EDL for Hire? No Way!

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, and the current EDL leader Steve Eddowes exposed a prominent Muslim Tory politician attempting to make a corrupt (and illegal) deal with the English Defence League.

Afzal Amin, a Conservative candidate for Dudley North, told Messrs. Robinson and Eddowes that he wanted the EDL to announce a fake demo in Dudley that the candidate could take credit for stopping. He also proposed hiring EDL members to canvass on his behalf in Dudley.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Amin, Tommy Robinson recorded last Monday’s restaurant meeting. The Daily Mail obtained a copy of the video and published it tonight for a Sunday scoop:

Exposed: Star Tory candidate plotted with race thugs to stage fake EDL demo in cynical bid to win votes

A key Tory Election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes.

Afzal Amin hatched a scheme to persuade the English Defence League to announce an inflammatory march against a new £18million ‘mega-mosque’. But — as he revealed in secretly filmed footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday — the plan was that the demonstration would never actually go ahead.

And when the phoney rally was called off, the fiercely ambitious Amin, a Muslim, intended to take credit for defusing the situation — winning over voters, and police, in the marginal seat of Dudley North.

In return for going along with the scheme, the former Army captain promised the EDL members he would be their ‘unshakeable ally’ who would help bring their extreme views into the mainstream if he was elected to Parliament.

Amin also wanted EDL members to be paid to canvass on his behalf in Dudley — against election law.

But his devious plot was secretly filmed by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, who blew the whistle on Amin’s scheme because he objected to being used as a pawn in his bizarre power game.

Amin, who has been described on his Tory Party website as a former Army education officer to Princes William and Harry, outlined his plan at an Indian restaurant in Birmingham on Monday.

There he made an apparent offer to Robinson and current EDL chairman Steve Eddowes to covertly pay EDL members to canvass on his behalf. But they were even more shocked by 40-year-old Amin proposing a phantom protest only weeks after a real demonstration in Dudley by 600 EDL supporters led to ugly flashpoints and 30 arrests.

In The Mail on Sunday’s sensational tapes Amin — who openly covets the Prime Minister’s job:…

See the Mail article for the video and a full transcript of the dinnertime conversation.

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  1. Not only “the video and a full transcript of the dinnertime conversation,” but what seems to be a thorough background of Mr. Amin and some background on Robinson & Eddowes for people who haven’t heard of the EDL before. Terrific in-depth writing.

    I also read some of the comments to the Daily Mail, and it’s clear–at least from some of those comments–that the “average informed voter” has had it up to “here” with non-traditional…hmm…values.

    I do note, though, that it’s a very small step from “preserve our traditional English values” to white supremacy–indicated by the Nazi-style salutes *some* EDL members show in the Daily Mail article. I would and do support 100% the preservation of traditional English values based on Western, Judeo-Christian culture. White supremacy, simply on the basis of perceived race, is something else entirely, and I wouldn’t be able to support that, even if I were to learn that distant cousins of mine do support it. 🙁

    Let’s hope the traditional English values prevail in the election and in the future! My Hampshire-born and -raised grandparents are probably turning over in their graves at what’s happening to their beloved England.

    • (note – Typing in a Korean PCbang so no spell check and a twitchy hypersensitive keyboard)

      I agree – but in the spirit of Pauline Hansons “Please Explain” I posit this question….

      Is “White Supremacy”;

      – A belief that whites are suppreme just on the basis of being white? (leftist interpretation)
      – A belief that socioties where white middle aged(+) males make the majority of the decistions are better than other socioties.
      – A belief that in white majority lands that white values should be supreme?

      I subscibe the the latter 2.

      As even here in Korea – they chose to “do as the white man does” and they have gone from a 3rd world mud hut civilisation to the epic global power tthey are…..

    • The EDL has never been white supremacist – even considering all the United Against Fascism infiltrators who have turned up at rallies to give a Nazi salute (some of whom have been exposed), in order to paint the EDL in a bad light. It goes out of its way to be inclusive to Sikhs, Jews and blacks. And no, I wouldn’t say “preserving traditional values” is veering on Nazism. The Nazis, with their neo-Pagan rituals, non-traditional symbolism and architecture, and concepts running against any family values, such as the Lebensborn program, were not really promoting traditional values, were they?

