Ezra Levant on ISIS recruiting in Canada

Two “Canadians” are currently on trial for plotting to blow up a Via Rail train, among other culture-enriching deeds. Although their nefarious plans had nothing to do with Islam, by a strange coincidence the two men worshipped at mosques and were involved with the Muslim Students Association (as were numerous other student activists who have planned or carried out violent un-Islamic actions).

In the following clip Ezra Levant takes a tough, unblinking look at what is happening now among members of the Religion of Peace in Canada. WARNING: Mr. Levant uses some graphic video footage to illustrate his point. Readers who are sensitive to images of grotesque violence may want to skip this video:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

3 thoughts on “Ezra Levant on ISIS recruiting in Canada

  1. The question is who do we expel… the muslims or the leftists? Both are the demonstrated enemy of rational thought.

  2. I root for expulsion from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, also Europa, Russia and Asia, and Australia

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