It’s that Bow Again

What’s really going on with the Obama administration’s Middle East policy? Our Israeli correspondent MC takes a look.

It’s that Bow Again
by MC

The establishment of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948 was a huge shock for those religious groups who justified their existence by the belief that their group became ‘god’s’ chosen race as successors to the Jews. This particularly affected Roman Catholicism, which adapted to the circumstances by declaring the Jews were no longer to be considered ‘Christ Killers’. Islam was also impacted.

I was last accused of being a ‘Christ Killer’ by a Nigerian Catholic about five years ago, so the message has still not penetrated to the bottom of the pile (sic) in Roman Catholicism. However, Islam justifies its existence on the basis that god dumped the Jews (they failed to beat the Romans) and sent Mo to preach a new gospel to a new ‘chosen people’.

It is probably very difficult for modern westerners to understand the importance of feeling ‘chosen’ when confronted with obvious contradictions to that ‘chosenness’. This was particularly true in the circumstances of the 1948 War of Independence, when the nascent State of Israel (pop. 680,000) defended itself against invasion by five armies comprising some 1.2 million soldiers whose aim was (and still is) total genocide.

This miraculous event undermined all ‘replacement theology’-based religions. It shook them to their very roots.

It is also hard for Westerners to understand the depth of religious faith in the Middle East, a close comparison would be with the political religions of socialism, where the core values of socialism are so established in the psyche of ‘believers’ that they are not to be even questioned (taxation as a form of redistribution of wealth, National Socialism as ‘right-wing’ and many, many more).

That Islam failed in its attempted genocide of Jews in Israel is a total contradiction in Islamic theology, and the idea of a despicable Jew — whom god has rejected — achieving ‘equality’ (even superiority) with a Muslim is theologically unacceptable. The rationalization has therefore been to describe Israel as ‘Satanic’.

Islam is not subject to the same vectors in dilution of belief as Christianity. And, yes, it may well be that the average Muslim adheres to a faith because of peer pressure and fear. But when a Christian goes ‘back to the bible’ he/she finds:

‘…love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.’ — Galatians 5 v 22

But when the Muslim goes back to Koran he/she finds:

‘Kill them [the Jews and Christians] wherever you find them…’Quran (2:191-193)

And, yes, the Old Testament contains some nasty stuff too, but one must always look at context. For example, adulterers are to be stoned, yes, but only if firstly there is a Priest present (no OT priests since 70 AD), and that BOTH guilty persons are stoned at the same time (this was the basis behind Jesus’ statement “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” as the scripture tells us that only the woman was present). The Bible is self-adapting!

The other big difference here is that faith in Yah, or Jesus, is a personal private choice, whereas Islam is compulsory for all, and non-compliance is punishable by death or slavery. Forcible conversion in Judaism or Christianity is unscriptural; in Islam it is obligatory.

I might point out here the some more pure forms of the Socialist political religion(s) also practise scriptural execution and slavery as a consequence of unbelief, so Islam is not unique.

One should therefore see the Arab-Israeli war in the context of a religious war where the forces of Islam need to erase Israel as an entity because its very existence demonstrates the fallacies of Islam. Many in the Middle East see Israel as a ghetto on a national scale, and we can see how the ‘liquidation’ of that ghetto might work.

This is also why the likes of the PA and Hamas do not distinguish between military and civilian targets — to Islam there is no difference. It also explains their callous attitude towards their own people. Those children killed whilst shielding the fighters are martyrs and so go straight to heaven (if they are male) so what does it matter? Tough luck on the girls, but they don’t really matter either.

It is very naïve to judge Islam by Western standards, but I do not believe for a moment that our western masters do. They have all read the books, but choose to tell the hoi polloi a different story, one that fits their public agenda. Their real agenda is somewhat more obscure.

What we do know is that the Muslim Brotherhood is high up in the inner circles of that agenda. As Diana West hints in American Betrayal, they have replaced the KGB agents of influence in the current and probably the previous administrations. We can see the spoor, and it stinks, so whose food is this animal actually eating?

I cannot help but feel that there is Saudi money in there somewhere. The Saudi royal family live behind high walls. They pay lip service to Islam in public, but what goes on inside those walls?

