The Agenda to Erase America

As a follow-up to the excellent work of Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch, the Center for Security Policy has just published a report on the alliance between Islam and the Left to destroy the cultural fabric of the United States through mass immigration from Muslim countries.

Below is the press release that was sent out today by Secure Freedom.

New Report Heralds Existential Threat to America

Washington, D.C.: The Center for Security Policy today released a new report by the investigative journalist James Simpson: The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.

This report extensively details the networks of radical left non-profits, foundations, government agencies and the personalities behind them. Unbeknownst to most Americans they are using refugee resettlement as a pretext to import waves of immigrants from third-world nations as a key front in Obama’s strategy of “fundamentally transforming” America. These refugees have little interest in assimilating. Many are from Muslim countries, view immigration as “Hijra” i.e. a subversive means to invade a foreign nation, and have demonstrated a willingness to either support or engage in terrorism both in America and abroad.

These groups are coached by leftist non-profits to capitalize on our generous welfare programs and shown how to maneuver around legal impediments — all at our expense — but are not being taught how to assimilate. The report conservatively estimates welfare costs at $10 billion per year. Additionally, government resettlement contractors receive $1 billion annually in federal tax dollars and non-profits supporting the agenda are provided billions of dollars from non-profits like George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

The President has launched a “Welcoming America” initiative, which seeks to “seed” refugees throughout our communities and weed out “pockets of resistance” with a full-throated effort vilifying anyone opposing his radical agenda. It is literally an offensive to erase American laws, traditions and culture, and replace them with a pliable, multi-cultural society that will vote the Left into the “permanent progressive majority” it seeks.

Center for Security Policy President, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. states:

Jim Simpson has done a characteristically exacting investigation of the extent to which the red-green axis — the radical left, with its activists, contractors, philanthropies and friends in the Obama administration, and Islamic supremacists — have joined forces to use U.S. refugee resettlement programs as a prime means to achieve the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. His expose is particularly timely against the backdrop of the government sponsored effort to ‘Welcome New Americans’ and suppress those who understand the imperative of “resisting” the migration to and colonization of this country, or hijra, that Shariah-adherent Muslim believed they are required to undertake.

For additional information about the new Red-Green Axis report, visit or contact Alex VanNess at

31 thoughts on “The Agenda to Erase America

    • No, Republicans not in on it but Libertarians such as Rand Paul support amnesty and both Paul and Cruz support Pathway to citizenship.
      Koch Brothers . major backers of Amnesty

      • Republican House Speaker Tammy Faye Boehner scheduled the vote to approve Soetoro’s executive amnesty for the same day as Prime Minister Netanyahu’s electrifying, Churchillian speech on the Iranian nuclear deal.

        Scheduling it for that day (surprise, surprise to all us loyal patriot Republicans who were looking forward to the day being a good day, with Mr. Netanyahu striking a powerful blow against Soetoro’s pro-Islam bomb agenda) allowed the vote to skirt by under the radar, which otherwise would have agitated the base against the Cotton Whig RINOs.

        So, in fact, I must disagree with you.

        Boehner, McConnell, Rove, McCain, Grahamnesty, Romney, and the rest of the Cotton Whig/gracious loser wing of the Republican Party most definitely do support the erosion of American sovereignty and culture through unrestricted, unvetted, mass immigration of unassimilable anti-Americans from the Third World.

        The secretive procedural bill authorizing Fast Track for Soetoro’s nefarious “trade deals” (Trans Pacific Partnership and its Atlantic cousin) is one more nail in our nation’s coffin.

        It places immigration policy for the US, Canada, Mexico, and the dozen or so other signatories, permanently in the hands of an international committee, outside the control of our Congress. And the bill is also being pushed through the Congress by Boehner, McConnell, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the rest of the RINO traitor class.

        The bill’s content was revealed recently by WikiLeaks, since the public are not being told what is in the bill, and the few in Congress who have visited the basement room where it is kept have been threatened with criminal penalties if they reveal what they have seen to their constituents.

        Boehner is said to have scheduled a vote on Fast Track for Friday (tomorrow), so if you don’t want this, please get on the phone to your congressman today and tell him in no uncertain terms that this bill will bring down the Republic, not just the Republican Party.

