A Political Ideology Masquerading as a Religion

Admiral (ret.) James “Ace” Lyons was one of the speakers at Wednesday’s Defeat Jihad Summit presented by the Center for Security Policy in Washington D.C. The following clip shows his remarks on Islam as a threat doctrine, and includes some surprising revelations about the feckless (to put it mildly) policies of successive presidential administrations regarding Islam.

For more than thirty-five years our national security professionals have chalked up failure after failure, but that doesn’t stop them from trying the same old strategies over and over again.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

7 thoughts on “A Political Ideology Masquerading as a Religion

    • Start with throwing all the Muslim Brotherhood embers of the Obama administration out. Stop all funding given to the Islamic terrorist group- CAIR. Have all Mosque wire tapped and halt all imigration into America for Muslim nations- Close are BORDERS. And give the United Nations the Big-Middle Finger.

  1. Only a revolution can save the opponents of Obama’s new Islamic dominant states for world order. What has and is going on is as plain as day.

  2. The only way to defeat Islam is to show the clay feet its intervening leaders from Muhammed to those of today. Muhammed is untouchable as he has become another god to them. When Moslems honestly examine their own truth claims of their religion, it begins to fall apart. For example, they claim the Quran is the exact transcription of the word from Gabriel to Muhammad to his scribes. “The word has been preserved perfectly” How does that square with the fact that all of the Quran’s were recalled in the early 1920’s and burned by the Caliphate ( There were 80 different versions at that time, according to Islam to Christian convert Nabeel Quershi) In 1924 a standardized version was authorized and printed. That is todays version. The Truth will set you free!

  3. I find the above to be very interesting and some I have copied and sent on, some will not. However I approve and appreciate the sentiment, just wish some how you all figure out a way to keep our Country.

  4. I still remember my Oath…

    The Admiral states things plainly and to the point. We are not so much at war with islam, as so islam is at war with All.


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