Don’t Play With Girls — You’ll Catch Kafir Cooties!

The Ontario high school system has a rule: if you’re a girl who can compete successfully in a sport that’s normally all-boys, and your school doesn’t have a girls’ team for that sport, you may participate on a boys’ team.

Sounds sensible. Unless you’re a Muslim, that is. Then it violates your freedom of religion, and opposing teams must remove the girls from their ranks so your boys won’t be made unclean by contact with them.

The sidelining of the girls on this high school soccer team was actually voluntary — the coach didn’t force the girls to sit out the game, he just played on their sense of guilt by invoking the welfare of the team. Which is actually worse, in a way: as Vlad points out, the coach, like other cultural and political leaders throughout the West, is pre-emptively surrendering to Islam by complying with the tenets of sharia law.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying CityNews article:

Muslim boys high school soccer team refuses to play against team with 2 girls

A boys soccer team from ISNA Private Islamic High School refused to finish a game on Tuesday because two females were on the opposing team during a Brampton tournament.

Robert F. Hall Catholic School, in Caledon, does not have a girls team so the two females played on the senior boys team, which was approved by the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association (ROPSSAA).

During halftime, the ISNA Private Islamic High School team brought the concern to the referee. Robert F. Hall Catholic School school was winning the game 3–1 at that point.

Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations, South Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association and ROPSSAA all have the same gender rule stating:

“If a sport activity is not available for a female on a girls’ team, she is eligible to participate on a boys’ team following a successful tryout.”

The girls on Robert F. Hall Catholic School team told CityNews they insisted on sitting out for the second half to allow the game to continue. The team went on to win 6-1 but both teams ended up advancing to the next round.

There is a chance the two teams could face each other again on Monday.

ROPSSAA said their rules are black and white.

But this is uncharted territory for the board so they are gathering their facts and will make a ruling on Friday about how to proceed.

Bruce Campbell of the Catholic School Board says they are disappointed and that they expect any team participating to know the rules.

“We were a little bit caught off guard because we assumed it was a senior boys league and exclusively for boys,” Essa Abdool-Karim. the coach of the ISNA High School soccer team, said.

“Free mixing is generally something we do not do, more so out of respect than anything,” he said.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Play With Girls — You’ll Catch Kafir Cooties!

  1. “We want religious freedom” (to apply their intolerant beliefs upon everyone else). Islam never sees the irony.

  2. Funny how they changed their tune when 3-1 down.
    Respect???? How to turn the tables and make a white liberal feel guilty. I would have walked away after kicking the ball in the coaches [masculine organs of reproduction].

  3. Was it significant that the muslim team was losing 3-1 at the time to a team that included two girls?

    • I would bet you a dollar to a donut it was….look they were already at halftime and sexist islamics had already played against a team with girls for one half a quarter.

      Are they so blind that they did NOT see the girls in the first half??

      NOW the girls should sue the Islamic team for discrimination… probably get enough money for a four year degree .

  4. >>“Free mixing is generally something we do not do, more so out of respect than anything,” he said. <<


  5. It has taken over 100 years to get girls onto football teams, and we are prepared to throw it all away because it frightens the Islamic mini macho men.

    I am all for ‘free mixing’ and if Islamic adult male sexual proclivities are anything to go by, then most muslim boys would benefit greatly as well.

    To discover that girls are real people who think and dream and fight and have fun, but all in a slightly different way, is really one of the most exciting things in a boy’s life. But this is an adventure denied to Muslim boys, and it shows in later life.

  6. It happens in Karate too. A muslim mother asking for her son not to partner a girl as the girl has now reached puberty. She was nicely told to go elsewhere if she did not like the training methods.

  7. Yet more appeasement by the west; the Trojan Horse has been emptying into the west for about 40 years now, and still westerners, our own people, seem totally unable to see where this is leading!

    Idiots of my acquaintance tell me not to worry, “our people will take only so much….” Really? I don’t see anyone making a serious stand–anywhere!

  8. This is very interesting.

    ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) was begun by the Muslim Brotherhood, with funding by Muslim Brotherhood fronts, such as the Islamic Association for Palestine. The ISNA specifically was named an “unindicted co-conconspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation charity trial, and probably missed having criminal charges by the skin of their teeth and the good graces of the Bush presidency. Anyway, the ISNA sued to get the “unindicted co-conspirator” label removed, and a federal judge ruled there was more than sufficient evidence to justify the label.

    Anyway, back to the present, the ISNA is trying to mainstream itself as just another all-American (Canadian in this case) bunch who may wear exotic clothes, but think the same as you and me. See this weasel statement by the ISNA on women:

    “We commit to educating ourselves and our communities in the right attitude and treatment of girls and women by spreading correct religious knowledge and increasing awareness of the plight faced by too many in the world. We will continue to train ourselves and our communities to better serve the needs of those who face oppression and violence, and to provide the necessary spiritual and moral support that is needed.

    Therefore, we hereby commit to working together, alongside our sisters in faith and humanity, to strive for a future without oppression and violence against girls, women and others, and to cultivate a culture in which believing men and women live together in peace, mutual respect, and loving harmony in our homes, mosques, and societies.”

    What all that means is, they will continue to treat women exactly as mandated by sharia law, because sharia law by definition honors and protects women. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be sharia law. Anything mandated by sharia law honors and protects women.

    Anyway, if there were a male organ anywhere in the news organizations (if horses had wings, etc….) the newsmen would be grilling the ISNA representatives on exactly what they meant by their statement, and insisting on a forward reply.

    The ISNA is the part of jihad called “dawah”, where the Muslims come in as a minority and covertly undermine the native cultural structure until the structure weakens enough, and they gain in numbers enough, take take more covert actions.

    • RonaldB, your last five words should have been “then take more overt actions.” Right?
      (By the way, the Islamic word for “cooties” is “najis”.)

  9. If muslims can not play because of women, then they can either play or forfeit the match. if they do not like it, they can join another league maybe a muslim league somewhdere. I am tired of having to bend over and be politically corect for Muslims. They are a trying to change our society to suit themsleves. Accept our rules or be gone simple as that.

    • A forfeit is a problem for the other team. If it’s high in the rankings and anxious to play, this forfeit hurts their aggregate score. Like having a zero figured into your average – not so good for your ratings.

      That’s why the Islams have the regular schools in a bind. This double cross needs to be handled at a higher level, where those who make up the rules re forfeits can make the necessary changes to bring down this nasty trick. But will they have the courage to endure “racist” and other such jibes? We are dying from a lack of courage among those who make the rules.

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