Nothing to do with You-Know-What!

The following little ditty was posted today in the comments on Breitbart London:

If a jihadi cuts your head off
You shouldn’t get too perplexed
He’s only doing what he’s told
By a seventh century text
And even as you bleed to death
There’s one thing to recall
This isn’t Islam at all
Oh no, Good Lord,
This isn’t Islam at all.

If a Muslim crucifies you
Don’t be too alarmed
It’s written in his holy book
That infidels must be harmed
And even as you die of thirst
There’s one thing to recall
This isn’t Islam at all
Oh no, Good God,
This isn’t Islam at all.

If ISIS your rapes your daughter
Don’t feel too forlorn
It was all commanded by their Lord
Before we were even born
And even as the they slake their lust
There’s one thing to recall
This isn’t Islam at all
Oh no, oh no, we trust,
This isn’t Islam at all.

If warriors take an aid worker
We mustn’t be too dismayed
They’ll simply burn the chap alive
Unless the ransom’s paid
And even as the match is lit
There’s one thing to recall
This isn’t Islam at all
Oh no, Allah be praised,
This isn’t Islam at all.

Hat tip: Gaia.

11 thoughts on “Nothing to do with You-Know-What!

  1. I know from a Christian perspective it may be wrong to ask this but nonetheless I’m going to ask it; why are muslims ugly and why is arabic such an ugly language?

      • It’s not the script it’s the sound. Arabic has a very harsh and ugly sound.

        I was in a supermarket some time ago when two guys came down the aisle. They were making the most disgusting sounds as they went. It sounded like they were trying to clear their throat to “hock a lugee.” (any boy who was a young teen once knows what I mean.) Then I realized that one would clear his throat and the other would shake his head and make a more disgusting sound that the other would try to repeat. This was a lesson. Soon the lesson expanded and it became clear that the one was learning arabic and the other was schooling him in proper pronunciation of the gutteral parts.

        • The least pleasant sound in Arabic is the glottal sound ‘ayin’ especially when spoken loudly. It somewhat resembles the sound of someone about to be sick.

          Imho, without the unattractive ‘ayin’, Arab sounds like the a sandstorm blowing in the desert.

  2. And this is what those in the MSM, academia and the political class believe.

    I had hopes that after the attempted terrorist attack on Geller they would change their minds, instead they doubled down on their collective suicide pact with Islam. On the bright side it exposes their collective stupidity and cowardice like nothing else. I am firmly convinced they will believe their own lies even as jihadis fill them full of rounds from their AK-47’s one day. They bought in too deeply to back out.

    It’s not a prediction either, it’s a eventual outcome of importing them in by the millions. People who lay down with Polar bears end up as Polar bear food.

    And we are stuck with cleaning their mess.

  3. (to the tune of chorus in Jesus Christ Superstar)

    Mohammed – Superstar
    Are you the perfect man like they say you are?

    reprised variously as : –
    Merciful – Mohammed
    Don’t draw, don’t write, don’t learn, Can I keep my head?

    Merciful – Mohammed
    Don’t drink or think or laugh, can I keep my head?

    Mohammed – Superstar
    Aisha wants to drive Lucy Jordan’s car….

    or (to the tune of ‘I’m H,A,P,P,Y)

    Oh it’s NTDWI
    Oh it’s NTDWI
    They say it’s so I’m sure it’s so
    It’s NTDWI….

    or (chanelling G and S)
    In a risible amalgam of erroneous hypotheses
    From infidels espousing apostasy and heresies
    A calumnious confusion has shamefully arisen –
    Suggesting that maybe evil might arise from .. a religion
    And this is not so, oh no…..

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