There is now a controlling influence in the world such as has never been before. Disparate governments move with a singleness and timing of common purpose. The international media are all singing from the same hymn sheet. There is no platform for dissent, anywhere — except the Internet, and that not for not much longer, I guess.

We look at the policy on Iran and nukes, a policy that is just unbelievably stupid, so let us be in unbelief about this, too. What if the reality is that the Saudis are just itching to buy in Khan’s Paki supermarket? And that this is not about an Iranian nuke, but all about a Saudi nuke…?

Remember that attempted genocide in 1948? The Saudis were there, too, and Islam is still compromised.

And did this administration or its leader ever kow-tow to the King?

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

33 thoughts on “It’s that Bow Again

  1. Amazing! With a billion Muslims screaming for Jews’ blood, MC is compelled to attack Roman Catholics. Meanwhile, yeshiva students regularly spit on priests and nuns throughout Israel. Stop that [insulting intensifier] practice MC. Where’s the love hidden in your [perceived anti-Catholic stance]?

      • Lest we also forget the Vatican’s assistance given escaping SS and Nazi Party officials toward the end of and after World War 2 in fleeing Europe, an act of treachery now known as the Vatican Ratlines.

    • the one high official whom Christian and Jewish interfaith activists credit for stepping into the fray, is Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger. On November 11, Metzger addressed a letter to the “rabbis of the Jewish Quarter,” writing that he had “heard a grave rumor about yeshiva students offending heaven…[by] spitting on Christian clergy who walk about the Old City of Jerusalem.” Such attackers, he added, are almost tantamount to rodfim, or persecutors, which is one of the worst class of offenders in Jewish law. They violate the injunction to follow the “pathways of peace,” Metzger wrote, and are liable to provoke anti-Semitism overseas. “I thus issue the fervent call to root out this evil affliction from our midst, and the sooner the better,” wrote the chief rabbi.

      Jerusalem Post

      Yes, and the practice is condemned at the highest levels of Judaism.

      • Thank you MCin. I notice the rabbi put as his first reason that it made the Jewish offenders “persecutors” and peace violators, and only second that such behavior could cause antisemitism. In other words, the first principle is to follow your principles.

        What bugs me is that everything turns into an existential judgement of Israel. Israel is a democratic, classical “liberal” country with warts, the same as any other country. I don’t believe anyone here would approve of the mistreatment of Christian clergy. I’ll go further and don’t think anyone would approve of the mistreatment of peaceful Muslims. Things happen, though, and you only aim for justice, but sometimes don’t hit the bulls eye.

        I find your speculation very interesting that Saudi Arabia is staging the whole kabuki show of the ISIS presence, and the ineptness of US Iranian policy, in order to acquire nuclear weapons to finish the Muslim mandate to eliminate Israel.

        A piece of evidence for your hypothesis is the existence of Huma Abedin, who comes from deep Saudi roots and also strong Muslim Brotherhood connections. Why would Saudi Arabia declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group when together they have achieved a deep penetration of American government? They seem to have worked closely in the past. Perhaps the hostility of Saudi Arabia to the Muslim Brotherhood has less than meets the eye?

        But, I’ll have to tell you I don’t subscribe to that theory. There are too many things to go wrong for Saudi Arabia. The hold of the royal family on power is too tenuous. If they initiate a shooting war with either Israel or Iran, no matter how covertly, they run a very significant risk of getting blown out of power themselves.

        I think the answer is more straightforward. Saudi Arabia has been depending on the US to maintain effective pressure on Iran, and is responding quickly to the disastrous negotiations by setting up its own deterrent.

        • When I was in the GCC region, and in Riyadh for over a year, I was aware of the factions withing the communities, my employer was one of the few who would employ Shiites and on the whole, they were better to work with than the Sunnies, but both groups has an overarching hatred of Jews. To be seen as the entity that eradicated Israel would be a huge boost to any Islamic majority nation. It is a mistake to see Islamic politics through western eyes, Saudi is playing a much longer term game than is possible in the west, western politics is played in 4 or 5 year terms, just until the next election, in Saudi it does not matter if the annihilation of Israel is 20 years down the road, what matters is that Wahabist Islam (aka Saudi royal family) is seen to be the tool of Allah in achieving his will of genocide of Jews.

