The Club of Hate

Below is the latest offering from our Israeli correspondent MC.

The Club of Hate
by MC

I would posit that, if it were not for semantic nuances, socialism and Islam would be seen as two related sects of the same ‘club’ of hate. It is dangerous to be an unbeliever in a Stalinist state, and it is life-threatening to be a dissident in an Islamic State.

Running through each sect is a jumble of words, words that do not mean what they intend to mean, and are designed to deceive and confuse their victims.

Modern socialism emerged following the Stalinist victory in WWII, where the military need to support Russia on the basis that my “enemy’s enemy is my friend” required undue co-operation with Soviet agencies, who in their turn were not slow to exploit the trusting generosity of their hosts for the benefit of their evil empire.

In the same way Islamists, too, have, in the form of the overtly fascist Muslim Brotherhood, penetrated and influenced Western thought processes attuned to that same modern socialism.

Both organisations lay undisputed claim to the moral high ground, they see themselves as righteous “kings of the castle(s)” and that their opponents are the “dirty old rascals”.

A huge, mind-blowing atrocity was committed by an organisation espousing something called National Socialism. It “lost” that war, an atrocity mirrored and superseded many times over by the International Socialism which “won” and, as we all know, semantic meaning (as well as history) is written or rewritten by the winners.

So instead of being the result of socialism, Auschwitz became the result of “racism” and “nationalism”, and entered into the psyche of the West accompanied by these definitions. Islam was thus able to turn this murderous event in which it fully participated (and may, according to Nuremburg testimony (Wisliceny), have partially instigated and, although this testimony is disputed, it is certainly in character) into something it had nothing to do with.

With the twisting of history came the warping of political reality. Socialism and the Left retreated behind a human shield of Antifa and claimed “it wasn’t us — it was those ‘racist’ nationalist ultra-conservatives over there” and became virulently and openly “anti-fascist” whilst never pausing to define exactly what fascism is.

Islam followed suit, and used this new holocaust mythology to rebrand themselves victims of that same “racism”.

Everyone, in their hearts, is a Holocaust denier. I too would rather believe that it had not happened, and I too might well have condoned or even participated in it given the correct social conditioning (brainwashing). For those people for whom the desires of their hearts overcome the truth of the horrid realities, there are two ways of rationalizing that horror: (1) belittling it to the point of denial, or (2) blaming the “other”. Or both.

Socialism, like Islam, is very much an emotional choice. Socialists and Islamists in reality have to live with a huge burden of guilt which, quite naturally, they are very eager to dissipate through Newspeak (taqiyya in Islam) and through a fantasy of moral conceit and self-delusion.

This makes both parties prone to manipulation from those prepared to stroke their egos. As a result, the ruling elites have a willing tribe of useful idiots and suicidal fanatics.

So what of the infidels, those who, rather than stroke egos, point out the unpleasant truth?. Well they must, of necessity, be silenced and eradicated. Dissent is unpleasant, especially when it is truthful and pops the bubble of self-delusion.

Dissent in Islam is a capital offence, and in Socialism it tends to be a one way street to a “social gulag” (if not a real one).

When in a house of cards, one must not break wind, and that can be excruciating. One must at all times be correct and not cause a stink. So one becomes very adept at holding it in, and, if one should accidentally let slip, then to immediately glare at one’s neighbour. Since morality is relative; a lie is only a lie when found out, so one can easily accuse one’s neighbour without a conscience. Truth is both irrelevant and inconvenient.

So what is the difference between Islam and Socialism? I would say that it is more a metaphysical difference than anything tangible. Deep inside is a yearning to be acceptable at any cost, and the rest is just nurture. If Socialism were not so fashionable, there would be fewer socialists. There is also the aspect of irresponsibility: both Islam and Socialism provide cradle-to-grave freedom from having to take responsibility for one’s own actions. This is a huge pull.

But Islam is a religion with political overtones, whilst Socialism is politics with a religious fervour.

