The Christmas Junta

Yesterday’s political agreement in Sweden would have been labeled a “coup” had it occurred in some Third-World backwater. The seven mainstream political parties got together and agreed to ignore the wishes of their respective voters, and will act in unison from now until 2022. This wholesale abandonment of democracy was undertaken in order to maintain (or increase) the current unsustainable rate of mass immigration into Sweden, and to keep the Sweden Democrats from increasing their presence in parliament.

The agreement guarantees that Swedish voters will not get a chance to repudiate the new junta until the next general election in 2018. However, given the current rate of political self-destruction in Sweden, there may no longer be a functioning polity in four years in which meaningful elections can be held.

The establishment leaders from the press conference yesterday morning. From left to right: Gustav Friolin (Consol Green Party, Minister of Education), Åsa Romson (Consol Green Party, Vice Prime Minister), Stefan Löfven (Leader Social Democrats, Prime Minister), Anna Kinberg Batra (Acting Leader Moderate Party), Annie Lööf (Leader Center Party), Jan Björklund (Leader People’s Party), Göran Hägglund (Leader Christian Democrats).

Our Swedish correspondent Alfred Fredriksson has translated and subtitled a news video about yesterday’s events, and sends an explanatory article to help non-Scandinavian readers understand what just happened in Sweden.

The December Agreement
by Alfred Fredriksson

Yesterday the Swedish establishment presented their solution for assuring that the Sweden Democrats do not achieve political influence, and that the extra (“snap”) elections scheduled for March 22nd will not occur.

First some background information: Sweden has eight parties in parliament, divided up into three political blocs:

Red-Greens (Socialists, communists, and greens)
    The Social Democrats
    The Left Party
    The Green Party
The Alliance (Liberal)
    The Moderates
    The Center Party
    The People’s Party
The Christian Democrats

All of the above parties together form the seven-clover (sjuklövern), a term for the entire political establishment which has mass third world immigration and the destruction of Swedish civilization and culture as its primary aims.

The third block is what I like to call the Patriotic bloc and consists of the Sweden Democrats, whom the entire political establishment calls racists and fascists, and miss no chance to spit on, and by no means want to discuss anything with.

For the last eight years Sweden has been ruled by the Alliance, first a majority government between 2006 and 2010 and then in minority when the Sweden Democrats entered parliament as kingmakers between 2010 and 2014. During this time Sweden has increased its immigration by more than 200%, giving it the largest immigration in Europe in absolute numbers. This means even though Sweden has a population of nine million, we take in more immigrants than Germany. This is the central issue in Swedish politics, and no one is allowed to have a deviant opinion on or question mass immigration. Even wanting not to increase immigration will brand one a “racist”.

The problems immigration causes have become more and more obvious in the last four years, when it has increased in tandem with regular riots, widespread segregation, skyrocketing rape, robbery, murder and organized crime. Another consequence of open borders has been the enormous influx of gypsies from Romania and Bulgaria who sit on every street corner in every Swedish city and beg, and build makeshift cities which destroy wildlife and the local society. I will return to the gypsy situation in a later post.

In the 2014 elections the Sweden Democrats were the only party which gained support, much to the disgust of the political establishment. The Red-Greens’ support remained unchanged (mainly due to the enormous influx of socialist voters who receive citizenship very easily) and the Alliance tanked, causing them to become smaller than the Red-Greens. The Red-Greens received 43.6% while the Alliance received 39.4%. The SD increased by 7.2% from 5.7% to 12.9%. This was exactly what the establishment had feared would happen. The speaker of the parliament assigned the Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven the task of forming a government. He built a coalition with the Greens and passive support from the former communist Left Party.

In the election for Prime Minister, the Alliance abstained as they had promised to do if they became smaller, because it is essential that the Sweden Democrats do not have influence in parliament. The SD were the only party to vote against Stefan Löfven as Prime Minister. His cabinet included a former illegal immigrant to Sweden as Domestic Minister and an Islamist as Housing Minister.

Once the coalition was formed, the next challenge for the new government was to get their budget proposition through parliament. In Sweden one does not need a majority for a budget or Prime Minister for it to pass; all it takes is to not have a majority against. The Alliance announced that the would vote for their opposition budget. Both budgets included mass immigration, but the Red-Green budget included massive tax hikes.

