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  1. Ahh, CNN…the karmic effects of selling their corporate soul to Saddam (they were the sole “news” reporters in Iraq after the tyrant kicked out everyone else) continues to widen, like the ripples in a pool…they are stuck in a tar baby of lies, more lies, and prevarications.

    What a tangled web.

  2. I believed whatever western truth manufacturers told us about Saddam and Melosovic. That’s until :

    Does it really matter to talk about innocent civilians when one lies. Lies are the mother of all sins. Are sins bad? What is bad? What’s good? Who knows.

    Is building a mosque in Alaska the best thing USA can offer to humanity:
    Ad by Somalis:

    Islam in the last frontier : Be part of First Masjid in Alaska ; Help us build our Islamic Centre in Anchorage, Alaska http://www.alaskamasjid.com

    Can Americans get the drift: For Somalis this is invasion of infidels.

  3. CNN will sell its soul to any government of any country that they want to be able to operate in. For example, the claims about how because there are no de jure no-go zones that there can’t possibly be any de facto no-go zones.


    Fox was apparently under the impression that there was freedom of the press in France, then found out otherwise.

    • Yes, that was a marvelous piece of sophistry: there cannot be any “no go zones” in France because there is no lawful basis for them – de facto isn’t good enough, in order to exist they have to be de jure. Hurricanes don’t have a legal existence either, but ignore one at your peril.

      Of course the fact that the French Interior Ministry has precisely delineated and published maps showing over 700 “ZUS’s”, ie sensitive urban zones, somehow gets ignored. The French government identified and delineated these ZUSs to, officially, assist the police and ambulance services in the discharge of their public duties. The maps, unofficially, are also used by social services and the like to avoid danger.

      How the existence of official ZUS maps was ignored when the Fox reporter was being pilloried as a liar and fantasist is utterly beyond me. Why he didn’t invoke the Interior Ministry ZUS maps can only be put down to his own sloppy journalism and research. Surprise, surprise!

      It is really worth taking a look at these maps for the detail of them: some of them are just a dozen or less city blocks, some have odd, gerrymander-style, shapes, some are in the order of several square kilometres. If you are traveling to France, don’t leave home without them.

      • The pdf and map the Swedish police put out a while ago (a month or more?) came just before the global denial…

        This fellow, who did the English translation, always has good stuff:


        Or this:


        I always get lost in the details when I go over there.

        Here’s another report on the problems faced by Sweden Democrats:


        Readers who’ve been with us for a while know the awful persecution experienced by SD for years.

        Oh my gosh. That report of his came out in October. Sheesh. Time flies; it flees.


        Here’s some of that post (without his links):

        These no-go zones are primarily so-called “exclusion areas” which is the politically correct term for the 186 ghettos that have sprung up around Sweden in the past two decades. These areas are predominantly populated by immigrants from muslim countries with low education and even lower employment rates. The exception being the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the fields of drug dealing, protection rackets and robberies.

        Since the real law doesn’t apply, the function of justice has largely been taken over by the gangs themselves, not unlike how the mafia is seen as the go-to place in rural Italy when the local police is too corrupt to serve its purpose. Unofficial courts are held and punishments are meted out based on the cultural norms of the dominant gangs. Some no-go areas even have vehicle checkpoints at the border, according to the report. Not police checkpoints, but the gangs protecting their turf from law enforcement and rival gangs.

        This development would have been inconceivable only 20 years ago, and one would think this official surrender by the police would have made big headlines. This is not the case; for the most part the report is hushed up.

        It can be speculated that this is due to the fact that any reporting on this could be seen as “support” for nationalist party SD that wants to restrict the vast inflow to these ghettos, which is an absolute no-no amongst the journalists and could cost them their jobs. The world’s most extreme immigration from the MENA-region must continue unchallenged, and another 100 000+ must be added annually to the ghetto gangs’ recruitment base.

        Edit: Scratch that. They just announced they’re setting the sights higher with a significantly increased immigration for 2015. The new forecast should put the total immigration above 200 000 per year by the time all is said and done.

        Edit 2: Some readers have expressed disbelief that things really could be this bad in Sweden. Well, the ambulance union is now demanding military protection gear to enter these no-go zones. If the police releasing an official report isn’t enough, perhaps you will at least listen to the people having to work in these areas?

        Edit 3: Another clue as to why the stuff happening in the Swedish ghettos is routinely hushed up and/or trivialized can be found in this remarkable article about the Ferguson riots. A Swedish journalist has figured out that plundering stores and burning cars is nothing but the evolution of democracy, and she wishes she was there to participate. No joke.

        Here’s his police page:


        His site is full of real news. I can’t recommend him too highly. Hunt around for the pdf and the map.

        • Thanks very much for that. The Sweden Report will now become regular reading. The American author is plainly astonished by Sweden. Three matters stand out:

          1) The 186 “exclusion zones” was the number as at 2004. The Swedish government ceased counting a decade ago.

          2) The sad and frightening tale of the orchestrated public hounding and professional destruction of Marcus Birro* makes one shudder. It will be a long time before any Swedish journalist dares to link terror to Islam. Which naturally was the whole point of the exercise.