          In a theological sense, Islam is Satan’s answer to Yahoshua (Jesus), and is thus a cunning inversion of Judeo-Christian truths. So to a Muslim Yah is Satan and consequently Satan is Allah (but that is not admitted). Christian USA is therefore the ‘Big Satan’ and Jewish Israel is the ‘little Satan’.

          Satan does not like the Book (bible) and he certainly does not like the ‘People of the Book’, and he is prone to kill them wherever he finds them in a vulnerable position.

          And for the first time in 200 years, Jews and Christians in the USA (and thus Israel) are vulnerable and target-able.

    • Take a look at Giulio Meotti’s book, “The Vatican Against Israel – J’Accuse”. You’ll find it quite surprising how many of the Catholic “leaders” in the Middle East detest the existence of Israel, and have, over the years, resorted to forming alliances with the Muslims.
      Unfortunately for their flocks, this approach has turned against them and they are now being decimated by their Muslim allies.
      Supercessionism is such a bitch. It was at the centre of things when Constantine instigated the Catholic Church at Nicea. Perhaps churches of any sort are not the best way to worship as they promote a form of mindlessness… But that’s another story…
      As for the spitting thing. I personally am not happy about this type of behaviour..

    • I personally was staggered when (maybe two weeks ago?) Pope Francis called Mahmoud Abbas an “angel of peace” (

      Evidently the worldwide shock made inroads on His Holiness’s conscience, because there followed a spate of “oh, he didn’t say that, he said THIS” articles, e.g., and .

      I hope il papa isn’t trying to re-ignite hatred vs. Jews by praising this bloodthirsty Palestinian leader. I really do. There are Catholics and Protestants and non-observers in my family; one of my sisters and I believe that we have Jewish ancestry, too, but in such a way that no rabbi would–and Jewish law also would not–declare us Jews (father’s ancestors; maternal grandfather’s relations).

      • In fairness, the media did not report the Pope’s quote correctly: he said “may you be an angel of peace”; he didn’t call the guy one. This is a standard comment given by popes — in fact, the whole thing was pretty much a polite nothing.
        As for recognizing Palestine: that was done some time ago (and not by this pope — in fact, he’s been less accommodating than most). The RCC called for a two state solution (the one the Palestinians denied and Israel did not — there is a reason for this, and one which actually could work in Israel’s favor, but it would be a risk — then again, everything, including the status quo, carries risk there).
        Right now Christians of the area are rather trapped…and the Church is not responsible for anyone but them (so since nobody is really on their side, they really aren’t on a side either here).

        • unknown j,
          May I suggest that when you give information like this that goes against the common understanding, you put in a link or two to buttress your case? Otherwise, we’re left with taking your word for it, or doing a google. But, most articles that will come up will give the exact information you are saying is not correct. Thus, you should give a reference for the basis of your statement.

  2. The British had an ‘Arab’ agenda which really came to the fore during the First World War in Palestine. General Allenby’s Desert column – that also included ANZAC light-horsemen (last great cavalry charge at Beersheba) – was tasked with ridding the middle east of Ottomans or Turks, while enhancing relations with Arab dynasties to the point of looking away from the favored Arab and their atrocities committed against other Arab tribes, Turkish prisoners and the rampant theft of his own troops personal possessions.

    It was all about Arab oil then and it is still about Arab oil now. The Belfour decision to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine almost never came about because it was seen to be counter productive to British middle east interests. The day Israel was declared into existence became the set piece ever after for the Jewish state. Israel was born under war and war has been nipping at Israel’s borders ever since, yet many in the West refuse to acknowledge that the land Israel now occupies is old Jewish land going back thousands of years that they were evicted from in 70AD. And those who refuse to accept Jewish ownership of Judea and Samaria are those who side with the most destructive and intolerant force yet known to man, Islam, even though the underdog in this war of religion is only seven million strong as compared to over 130 million of their sworn enemy.

    There will never be peace in the middle east while Islam remains alive to be manipulated by and in turn, manipulate various Western governments into bringing about a New World Order.

    • Yes, but Israel is successful and the others are poor and backward. That necessarily means that Israel is the oppressive bourgeoisie and the 130 million enemies are only enemies because they’re the oppressed proletarians with “legitimate greviances” against the evil bourgeoisie.

