The Persecution of Christians in a German Refugee Camp

The following account of Muslim persecution of Christians in a Berlin refugee camp was published in Pro-Medienmagazin. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Christian Refugee: “Germany is like Iran”

Christian refugees are harassed and threatened in asylum camps. Many of them are therefore very disappointed of Germany, one man tried to kill himself. A Berlin priest wants to help, but the authorities’ walls are up.

Elia Ali Reza fled to Germany because when he converted to Christianity in his home country, he was threatened with death. Arriving in Germany, he had to flee again — from one refugee camp in Brandenburg, for fear of Muslim co-residents. “I came to Germany because it is a Christian country,” he said on Wednesday evening to STERN TV. “But after my experiences in the asylum camp I feel like I am back in Iran.” All non-Muslims are reviled, berated and ‘impure’ in Iran, he says.

Joshua Paul from Pakistan has similar experiences. He had to flee, because as a son of a Christian pastor in his Muslim country, he faced violence and death threats. The 24-year-old lives in a refugee home in Hennigsdorf and he does not feel safe among all the Muslim residents. He says Muslims per se are not the problem; there are some peaceful ones. “But those that are here, they are very discriminatory,” he laments. He says he thought that Germany was a Christian country, one that helps Christians, and that all people would be treated equally.

The Berlin priest Gottfried Martens knows that these stories are not isolated incidents. He offers Christian refugees the opportunity to sleep in his church when they can’t stay at their respective refugee camps any longer. “In many camps they live according to the shariah, and when you refuse to adjust to that, you will have problems,” he explains. Martens has tried multiple times to get help from the camp organization for the Christian refugees — with very little success. Journalists from STERN TV asked the Hennigsdorf Refugee camp leaders if they know of violence against Christian refugees. The short answer: “After consulting with camp management, social workers and the responsible department for the accommodations of asylum seekers in the County of Oberhavel there is no knowledge of such incidents within the community camps.”

“More conservative Muslims than I can believe”

In the STERN TV Studio conversation, the moderator Steffen Hallaschka asked Martens if Muslims who came to Germany had cultural and moral concepts that “aren’t compatible with ours”, and if that’s why they do not want to adapt. “This impression is one that has grown stronger in me, and it’s a lot stronger than I initially wanted to believe,” Martens says. “I had thought at the beginning of this refugee wave that a lot of the refugees were those who suffered under radical Islam in their home countries, and that they would appreciate the fact that it’s different here.” But the percentage of “very conservative” Muslims is extremely high among asylum seekers, a lot higher than he estimated. In comparison to previous years, the picture has changed drastically in refugee camps. To add insult to injury, Afghan or Iranian Christians have to wait three to four years until they can get recognition in Germany as citizens.

In addition to Martens, other people in the STERN TV studio were the Rheinland-Pfalz CDU-boss Julia Klöckner, the female Muslim journalist Khola Maryam Hübsch, and Wolfgang Bautz, the leader of the “Service for Migration, Integration and Tolerance” in the county of Brandenburg. Hübsch says that Muslims who are prepared to use violence are ignorant of the Koran, and because they have no perspective they use religion to provoke. “That’s where we have to insert inter-religious dialogue,” she insists.

Bautz explains that conflicts within the asylum camps are in no way connected to “different interpretations of belief.” The real reason for these conflicts are the tight living quarters and past and present trauma from their home countries, and from fleeing to Germany. But Martens retorted that this is not a case of ‘conflicts’, but a case of religious oppression — in a conflict there are two conflicting parties involved.

First the church choir, then suicide

Klöckner didn’t buy it either: Neither cramped living quarters nor any other circumstances justify violence, she made clear. Problematic views, opinions and cultures don’t change even when the living situation changes.

Fr. Martens brought two examples from his every day experiences into the debate. In Brandenburg he just recently visited an Afghan family that had converted to Christianity. The family doesn’t live in the refugee camp anymore; they now live in an apartment. “But they barely dare to go out in the street,” Martens reports, because the Muslim community at the refugee camp intends to make their lives a living hell.

