Corrupt Tories, Corrupt Police

As reported here last night, Tommy Robinson secretly videotaped a Muslim political candidate for the Tories attempting to “buy the EDL”, and offered to set Mr. Robinson up for the rest of his life if he helped him out.

In the following brief call to a BBC TV program, Tommy Robinson discusses Afzal Amin and the shadowy figure who finances him, and also the corruption of the British police:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “Corrupt Tories, Corrupt Police

  1. David Cameron calls the EDL all the worst names, and even says he would ban them if he could. Yet compared to Cameron and his prodigies, such as Afzal, Baroness Warsi, and others, the EDL are knights in shining armour.

  2. How widespread is the media attention being given to this in the UK?

    Also, it sounded as though he had tipped off the police in the hope that they could conduct a corruption sting but the police didn’t do anything. Did I get that right?

    • The police would be more likely to arrest him. As has often highlighted on this site, Tommy Robinson has been the repeated victim political persecution and set up police “stings”.

      • Am I correct that all police in the UK are under federal control? If no police are local police answerable to local authorities then that’s part of the problem.

        • No; the Metropolitan Police in London is more closely controlled by central government than the others, though.

  3. offered to set Mr. Robinson up for the rest of his life if he helped him out.

    That is overstating the case. What I heard from the tapes is that Amir offered to pay TR back for paying EDL members in cash to pose as volunteers to his campaign and then TR would be paid back in a shady way.

    The whole thing is disgusting and I can’t give enough perks to TR for getting it on tape and from the get go knowing that this was corruption plain and simple.

    • Afzal Amin rather than “Amir” a misstatement on my part.

      I believe TR also stated that he or the EDL can’t be bought!

  4. The point is this was a covert attempt to incite public order disruption to influence and manipulate the outcome in a parliamentary constituency – a clear attempt to subvert the democratic process.

    The question is did the higher echelons of the Conservative Party have any knowledge of Afzal Amin’s conflict resolution fantasy?

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