The Sweden Democrats announced on the 2nd of December, the day before the vote, that after their budget was voted down they would vote for the Alliance budget in order to create a political crisis and attempt to force Stefan Löfven to resign. Even though they did not approve of the Alliance budget they claimed that it was “less harmful for Sweden”. They also announced that in the future they would act in the same way and vote down the budget of every government that does not reduce immigration to Sweden, no matter whether it was an Alliance or a Red-Green budget.

On December 3rd they delivered on their promise, and the government failed to get its budget through parliament. Stefan Löfven announced on the same day that he would order fresh elections as soon as he could, which according to the constitution is on December 29th. He had earlier pleaded with the Alliance to abstain from voting so that the SD would not be able to sink his government.

The SD announced that this election would be “a referendum on mass immigration” and they surged in the polls reaching an all-time high of 17.7% in YouGov’s opinion poll.

Yesterday morning, December 27th, politicians from six of the seven establishment parties called a press conference. The Left Party was not present, even though they were informed and pleased about the decision. The government and the Alliance “opposition” announced the “December Agreement” which they had reached in secret negotiations with the sole aim of isolating the Sweden Democrats. This agreement means that the Alliance will abdicate their position as opposition parties and instead give passive support to the red-green government with communist support.

The terms were that in votes for future budgets and the Prime Minister, the smaller political bloc will allow the larger bloc to get their goal through by abstaining from voting. It was also agreed that their will be no attempt to break out parts of the governments budget with majority support. This means that for the next four years the Alliance will allow the Socialist government to pass whatever budget they please despite their lack of majority support in the parliament.

The sole purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the SD will remain isolated. The establishment claims that this is a way of “taking responsibility for Sweden” to ensure that the country can be ruled by a minority government, but in practical terms it means that a socialist minority will rule over a non-socialist majority for the next four years, with the only opposition being the SD. The agreement effectively abolished parliamentary democracy in Sweden, as there is from this point on only one opposition party and all of the other parties have as their most important goal to isolate that party and ensure that mass third world immigration can continue.

Sweden is no longer a democracy. It also means that the “snap” elections have been canceled because the establishment is afraid of the will of the people. Another part of the agreement was the renewal of the previous agreement on migration policy between the Alliance and the Greens, which opened the door for the massive increase during the last four years. The Social Democrats have now also joined this agreement.

The December Agreement gives the communist Left Party, which polls at 5.7%, an enormous influence over public policy, because if they do not support the Red-Green government it will be smaller than the Alliance, which would mean that according to the agreement the Red-Greens could no longer rule the country. This in turn would mean that many of their demands will be met. As if it weren’t enough that the Greens already want completely open borders.

The Sweden Democrats announced that they are now the only opposition party in the country, and that to prove it they would call for a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Löfven as soon as the parliament opens in 2015.

Of course this agreement has angered many Alliance voters and local politicians who don’t have the same love for mass immigration and hate for the Sweden Democrats. These people feel that they have been betrayed and that their vote has been used to support a Socialist government, which is the Alliance’s arch-enemy. Needless to say, this does not bother the establishment politicians whose main concern is keeping their well-paid jobs and social status as well as putting a halo on their heads by continuing mass immigration and the destruction of Swedish society in some sort of white-guilt orgy.

These voters are ripe for the taking for the Sweden Democrats in the general elections of 2018. However, during the next four years the Department of Immigration estimates that between 800,000 and 1,000,000 immigrants will come to Sweden. The real question is whether there will be a country left to save in 2018.