And right before his visit to STERN TV Martens was at the hospital visiting a young man who tried to take his own life because the Muslims in his refugee camp kept harassing and bullying him. “He just couldn’t take it anymore”, Martens said. “The day before he was still singing in our church choir.”

[The picture in the German article (not shown here) is of the inside of Fr. Martens’ Trinity church in Berlin-Steglitz, a refuge for many Christian refugees, photo taken by Gottfried Martens.]

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  1. These incompatible refugees do pose a demographic threat to the ethnographic identity and cultural uniqueness of Europe. I would recommend that EU nations resettle them in some Third Countries, preferably, those huge underpopulated African nations of Chad (in the North), Niger (also in the North); and Mauritania.

  2. Yes indeed they favour themselves as the “Best of Humans” and our political idiots support them! A Police friend of mine tells that they consistently has problems with this of late. Incidents involve Moslem drivers feeling they have “Right of way” over kuffar drivers and barging to front of queues-I have seen this myself- because they feel “superior”. If that fails they bring out the racist card.

    When my friend protested to his boss, he was told “that’s the way it is!”

    He was dumbstruck….

    Yes indeed “That is the way it is”and will be unless we rebel.

    No sign of that though. The British will simply be quiet and “revert”… so they can watch their foul TV soaps.

    In another case a Moslem encroached onto a parishioner’s land (garden) by several feet in the local village of Virginia Water. He was also threatened with violence. He complained but the Police say they can do nothing. The local council too are lukewarm.

    Of late the interloper has visitors around to further intimidate and threaten my parishioner. Indeed we are in for a very dark future. The authorities are scared rigid by them but especially their over propensity for violence. Southern Germany is in chaos with several native Germansd killed and houses ransacked by Merkel’s “guests”.

    A woman was killed milking he cows by rocks thrown at her, and shops robbed wholesale. Bavaria has now told Merkel it will secede from the Federal Republic and my German relatives confirm this. ARD the popular MSM TV has even portrayed Merkel in a burka and the Bavarian Police chief went live about the problem….unheard of in PC Germany.

    I went there myself and it is obvious the Moslems are in control. They hang about the streets and an air of menace hangs over whole towns.

    • Muslims despise weakness. And modern “Christians” of Europe are hopelessly weak. In fact, what passes for Christianity in countries like Germany, Sweden or the UK is a miserable travesty of authentic Christian faith and practice. It is contemptible, so why should we be surprised if it arouses nothing but contempt in Muslims?

      Just one fresh example. A lesbian female “bishop” in Stockholm has suggested that crosses and other Christian symbols should be removed from a church near the Stockholm port so that Muslim and other non-Christian sailors would feel more welcome there.

      What sort of Christianity is that? Is that the faith of Iraqi and Syrian Christians who sacrifice their lives for the love of Him, Who was crucified on the Cross? Is it the faith of Russia’s new martyrs who refused to take off their crosses even when threatened with beating, torture and death? Is that the faith of the Church fathers who taught that the Cross is the tool of mankind’s salvation, the new tree of life and that anyone wanting to partake of the joy of Christ’s resurrection has first to stand with Him on Golgotha?

      Christianity without the Cross is Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. It cannot give any strength to its followers, it makes them arrogant and stupid and totally incapable of resistance to any internal or external threats.

      And don’t tell me that the lesbian “bishopess” in question is a marginal phenomenon or that such figures exist only among protestants. The new Catholic Pope has not yet reached such depths of stupidity and perversion of his faith as that shameless woman but he is firmly marching in the same direction. All his toxically sentimental (and not breathtakingly wise) perorations on social justice, migration and similar subjects are a sure sign of the things to come.

      Dechristianisation is destroying Europe under our very eyes. And the progressive, tolerant, diversity-worshipping leaders of “Chrisian” communities of Western Europe seem to be unaware of that. Which is not surprising, because for them comfort in this world matters much more than Jesus Christ and his Cross.