    • There’s nothing in the EDL that I’ve seen that promotes National Socialism and the press are, of course, delighted to twist demands that the interests of white Britons be absolutely superior to those of foreigners as “white supremacy.” Nor should it be discounted that leftists and police agents (quite the same thing) participate in EDL events to introduce Hitler irrelevancies.

    • It is a shame that Tommy was forced to leave the EDL because he knew how to control them. In the beginning there were the radicals within the EDL that were eventually by their own actions tossed out – but as far as the collective media was concerned the damage had been done and no demonstration of ‘best behaviour’ by the EDL is going to sway them from that perception.

    • Cynthia,

      Your sincere interest in what is happening here is apparent and welcome. In an effort to encourage you to maintain that interest I will clarify a few things about the EDL.

      It is not far right, they do not get issued jackboots and wear sharp cut uniforms, or hold torchlight rallies, it started as a working class demonstration organisation founded by football supporters. If you want to join in at the demos you can, if you want to wave a rainbow gay flag you can, a flag of Israel, be black, bald, big. buxom, in a wheelchair, Hindu, Sikh, Moroccan, Russian, anything, and yes even Muslim, nobody cares. Yes there are drunk people, who tend to be locals that hear the EDL is in town and think it’s an excuse for a party, yes there are coarse people, but they are most defintely not in the majority. And most people there have more ethnic friends through work and the pub than anyone sitting around an Islington dinner table.

      Re “Nazi style salutes”, it just doesn’t happen, if you mean the photo in the DM, they are football fans, when football fans sing and chant they raise their arm and usually have the fore finger extended. They may very well be chanting “Allah Allah, who the [redacted] heck is Allah” though 🙂

      • Thank you. I *was* going by the photo in the Daily Mail of the EDL members, who appeared to have their full right hands extended, with their right arms, in the “Nazi” salute.

        I’ve visited the EDL website and very much liked what I read; I was concerned about the (apparent) difference btw what EDL said and what the Daily Mail photo showed.

        Still very new to counterjihad (Charlie Hebdo Massacre), so info is always appreciated.

    • According to the Daily Mail article, he was suspended by his party from continuing to run for that office.

  2. Daily Mail calls EDL “race thugs”? Given that in Muz-things race=religion=culture=values, who really are the race thugs in Blighty? And what is it about EDL that makes it “Far-Right”? How pathetically stupid of the Daily Mail fishwrap, “far to the right” of the Guardian though it be….

    • Race thugs. Far-right extremists, extreme views, out of the mainstream. It’s pathetic as you point out. Such is MSM reporting on manifestations of displeasure with official lies and betrayal at this very late stage.

      • I don’t know the minds of the writers and editors at the Daily Mail, so I can’t tell you what their true opinons are.

        But it’s fairly likely that NOT writing about the EDL as “racist thugs” might make them liable, as individuals, to being charged with various “racially aggravated public order offenses.” Thus, by including these inaccurate and defamatory descriptions of the EDL, they inoculate themselves against that sort of official harassment. After all, the writers obviously disapprove of those right-wing extremist neo-fascist football hooligans, don’t they?

        What you’ll notice about the Mail is that, despite all the anti-EDL anti-Islamophobic boilerplate, they spread a lot of news that the Government and the EU would rather not have exposed. They do so regularly, all the time, every day. Very few newspapers do this, and there is no other paper that does it as frequently, thoroughly, and professionally as the Daily Mail.

        My advice is to ignore the PC/MC rhetoric and concentrate on the information that is being propagated. The negative descriptions of the EDL are perfunctory; they are an absolute requirement for doing mainstream journalistic business in Modern Multicultural Britain.

        In this particular case, they have given Tommy Robinson full exposure doing something honest and courageous. If they loathe him and what he and the EDL stand for so much, why would they do such a thing?

        By their fruits ye shall know them.

        • Much as I hate the comic and cheap women’s magazine known as the Daily Mail, I have to confess that the Baron is right. The DM does indeed run stories that the rest of the MSM pack of cowards and liars will not touch, and it does so consistently. However–big caveat–it is not strong on factual accuracy, and will happily overstate, omit or grossly distort to grab the reader’s eye. The bottom line is, second-source everything you read in the Daily Mail.

          • The Mail habitually exaggerates, overstates, and sensationalizes its stories, but I haven’t caught it in any outright fabrications. If I had, I wouldn’t use it as a source.