The December agreement has been compared with the coup in Argentina in 1976. The composite photo below has recently been circulating on the Internet:

News sources in English:

Video transcript:

00:00   This is very startling, I am quite woeful.
00:06   What has happened today is that Stefan Löfven has broken a very clear promise to the Swedish people
00:11   that the voters would get the chance to give their input on the situation that has arisen.
00:15   And the Alliance has now promised that they will allow the Social Democrats, Green, and Left Party to
00:20   pass all of their left-wing policies without disturbance in coming years. This is bad for democracy.
00:26   You have said that you will call for a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister.
00:33   Yes, we have a Prime Minister who time and time again has promised the Swedish people different things
00:39   and then broken them only a few days or weeks later. This is not a Prime Minister we have confidence in.
00:45   And I believe that every responsible opposition party should want to use any means at their disposal to depose this Prime Minister.
00:53   We will see whether the Alliance parties decide to take that chance or crawl further up into Stefan Löfven’s lap.
01:01   When you see the pictures from the press conference this morning it doesn’t seem like they would go along with a vote of no confidence?
01:08   Well if they have confidence in Stefan Löfven and stand behind the agreement that they are going to let the Red-Greens get
01:17   all of their policies, completely unchanged, through the parliament they will have to explain that to their electorate.
01:25   We will continue to be a powerful opposition.
01:29   There won’t be any snap elections on March 22nd. Do the Sweden Democrats feel like they are losing momentum?
01:35   The important thing for us is to try to get as good policies as possible and policies that do not harm Sweden.
01:43   This was the basis for our decision in the budget vote.
01:46   The reason that we now have this situation is because both the Alliance and Red-Greens refused to accept our very modest demand
01:53   not to further increase the Western World’s most extreme immigration policy.
01:59   Now they have chosen this solution instead and I think this will lead to a decreased interest in politics and voter participation
02:09   because people feel that their vote doesn’t matter because there is actually only one bloc in politics
02:15   and then there’s the Sweden Democrats who are the only opposition party.
02:20   How do you feel about having the entire Alliance and government against you and that they do this very extraordinary action
02:30   where they agree on the rules for the future so that a minority government can rule and your king-maker position isn’t as important?
02:41   The norm in a democracy is that the majority rules, now they want to establish rules
02:49   which mean that a small minority can rule over a majority. This is very problematic from a democratic perspective.
02:58   We have a new role now as the only and leading opposition party and moving forward we will have to take responsibility for this new role
03:06   by intensifying our work with information campaigns and propositions in the parliament.
03:12   If you look at the election result you have 87% against you. A majority is involved in this agreement to be able to govern the country.
03:20   Yes it is good that they are clear that they pretty much stand for the same policies
03:26   and that mass immigration goes before all other issues such as public welfare and everything else that needs fixing.
03:33   They’ll have to stand for that and we are ready to be in opposition to all other parties and I think our party will grow rapidly in the future.
03:41   How is your party going to handle this new situation in the coming days?
03:48   We are going to discuss this new role we have and the new rules that have been established,
03:55   but one thing is certain that we will not rest. We will intensify our work and increase our support
04:05   in order to eventually topple this new order and institute better policies for Sweden.
04:09   We are going to go on a country-wide campaign in the spring for example.
04:14   Do you stand behind what you have said that you will call for a vote of no confidence when parliament opens again?
04:22   Yes we do. It is important to make it clear which parties are in opposition and which parties support the government.
04:30   I will consider everyone who doesn’t support this vote of no confidence as providing support to Stefan Löfven.

56 thoughts on “The Christmas Junta

  1. It will be very difficult for Swedish people to surrender their smug self-image as “nice” people using “soft power”.

    But there are lots of apolitical Swedes whose eyes glaze over at the thought of discussions about the philosophy of governance; that eye-glazed deliberate ignorance – which they call being “nice” is the only thing standing between them and a nightmare reality. Sadly, I’ve known adults (mostly women) who try to make a karmic deal with reality. That is, if they promise to be “nice” then the world must be nice back.

    Back in the 70s J Talmon recognized this trait as the linchpin of a certain kind of “democracy”:

    The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy

    The first time I saw that term – totalitarian democracy – was in an essay by Caroline Glick a few years ago when she was explaining Norway. She didn’t attribute the phrase to anyone else so I presumed it was hers. I think now the lack of attribution was due to the fact that she presumed any educated person would know the term. Since she was writing mainly to an Israeli audience, that was probably the case.

    The link to the book is there so you can see the one comment left by another Israeli author who appears to be writing a book on the subject also.

