11 thoughts on “HaHaHalal LOL

  1. The guy is too good looking. Better if he looked like someone from the average muslim riot. Also when women are shown wearing the niqab, better if the eyebrows are knitted and the eyes have no makeup. It would be closer to reality.

    • Forgot to add, his headress is too clean. I recall Bin laden and cohorts discussing the sucsess of 911, when one of them blew his nose into his headress. The others didn’t flinch and I assume this is common etiquette.

      • I heard similar, from a friend who once worked cleaning the flats of rich Arabs in London… generally, hygiene and tidyness is not a big thing in that part of the world – unless it’s for the cameras…

        • Nor, I would imagine, would those slobs have had any respect for the people who cleaned up behind them. Somewhere or other, Freud’s daughter, Anna, talked about the profoundly infantile nature of some cultures and some parts of all cultures – i.e., wealthy and entitled – who never, ever had to clean up after themselves and considered those people who came behind them cleaning up as not really fully people. Just cleaning objects.

          For some reason I’m reminded of Malcolm X’s deep anger when as a janitor, he would wash a floor only to have (some) people walk over it before he’d even even moved away from that spot. They didn’t/couldn’t perceive him.

  2. What’s all the fuss? My informants tell me it’s all over in 10 seconds anyway.

  3. I suppose humor is a good thing. I do not find them humorous at all — but that guy was pretty cute.

  4. Hate to be a wet blanket, but Google “Cannes yacht girls” to see how many young Western girls get caught up with wealthy men from the Gulf.

    There is a specific pejorative phrase for these girls involving Dubai, but it is too gross for these parts.

  5. HaHaHalal LOL

    Title of the week – it should be used often and widely.

    I think laughing AT them (anyway it’s not possible to laugh WITH them, nor would I want to) would be a better way to get at “them” than the “kiss-them-methods” of Obama and his ilk.

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