    • I often read the Daily Mail until I find myself becoming so very frustrated with its PC/MC crap that I begin yelling at the computer – which bothers my wife no end. I then leave off from reading anymore of what the DM believes passes for good news reporting.

      Suffice it to say though, at least the DM tends to put up those stories that other too PC publishers refuse to touch.

  3. I do hope that Tommy hasn’t breached the terms of his licence.
    Well done, Tommy, for exposing this Janus.

  4. Tommy has ask for support, via Twitter, if he is recalled to prison.
    The terms of his licence look very onerous given the nature of his offence.

    • Euclid, it would be a great service to our readers if you would describe the nature of Tommy’s “offence” and the extent to which what he did is done everyday by the well-connected.

      Though I’ve been told them, I’m not sure I’d get the details right on those trumped-up charges. The contents of that arm-twisting are different than those used on the fellow here who was lured into making a film that those in power used to create a false flag operation on 9/11 in Egypt and in Benghazi several years ago. But the legal process of entrapment was quite similar.

      • Dear Dymphna,
        I do not know a lot of detail. He was imprisoned for a mortgage application fraud and released at half time (as normal) under licence. Part of terms is no contact with EDL I believe. As you know he was recalled to prison after threats were received against his mother or mother-in-law. He was released again and is on licence until 22nd July.
        The crime is a financial fraud but the conditions of his licence are political. No contact with EDL and may not speak freely – see Oxford Union debate. In this case, he is in the company of the
        current EDL leader. I am following on his Twitter account. He is booked on the radio in the morning.

  5. Any ideology that is not congruent with the dominant marxist template that currently reigns supreme in the UK is not only deemed to be right wing but far right. Just another smear by a discredited organ of disinformation.

    • Thank you for the clarification. When I did the Internet search for “English Defence League,” the first hit of course was Wikipedia. A couple of lines were also provided, and among the text was this:

      “The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right street protest movement which focuses on opposition to what it considers to be a spread of Islamism and Sharia…”

      Needless to say, I read further down the list of returned sites until I found the EDL itself. History is always written by the victors, and currently news is written by the PC people in charge. Bleah.

    • Their previous imprisonments of Tommy Robinson were an attempt to break the EDL. They allowed Muslim inmates to beat him up. I noticed he’s had dental work done and presume it was to repair the damage done to his face in prison.

      Britain is a sad place. Slowly sliding into a soviet – cameras everywhere, fiercely repressive speech control, ever-heavier alcohol use, a huge underclass, many of whom will never hold jobs because of a shrinking middle class that no longer produces anything but government reports. It sounds like Chicago, but without the death rate of underclass thugs killing one another.

      The press in both places can’t discuss populist political views on the right without calling them “far right” “ultra right”, etc. The ‘activists’ on the left are never described as “extreme”, or “far left”.

      Politics has become a mug’s game in the West. The worse it gets the more interest in professional sports there will be.

      • “The worse it gets the more interest in professional sports there will be.”

        Quite… in fact, football’s one of the few things you can have a debate on in Britain these days, without being accused of being racist, sexist or having some type of a phobia (unless you’re defending a player who’s been tarred as a waycist, such as Luis Suarez).

        As an aside, yesterday for the first time I heard the expression “f***ing white”, in reference to a non-culturally enriched region in Ireland. I thought such expressions were only to be heard at the BBC, or other organisations filled to the rim with cultural marxists. But apparently, it’s quite a normal thing to say at parties, with a lot of teachers present (all of whom, incidentally, were white!)

        • Reminds me of when a nearby university (a well-known institution) got a new chancellor who grew up in the Midwest, and in an interview he lamented how very white his home region had been — the place that gave him a decent start in life and put him on the path to success. What exactly was it lacking?

          Have you ever heard of brown people lamenting that their hometown population is too brown, or black people saying there are just too many other black people living where they do? Why is it that only white people imagine there’s something so genetically inadequate about them that any community where whites are a majority must be seriously flawed?

          • No, but I have known someone who was black who, while working on a business degree, was lamenting the fact that everyone but him at his temporary workplace seemed to have “a baby momma or a parole officer”.

          • Shall we have a “world tour” of complaining about the native populations of different places? Would those same guilty whites say parts of China were “f***ing yellow”? Or complain about the racial makeup of sub-Saharan Africa? nope, thought not. Because that would be waycist. But to complain about the terrible whiteness of their home place is perfectly OK.