    Here is the wiki on the subject. It would be difficult to obtain the book, but here is one of those cases when Wikipedia is worth a donation:

    Among their other woes Western democracies are beginning to entrain into this form of government. In America’s case we will see this come to the fore strongly in the remaining two years of Obama’s administration. There will be turmoil among regular folks like you and me, but the ship of Obama’s state will tack strongly Left. Like this junta in Sweden, BHO and crew will not care if we don’t like what he’s doing. Our likes and dislikes mean less than nothing to this crew bent on transformation.

    Probably the only advantage Americans have over Swedes is that we’re not impressed with the notion of “niceness”.

    Ours is a Junta of One.

    • Sipsey Street Irregulars has a post that is reflective of your comment. The four years prior to 1776 have many similarities to what is now occurring in the United States.

      Barry may only be part of a ‘junta of one’ but his acting as the first United States dictator is doing untold damage, some of it irreparable to the very fabric of what is now left of America. Which is sad, so very sad to witness.

    • Fact is, there is no way to stop the Swedish elite from buying enough time to “elect a new people.” They have four years to bring in enough (mostly Islamic) voters to snuff out any chance for change. Were I a Swede of means, I’d certainly be making plans for a life outside Sweden. Every wealthy Nigerian, Russian, Kazakh, Saudi, etc, has a pied-a-terre and bank account outside the country. If you live in a country which features an unstable political and economic environment, best to have a “plan B” in place.

    • The possibility that democracy could turn into this sort of totalitarism was prophetically explained by Alexis De Toqueville in his “Democracy in America.”

  2. When the traitors are finally hauled out to be hanged, it should be in the same order as they appear in that photo. It seems like the Swedish government wants more rape and mayhem and the death of civil society. It wants a civil war.

    • “When the traitors are finally hauled out to be hanged, it should be in the same order as they appear in that photo.”

      I laughed amusingly when I read your clever observation, but only for half a second because it is not a laughing matter. It involves millions of souls and innocent people ‘s lives. Democracy is an illusion because ultimately human nature ( natural sins : hypocrisy, greediness, superficiality, naivete, stupidity, unscrupulousness, treachery, insincerity, dishonesty, . . . etc.) rule. And voters must know right from wrong and dishonesty from honesty to discriminate between politicians.

      Only a few people in the west see their voted Traitor Class as their own real enemies, and friends of jihadis. That’s why dishonest politicians appear on national TV and show their dishonest colors, and riots to oust them the next day.

      • As John Adams said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        This applies to all Western Democracies as well. When the people have forfeited their faith and morality in the names of convenience and modernity. Now many no longer care or even aware if their politicians are lying sacks of dung or outright traitors and tearing their country apart and killing the future.

      • Democracy can only work if the voters are intelligent and enlightened. Now we see western populations that are deliberately “dumbed down” and therefore democracy in the west is doomed. The paradox is that this is taking place just as democracy is worshipped as never before.

  3. Home for Christmas

    Rumor has it that the professional beggars from Romania and Bulgaria have left the North European streets for Christmas holidays at home.

  4. It appears this ‘junta’ has been reading the mood of the people, and not only in Sweden, but also in other Western countries, particularly Germany. They have shut the door to any kind of argument from those opposed to their totalitarianism and concerned about where their country is now headed – civil war.

    This is a graphic example of the Western Traitor Class and their ultimate goal, the destruction of their own culture and the embracing of Islam.

    Like spoiled children, they have shut down any reasonable debate which leaves only one course of action available to those who still call themselves Swedish patriots. And they must act now, not in four years time!

    • I agree and so, perhaps, would Mark Steyn: “if [citizens] … can’t challenge the constitutional order through public advocacy, the only alternative is to put on a black ski-mask and skulk around after dark blowing stuff up.” (from “The Slow Death of Free Speech”)

  5. How fit for this junta to have
    Alice In Wonderland Bah Kuhnke as Culture and Democracy Minister

    On her CV, Alice has experience from “Ruter Dam” – Queen of Diamonds, and..

