Allah’s Little Whelpers

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Allah’s Little Whelpers
by Paul Weston

When three Muslim girls domiciled in England decided to leg it to Syria to enrol in Allah’s Auxiliary Field Mattress Regiment, the left/liberal establishment went into meltdown and started asking all sorts of questions about how such a scenario was able to happen in wonderfully diverse, happy and communally cohesive Britain.

There was one particular question which was never asked however, that should have gone something like this: “These girls have watched videos of beheadings, torture and murder. They have seen a man burned alive in a cage. What kind of savage, primitive, sadistic, evil little excuses for human beings are they, and do we in all honesty want them back in our country?”

Predictably though, such a question was never asked. Instead we had to listen to the caterwauling of the BBC for days on end. Is it the fault of the police? The intelligence services? Our institutionally racist society? Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson’s name was mentioned as well, but if it was I must confess to having missed it.

When Muslims get upset in England, our ruling elites are quick to appease them in a notably different manner than when thousands of native English girls are gang raped and tortured by Pakistani Muslims who are also domiciled in Britain. The different manner of treatment consisting in the main of arresting (or ignoring) the vulnerable native English girls themselves when discovered naked, aged thirteen, drunk or drugged in a squalid roomful of bearded forty-year old Muslim males with their trousers round their ankles and mischievous glints in their soulful eyes.

But, as I say, a rather different manner of treatment regarding Allah’s Little Whelpers off to Syria. A Parliamentary Select Committee was established in record time. The girls’ families demanded an immediate apology from the police for failing to provide a 24-hour personal chaperone service for their delightful daughters, which London Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe duly provided upon bended knee whilst facing Mecca.

All this theatre of English guilt provided a veritable orgy of air-time from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) but suddenly the screeching ceased, the wailing waned and the caterwauling was cursorily curtailed. What had happened? Was there no other guilty, white, Christian entity to be dragged through the gutter of redemption? Were there really no further examples of native English negligence with which we could publicly demean ourselves before the Left and Islam?

No, the media silence which descended faster than the drawers of Allah’s Field Mattress Conscripts (AFMC’s) came down to three issues which seem to be terribly embarrassing to Al-Beeb. First, the father of one of the AFMC’s surfaced in a video shouting Allahu Akbar at one of Anjem Choudary’s rallies for peace and good-will as they burned the Stars and Stripes and demanded death to America. Also at the rally was one Michael Adebowale, who went on to garner global Islamic admiration for his tremendous bravery in running down Fusilier Lee Rigby with his car, prior to semi-beheading him.

Secondly, Tasnime Akunjee, the lawyer representing the AFMC’s families at the Parliamentary Select Committee, was revealed to be a dedicated follower of fascism himself and had previously remarked that the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby had lots to do with imperialist oppression and little to do with murderous Muslims. Mr Akunjee had also previously stated Muslims should not cooperate with the British police, which is of course acutely embarrassing to the BBC, who were hounding the police for their “failure” to cooperate completely with the Muslim community…

Thirdly, four more girls from the AFMC’s school, the Bethnal Green Academy in East London (motto: “Learning Is For The Future” — which might lead one to ask why put off until tomorrow what you could learn today…the motto itself is worthy of an entire article about what has happened to British education, but I digress) have since tried to enrol as future Allah’s Little Whelpers in Syria, but their hopes were dashed by the dastardly British police who have relieved them of their passports.

So, lots of questions to be asked. About the school. About the families. About morality. About Islam. About the lawyer. About Tower Hamlets Council. But this is Britain 2015, so the questions will never be asked. This whole sorry situation is the fault of entrenched racism within English society and its institutions, you see.

As such, the BBC will send out crack teams of fearless investigative reporters to track down the oppressors, but should the story turn in a differing direction the BBC will rein in its attack dogs and bring them to Leftist heel with the full support of the British government.

We don’t want this sort of brouhaha on our watch old boy! Can’t we just quietly cover it up and let our children deal with the inevitable instead? We can? Jolly good, nothing to see here…

Welcome to Britain 2015!