            Interestingly, most of such self-hating whites usually surround themselves with other self-hating whites, and end up living in white suburbs… why do so few of them move out to culturally-enriched paradises like the Bronx or Harlem in NY, or Tower Hamlets in London?

  6. And this is a former Army captain, tipped for a big future… imagine what could have been, if not for Tommy’s secret filming? This could be the equivalent of Tony Blair or David Cameron’s careers being finished, before they even got started… in other words, a huge coup.

    Yet I see that both the Daily Mail and the Guardian are trying to downplay Tommy and the EDL’s role in all this… from the Guardian’s title, you might as well think the MP was a closet EDL white supremacist neo-Nazi, with the EDL’s willing role being exposed by a third party. Which is the impression that many people, more preoccupied with the football or music sections, may end up having.

    • Good point. I think I’ll read the comments section in both places to see what the general “take” was on this story.

      • I looked at the top twenty or so reports about this story and only ONE of them doesn’t implicate the EDL in this plot:

        Amin is accused of suggesting to the EDL that it should announce a march against a new mosque in Dudley. Then he would step in, the march would be scrapped, and he would take the credit for defusing the situation. In return for this favour, Amin allegedly …

        The rest are predictably like this one:

        Afzal Amin, Tory candidate for Dudley North, is accused of plotting with the English Defence League

        BOTH those stories are from the Guardian. Here’s the Google News link if you want to pursue the MSM spins on the story for yourself. Maybe you’ll find something closer to the truth. I’ll admit it was hard to look at the bilge being pumped out onto Tommy’s head:


        • Amazing isn’t it? “Plotting with” – when he was the one who suggested it! And notice that his big crime according to this headline wasn’t to cheat the public into thinking that he’d stopped a march going ahead (which weren’t actually going to happen anyway) – but to merely “plot with” the EDL… is to be associated with them in any way the modern equivalent of being seen next to a lepper?

        • Bigger Guardian article, with comments, here.

          Not once did they mention that it was the EDL were the ones who handed in the recording to the Daily Mail – resulting in some confusion in the comments (who thought it was the Mail who done it!).

          The EDL currently has no friends in Parliament – so the offer (from a Muslim candidate, to boot) to have “a friend” in the Commons must have been very tempting. Yet the Mr Robinson and the other guy preferred to hand the tape in. (and possibly put themselves in additional danger – after all, with such an attitude, who knows what type of friends Mr Amin may have?). Without them, no-one would have had a clue about this… so will there be any acknowledgment of the fact it was the EDL who blew the whistle – and possibly paved the way for David Cameron to lose the election? I won’t hold my breath…

        • In fact, the only reference the Guardian makes is to the “Mail on Sunday recording”… which would explain the confusion in some of the comments.

          But then, only reading the Guardian could make its readers confused. For the full story, they’d have to go to the Mail website (anathema to most of them!).

          How long will the Guardian (and the wider press) be allowed to get away with this type of deception?

  7. All politics is corrupt to some extent because politics is the pursuit of power by any means, and not only does power corrupt but the pursuit of absolute power will also corrupt absolutely. Furthermore, the politics of the Indian sub-continent as a whole tend towards the upper end of the scale and there resides the Muslim component – totally corrupt because the pursuit of global power in the name of Allah is ordained and is written irrevocably in the DNA of their primitive mind set.

    Hence when that particular mind set is superimposed upon more advanced, liberal cultures it does not change or improve but becomes more entrenched, dogmatic and feral. Islam is a terminal cancer of the human mind that can only be excised, not cured, and failure to excise it will result not just in physical death or slavery but also in the death of reason and the subsequent complete moral and intellectual regression of those foolish liberal cultures that have allowed Islam to become embedded and proliferate.

    • I have been pondering the future of political parties – should we have them? Politics has proven itself an end game in which we are now all participating, it won’t matter who is elected come May in your general election because all the parties are corrupted to deal with only their view of what government should be – not what government is meant to be.

      The plot has been well and truly lost amongst all the self interested power hungry individuals we ‘elect’ to rule over us – they will only act for our interests when pushed by overwhelming numbers of protesters or come election time. That is simply no way in which to govern a country.

      Government should not be seen or heard and only when the national interest requires the peoples input to put right – now government is in our face 24/7 while the spin doctors and professional liars propagandize everything the government does to its own ideological pursuits.