    Through the looking glass Alice will be looking at

    The national minorities
    Civil society
    The language and culture of the Sami people
    Human rights at national level
    Faith communities and burial and cremation services

    • If everything goes according to plan or absense of a plan this band of very aged ezactlies and uglies should be quickly overwhelmed by the apparently more street smart Ummah Swedes. Unless of course two thirds of the Swedish population just go completely phycho Viking and bring the whole bloody charade to an even bloodier end.

      • No one should be surprised if some Swede would finally decide to take action against this lunacy. No matter how hard they try..

        You can fool all the people some of the time
        And some of the people all the time
        But you cannot fool all the people all the time

        Somewhere, there is resistance. There is bound to be an ounce of nature’s basic instinct to survive – somewhere.

        • I *pray* that you’re right but I also fear that the survival instinct will lead (and has already led) many people to capitulate to the wonderful religion of submission.

    • Quality is more important than quantity, Way.. otherwise Israel would have been lost some time back.

  6. @ havel power of the powerless

    >IN SOCIETIES under the post-totalitarian system, all political life in the traditional sense has been eliminated. People have no opportunity to express themselves politically in public, let alone to organize politically. The gap that results is filled by ideological ritual. In such a situation, people’s interest in political matters naturally dwindles and independent political thought, insofar as it exists at all, is seen by the majority as unrealistic, farfetched, a kind of self-indulgent game, hopelessly distant from their everyday concerns; something admirable, perhaps, but quite pointless, because it is on the one hand entirely utopian and on the other hand extraordinarily dangerous, in view of the unusual vigor with which any move in that direction is persecuted by the regime.

    Yet even in such societies, individuals and groups of people exist who do not abandon politics as a vocation and who, in one way or another, strive to think independently, to express themselves and in some cases even to organize politically, because that is a part of their attempt to live within the truth.

    The fact that these people exist and work is in itself immensely important and worthwhile. Even in the worst of times, they maintain the continuity of political thought. If some genuine political impulse emerges from this or that “pre-political” confrontation and is properly articulated early enough, thus increasing its chances of relative success, then this is frequently due to these isolated generals without an army who, because they have maintained the continuity of political thought in the face of enormous difficulties, can at the right moment enrich the new impulse with the fruits of their own political thinking. Once again, there is ample evidence for this process in Czechoslovakia. Almost all those who were political prisoners in the early 1970s, who had apparently been made to suffer in vain because of their quixotic efforts to work politically among an utterly apathetic and demoralized society, belong today-inevitably-among the most active Chartists. In Charter 77, the moral legacy of their earlier sacrifices is valued, and they have enriched this movement with their experience and that element of political thinking.<

    • Careful with the Charter 77, sure it had a sprinkle of freedom loving individuals but most of them were lefties just like the ones ruling Sweden “do-gooder, sunshine and unicorns lefties” or hardcore commies “too far left even for the establishment”. Those people rule the Czech Republic now and are hellbent on turning us into another immigrant haven. Luckily we have a significant Roma (gypsies) minority “imagine saying that 🙂 “, but they acted as a perfect multicultruralism vaccine. Supporting immigration is a political death sentence now. With the recent “car jihad” attacks any support for muslims is a political death sentence. You should have seen the political stink when some potential presidential candidate remarked that “the people are not ready for a referendum on immigration”, it was like WTF?, Is he crazy? Not ready my [fundament]!.

    • So true! I might add that the same goes for culture. I think “high culture” is dead for now, but it is important that at least some people preserve what they can of it. Just like the classical greek and roman tradition fertilized and renewed European intellectual life in the reneissance, our cultural inheritance may some day save, invigorate and inspire our descendants to create a new western civilization. I think we have to realize that western civilization are dead for now. I am simply unable to see how it can survive when the population are replaced by middle-eastern/african people. Unfortunately, all this was a consequence of democracy, because the very same forces that unleash so much creativity and vitality in new democracies, also unleash destructive forces that destroy the same democracy in the long run. As long as the centripetal and the centrifugal forces are balancing each other out, democracy works fine, but it cannot hold in the long run.

  7. Well, I’m from Brazil and there’s a lot of things I don’t understand about Europe. For instance: there are a lot of third world contries in Latin America, right? We share with Europe the same religion (Christianity), the same alphabet, sometimes the same idiom. We, Latin Americans, don’t need to “assimilate” : we ARE a product of the Western Civilization, Europe created us!