        • It seems that whereas leftists favor the erosion of national sovereignty and national identity in principle, the Republican establishment goes along with it because that’s what their big donors in transnational corporations demand, for their own material gain. Insofar as that’s true, the Democrats almost appear to have integrity in comparison.

          • Exactly! But don’t forget that those big-donor-transnational-corporations give as much, if not more, to the Democrats. There are few clean hands among the bunch of them…

  1. The governor of California is concerned that his state is in real danger of becoming over populated relative to resources available. 😐

    • Very true. The water situation in California is highly fraught; after four years of drought, persons and institutions using excess water will be fined. (“Excess” usually means water running down the street.)

      Not sure how bunches of “immigrants” who aren’t used to Western plumbing will manage to be water-thrifty *and* clean, much less NOT wreak havoc on other public goods, e.g., transportation, law enforcement, etc.

      Just last Monday night, I hosted a meeting of my small quilt group and the power went out. It was a 60,000-or-so people power outage during an unexpected heat wave (temps of 106* F just east of here) and the power grid couldn’t take the strain. Now imagine what it’d be like with tons MORE people here, people who aren’t even used to being (what the homeless call) “inside.”

      Nope. Not even California can take them. We’re full up with over-the-border Central Americans, who think that these stories about water problems are so much hot air, until they find out about a few towns in the Central Valley having potable water trucked in. My brother-in-law and his wife in Sonoma County are almost at that stage; their town faces trucking in this summer.

  2. Granted that hard Leftists are doing this, one rational question comes to mind:

    What’s their end game? A famous cliché comes to mind — “playing with fire”. The meaning of that phrase is that the person playing may get burned himself, even though he doesn’t intend hurting himself. The hard Leftists doing this are playing with fire on a massive scale.

    Rationally, then, we would conclude that they are either 1) stupid enough not to know this; or 2) suicidal. While Muslims are suicidal (in terms of mass homicide not only to get to paradise during history, but also more grandiosely in order to usher in their eschaton at the end of time), other than the Jim Jones cult, we have no evidence that Leftists are suicidal in that literal sense, as far as I now.

    Since both 1 and 2 seem untenable and implausible, we are left with a mystery which can only be relieved by dialing down our conspiracy theory a notch, down from the “Willfully and wickedly anti-West in Macchiavellian terms” setting, to the “Sincerely idealistic and utopian, politically correct multi-culturalist do-gooderism in neo-Wilsonian terms”.

    • “What’s their end game?”

      My sense is that the end game is something like Venezuela or Argentina. A corrupt ruling class and an impoverished lower class. The ones engineering this aren’t stupid or suicidal. They have the money and influence to be well situated after the dust settles.

      The leftist college crowd and the middle class Obama voting soccer moms are the one’s too clueless to see what’s coming and they, along with the rest of us, are going to fall on hard times.

      • Yes, exactly. The goal is to shift the average placement of the Overton Window to the point where there is overwhelming support for philosophically Marxist policies. In the U.S. this will manifest itself as a permanent Democrat-dominated administration followed by increasingly more radically left Democrat positions.

        • Except that’s not how it’s working out in many countries, such as England. Millions of gleaming new British passports meted out to newcomers from the 3rd world have not, as expected, “defeated the forces of Conservatism” – as Tony Blair once said would happen… instead, the Conservatives are going from strength to strength, while leftists are in turmoil. Granted – they’re not the old Conservatives of Thatcher vintage, but still perceived as the mainstay of “olf-fashioned” values, and led by a stereotypical massively overprivileged “Bullington Boy” Tory.

          Yet over a million more immigrants voted for the Tories than at previous elections… why? Couldn’t be because many immigrants are themselves not too keen on “Marxist values” – at least if they’re the ones who have to pay for them?

    • It doesn’t matter what their end game is per se, though like all Leftists it’s about power. Though I would include the so-called “Right” as they also embrace unlimited immigration and disastrous trade pacts like NAFTA, PNTR with China and now TPP.

      The take home for those of European descent and who love their culture, is that the political class has declared war on them.