      The idea that a group of people might be backward, violent, and economically unsuccessful because their own beliefs make them backward and violent must never be considered because cultures must necessarily be “equally valid”. To tell anyone that they might be wrong is “colonialism”.

      • Change “colonialism” to “racism” or “Islamophobia” and your second paragraph captures the essence of the political catastrophe of every Western “nation.”

        • There are people here who have been fortunate enough not to be directly exposed to leftists to the same degree that I have.

          The drawback is that they don’t learn as much about how these leftists have been indoctrinated. So I try to explain.

  3. “It is very naïve to judge Islam by Western standards, but I do not believe for a moment that our western masters do. They have all read the books, but choose to tell the hoi polloi a different story, one that fits their public agenda. Their real agenda is somewhat more obscure.”

    Yes, indeed. What can our ‘elected representatives’ actually admit, that behind the ‘tiny minority’ of extremists that there’s probably an alarmingly large number of supporters, fellow travellers, fund raisers, hate preachers and assorted useful idiots and therefore the ‘moderate’ Muslim community provides an inexhaustible supply of jihadis and that we have brought the horse into the city.

    So whether our political elites are multicultural fantasists or they actually understand the Islamic threat they are not going to tell the plebs the truth.

  4. The Jew is as much a burr under the saddle of the socialist elite that rules the West as he is a burr to Islam. Why? The essence of Judaism is separation. The essence of socialism is melding: only when all are equal, all are the same, only then will fairness reign in a paradise on earth. The Jew, the Jew who has not repudiated Judaism, will have none of it. The core of Judaism rears up in disgust at the socialist demand to meld, to blend, to give up the integrity of individuation, to give up thought itself in order to lose the self, to die into “community.” The Jew is the nail that will not be hammered down. The nail that sticks out. Which fills the socialist elite with a barely suppressible rage. So why should it surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood has been invited in by the socialist elite that rules the West to help plan the final solution?

    • Great post, ricpic. I began writing one of my own but actually found that I didn’t have much to contribute to it.

      Nonetheless, I’ll give my thoughts.

      Socialism is essentially a contract with anyone who feels downtrodden, whether they are or aren’t in actuality. If you agree to support socialism, it will produce a perfect, revolutionary world with the wealth taken from the upper class. If you oppose socialism, you will have to die. If you are a member of the ruling class, then socialism will kill you even if you surrender to it (see the Tsar and his family, who had relinquished all power at the time of their murders.) There is always one more thing that needs to be done before the perfect socialist world can be brought about: in that way, it’s a bit like a con artist playing his victim.

      Religious traditions, of course, must either bend to survive (and be destroyed slightly later) or just be destroyed now. Judaism can’t mix with socialism because it’s heavily tribal and exclusionary. I see people from time to time (and usually it’s a Neo-Nazi adopting the language of the left, rather than a true leftist, but anyway) complaining about Judaism’s “racism”, but really, there is no such consideration. Race was not even a factor when Judaism was created.

      The sad thing is that many Jews, largely as a result of exclusion from European society, did make this bargain. So we have a rather sad legacy in Karl Marx, Rosa Luxembourg, Leon Trotsky and others. We see the “bargain” to a lesser degree in a lot of American Jews today. Have a look at this article for the plainest possible debate between an essential socialist Jew and a traditionalist Jew:

      It’s not just Judaism that cannot cooexist with socialism. No nation can coexist with it. It’s the unfortunate side-effect of America’s success that has emboldened socialists with supposed evidence that immigration at any rate or degree is harmless to a nation.

      Socialism is, as has been remarked here before, very similar to Islam. I don’t just mean in the sense that all religions promise their followers a perfect world. I also mean in the post-nationalist sense (the “Islamic State” that belongs to no nation) and in its ability to tolerate those who don’t directly oppose it, if they keep their mouths shut and they aren’t in a class that definitely must die (polytheists).

      They even use the same arguments to dismiss their monsters: ask any socialist about Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and so on and you can be absolutely certain that they will tell you that these were not true socialists. Ask any Muslim about ISIS, Osama bin Laden, or just the garden variety child rapists that we see so often in the UK, and await the same exact response.

      Together, they’ll be the death of us all.

