13 thoughts on “Fascist, Coward, or Moron?

  1. All three of them. And much, much more…

  2. I just finished watching a 12-minute interview of Pamela Geller by “Ezra,” a Canadian. I only know his first name b/c Ms. Geller used it in the interview.

    Will it be re-posted?

    • I posted it earlier today. Scroll down a couple of posts on the main page. It’s Ezra Levant.

  3. I already posted this once, though I’ve refined it a little bit. Note that Garland, TX could be replaced with any town in the U.S. Fortunately the naysayers in Garland didn’t win out (though there were some) though in many places the naysayers will win out and islam themselves to jihadi terrorists.

    If you were to ask people in Garland, TX if they recognize ISIS or other Muslim terrorist groups as their legitimate government, they would say no.

    A) If you were to suggest that an illegal cocaine and heroin trade show be held in a Garland, TX event center you would get objections. Not just because it’s illegal, but because federal SWAT teams might descend on the area and might end up shooting people etc. in their attempt to enforce the law. It makes sense for people to object to such an illegal event because they do recognize the governments involved as legitimate and wouldn’t want to be affected by the associated enforcement action.

    B) If you suggest that a Mohammed art contest be conducted in Garland, TX, illegal according to sharia law, enforcers from terrorist groups such as ISIS, or lone wolf devout Muslims may show up to enforce sharia law by killing many people. Some people in Garland, TX would object to this violation of sharia law because some sort of volunteer sharia law enforcement might show up to enforce sharia law by trying to kill people.

    So what exactly is the difference between A and B? In both cases, a government or would-be government is able to enforce their authority over people if they submit, or (in Arabic) islam to their demands. (Actually the Arabic word is istaslama which means ‘to surrender’ or ‘to submit’ but I’m intentionally using the wrong conjugation to drive the point home.)

    So are Americans going to islam (surrender) to case B and effectively declare ISIS/Islam to be a de facto government with authority over them?

    All of the people saying “free speech, but but but” are all ‘islaming’ to terrorist sharia law enforcement tactics. Regardless of whether they cite security concerns or not, their attitudes will be interpreted as that of fearful infidels which will only encourage terrorist jihadis.

    We are at war with the jihadis whether we want to be or not, because they’re obviously at war with us. Mohammed cartoons are a critically important act of defiance under these conditions. Some non-violent individuals will get offended, but they can deal with it the same way they get offended by gay weddings or anything else that’s against Islam.

    It is much more important to stand up and show extreme defiance toward the jihad than it is to avoid offending every possible person who might get offended. Otherwise you allow ISIS de facto ability to make the law.

  4. I do want to make a correction on what Bill Whittle said. He said the SA would haunt the streets, beating up homosexuals among others.

    It so happened that the head of the SA, Earnst Rohm, was a flagrant homosexual, as were most of the SA leadership. Hilter dismissed complaints about this, as the SA was useful to his political advancement.

    I’m not making any correlation between politics and homosexuality:just saying it’s unlikely the SA targeted homosexuals as homosexuals, although homosexuals were targets for Nazi extermination later on.

    I also want to make the point that the Garland cartoon exhibition was more than simply an exercise of provocative free speech. It was a vitally-necessary beginning of frank discussion of Islam and it’s doctrines. In the mainstream press, it is unlikely to find open discussion of Islamic doctrine, stemming from Muhammad and his life. Actions of jihad terrorists and IS zombie killers are attributed to “extremism” rather than canonical Islamic beliefs.

    Therefore, the creation and showing of the Muhammad cartoons was vital to open discussion of a sect that threatens our existence. There is absolutely nothing frivolous about holding the show…although, I admit I had fun looking at the cartoons and listening to the very prominent, courageous speakers. I was also honored to be in the presence of the people who took the inconveniennce as a necessary burden, and also of the magnificent police, who were ready for battle, but took every opportunity to be helpful to the people they were protecting.

    • I agree. Not only is it a necessary act of defiance but it is also necessary to crack this nut shell that is a barrier surrounding any real discussion of Mohammed’s “example” for Muslims.

      It seems like it’s going to take more than one blow to crack the nut.

  5. The response we have to different situations should be based upon a reasoned approach of doing what is morally right. As Bill Whittle illustrated so adeptly it is ultimately selfish cowardice that lets humanity fail. If we are selfish, fearful or immoral our societies ultimately will regress to a similar level to that of intolerant, negative Islam which is why the saying that evil only needs good men to do nothing to succeed is so pertinent.

    Its seems childish or extreme but the ultimate example of humanity at its best (set in stone in my mind) was the Battle of Thermopylae where a vastly outnumbered band of civilised, moral Europeans defended their entire culture against an unstoppable multitude of savages, knowing they were to die but determined to do what they could, without selfish interest, for only the benefit of their civilisation.

    Now our leaders show nothing but self interest and cowardice in their dealings with the Islamic culture that they are enthusiastically allowing to increasingly dominate Western civilisation.

    Only one person Ephialtes accepted gold to turn against his fellows at Thermopylae. Now there are so many of our leaders with their pockets filled with gold (or hearts filled with fear) from our cultural enemies that Western civilisation really is in trouble. As Bill Warner has proven statistically any society that allows Islam to gain enough momentum will be completely taken over – a historical fact and warning for our futures.

  6. I worry about the chilling effect, both from these recent attacks and the lackluster defense of the right to speak our minds.
    Owners and managers of both commercial and public venues might think twice about lending space to ‘controversial’ organizations. And even if they take a principled stand for freedom of expression and association, will the employees? If they says thing like; “I’ve got kids, I’ll quit if this goes forward” or “Minimum wage is not worth risking my life for, I refuse to work those days” no ‘controversial’ event can ever be held.
    Well, time will tell.

  7. Oh, dear God. I am starting to get scared — of our own country. If free speech is this expensive, what comes next? zombie robots? People with no brains and there are too many of them already.

    There is a tide. . . I can’t remember the rest of the quotation but it is upon us now.

    We must take a stand for freedom or we are doomed as a free country. Free speech is free speech, there are no limits on it. Our current government is so busy kissing the butts of the Arabs/Muslims that they have forgotten their duty to uphold the Constitution. Sigh. We need a new government, tout suite — hope it will be an improvement over the current one.

    Pray for our country, people!

    • There is a tide in the affairs of men.
      Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
      Omitted, all the voyage of their life
      Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat,
      And we must take the current when it serves,
      Or lose our ventures.

      Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, spoken by Brutus

  8. prescient! I like that word and discerning and see through things.

    Did you hear about the Kosovars attacking Macedonian police. prescient. I predict: EU will condemn Macedonia for defending themselves because it was the criminal EU which established a beachhead in Europe for Jihadis, reviving the hegemony of the Ottomans in Europe. How Europe is itching and eager for being punished by muslims is amazing.
    So the 15 year civil war in Lebanon started like this. European Donkey Liars think that Europe is unique with unique laws that if there are 50 ethnic groups and religions ( except Judeo-Chritianity), all will live in peace. What stupid heads!

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