Both are deeply and spiritually damaging because they remove the very free will which defines our humanity, and substitute an animal-type predictability and behaviour. Just watch an ISIS movie and compare it with any big cat documentary — the animals are much more civilised: they only kill to eat.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

41 thoughts on “The Club of Hate

  1. I’m not completely certain of MC’s intent when he states that Islam is “a religion with political overtones”, but I believe that Mohammed _pretended_ it to be a religion for the benefits that accrue thereby, e.g. getting his every wish granted because “Allah” said it was OK or was mandated.. Similar to the creation of The Latter Day Saints church (although there are many fine people within the LDS church) and Dianetics – the “Church of Scientology”, the fake religion that L. Ron Hubbard told Isaac Asimov and others he was going to develop as a “get rich quick” scheme.

    • While MC is perfectly capable of explaining his intent, imo, he (and many of the rest of us) means Islam is a religio-political-supremacist ideology. At least I have gathered that in conversations with him.

      The religion part of Islam is the veneer but that thin sheet is concerned with behavior: the minutiae of rituals by which a good Muslim structures his days and doesn’t have time to think past the next ablution or rule to be followed correctly. That kind of system can provide great security in a world that has lost its center and is fragmenting quickly. I was impressed with Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s description of her childhood and the way that rote and memorization provided the security she needed.

      In the West, in our rush toward the new religion of scientism – which leaves room only for the high priests to explain reality – we threw out all those wonderful rituals. Now we have instant teddy bears and lots of wrapped bouquets of florists’ flowers slapped onto our latest misery/mystery. Oh, and lest I forget – those thousand and one candles. When lighted, you’d think you were back at a hippie concert with all the plastic lighters held aloft. Except no one smokes (cigarettes, that is) anymore. In the new religion, cigarettes have been left to the poor to consume.

      • Imam Hussein Obama has his own independent way of thinking: He does what his brain says regardless of what the facts on the ground are. He recently decided that Iran and Hizbullah are not terrorists. He wrote a devastating Cairo Speech and no one told him it was a speech with contents as if written to him by a muslim point of view.

        He read the speech unfazed with all devastating ideas in it and was not impeached for its pro-islam steps to be taken later. And he did change everything, as he promised during his campaign: Change … yes we can.”

        But the change was not what we thought: All changes were made to islamize America and the west. As we notice now.

        All western Traitor Class think dependently from what they should think: Think about their people and country’s interests. But that is not the case. Their line of thinking corresponds to the tenets of islam. And we cannot prevent them from doing that even after decades of pro-islam policies and abject obeisance.
        We cannot change their mind by convincing them otherwise. It’s devastating that the elected should be the once we fear and for good reasons.

    • Islam became political the moment it started ‘crusading’ and conquering territory.

  2. A superb essay MC; it articulates so well the similarities between the two, which I have long discerned from what I’ve read, seen and heard. Thanks for posting it here.

  3. A chastening thought, MC. Not sure what you mean by everyone being a Holocaust denier, and what you extrapolate from that idea; you seem to suggest that we are all so conditioned by our upbringing that, like those educated by the Jesuits, we have no opinions of our own. Try telling that to Beethoven (who was educated by Jesuits, but hardly espoused orthodox beliefs, on religion or other matters, as an adult).

    Maybe free will is an illusion, but it’s convincing enough for me to believe we can make a difference- and, I suspect, you too, or why write the article?

    • Islam became political the moment it started ‘crusading’ and conquering territory.

    • Sorry Mark H , a system glitch put the previous comment in the wrong place (my inet went down at the critical moment.)

      I would love to be able to deny the holocaust and I sincerely wish that it had not happened, but it did, and I have to live with the demon in mankind that allowed men, just like me, to herd even the little children into crowded rooms and douse them with poison gas.

      Now it is starting again, Hamas, with its stated aim to exterminate ALL Jews is being rehabilitated, they lob their missiles at us and the world pays their expenses. But it is legitimate because it is anti-Zionist whatever that is…..