  5. Yes 1948, the year when several Christian villages were ethnically cleansed by the nascent IDF and despite court rulings that allow the populations to return, the reality is that they are not allowed to return.
    Israel also has a problem of jewish extremists targeting Christians in Israel. Granted they’re not blowing them up but they’re still being bigots, every much so the bigots that talk of “Christ Killers”.
    The Catholic Church changed its stance on promoting jews as the people who killed Christ in an effort to ensure that the events of the holocaust were not repeated in its name, it had nothing to do with the faith being shocked by the creation of the state of Israel, it was about going back to Christian roots of forgiveness and brotherhood to all mankind.

    • Yes, but you know, in Israel, they are tried and gaoled like any other criminal….

    • Draft versions of the Document [Nostra Aetate,” (“In our time”) Vatican II 1965] had specifically stated that the term “deicide” cannot legitimately be used in reference to Jews. This passage was removed. According to Nicholls:

      “The Arab lobbyists had argued that to ban the word deicide would tend to legitimate the Zionist state, with adverse political consequences for the Catholic church in the Middle East; the bishops from the area had suggested that there might be fears for the safety of Arab Christians if this happened.” 7

      Nicholls commented that the Document did not mention the need for repentance for past oppression and mass murders of Jews by the Church. It does not ask Jews for forgiveness. Nicholls writes that this is a glaring error because other Vatican II documents:

      “do ask forgiveness for the Church from Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, and Muslims. This is perhaps the greatest weakness of the statement. Perhaps it would not have passed the council if it had [been included].”

      Vatican comment about the Holocaust did not happen until 1998:

      “We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah” on 1998-MAR-16

    • I would like to remind you that in Israel, many Catholics would call themselves Palestinians, rather than Israelis (despite holding Israeli citizenship, and enjoying the religious and personal freedom that being an Israeli guarantees). I have personally been told by one of these ‘Palestinian’ Catholics that I will burn in hell for being Jewish.
      What is also important to remember is that most other Christian denominations here are generally benign when talking to me, I have not once been called a ‘dirty Jew’ by a Greek, Russian, Armenian orthodox or an Israeli protestant, although the British prods are quite unpleasant to us quite frequently.
      When Jews here attack any other person of any other religion, they are tried and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and they are seen by the general population as the thugs they are.
      Please could you name the villages that were ethnically cleansed?

      • I don’t know about ‘Christian Villages’ as such (Abu Gosht famously sided with the IDF and aided in the battles along the road to Jerusalem). But yes, Christian Arabs were displaced during the conflict. There is much dispute amongst historians as to what caused the departure of Arab villagers, many say it was propaganda following Deir Yassim, and yes, the IDF did order some villages to be cleared, it happens in wartime.

        There is not much dispute however as to why some of my family had to leave Baghdad in the early fifties and live in tents for several years. We still have to photographs!

        What is particularly boring is holding the Joos to different/higher standards than everybody else, it is a particularly virulent form of anti-Semitism as it is not immediately apparent that that is the motivation.

  6. Great thoughts on this topic. I have followed this site for years. MC in Sderot again has spoken truth. Unfortunately we allies (Jews and Christians) continue to stab each other with ugly comments which just emboldens our common enemy Islam. Even non-believers and those of other faiths add to the woodpile of burning our common defense against this Satanic evil. So unfortunate, so wasteful, so sad….

  7. thanks mc .. good essay. you answered my head shaking
    question about barry o’fraud & the iranians ..’mebbe it’s not about an iranian bomb’ .. this makes perfect sense. god help us

  8. Missing the point if this is just seen as a Jewish / Christian argument.

    The focus was rightly on a murky agenda being played out; who are the instigators of this and what it means for us all when sociopathic Islam is the main element.

    The establishment clearly are acting with purpose regardless of the propaganda we are brainwashed with. We know what we see. There is an Islamification from North Africa (South Med), around to the Syria (Eastern Med). It is as if the conditions have been put in place for a Caliphate reaching around this area that would be linked to an Islamifying Turkey through to the Middle East.

    At the same time as this immigration jihad has changed the demographics of Europe and is rapidly doing so in North America. Islamic nations are being allowed to develop dreaded nuclear technology. The success of the Muslim Brotherhoods “Islamophobia” campaign to curtail criticism of its own intolerances. Lastly those of us who state what we see and are critical are castigated by our societies as “racists” and “Islamophobes” – our valid concerns not listened to.