      There is no easy fix as the political class has shut off all avenues for political reform. Look what happened to the Tea Party, Rove and his gang of oligarchs moved in and turned it into GOP organ. Ross Perot’s Reform Party was destroyed by a bunch of GOP operatives.

      Now if the people still had some spirit in them they could march on D.C. and physically impress upon Congress why it is in their best interests to secure our borders and remove millions of unwanted 3rd worlders.

      Then have a word with mega-donors like the Koch brothers, Adelson and Zuckerberg. To put it mildly stay the h*** out of the peoples business.

      This won’t happen, as most folks still believe in the two party system and that their vote still matters.

      So all we can do is prepare locally for what will probably occur – either some kind of nation wide civil disturbance or economic collapse that sets events in motion. I don’t want to see either because things will get ugly and bloody because the government has been keeping a lid on a lot of social pressures that have been building up for decades. There are a lot of very angry people out there who don’t like what Wall Street and political class have done. I wouldn’t want to be them if the police state that protects them ceases to be.

  3. Okay. I’ve read numerous times, on this terrific site and others, that the American people are being sold down the Immigration River through the machinations of the political Elite and the many “non-profit” organizations with full approval/cooperation from Leftist bureaucrats. It’s revolting, mind-boggling and disheartening.

    So what can we do about it? Sharing this information with others not already on board is already part of the program. I’ve been successful many times in getting people to see the truth right in front of them, and will continue my efforts. I’m left wondering, what is the next step? Knowing what’s going on is a big step in the right direction, but I’m feeling dissatisfied with simple knowledge. I would like to step it up but am at a loss as to what the next steps would be.

    My general feeling is that yes, we know that Western governments have been taken over by Leftists, and when conservatives manage to gain victories via elections, the Leftist bureaucracies remain in place, stymying any changes/reforms. But those bureaucracies have real, breathing people behind them. People with names whose livelihoods are dependent upon the Taxpayer. How can we put pressure on these individual people? Or these particular departments? Obviously, the whole voting thing has become a huge charade. And it pains me to say that, but it is true.

    • The biggest problem is the fact that it doesn’t really matter who you vote for, you still get Big Migra. Republicans, even ostensibly “conservative” ones, have joined with Obama and the Dems in pulling the American rickshaw over the immigration cliff as fast as they can.

      I’ve been watching all this for a decade now, and I don’t see any solutions. The situation will eventually right itself, of course — “Whatever is contrary to Tao will not last long” — but what happens between now and then is likely to be ugly, bloody, and fatal to untold numbers of people.

      Something good may be born out of the ashes, but it seems more and more likely that America as we know it will no longer exist.

        • And also, Baron, you say you’ve been watching for a decade but how do you envision the situation righting itself eventually? What do you imagine happening in the future that enables the status quo to change course for the better? And why do you think it is impossible now? I’m not trying to put you on the spot, just trying to get a sense of what it’s going to take to “right the ship”. It’s incredibly depressing to think that the country I’ve known and loved for 50 years, a country unlike any in the existence of humankind, the pinnacle of Western Civilization, will be no more. I’m just having a hard time coming to terms with that.

          • Two reasons make me think that the situation cannot be righted except catastrophically:

            (1) The accelerating push for more immigrants. 10 years ago the Republicans were not as gung-ho for “amnesty” as they are now. More of them support the Democrat agenda on it, and that agenda has gotten more radical in the past 10 years. There’s no sign that this trend will abate. And this despite the opposition of a majority of the American people, who have always opposed more immigration. When politicians act so consistently against their electoral interests, you know that someone or something more powerful than mere voters is pushing them.

            (2) The national debt. The debt cannot be paid off, not ever. It’s mathematically impossible for the government to do so. It will either be defaulted on or monetized; there are no other choices. Either one will have catastrophic results. At least 80% of the country’s wealth will suddenly disappear. I’m under no illusions — my generation, the geezers, will be hit hard. The old cliché about “eating dog food” may turn out to be a best-case scenario.

  4. The country that landed on the Moon is now about to have the (Crescent) Moon land on it.

    The results of homegrown amoral self-absorbed progressive marxist lunatics inviting in and abetting the “poor idealized downtrodden non-Christian foreign non-white other” to aid in their Utopian Plan for the destruction of the arrogant hyper-power AmeriKKKa.