      Perhaps you might like to ‘tune into’ – Restore Australia -website to see what a government could be without the input of political parties and their ideologies?

  8. Re, the EDL and Afzal Amin story yesterday, confirms who Tommy Robinson works for now quite clearly.

    1. For months since his release for mortgage fraud Robinson has been publicly stating that one of his early release conditions was that he is not allowed to contact anyone from the EDL. Pictures of him having a meeting with Steve Eddowes the current chairman of the EDL in a national newspaper yesterday. No action to recall Robinson to prison for breaching his conditions. Who arranged that ?

    2. Why was Robinson even at the meeting if he is no longer involved with the EDL and why dose Mr Eddowes keep denying that Robinson is still involved in the EDL to its supporters.

    3. Why would the EDL not simply go through with Mr Amin’s plan as apart from paying people to canvas ( which they could leave out ) they would not be breaking the law in anyway and as Mr Amin said he could be very useful to the EDL as a friendly elected MP who would be even more friendly when after he was elected he was told that the EDL had possession of the recordings of the meeting. ( blackmail is an ugly word but very useful and if no money is exchanged its. just friends doing each other favours )

    4. Why would the EDL who have constantly been attacked by the current Conservative government want to help out that same government by turning in a potential MP who wanted to help the EDL ? Why would you help someone who is trying to destroy your organisation by doing this ? Why would Tommy Robinson want to help the British government now ?

    5. The article in the news paper praised Robinson and Eddowes ( the current leader of the EDL ) but then followed it up with paragraph after paragraph of attacks against the EDL its self, something that Robinson has been doing since his departure.

    In short why would the former leader and current leader of the EDL sell out someone who could have held an important position in parliament and could have been very useful to and who had offered to help the English Defence League to the very people ( the British government ) who have been and are trying to destroy the EDL as an organisation ? What kind of organisations leader and X leader help the people who are trying to destroy that organisation ?

    • Interesting take… but how exactly is this helping the Tories? Mr Amin is one of Cameron’s star candidates, tipped for great things… surely it’s the last thing Cameron needs, just weeks before the election?

    • A Conservative Party aspirant taking the EDL under his wing, and a Muslim to boot? No wonder the alarm bells started ringing!

      Why wouldn’t the Conservative Party aspirant have been met by two people, one associated with the EDL and the other the ex-leader who still has an interest in how the EDL functions? Based on his background, Amin appeared to be someone worth knowing, so why would TR and SE not meet with him?

      And more to the point, if TR and SE were truly the kind of people as painted by the Daily Mail and other newspaper descriptions of them to be, why did they not go through with Amin’s dodgy deal?

      Amin’s exposure as caught on video by an alert TR says much to me about TRs real character – and not what is usually depicted in the press about him.

  9. Muslim politicians in Britain always veer towards corruption, look at how the council in Tower Hamlets is run and the scale of the fraud via postal voting at the last U.K. general election; and numerous other instances of council and parliamentary malfeasance, carried out by Muslims who have attained political power of any level.
    If you ascertain the provenance of these people, or their antecedents, it is usually some hellishly corrupt place such as Pakistan or Bangladesh – why should they be expected to behave any differently here, when such modus operandi is so effective in their ancestral lands?

    • That is very true, their cultures are often predatory and corrupt in the extreme. They have no concept of the golden mean, pride in workmanship, self-restraint, etc. Just look at their countries – cess pits every one of them.

      They come over here and the first they thing they do is find some sort of low level criminal activity to get involved in, besides ripping off the government. Remember the Tsarnev brothers and their relatives?

      Years back I read on Daniel Pipes site about him presenting the astonishing percentage of Muslims in European jails. In some cases it was 80% of the prisoners.

      This tells you a lot about Muslims and their culture. You don’t trust any of them. This goes doubly for any involved in politics.

    • After pointing out that a lot of street crime is done by blacks, and grooming by Asians, we often hear British leftists retort, that “white-collar crime”, or fraud, is mostly done by whites. Probably, because it’s mostly whites doing “white-collar” work! (banking, accountancy, etc)

      Any bets as to what would happen to the share of white-collar crime, if a greater percentage of blacks and Asians were employed in this sector?

  10. Although the dm does report stuff others do not, it should do better with it’s story. Makes EDL sound guilty and like a bunch of extremists. Vice innocent and patriotic.

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