  9. To those who would attack Israel on the basis of its treatment of Christians: did you happen to notice the fate of Christians in Iraq, Syria, PA controlled territory, Iran, Nigeria? Christians had better understand the true threat, and fast

  10. Of course Saudi and Gulf money is behind the growing influence of Islam in the West. Saudis have something like close to a trillion now invested in American securities. Could you imagine the economic chaos if they sold off those securities at one time or the sort of influence that buys?

    And who knows what Dubai and the other states have invested in the U.S.

    Or KSA’s well known practice of buying retiring members of Congress and their children via consulting contracts. Usually it isn’t much just a couple hundred grand a year for the occasional question or endorsement. But it ensures these people are in their pocket and those currently serving see the benefits of going along with the Saudis.

    In England the Muslim money is buying just about everything. Is it any wonder the political class is happy to kow tow before them and their orders when the money keeps pouring in?

    • I believe Hillary got millions from them too for the Clinton Foundation , so favours are owed to the Arabs when she gets a position or elected.

  11. Like virtually everyone else who has written in response to MC’s article I too disdain the Saudis. And much as I like and appreciate MC I think that the Saudi protestations about an Iranian nuke so they can purchase one or more of the Pakistani variety is a conspiracy theory too far.

    While the Saudis hate the Jews, they fear the Iranian Shiites more. Hate the Jews yes, but they know that Israel would never unprovoked attack Saudi Arabia. I don’t have a map in front of me, but I would be surprised if the Saudis have any military presence to their west where Israel lay, except if it were for not much more than show. But you can bet your bank account they keep a wary eye on the Shiites in their own country in the oil fields, and towards the Iranians.

    I would also bet the Saudis are speaking to the Israelis about cooperation not only against the Iranians but against ISIS for there may come a time I would guess when the maniacs of ISIS decide they don’t like what goes on beyond the palace walls in Saudi Arabia too. This may be (no proof now, just speculation) mute if ISIS is wounded greatly by Iranian troops and proxies, or other factors that may unfold. I doubt anyone can predict their strength a year out.

    Of course it is delicious to think that the Salafist doctrines propagated by the Saudis might come one day to bite them on their assets, oil and otherwise.

    I have to remind myself to be of good cheer.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • The post was always meant to have an element of speculation, the point is that whatever game is being played in Iran, it is NOT what we are being told, JoshuaPundit has a very neat analysis from about 6 weeks ago where he proposes Iran as a US proxy against IS (If Rob sees this he might put in a link).

      We know very little about the Saudi web of intrigue, and many conspiracy theories have turned out to be true, and a good way of scotching something that is too close to the mark is to use the conspiracy theory accusation against it.

  12. The whole thing about the A-bomb for Saudi Arabia, Win if they do, Win if they don’t… if the destruction of Israel is the mission, no?
    Permit me to offer the following idea into the mix. Regardless of the ruling authority, for the last 500 years or so [feel free to nail down a date, I graduated with a BS in Smoking, with a minor in pill popping and sniffing] it’s not been about god in politics, rather to get god out of politics. Now perhaps there have been many a reason for this going back much more even, in history. The problem is one of principles with which to govern. If you’re an atheist, all principles come from the same mold, that is the human mind and as such, may the best man win. If you’re a [mono]theist, that is, a believer in one, personal, eternal, omnipotent being who cannot but exist, who necessarily must be, and who loves… then your principles would necessarily flow from your understanding of that ‘deity’.
    As a Jew, one has a highly developed understanding of the deity, and deep background writings and practices on which to draw guidance and which are used to form still further, ones’ principles. As a Catholic, there is yet more development, more penetration into the divine mind [Logos], and practice continues to emerge from that [if the heretics don’t get to it first]. Islam, is not a development but a divergence altogether, in that it turns the theology on its head by making the will of god predominate, rather than the being of god. The moment Eve reached for the apple, and more still, the moment Adam yielded, Mohammed was inevitable.
    The Marxist’s and his stream have nothing to say outside of a repudiation of church and temple, yes, but moreover of the deity Himself.
    Absent a Judeo-Christian anthropological principle at the helm of authority, all is lost.

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