    And the manipulating maniacs will then devour each other in the chaos.

    What survives this carnage will be grim.

    It’s horrifyingly like knowing exactly how conscious people felt in 1933 who could not believe the craven idiots around them were so blind, venal, vacuous, greedy, short-sighted, brainless and ready to sacrifice their birthright for a mess of verbiage.

    (“Social Justice”, “Islamophobia, “anti-fascism”, “racism”, “equality”, ad absurdum, -which are all the slimy crowbars of intimidation and tyranny.)

  5. >”It’s horrifyingly like knowing exactly how conscious people felt in 1933 who could not believe the craven idiots around them were so blind, venal,… and ready to sacrifice their birthright for a mess of verbiage.”

    Victor Suvorov, in his books Icebreaker and The Chief Culprit, has presented his original theory that Lenin and Stalin, unhappy with only being able to implant Communism on one-sixth of the Earth’s land area in the aftermath of the World War, relied on Marxist theory to come up with a plan for the rest of the world.

    The theory taught them that Communism results from the workers rising up against their Capitalist masters after becoming sufficiently unhappy with their own lot. They become especially unhappy as a result of war. So, to achieve paradise, you must first achieve unhappiness. And to achieve unhappiness, you must achieve war.

    To achieve a Communist paradise on a truly global scale, you need to have a really massive, global war. And since the first one didn’t quite do it, you need a new world war to advance farther. That is to say, you need a Second World War.

    So that is Suvorov’s theory, which he believes he has the documentation to prove, and which apparently is widely accepted in the “New Europe” of the formerly captive countries of the East.

    Lenin’s, then Stalin’s, agents first encountered Hitler when he was a down-and-out nuisance trolling Bavarian beer halls for political support. They selected and groomed him for power, then backed him and his party all the way to the top.

    Their goal was to create a scenario in which Germany dispersed its armies to the west, south, and north in a rage of conquest that, one-by-one, would remove each of the military obstacles previously separating the tanks of the Army of World Revolution from the Atlantic shoreline.

    The plan worked like clockwork, except, of course, for that little matter of Fall Barbarossa…

    Diana West, in American Betrayal, has recently proven that the level of Soviet infiltration in our nation’s government during the Franklin Roosevelt administration was so great and so influential that Communist agents in our land constituted an “army of occupation”.

    This subversion was never corrected or properly punished after the war, and, therefore, must be assumed to have remained endemic, if not worsened with time. Other nations, such as France, Britain, China, Japan, etc., were also deeply, if not even more utterly affected, than we were.

    Could similar forces be at work today? Could Putin and his ex-KGB buddies still be running the show in places like Washington?

    Imagine, civil wars breaking out in what is left of Europe and Britain, Islamics versus decent European human beings. America and Canada unable to help due to outbreaks of slightly less-advanced strains of the same basic ailment.

    The Russian tanks roll, there is no one in Europe to oppose them, they reach the ocean this time, not merely the Elbe. The FSB is on hand to deport the Muslim rebels to newly set-up concentration camps for disposal, for which act the peoples of Europe are ever so grateful…

    Could we now be witnessing the opening moves in a grand roll of the dice like this?

    • There seem to be enough native-born True Believers and a sufficiently entrenched cultural power to make a Putin/KGB hand quite unnecessary. Even my blue-collar brother (who spent barely a semester in college) asks “what’s wrong with Marxism?” and suggests that socialism will work fine — indeed, that it’s inevitable — when humans have “evolved” a little more.

      • Some of our occasional commenters are in synch with your brother. I don’t know their educational attainments but I suspect their hopes for socialism spring from the space in every human psyche that is impelled to find solace in some kind of higher meaning, even if they had to fashion one out of remembered bits and pieces of their “childhood’s lost faith”.

        Socialism tricked out as transcendence is a bit sad to contemplate but it has flourished since…oh, maybe Rousseau’s time? And demonstrating once more how very necessary some form of transcendent meaning is to all human beings. The South American communists brought to flower many grotesqueries with their “liberation” “theology” – just despair by another name…

        By then – with the back rivers and streams running red – the only concepts of “God” remaining to them were not only shopworn but soaked in blood and ready for the conflagrations to which they’d become addicted. Thus, whey they finally transplanted their bloody notGods in the ashes at the bottom of the vacuum where transcendence dwells, the bizarre fruits brought forth by their ‘labors’ existed in a more evil ‘space’ than the ancient conquering savages could ever have conceptualized.