      • How’s about we remove lesbians and their various “bishops” because they most definitely do cause offence to the extremely racist, intolerant death to humanity Muslim ideology. Then we could just ban homosexuality altogether for the same reason. Then lemme see or pee…….. We lost our scruples. Let’s hope we find them soon. We could wipe ourselves out in no time at all with compulsory quotas of Muslims everywhere. Just numbers. No actual experience or qualification required.

        • I do not believe that lesbian bishopesses, gay rightists or eccentric ladies of the FEMEN group and what they stand for are useful for Europe. In fact, by destroying Christianity and traditional morality, which made Europe so exceptionally strong, they are destroying Europe itself.

          All this war on authentic Christianity is a totally negative thing. It does not add strength either to individuals or communities, on the contrary, it weakens their resilience.

          In fact, all this decomposition of such basic European institutions as the Christian Church and the Christian family is a clear sign of the terminal illness of Europe – for those who have eyes to see.

          • Disagree about Femen; they at least have the guts to stand up to misogyny, Islamic or otherwise.

          • To Mark H,

            FEMEN are ANTI-Life rabid pro-aborts and extreme rabid God-haters who take great delight and joy in desecrating the Christian church.

            I read that FEMEN are financed by rabid God-hater, infidel-hater, George Soros.

      • Totally right Anton ! In a nutshell. my feelings and opinion exactly . So,many thanks. So refreshing ! How I wish I could meet people like you in my daily life , surrounded as I am by “brick walls “

    • I think the Germans who can still think for themselves have to get over the false narrative that they should be held accountable for the sins of their grandfathers. It has been that long since the end of second world war.

      Just how much atonement must the average German have to make before they realize that they have been sold out by a leader who absolutely despises them?

      • As a German I can assure you I am over it since being exposed to the lies of the real mass murderers and warmongers that brought war to Europe. But as long as cowards and traitors censor the truth, Germans and Europe will continue on the road to destruction and time is running out. The way this website deletes any criticism of Jews, I would not be surprised if they run it to spread more hate of powerless Muslims while making themselves out as pro-European.

        • You state about this website: “I would not be surprised if they run it to spread more hate of powerless Muslims while making themselves out as pro-European.”
          Absolute, total TAQIYYA.

          Muslims are most certainly not powerless. The rights of non-Muslims have been taken away from us. Muslims are allowed to perpetrate many, many crimes and are not arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against our people.

          European and British leaders colonised our small countries with Muslims from the huge Muslim Third World. Muslims have been allowed by our leaders to wage a Massive, Violent RAPE WAR against our females for decades.

          • Linda, you reminded me of a wonderful four minute response to a grievance-minded Muslim woman…I’ll have to repost that video.

      • Turks, for example, have sinned no less than Germans in the past. Just remember the Armenian genocide. And not only Armenian. At the same time huge numbers of Christian Assyrians and Greeks were also massacred. And before that, Ottoman sultans often subjected their non-Muslim subjects to severe persecution.

        However, modern Turks have no inhibitions because of that, in fact, they are ready to repeat what their ancestors did.

    • The refusal of Westerners to get a grip is astonishing. A commenter here, I believe, listed PEGIDA demonstrators in Dresden recently at 15,000, the highest number by far compared to other rallies. Just recently there were over a 100,000 Germans who protested a/the trade deal. Goodness only knows how many would show up if a change were proposed to expiration dates for cheese.

      Similarly, Austrian voters amazingly gave the FPO only a niggardly 5% boost when the Socialists are clearly useless on the foreign invasion question. Why get excited by the occasional invasion, I always say? Tens of thousands of Africans are just what Austria needs.

      • When the behavioural patterns of the invaders begin to become well known then those who did not vote against the invaders exclusion will soon begin to question their own anti-racist stance.

        Even a fool can make a right choice once in his life.