        • I can’t say exactly what MC was thinking, but my understanding of what he was getting at is that people are still in denial of the reasons why the holocaust happened and what sort of groups and social phenomena were involved.

          For example, most people still seem to have this idea that Germans just got unlucky and happened to elect the wrong absolute dictator, while others think “Germans must just be bad”, while others think it’s just some one-off anomaly that couldn’t ever happen again. Others are unaware or deny the alliance between National Socialism and Islam, deny the involvement of Socialism or Socialist Utopianism, and deny that Hamas has anything in their charter about the complete destruction of Israel.

          So even when people aren’t denying the historical holocaust perpetrated by National Socialism, they’re still denying all the factors that went into it while believing that it’s just some one-off event that can never happen to anyone ever again as though people just once randomly got unlucky and no further understanding is needed.

  4. I wonder if there really was a Mohammed or could Islam be an emergent phenomenon arising from the accretion and incremental agglomeration of the thoughts and actions of thousands and millions of psychopaths?

    In other words, what if you announced that next Tuesday, in a meeting hall you have rented, you are inviting anyone who has robbed another or killed or raped someone or has a habit of lying, or has thrilled at sadistic acts, and that they will gain a lot of loot and women if they come. At the door, you insist that each take orders from you –for you have received magical direction from your own mystical angel, Gabe.
    The only mission statement of the club would be: “You can do anything you want to other people as long as you get more believers in me and Gabe. . The only evil is not believing.”

    If such a club paid off its members in loot and rape victims and sadistic thrills, would it grow into an Islam clone in 1400 years? Maybe associations based upon the common interest of doing evil would all turn out to be like Islam?…by emergence?

    • It wouldn’t take that long, only something less than 100 years especially if nobody were able and willing to fight them.

      Islam might have died right away if sufficient numbers of people had banded together to defeat it early on. In that case it would be a historical footnote that you probably wouldn’t have heard of, sort of like various people who have tried to claim to be the Jewish messiah at various times.

      • Nimrod-

        The Byzantines had the Muslims outnumbered 15:1 at the Battle of Yarmouk, but their crummy leadership allowed the Muslims to execute a historic rout:

        One can only imagine the beautiful world we would live in if the Byzantine armies had managed to carry the victory that fateful day.

        • That said, the Byzantines and Persians were militarily exhausted from a decades long fights, it was a fight that devastated and depopulated entire provinces in the Levant and Anatolia.

          Neither were up to facing a fresh enemy.

          By the time Yarmouk happened, the Arabs were facing mostly militia type forces scrounged from various nearby towns and cities. Even worse the Byzantines and Persians relied a lot on Arab mercenaries who turned on them.

        • On further reading, I would argue that it really would have needed to be stopped at this point:

          This seems to be the first “miraculous battle” type event that ends up being partially attributed to Angels and used to validate the “divine” nature of Mahomet.

          Too bad the Quraish were too ignorant to realize that this social phenomenon was a serious danger that could snowball and not just some “JV team” of 7th century Arabia.

    • A most interesting analysis. The Baron (think of Monty Python’s “The BISHOP!!!!”) has described Islam as the perfect closed system. The incentives and the participants you identify make it a system and the extreme penalties for questions, dissent, and departure keep it closed.

      It’s a system, moreover, that devours its young, naive, vulnerable, and idealistic. Proximity entails either an affront to the infidel or the occasion for a funeral. It’s a black hole from which neither light, warmth, learning, literature, creativity, concertos, sculpture, nor humor escape. Decent people cannot appreciate its malevolence as they have nothing in their experience that is comparable.

  5. Reading something like this makes me proud to be on the right side.

    Socialists did well. They framed this whole damn National Socialist Deutscher Arbeiter Partei into the right wing court.

    That framing is so unbelievable! And we did – even now-go along with it….We let them tell us that Hitler was not a socialist 🙂

    • Precisely. Precisely. It has been the preeminent intellectual scam of our lives.

