The Need to Rediscover Our National Borders

Remember the “Arab Spring”?

You don’t hear that phrase used much by the media anymore, do you? Funny about that.

In early 2011, when mass protests first began in Tunisia and Egypt, refugees started boarding rickety boats in North Africa and making the crossing to Lampedusa, Malta, Sicily, and other convenient destinations in the EU. Later on that year the United States, Britain, and France grew impatient with the slow pace of organized dissent in Libya, and decided to jump-start a “Libyan Spring” by shipping money, arms, and special forces advisors to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Libya. These misguided actions created new waves of refugees (some of them deliberately released by Col. Qaddafi) pouring into the overtaxed reception centers on Lampedusa.

Now, four years later, a major European politician is finally publicly discussing what was obvious to anyone who followed the news back in 2011: the Arab Spring was a glorious opportunity for Islamic terror groups to slip mujahideen into the EU surreptitiously, disguised as refugees.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, recently addressed the following statement to the European Parliament. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   Madame Le Pen… Ladies and gentlemen,
0:08   All your decisions have contributed to disarm us, including morally,
0:12   against fundamental Islamism for many years now,
0:16   but I would like to touch on one subject which seems to
0:20   pass in complete silence: Italian journalists
0:24   have been informed by the President of Libya’s National Assembly (name?)
0:28   of his serious concern, I quote, “Europe has seriously underestimated the possibility that militants
0:32   infiltrate via Lampedusa, Sicily, or Malta.
0:36   The risks are increasing with a spectacular rhythm.”. The reality is
0:40   that a simple declaration of “Syrian Nationality” or a simple file
0:44   of “Refugee” obliges us, according to law,
0:48   to welcome and provide for
0:52   people of whom we know, strictly speaking, nothing.
0:56   On whom we have no information whatsoever, especially since
1:00   we have broken our relationship with Syrian intelligence, who were
1:04   a serious source of information on fundamentalists.
1:08   The Italian foreign minister made the same declaration, but withdraw it
1:12   under pressure of intellectual terrorism from the PC brigade.
1:16   They abuse us with reassuring catch-phrases
1:20   and goody-goody sentiments. The reality is that we
1:24   have no defense against these risks, except to rediscover our national borders.

10 thoughts on “The Need to Rediscover Our National Borders

  1. The open-border experiments, though lucrative for the corporatists, have been a slowly unfolding disaster for the common folk. It will be interesting to see if it is too late to start reversing some of the damage. The intelligent Islamians ( oxymoron?) would have succeeded more easily in their conquest of the West had they kept their displays of extremism quite and subdued until their colonising numbers reached a critical mass. Perhaps 30% of the population would reach the point of no return for the host country.

    • Your point raised concerning the ‘behaviour’ of Islam while it is attempting to subjugate the ‘common folk’ – as you allure to – is a very valid observation in that the behaviour of those ‘delinquent Muslims’ whose petulance and impertinence the Muslim hierarchy have not be able to control, and that would have served them better if it had been, has now surfaced for all those who are observant non-Muslims to take note.

      • Is there a ‘muslim hierarchy’?
        And I don’t think anyone in charge in that community would want to control the violent tantrums that are a major conduit towards getting what they want.

    • I have thought the same thing about Muslim inability to bide their time.

      Like Dr. Strangelove’s hand, they lunge at their own throat. God bless Muslim stupidity and impetuosity. And their monumental cheek, let it be said.

  2. le pen?

    Her father is a nazi. I never heard of her denouncing her nazi father or changing her name. You don’t treat one cancer (islamofascism), with ANOTHER cancer (national Socialism). Both need to be treated and eradicated.

      • Error in logic. The poster meant to eradicate the ideology, not the people.

        There is no comparison.

        Unfortunately, to eradicate this disgusting mind virus called islam, one would have to find and destroy all korans, and sequester everyone who remembers its content until the die of old age, all the while preventing them from writing it down, or teaching anyone.

        This stuff is toxic, far beyond any biohazard. It has ‘end of the world capability’ toxicity.

    • The desire for sovereignty, of which firmly describing and enforcing the borders of one’s state or country is merely the first step in creating security for those living within those borders, flows from the desire for security and legitimacy.

      This sovereignty is expressed in many ways; thus displays of nationalism are but a minor theme in a much larger enterprise.

      Socialism is a belief in the sovereign state as the solution to problems encountered within its borders rather than trusting its people to figure out their own solutions. Socialism = one size fits all.

      I believe in lawful sovereignty as a partial solution to anarchic chaos. It is a necessary (but not sufficient) component to a well-ordered society.

      However, I do not believe at all in socialism. The welfare state saps personal initiative and ends in the loss of personal freedoms. Socialism is deeply unjust; it breeds envy and dissatisfaction among the governed.
      Ms. Le Pen is not required to apologize for her father. She is only required to avoid his rhetoric.

      One of our senators from Tennessee is the son of a (retired) Congressman who is (in)famous for his views on foreign relations – in sum, the father thinks the fewer foreign ‘relations’ we have, the better off we are.

      The senator-son runs on his own political philosophy without having to ‘disown’ his father’s point of view.

      These two situations are similar: an adult child is not required to publicly pass judgment on a parent. Nor should they do so. Public disrespect for a parent will win no one to your side; building one’s own political edifice is the task for each successive generation.

    • Yes and I don’t doubt there are millions more more like her than those wretched kowtowing windy politicians in France and elsewhere in the West to-day.

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