Paul Weston is standing for Parliament on May 7 2015 in Luton South, which is a heavily Islamic area but still retains (just) an English majority. This presents a degree of personal risk and any donations to Liberty GB, will help fund personal security services in the run up to the election. Donations can be made HERE and will be very gratefully received!

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

25 thoughts on “Allah’s Little Whelpers

  1. More specifically about bad beeb reporting on this:

    The Beeb obviously needs some competition over there to help straighten them out a bit.

    You know, I keep wondering something…. Why is it that Dr. Who never seems to run into jihadists? Why doesn’t the TARDIS ever appear in a no-go zone? It seems to materialize in London or elsewhere in the UK often enough.

  2. I hope he wins the seat and that England returns to honest sanity. You cannot solve a problem if you do not even recognise it – and islam is a problem for all civilised nations.
    I am totally opposed to stopping any from going to join their fellow barbarians, but I totally support not allowing them back in.
    They have chosen their bed (pun intended) let them stay in in their new paradise.

  3. Great post, with such sickening failure on the part of our media, politicians and police who wont even identify the enemy we are heading for oblivion. It is going to end one way, white Brits vs Muslims, the myriad BME communities will probably prove in the main passive to what awaits.

    • No, it’ll be sane white Brits vs. Muslims and self-loathing leftist white Brits.

      Of course, the Muslims and the leftists will have the entire media machine and America’s leftist media machine on their side.

  4. Democracy where the rulers turn into zombies is the best fertile system/ ground for islamic jihad. How islam has castrated all who resembled men. How did this transmogrification take place? Darwin, are you the culprit? WWII? Any victors? Or victors = losers. The winner Islam and Amin Al-Husseini. Feminists? What did you do? Instead of uplifting men from their wretched condition you went down to the same level : smoking. drinking, hi, …
    Who is responsible for the democracy’s perversions and deadly suicide? Church? Secularism? Faithlessness in anything? Excess empty knowledge? Merkel? Sarkozy?
    Why are we lost? We can’t see. But the muslims know exactly where they are going and we make ample room for the path of allah.

    – Hey muhammad, why do you say “to hell with democracy?”
    – Stupid, until now you don’t know. Because democracy is suicidal, although we like it until your destruction is complete. No democracy no islam invasion.

  5. The juxtaposition of the hand-wringing by the authorities over the completely voluntary decamping of the muslimas to become war brides (of the islamic variety) with their callous indifference to the plight of the young British girls exploited and involuntarily brutalized by the asian gangs is devastating . . . and heart-breaking.

    • It all comes to the cowardly British Elected who are afraid to protect the indigenous people. There are no words to describe such treachery.

      • This is really going to down in history as weird: An entire civilization collapsing because they “don’t want to say the ‘wrong’ thing.”

        The Native American tribes lost their land just because they didn’t have the numbers or the technology. But they went down fighting! Now the people with the numbers and the technology are going to lose their land because of a poisonous philosophy of self-loathing.

        • I agree, Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) will be the death of the West.

          • I still believe in the West’s renaissance but instead of rebirth, return. To balance those words, this scaling back will be a retournée, (if I’m using the word correctly), to a more human and humane regionalism. Perhaps the city-state? Cultural Marxism is a sick joke, a hyper-bureaucratic system with a centralized command economy. It is top-heavy and too cumbersome to survive long-term.

            Birthing is hard, painful work. What comes after us, that new being of a culture, will have pieces of DNA from all that has gone before it. What will be expressed, what recessive?

            The oligarchs currently in charge will do great harm in their great fall, but fall they will. Those of us who have any gifts of intuitive prescience will have long since moved back from the centers of power, but there can’t be any real escape from the times people live in. All they can do is build work-arounds. As they said in the 1930s: make do, make over, do without. The artifacts will be different but they’ll require the same skill set as our ancestors had.

            America has a vibrant collective memory of hard times and true grit. For older cultures, dredging up those genetic connections may be more difficult.