    So, could someone explain me why the hell did the Europeans prefer to bring to their countries workforce from the Middle East and Africa from 1960 to this day? Why do you accept so easily the so-called “refugees” (I’m pretty sure they’re lying to you, most of them are not refugees at all) from these places? These people have a different religion, an entirely different alphabet and idioms, they don’t share our historical background, they don’t share our values (the basic rights to life, property, rule of law, freedom of speech, etc). And yet, it looks to me that European politicians love these people! They keep bringing more and more of them. You give them shelter, money, protection against any sort of criticism, and God knows what else!

    I bet that if I try to go to Europe looking for a job NO country will allow me in. ME!!! A WESTERN!!! But you receive these people with open arms!

    The worst thing is that Brazil is doing the same thing! These people are being brought here and, as soon as they arrive, they start making demands! With one difference: here, in Brazil, we don’t have the money or the infrastructure to support OUR OWN people.

    I, personally, blame the left-wing takeover of the universities. But I’m not sure if this explanation is enough.

    Could someone enlighten me? Is this orchestrated all over the world? (and please, forgive my english.)

    • What we have to understand is that the forces of the left (humanism) are making war against the ‘white’ man and his Judeo-Christianity. To bring in Christians from South America is therefore counter productive in this war as it only fortifies the Judeo-Christian enemy.

      Islam is an invention of Satan, as is/are the nefarious religion(s) of humanism where ‘man is god’. But to break the hold of Judeo-Christianity one must immolate the ‘white’ man. So ‘racism’ has been promoted to undue prominence in the re-written commandments, where racism is any outcome of the ‘sin’ of being a ‘white’ Judeo-Christian.

      But ‘racism’ can also apply to any implied criticism of Islam because Islam is the religion of ‘brown’ men.

      Judeo-Christianity has worked in ways that ‘humanism’ cannot contemplate; Nazism self destructed, Marx-Leninism failed, Stalinism failed, Maoism failed.

      But Judeo-Christianity is hanging on in there. It built up tremendous wealth and tremendous resilience, and, as such, is not easily disposed of.

      • I just desagree on the part “making war against the ‘white’ man and his Judeo-Christianity”.

        The European standards would consider me a black person, and I really am (well, virtually everyone in Brazil are blacks in some way, given our history).

        In truth, they (whoever “they” are) are making war against all jews and all christians, no matter their color or shape.

        • Note “White” in liar quotes, whilst Judeo-Christians come in all colours, shapes and sizes. the proponents of ‘racism’ want everything in black and white so that they can point fingers and find fault without having to ‘define’ or ‘prove’ their thesis. ‘Whitey’ can be guilty until proven innocent (never), and can be pre-defined as a gun toting red-necked nazi affiliate of the KKK just by the colour of his skin (so who is the real racist here?)

        • It is very difficult to explain this, because it defies logic. I must admit that, having studied the phenomenon for several years now, I still don’t fully understand. It seems to me that that the politicians and elites that are running this show is thinking differently than the rest of the population. Maybe they’re brains are wired differently? I have also heard hard-line leftist express very destructive ideas. Sometimes they say it directly, that they want to destroy christianity, demolish western civilization, exterminate white people and so on. One Swedish left radical said that he wanted the western world to go under in “blood and fire”! These people are crazy. But this still don’t explained everything. ALL politicians and elites surely can’t be insane? It has be some sort of psychological explanation for what is happening, but I have not found it yet.

          • “One Swedish left radical said that he wanted the western world to go under in “blood and fire”! ”

            This is awful!! Who votes for this kind of person?

      • Humanism is the logical outcome of Judeo-Christianity, MC, and believers have no more monopoly on virtue than secularists have on evil; if they did, there’d be no need for GoV.

        • No Mark, Humanism is not the logical outcome of the Judeo-Christian religion. It is the complete antithesis because it lacks morality and a suitable overseer like God!

          When the Roman Republic was banished for the libertine ways of Imperial Rome the first casualty was the morality that guided the Republic to its greatness, and as history shows, it was all down hill from there!

          Can’t see any similarities today with ancient Rome?