      One corollary has been that an antidemocratic E.U. — or globalism — are necessary to deal with the problem of “nationalism.” That would be “virulent nationalism” in all cases, of course, thank you very much, defined as a simple affection for your own, culture, people, and nation.

      The other has been that, since Hitler was an extreme rightist, Stalin and the other murderers, torturers, hypocrites, and thieves on the extreme left were decent people. And, oh, not Christian.

      Like that awful Hitler fellow.

    • Not me. I’ve been ramming the fact that Hitler was a socialist down the throats of the leftards since I was a high school student in the 1970s. I was sprung one day hanging that on a couple of Che worshipers by my Polish Jew Belsen survivor French teacher, who backed me to the hilt on it.

      Madame gave them chapter and verse on it, on why the Nazis were actually socialists, and why the communists were just as bad, if not worse. It was a wonder to behold, and delivered by someone who by some miracle had lived through it.

      I’m still amazed that it took so long for a book like “Liberal Fascism” to be written if a teenager in a country town in Australia could work it out.

      • It’s more likely that someone in Austria would be able to figure this out, at least in the 70s, than it is for anyone in the US to figure this out because Austria was actually invaded by the National Socialists.

        In the 80s in the US, all I ever heard in high school was “Nazi”, never being told that this was a German contraction for National Socialism. Most likely the teachers were never taught the term “National Socialism” either. And nobody was going to ask any real questions because it was all just presented like something “long ago in a galaxy far away” like Star Wars with no relationship to reality.

        People in the US behave as though everything outside the U.S. is or was happening on another planet. I even saw an episode of “doomsday preppers” recently where this woman’s plan was to escape to Mexico after Saudi Arabia cuts off the entire energy supply to the US. Totally ridiculous logic. It was similar to “after Planet Arabia deprives Planet United States of ALL energy I will escape to Planet Mexico which will of course be totally isolated from all of this and everything will be great.”

        • When it comes right down to it, the people in Czechoslovakia had figured out that Communism and Naziism were the same thing by the early fifties, I heard them say so myself when I was a girl. That is almost certainly why there has been such a defamation campaign against them by a coalition of Sudeten Germans and leftist Jews. Their history of supposed discrimination, etc. at the hands of the Czechs rivals that of the Palestinian history of Israel in its accuracy and honesty. It was true, that Czechoslovakia did deport the people who had accepted German citizenship during the Nazi occupation (obviously mostly Sudeten Germans) into (West) Germany after the war. As my father, explained it, “The move was cruel and unnecessary, but the [Czech] Communists insisted on it because they wanted to cause as much confusion as possible.” Since my father was the Czechoslovak desk officer in the U.S. state department during the time when this was going on, he was in a position to know something about the matter.
          Then we have Husseini in Germany during WWII helping Hitler with the holocaust. Also, it the fifties it was still a well known fact that the U.S. Communist party used all its propaganda efforts to prevent the U.S. from entering that war, until it did an abrupt about-face when Hitler invaded Russia.
          There was a long film on tundra tabloids that dealt with these issues, especially Hitler’s Marxism, which he had to hide in order to get the Germans to go along with the program. It also went into how the Soviets helped the Nazis set up their mass murder machine. They had had lots of experience especially during the thirties, what with their mass murders of Ukrainian peasants, and dissidents of all kinds, especially party members who weren’t fast enough on their feet adapting to new orthodoxies.

          • One of my great uncles by marriage was a Czech refugee who had been in the Resistance during the War and was politically active as a democratic operative after they War.

            After 1948 he had to flee the country, and his comment was that after fighting the Nazis for years and then the communists, that there was very, very little difference between them.

            If had the same thing said to me by London Poles who migrated to Australia in the ’50s because they couldn’t go home to Poland even though they were decorated veterans who’d fought from 1939 through to 1945.

        • I got into trouble at the age of 8 because I unwittingly drew a parallel between Socialism and National Socialism in a question, I was basically told I must never ask that again.

          Those who lived through WWII must have conveniently ‘forgotten’ the pre-war socialism of eugenics and racism and Malthusian population control.

