difficult,
06:44   the oversight. Nobody believes anyone, you know?
06:48   Because there is so much abuse. And the abuse creates a scarcity,
06:52   unfortunately, that is how it is. Envy, jealousy,
06:56   it all plays a role. Corruption, bribes… everything
07:01   goes on here.

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  1. Watching that Czech video clip made me feel ill. How long before there will be deaths? I would like to wring Merkel’s neck and then do the same to Soros for the pain they, and their ilk, have inflicted, not only on the Europeans, but on the refugees too.

    When you throw sunflower seeds on the ground birds fly from everywhere to get them and fight each other in vicious competition. There is no happy ending to this story and we will all be dragged into it.

  2. the first video (german police) seems rather to show a typical Antifa riot from the past years (they usually have black cloths and love to incincerate police cars) and not migrants.

    Who quality controls this czech “independent TV”?

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