            But even better (for just one example), I’ll bet on the Filipinos; they are cogent, collectively-minded (more documented social network connexions than any other place on the globe), extroverted, flexible, and intelligent.They have kept both their religious culture and the concomitant family/extended kin celebrations that go with this vibrant faith. I’ll bet the idea of six degrees of separation would be risible in the Filipino community, wherever it happens to be.

          • Dyphna, I think you’re confusing cultural Marxism with economic Marxism. They tend to be related as cultural marxists will tend to support zero-sum economic policies, but the core feature of cultural Marxism is that someone applies zero-sum thinking to absolutely everything, hoping to help the “proletarians” by harming the “bougoise”.

            The bougoise is white, male, and Christian, and the prolitariate is everyone else. The worse a group (not an individual) is doing, the more “victimized” they must necessarily be and thus the more “help” they must need by lowering standards for them, refusing criticism of them, or arbitrarily discriminating in their favor somehow.

            The result is stuff like the soft bigotry of low expectations, poor education, and people who are never able to rise to their full potential. Also you get stupid ideas like allowing black people in ferguson to burn the “bougoise” stores will somehow result in a gain for black people, because if bougoise group property is destroyed then it must necessarily result in a gain for the “proletariat” black population.

            Then you have people like a supposed feminist woman who converts to Islam and shacks up with pretty much any non-white guy. Never mind that feminism completely contradicts Islam, the only thing that matters is that the bougoise white, male, and Christian are all being opposed.

            Anyway, you must be familiar with most of this, but my point was that even without a command economy, this “progressive” marxist zero-sum conflict theory is so worked into the underlying assumptions of so many western people that it rules daily social interactions even without government intervention.

      • Don’t forget the cowardly British electorate who continue to vote for the LibLabCon self-servers, cowards, and traitoprs.

        You get the politicians you deserve…

        • Exactly, if the electorate in Rotherham return a Labour MP after the general election don’t be surprised: you can’t save people who aren’t prepared to save themselves.

          A great article by Mr Weston on the Islamophile Tourette’s afflicting our elite; the bias of the BBC is astounding, check out for a flavour of how bad our (publicly funded) state broadcaster really is.

  6. It should not be the case, but Paul is putting himself at risk standing for election in this constituency. It remains to be seen whether the police are prepared to protect him.

  7. “…Allah’s Auxiliary Field Mattress Regiment…”

    LOL!!!!! Good one.

  8. I would not sit idly by whilst a gang of paedophiles preyed upon any of my family members. A mindful person would be justifiably puzzled as to why anyone would put up with such a situation.

  9. I am actually a member of another Nationalist political party in the UK but I do enjoy Paul Westons articles. Bloody good. Keep it up.

    • The trouble is that there are too many small “nationalist” (by which I think you mean more right than centre) parties to make an impression. Combine forces instead of pursuing fringe beliefs.

  10. Another seminal piece that should be read and widely disseminated, in conjunction with the above, is Douglas Murray’s latest on the failure of the British Government to publish the “review” of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they initiated after, Dearlove, the retired head of MI6 had described the MB as one of the most serious elements of the terrorism threat to the UK.

    Now that the government has dissolved prior to the election and there is a dire prospect of the spawn of a commie subversive [viz. Adolphe “Ralph” Miliband, one of the ‘intellectual’ disciples of Gramsci, whose methodology has been adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood Project (qv) ] taking over, the underclass of the UK apparently gulled into thinking that Milibrat Minor is a “man o’ the people”, there is little or no chance of the findings of this “review” being allowed the light of day.

    Incidentally one hopes that Paul Weston’s earlier political affiliations are now firmly a thing of the past and that there’s ‘no better catholic than a convert’, so to speak.

    • Deportation isn’t feasible anymore. You’re 30 years too late. The best we can hope for is that the politicians who committed this crime will cease and desist from further influxes.

      The only answer many individuals see is to emigrate out of the UK. Sadly, there are no truly ‘safe’ places to go to get away from the cultural rot. THe best one can hope for is small pockets, enclaves of folks whose greatest desire is to let you be.

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