“We are Primarily Responsible for the Problem”

Filip Dewinter, the leader of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang, acknowledges that Belgium and the EU created the problem of jihad terror in Europe by inviting in millions of immigrants from Muslim countries. He proposes a program of incentives to induce sharia-loving Muslims to return to their ancestral homes.

The following translated article from 7sur7 was published earlier in a slightly different form at Vlad Tepes. Many thanks to Sassy for the translation:

“Supporters of Sharia must leave Belgium”

Belgium’s far-right Vlaams Belang party launched a new campaign on Thursday. It invites all Muslims ‘who don’t feel at home here’ (in Belgium) and those who want Sharia Law to return to their country of origin.

A contest to win ten airline tickets to the ‘Islamic country of your choice’ is also part and parcel of the provocative campaign titled ‘East West? Home Sweet Home!’ — as per Filip Dewinter, the party’s Antwerp leader.

As evidenced by the number of Belgians who have left for jihad in Syria, Dewinter claims that radicalization concerns should not be directed solely towards the problem of the few hundreds of fighters who have joined the ranks of jihad. Measures such as special courses in schools and separation of radicalized prison inmates are no longer manageable.

We must acknowledge that we are primarily responsible for the problem. We have allowed fundamentalist Islam to build its nest, as was the case in the countries of those Muslims that now live here,” claims Mr. Dewinter.

It is now time to separate the wheat from the chaff: those who don’t truly want to adapt to our laws and customs, we must convince them to return to their countries,” says Dewinter.

Vlaams Belang’s Antwerp chapter advocates for an ‘Active Return Policy’. As a first step, it will distribute 60,000 flyers of its campaign ‘East West? Home Sweet Home!’ in high immigrant concentrated areas such as North Antwerp, Borgerhout, North Deume and Hoboken.

13 thoughts on ““We are Primarily Responsible for the Problem”

  1. Convince them? Yeah right, as long as milk and honey are flowing… If open hostility against the constitution is not grounds enough for serving an eviction order then who can help us, honestly.

  2. The Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb told would-be jihadis, “if you don’t like freedom, then pack your bags and leave. There may be a place where you can be yourself, so be honest with yourself, and don’t kill innocent journalists. If you don’t like freedom, then f— off.”
    Many Europeans have expressed similar sentiments, more politely I might add, yet are labelled Islamophobic for doing so.
    The whole morass is revealing of the corner, the ‘progressives’ have painted themselves into regarding Islam.
    Meanwhile Muslim political parties are oraginising or using ‘progressive’ parties as entryist organisations.
    Most likely the very reasonable idea of Filip Dewinter will be labelled such, a sad commentary on the Orwellian state of affairs in the EU.
    All this before OIC-inspired Islamophobia laws, currently being discussed in various EU countries, are enacted.

  3. I applaud Mr. Dewinter for proposing such a rational and humanistic solution to such an ugly problem, however tongue-in-cheek it may be.

  4. Good luck with this! It may get a few to become interested, but generally, once Islam takes root anywhere, as history shows, it has to be eradicated roots and all.

  5. Muslim countries have a strong tendency to refuse Muslim refugees from non-Muslim countries. For example, Bangladesh is, at gunpoint, turning away Musim Rohingya refugees from Burma on a daily basis. Other Muslim countries, even extremely wealthy ones like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, also refuse such Muslim refugees including the Rohingya.

    It seems to me there are two main reasons: 1) they don’t want to pay to help poor Muslims even though they’re Muslim, and 2) they believe in their hearts that would-be Muslim refugees are cowards who should stay wherever they are, cause trouble for infidels, and “martyr” themselves if necessary fighting for Islamic domination.

    So even if there were massive emigration of Muslims from Europe, I would expect Muslim countries to start enacting policies designed to refuse them entry even if they had citizenship or residency claims.

  6. It’s good to see that there are people who realize that there is a problem .Iam,reading the koran,degree by degree iam discovering that islam is an ideology bent on subjagetting those that outside it.Where ever it goes, it caries it’s superiority over everthing else.And once it has established its roots it’s almost impossible to get rid of.Europe and the west as a whole needs to get rid of the problem before it is too late.If muslims won’t inter grate,they must leave by force if necessary.Period.

    • Yup it is like Japanese Knotweed. Virtually impossible to get rid of and will undermine the foundations of your house.

  7. Don’t you just love the way the media tags every political group that’s not far left as far right, but never, ever, identifies even the far left as being far left.

  8. I had heard that some muslim countries were refusing to accept returnees. Paying countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh with unduly large amounts of foreign aid might work but I think countries like this could not be trusted to keep their end of the deal. In situations like this, it all comes down to threats so, what do we threaten them with?

    • The UK gives loads of cash to Pakistan. In return they keep sending us immigrant spouses and family.

  9. Ideally we’d create bridgeheads – one in Somalia, the other in Afghanistan. African Muslims could be given a one-way ticket to the Somali bridgehead, Asian Muslims a one way ticket to the Afghani. Problem solved.

  10. I believe the best way is not to ask and beg for these Muslims who would rather live under sharia hell to go live in a sharia hell society, but rather, to demand that they return or go to a sharia hell society, period. No asking no begging no trying to entice, Just send them back to what ever sharia hell society that will except them. If none will they lets put them in jail for the safety and security of the nations other citizens.

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