“These People Don’t Belong in This Country”

We reported last night on yesterday’s mass demonstration by British Muslims at Downing Street in London. The culture-enrichers in attendance — whose numbers were estimated at 3,000 to 10,000 — were angry about the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, and demanded that the British parliament pass laws criminalizing the insulting of Mohammed.

Some thirty counter-demonstrators from Britain First were present throughout the event. They were outnumbered by at least a hundred to one, so it took a substantial contingent of Metropolitan Police to keep the Muslim demonstrators from inflicting the “harmony” they were so vociferously promoting on the British patriots across the street:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

21 thoughts on ““These People Don’t Belong in This Country”

  1. There has been absolutely no mention of this huge protest in central London by either the BBC or ITN.

    • It should really come as no surprise by now that the BBC is actively engaged in covering up the Muslim invasion.

      One wonders if the much anticipated backlash will ever come? Or are we all waiting and hoping in vain?

    • This is indicative of the organization and dedication of the Islamics in Britain – and, the weakness of those who oppose it. You would THINK tens of thousands of British, afraid for the Islamization of their nation would be counter-demonstrating – NOT thirty-odd courageous people who took their lives in their hands simply by GOING THERE!

      Shame on the rest of you. England is LOST, and the Queen might as well take her ‘Christian Crown’ to AUSTRALIA!

      • This event was totally and deliberately ignored by the media until AFTER it had taken place, no one even knew about it til they read the reports in the Daily Mail etc. Seems Britain First had their ear to the ground to be able to muster some quick opposition.

        But you are right – shame on us. What excuses will we be telling our children in 30 years time?

  2. The Britain First people referred to “Muslims extremists” a number of times. Something tells me that those 3,000 “extremists” are probably rather typical of Muslims in Britain and elsewhere.

  3. On whose side were/ are the police?
    Let imam ahmed. muhammad, Hamis, Hamdun, Hammadi, Hammudi replace the critters in Downing Street right now instead of waiting 5 more years.

  4. Just thirty patriots against the Muslim hordes! Britain First leadership is now actively under threat, not only from the Muslims who would like to silence them permanently, but also from the state which is leaving no stone unturned in ‘prosecuting’ members of Britain First for whatever the CPS can dig up to throw at them.

    Paul Golding (ex-BNP) has been arrested twice to my knowledge, and for simply exposing those Muslims who have connections to Islamic terrorist outfits.

    His deputy, Jayda, the female in that video had her house recently vandalized by the followers of the ‘religion of peace’ as a warning.

    Things are hotting up in the Old Dart!

      • Egghead, well here I am again with a possible answer to your question. Again, these thoughts once again popped into my head while enjoying my breakfast this morning. Here goes:

        When British convicts were sent to British colonies, America and Australia, many of them were put to ‘work’ building roads etc, as a form of penance for their wrongdoing. They were little more than slaves really, especially when used as cheap labor in Tasmania. When employed in that capacity they were generally dressed in clothing that had been stamped with representative arrowheads – in the form of an inverted V with a straight line running from the inside middle of the V down the centre to line up with the bottom outside lines of the inverted V – this was used to denote that they were in fact prisoners if they chose to escape their ‘indentured servitude’.

        As arrow heads are representative of arrows or darts – as used in crossbows. One may then assume that the inverted arrowhead became referred to as a ‘dart’ and was put to use to describe the wearer of the convict clothing as having come from Britain, the origin of the clothing and identifying sign or just simply, the ‘old dart’.

        I vaguely remember reading something similar to what I have commented here on many years ago. It sounds the most reasonable assumption at this time.

  5. I have a better idea why don’t all muslim’s return to their home nation and stay there instead of trying to force other nations to abide by their narrow rules

  6. if they took the monthly dole away from the “mohammed su la la” s
    or whatever they’re chanting, they would only have a thousand left .. if they checked that thousand, they would perhaps find they
    were employed in nefarious or criminal occupations & that
    would make the olds for britain first even better. but then
    you need the bribe money for the old bill ..

  7. Spurwing. Great idea. The only trouble is that in their eyes, once muslims have occupied land and dumped all over it, it becomes theirs in perpetuity. As one correspondent once put it, we might be fighting over palestine today, but sometime in the future, the same conflict will be taking place over Birmingham.

    • Not just that. Their “religion” commands them to force their rules on the whole world.

      GV readers all know that fact, but most others seem unaware of it; or they think, evidence notwithstanding, that it really isn’t possible to do, and that the ways we might be altering our speech or behavior for the sake of Muslims are just things we’re doing freely because we’re such nice, tolerant people, ever sensitive to the feelings of others. And that view is actually rooted in condescension — in the belief that “they” can’t really hurt us, but they are easily hurt so we must be very careful with them.

      • Radegunda, I would say that slightly patronising manner which has for so long characterised the liberal left attitude to Muslims and third worlders in general, is changing. All the tip-toeing around Islam these days is done out of fear. And that is a good thing. People will be much more accepting of harsh treatment being meted out to those they are frightened of than to those they feel a bit sorry for, and a bit superior to. So it is a step forward in those terms. A process.

        • Compared to just a decade ago it does appear that the general populace’s opinion of Islam and its followers is hardening against. And fear generates three reactions, fight, submit or flee, and if the former reaction comes to the fore in the general native population, then Islam can expect a very tough time ahead for itself.

          • RE the reactions against fear. Those three – fight, submit, or flee – are the ONLY possible responses to any tyranny. Yes, Islam will have a tough time since those fighting it from the outside don’t have to worry about being apostates.

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