        • I’m in Australia, you know, wide brown lands, droughts and flooding rains?

          Not Austria, where they were funny hats and sing opera 😀

          • Sorry, I misread the word Australia as Austria, probably because the word was hyphenated on my screen in just the wrong spot.

  6. Hitler was a narcissist, and Mahomet was a dirty old man and pedophile. Both died violently, one from his own hand and the other from the hand of one of his wives. Both presumed the mantle of divine prophet with a mandate to change the world. Both did change the world, for the worse. So in the end, Socialism only substitutes the State for God with its leaders playing at god. People don’t mind surrendering their God-given Free Will to the State because then they will no longer be responsible for their actions, the State will be responsible. Living in a free society in which acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s actions is hard work and not for the faint of mind or heart. Its easiest when one is a Christian, but then you will be envied and hated by others for your apparent success. So, onward Christian soldiers and leave behind and ignore the small-minded who hate us, as hate is all they have because their hearts are not big enough to love others as they obviously do themselves.

  7. Onward, Christian soldiers! I cannot conceive any of this drivel. We are created to be a free people, hopefully to believe in God, but even if not a believer then a decent right-minded human being. If I remember right, Thomas Jefferson kind of cut up the bible to suit his own beliefs, and yet he was an admirable man.i
    I do not understand why this is so hard for people to understand? Are they pumping something into the air to make people this stinking STUPID????

    I realize the educational system has gone way down hill since the 60’s, which is what? 50 or more years ago? I feel sorry for my grandchildren.

    However, I myself believe that any intelligent person who reads and thinks will NEVER be a socialist or communist — it goes against all intelligent thought.

    Obviously, the Muslims are the danger of our time, as the Hitler/Mussolini people were the threat of Their time. Our duty is to be like the British USED TO BE, stiff upperlip and stand strong against evil.

    I’m sure this sounds stupid but I will continue to believe that people can overcome, if they have the strength, will, and desire.

    • There is something called the Jefferson Bible which is literally where Thomas Jefferson took a physical bible and literally cut and pasted parts of it. It is currently in the Smisonian.

      Given that he titled the resulting book “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth”, it would appear that he wanted to extract the history and moral lessons that had proven to be beneficial to civilization while removing anything supernatural that might tend to encourage unscientific or irrational thinking. I’m not convinced that this was just about “his beliefs” but rather what he thought the consequences of various beliefs were.

      Even if you disagree with this approach, you have to admit that this is much better than those who throw the entire bible away in favor of some neo-Marxist authoritarian Utopianism that has repeatedly proven to have failed.

    • Socialism provides a vehicle for inadequate people to make waves and get a ‘buzz’ without having to do the hard slog of researching, thinking and deciding for themselves, and then taking personal responsibility for their actions.

      Hence the tribal nature of socialist movements, as long as one sticks to the tribal rules, the tribe will protect, but don’t deviate or the tribe will punish. It is like ‘herd immunity’: all must conform for mutual protection.

    • Yet some of the biggest rings of Communist spies were to be found at top universities, such as Cambridge.

      And even today, leftists still like to think of themselves as “more intelligent” and even proclaim their leftism, as an arrogant statement of being “intellectually superior”. This, in spite of over 50 years of practial experience of what socialism and communism actually entail!

  8. Thank you, MC, for the mention about Wisliceny’s testimony. I’ve read before that when the Red Cross proposed an exchange of Jewish children to be taken out of Auschwitz, in exchange for German soldiers held in neutral Spain, it was the Grand Mufti who protested… and he had also (unlike, apparently, Hitler) visited Auschwitz concentration camp. This would surely suggest that he must have had a high personal interest in what went on there, and the Nazis also having an interest in showing him the camp? (there can’t have been that many visitors, surely, if the Nazis wanted to keep up the pretence of “deportations”?)

    Which brings the question of whether, given this interest of the Mufti in the “final solution”, he also had a hand to play in it?