        [yeah, that sentence got away from me and galloped down the track. Sorry – D]

  6. The Nazis got into power mainly by telling every group what they wanted to hear, on the assumption that a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest – unfortunately it works.

    Spin the lies, massage the egos and voila! tyranny is here. That is the vulnerability of the universal franchise.

    • The “Hope ‘n’ Change” mantra was, of course, designed to encourage everyone to hope that the change would be in exactly the direction they desired.

      I was bemused for some time by the way that leftists, especially academic leftists, would speak of “change” or “social change” as though “change” were ipso facto a good thing; as though they’ve never heard of change for the worse. Then I observed the word’s propaganda power in the Obama campaign.

  7. In the image above two of the jehadis in the very top right are giving the ISIS one finger?

  8. I ran across this a long time ago and didn’t save the reference but found it again yesterday.  It seems like Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech although given (written?) in 1944 by an American and appropriate here:
    In 1944, Democratic U.S. Congressman Samuel Pettengill warned America that socialists would endeavor to have the U.S. spend itself into bankruptcy, with a view to making citizens totally dependent on a centralized government.

    Pettengill detailed TEN POINTS of the socialist manifesto that would destroy free government. Almost 50 years later it is disturbing to reflect on Pettengill’s 10 points.

    1) People must be made to feel their utter helplessness and their inability to solve their own problems. While in this state of mind, there is held up before them a benign and all-wise leader to whom they MUST look to the cure for all their ills.

    2) The principle of local self-government must be WIPED OUT, so that this leader or group in control can have all the political power readily at hand.

    3) Constitutional guarantees must be swept aside. This accomplished in part by RIDICULING them as outmoded and an obstruction to progress.
    4) Public faith in the legal profession and respect for the courts must be undermined. The law making body must be intimidated and from time to time rebuked, so as to prevent the development of public confidence in it.

    5) Economically, the people must be ground down by high taxes, which under one pretext or another they are called upon to pay. Thus they are brought to a common level and all income above a meager living is taken from them. In this manner, economic independence is kept to a minimum.

    6) A great public debt must be built so the citizens can never escape its burden, making government the virtual receiver for the entire nation.
    7) A general distrust of private business and industry must be kept alive so the public may not begin to rely on its own resources.
    8) Government bureaus are set up to control practically every phase of the citizen’s lives.

    9) The education of the youth of the nation is taken under CONTROL so that all may be indoctrinated at an early age with a spirit of submission to the system.
    10) To supplement and fortify all the foregoing, there is kept up a steady stream of GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA designed to extol all who bow the knee and to vilify those who dare raise a voice of dissent.

    Samuel Barret Pettengill U. S. Congressman 1886-1974 Reprinted from an article in Ken Hamblin ‘Talks with America’ News letter Feb. 19. 1996
    P.O.. Box 562 Castle Rock, CO 80104

    • Stunning, and it’s depressing how familiar that all sounds.

      Under #1, consider how a policy touted as one designed to make health insurance more “affordable” actually robbed millions of the appropriate policies they could afford, and pushed them into seeking a “subsidy” for the new, overpriced, unsuitable policies — all the while preening about the wonderful generosity of providing those “subsidies,” and decrying the eeeevil plan to take the subsidies away (and let people buy the old, affordable policies instead, or, if necessary, to use the high-risk pools that were already in place and were dismantled by the Democrats’ weird version of generosity).

      • Apologies for the grammatical dislocation that occurs with “all the while preening ….,” but I think the point will come through.

  9. Imagine what the world would be like if America were erased from the earth ?!

  10. Exactly what is happening to Europe
    – Replacement, redistribution

    This is the same thing that is going on in Europe as we speak. Replacing European peoples, cultures and national identities with third world muslims. Global redistribution of wealth, meaning invading well functioning states with backward islamic non-cultures, so all prospering countries become more like the MENA-region.

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