    • Back in 2002 my high school son and I were in the customs hall at JFK having just arrived back from a non-stop from Prague. We were very tired and cranky. A swarthy man pushed ahead and jumped the queue in front of me to a customs agent. I went up to him and told him that he was behind me… He ignored me so I shoved myself in front of him. I said again “you are behind me and you smell!” (can’t believe I did that)

  3. “Muslim journalist Khola Maryam Hübsch …says that ….
    Muslims who are prepared to use violence are ignorant of the Koran.”
    That is a crafty statement which APPEARS to convey that the Koran is against violence. Note, though, that that is not what she said.
    Two points: ignorance and violence.
    “Ninety per cent of muslims have absolutely no idea about the Koran”, I.Q. al Rassooli, Iraqi ex-muslim, Islam scholar, affirms. After all, most do not know Arabic.
    Muslims who are prepared to use violence, even though they may be ignorant, happen nevertheless to be “doing exactly what it says in this book” (Lt-Col Allen West).
    “Violence is the heart of Islam”, says Ayatollah Yazdi of Iran.

  4. Same thing happened at the end of WWII when the allies put up all refugees and displaced in the same camps, including the Jews. The Judeocidal motivation that allowed and encouraged the holocaust was given full reign and the Jews were harassed and murdered in the camps till saved by their Jewish Brigade brethren who demanded of the Brits and Americans to separate the Jews from their tormentors. Nothing new under the sun’ said Kohelet. Jihad and persecution do not retreat before the European border. In fact, all reins are loosened by the weakness and ineptitude of the Western State.

  5. “But those that are here, they are very discriminatory,” : I would not say that the muslim’s being discriminatory is the problem. Discriminate is not only fine, but this is at the very heart of science, friendship or survival, to name a few. In fact, it’s pretty much behind everything that we do or think.
    Nothing can be reported without a veneer of PC; and it can be as subtle as this. We all know now that nowadays discrimination is equated to segregation, apartheid, racism or even holocaust. Thus I am wondering: did the Christian guy from Pakistan really talk of being discriminated? Or did he say something more in the vein of being harassed? My guess is something has been willfully lost in translation. If this testimony has been used in media reports, the message can thus read “discrimination is bad”, and avoid the painful truth.

  6. “Refugees”: a special note:
    The word “refugee” has specific limitations under international law.
    Economic migrants are NOT refugees: that is the law.
    As Viktor Orban points out, economic migrants are not entitled to asylum.
    If fugitives break in, or falsify their papers, they are criminals: the law specifies that they be deported.
    Merkel is overriding the law.

  7. “Merkel is overriding the law.”

    I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, but I would like to note that one of the primary aspects of the current disaster concerning Western governments is the powerful determination of Western leaders to ignore and override the law.

    This is apparent in the Obama administration and the Supreme Court rulings. The administration makes its own law concerning Obamacare, treaties, and immigration. Amazingly, this Supreme Court backs up the peremptory moves by the administration.

    The Merkel government, along with other European governments and the EU, is clearly carrying out illegal actions.

    Law is part of a common culture, to a large extent. It is impossible to assign a mathematical meaning to legal phrases, and so there is always a large assumption of common understanding. By bringing in immigrants with a completely different understanding of law and the social contract, even non-Muslims, the governments are clearly dissolving the social contract. Muslims are tribal anyway, so they immediately revert to tribal behavior in Western countries. Islam is a hate-filled creed, intolerant of differences. The only reliable relationship in Islamic society is the family or tribe.

    • Indeed, the law of the land is what keeps a culture together for without law there is only anarchy and tribalism. Such is the aspect of Islam that is not guided by the Ten Commandments.

      There has always been a certain part of humanity that refuses to accept the law of the land as THE guiding principle for the culture/society that they find themselves in. There is a word for people such as those – criminals.

      The West is now run by criminals who have no respect for the law of the land. As for Islam, well, what can one say about an ideology whose god commits all believers to slay the unbeliever who happen to be those who live by the rule of a common law?

      • Isn’t that pure unadulterated hairy insanity. A knuckle dragging ideology of violence quite literally roaming society spoiling for muderous violence and offence. The Muslims don’t even seek opportunity. They are offended at will for fun and for free. The possibilities for devastating outcomes are clear and presently in our faces. Italian Romano Prodi being interviewed on TV recently said “Syrian refugees will be good for progress in Europe because they already understand multiculturalism”.

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