          *After being sacked from his main job at Expressen, Birro was also sacked from his gig writing a column for a football publication. His crime was being seen dining with two Sweden Democrats.

          3) Accepting asylum seekers at a rate of 3,320 per million inhabitants (Bulgaria* – 715, France – 495 and Britain – 240) over a six month period ending March 2014 and an annual total of 89,000, Sweden now is trying for 200,000 in 2015! Anybody with a semi-plausible claim to coming from Eritrea or Iraq automatically gets granted permanent residence. One can see tens of thousands of Sudanese and Ethiopians claiming the former and Syrians and Jordanians claiming the latter. Has Sweden lost its collective mind in its determination to win the “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most tolerant nation of all?” game?

          In the early 1970’s a famous eccentric wealthy English professor (I think his field was Maths) opened his fine home to all-comers who wanted a place to stay. Very quickly his house turned into a violence-ridden, semi-destroyed shell and he was driven out of it. He died young, mentally ill and penniless living in a caravan park.

          Add to the asylum seekers the official Immigration Ministry estimate of 62,000 “family-related” immigrants in 2014 (68,100 in 2015) – almost certainly gross underestimates – and you have in Sweden a country hell bent on destroying itself!

          *I puzzled over Bulgaria’s extraordinarily high figure for a moment: who wants to migrate to Bulgaria? Ah, Bulgaria shares a land border with Turkey and doesn’t have the determination that Greece (with a mere 520 asylum seekers per million inhabitants 10/13 – 03/14) does to police its border with Turkey. And once in Bulgaria and legalized they are then free to move north and west for a better welfare deal.

          • Correction: 136 “exclusion zones” in Sweden in 2004, 186 in 2006, so they stopped counting 9 years ago.

      • The mayor of Paris filed some sort of “slander” lawsuit against Fox, so I would bet they knew about the maps but dropped the subject to appease the French government censors and get better treatment in court.

        I guess we’ll see what happens.

  4. CNN the Communists News Network run by Big Dad Wolf Blitzer(if he hasnt already retured or died)and owned by Red Ted Turner who brainwashed kids with crap like Captian Planet or Network Earth

    • I believe Turner lost control some time ago. I remember hearing him complain about it. I thought — well, if he is not is charge — who is? Anyway, he is no longer in charge.

  5. I stopped watching CNN after they fired Dobbs for bringing topics that the elite preferred to keep buried. like NAFTA, off-shoring of American jobs, Bush’s refusal to secure the borders, his attempted amnesty and his persecution of two innocent border patrol agents, etc.

    That said FoxNews is barely better on the topic of Islam and jihad. Sure they bring on Hirsi Ali but then they’ll trot out some Islam apologists who just spew the TMOE meme.

    I’ve always gotten a kick out of Megan Kelly who ready to blow a artery when Hirsi Ali goes off script and says something un-PC/MC about Islam.

    Hannity is a bit better but that bleachers format for discussion is horrible. It reduces everything to a shout fest – basically it’s just a form of WWF wrestling. In short Fox doesn’t want a serious and informative discussion on Islam.

      • Yes. Last I heard, about 5%. It could’ve grown by now.

        Amazon’s owner bought The Washington Post.

        Does anyone know if The Washington Times is still owned by the Moonies? – Sorry I forget their real names.

        And there are rumors that Conrad Black of media fame finances The National Review. If he does, that explains some of their strange doglegs and retrenchments.

        • Ours is aboveboard: the readers own us, though only the Baron drives content. He’s open to suggestions, though.

          Despite what you hear, we are not in the pay of Mossad.

  6. One wonders whether Mr Dickey actually believes what he is saying.

    Of course TNT, testosterone, narrative and theatre, is a factor in the psychological make-up of most* jihadists, but to ignore Islam as the thread which weaves everything together is beyond risible.

    Wood’s logic and analogies: Nazi ideology and violence against Jews, drunk driving and car accidents, cigarette smoking and lung cancer, hand motion and pencil movement; are superb.

    *Mohammed Atta was not testosterone-fuelled; he was mild-mannered and exceptionally devious in his devotion to being a mass-murderer.

  7. If most muslims were white males, the media would have no problem condemning it.
    End of story.

  8. and all of this is why I do not watch any news on TV. I look around online and I read our local paper for the LOCAL news and nothing more.

    However, I do wonder who will hold the funeral for Sweden? And How Is Norway Doing? My father spent 5 years there in the 1950’s — you could forget a suitcase at a bus stop and return next day — and there it was. I’ll bet that’s not true anymore.

  9. Glad to hear to hear you minded your P’s and Q’s when the Baron was away. Snort. You two are the best. I too got an all clear with my eyes, so happy for you. Little blind deaf dog still hanging in happily. Which is what I mostly think of you both. You share the worst of the worst of the world with us, yet, you remain hopeful. As do I. Thank you for everything you do, it cannot be easy.

    • Minded my Ps and Qs and recited my ABCs. I also began planning for a small straw bale project as this year’s “garden”. I had given up the idea of a garden until a friend grew potatoes this way.

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