    As an aside, here is some footage, apparently late in the War, of Hitler at Berchtesgaden… but who is the Arab visitor at 1:17 – and why is he there??

  9. Silly me! And there I was thinking that Russia was involved in a Little skirmish with the Nazis! Oh dear! What was I thinking!

  10. Dear MC,

    “Everyone, in their hearts, is a Holocaust denier. I too would rather believe that it had not happened, and I too might well have condoned or even participated in it given the correct social conditioning (brainwashing).”

    I too would rather believe it had not happened but in reality it did, it has happened to whatever extent prior, and it is being fermented to happen again.

    And once again it is social conditioning (brainwashing) that is bringing it to the forefront only this time it is more than just Jewish peoples who face the whirlwind but as we know from Russia, China and all the other socialist paradises it will be Israel and the West.

    Take care.

  11. I am unhappy with this article and where it is going.

    There is a strong tendency about to approachthis question from an ideological root or direction. By that I mean if you are today an ardent believer in the “eternity” of the capitalist system and the capitalist market as the magic wand that will in its anarchic fashion right all the problems of the human race, then it is in your interest to do down Marx at every opportunity, because Marx not only did not like capitalism but spent considerable effort in explaining it. This is what I think is happening. But the struggle against the evil of Islam will suffer.

    Perhaps I can quote a passage and refer the reader to the post itself which I think is a Jewish blog:

    “NOTE: This system of oppression is decreed in the Qur`an (IX:29), where the Muslims are commanded to fight the unbelievers until they are humbled and agree to pay tribute.

    It is obvious from Marx’s account, which is in accord with descriptions by contemporary writers on Islamic society, Bat Yeor, Daniel Pipes, David Bukay, etc., that traditional Muslim society –based on Muslim law– is oppressive, humiliates the non-Muslim (here called rayah instead of dhimmi), and has some features in common with racism and apartheid, although it is theoretically not based on skin color or biological race. END QUOTE

    If today’s “marxists” are actually contradicting what Marx thought and wrote on this matter of Islam that should be an important strategy – to show they are liars on this too.

  12. Felix

    Karl Marx did exactly what his paymasters asked him to do…

    Read Paul Johnson’s ‘Intellectuals’

    Your Socialist religious beliefs blind you to the truth!

  13. We need a proper set of tactics. Being right is not good enough in a country run by thieves and liars. I have suggested the priority for two reasons: Morality. I believe it is moral to help or protect our Jewish commuities from persecution by the Muslim-Cultural Marxist alliance; second, the fact that Progressives have brought back anti semitic persecution with the whole Multi Racial, Mass Immigrationist agenda that was meant to ensure “It Must never Happen Again.” It shows how the political orthodoxy of the last 70 years has failed: an epic fail, no less. A party that would succeed first needs to defeat the establishment orthodoxy and that is how to do it. I would like to hear the views of LibertyGB’s leaders on this.
    What do you think of Muslims and neo Nazis linking up? There is a nationalist demonstration ‘against Jewish privilege’ in Golders Green on Saturday 4th July 2015. The Organiser of the Golders Green demonstration is also planning a future satirical protest outside the Israeli Embassy with the banner: ‘Defend Israeli War Criminals!’
    He says he has received messages of support from Muslims who support British Nationalists. The German Nazis had links to Muslim groups and even Muslim regiments.
    Even now Socialists or those who self-identify as Liberals say that opposition to Muslim behaviour and immigration is similar to the anti jewish propaganda in Germany when the situation is now one of Muslims persecuting Jewish people. Things have changed and this is not some, simple, elementary re-run of historical events. We have to understand that or be as quaint and old-fashioned as the worn-out establishment.
    Neo-Nazis are again trying to link with Muslims in Europe. There have been cases of neo Nazis converting to islam. Extreme anti Semites like David Duke are sympathetic to Islam and cases like the one quoted above can be found on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront.
    If Europe continues on its current course of Islamisation it will become an enemy to Israel and if the US continues to implode it will no longer be able to offer support. At this tate Israel’s furure is limited.

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