          • Sorry, Nemesis, Mark is correct.

            The humanist philosophers did not come to their conclusions by tossing out Christianity and starting anew from different premises. They came to their philosophy by attempting to meld scientific rationalism with the ethical teachings of Jesus.

            This is why they have such a sense of superiority. They believe fully that they have the moral high ground by embracing the “Love them even if they kill you” ethic of christian martyrdom. They believe they have the intellectual high ground by embracing scientific rationalism on matters of miracles, evolution, the authority of scripture, etc.

            What we are seeing in the West is the inevitable outcome of a culture that embraces a religion of sheepish self-sacrifice. Christianity is a religion that makes a god of one single concept, love, and excludes all others. The demand that we must love everyone is central to christian ethics. Christianity teaches that the greatest love one can have is love for one’s enemies. It doubles down on this already suicidal proposition by proclaiming that laying down one’s life for another is awesome but laying down one’s life for an enemy that hates you is absolutely divine. It follows quite easily that if it is divine for an individual to do this, then it must be divine times millions for an entire culture, nation or even race to immolate itself on behalf of its enemies.

            For people so heavily influenced by the single-minded morality of Christendom, the greatest black mark of christian history was the Crusades. It does not matter that these were defensive wars against the rapid and bloodthirsty expansion of the Muslim Empire. It doesn’t matter that the enemy they fought murdered by the hundreds of thousands and enslaved by the millions. The Crusades are seen by these people as the ultimate betrayal of Christianity’s most fundamental teachings. They intend to get it right this time, no matter the cost.

            The sad fact is they are correct from a Judeo-Christian ethical standpoint. If Western civilization and the people who built it are to survive, we must return to our classical roots and throw off, once and for all, the blinders we have suffered under at the hands of this most insidious Middle Eastern lie.

          • I’m a humanist, Nemesis, and don’t believe I lack morality.

            Thanks to Jason, below; it’s arguable that humanists are free to take the best of their inherited culture, so we secular Brits may be more entitled to bear arms than Christian Americans, who should be turning the other cheek! (Written with my tongue somewhat in mine).

          • Jason, nothing in life is inevitable, as you refer to Humanism as being an inevitable outcome from Christianity. One may predict with some certainty the winner of a horse race, but one can never predict with any certainty the course a religion, culture or civilization will take as an ‘inevitable outcome.’ Just because some Christians have abandoned the true teachings of Christ to embrace socialism and in all of its perfidious disguises, does not produce yet, an ‘inevitable outcome’.

            And surely you must realize that Humanism is a direct attack on the institution of Judeo-Christian heritage that the West shares and has been the guiding light of the world now for some hundreds of years? You don’t understand that the path to one world government is through the destruction of Western institutions such as the Christian religion?

            You can’t see that?

            Humanism is the atheist’s ‘religion’ that presupposes Man has the innate ability to climb above the rest of God’s creations through the application of ethics rather than God given morals that is found within the Christian religion. It is plainly based on the fraud that all cultures are equal so therefore aspire to the same ideals.

            You don’t believe that fraud do you?

            The commies will just love you guys if that is what you truly believe, especially you Mark. You claim to be a moral person, perhaps you are, but I would wager your existence is based more on humanist ethics rather than Christian based morals. You cannot be a moral person without God in your life, and that aspect of morality, I believe, would be your stumbling block to being a truly moral person. Ethics can never replace God given morality, you and Jason may refuse to accept that fact, but it is nevertheless, a fact.

            Call me out if I am wrong.

    • Reply to Andy

      – Why?
      – Infiltration.

      Clever infiltration on all levels. “Ambassadors for the religion of peace” speaking with two tongues, convincing naive and/or corrupt politicians, media, elite, etc, first of all, about the “advantages of multiculture”.

      “The Project” lists all you need to know about …the project, of infiltrating and invading Europe… Eurabia…

  8. William Whitelaw MP was the originator of such a conception- He called Thatcher an “Elected Dictatorship”.

  9. And by the way, can this cleric suggest we call these heathens what they are?


    A Global Soviet Revolution is taking place.

    From Syria to Ukraine, Mexico to USA, London to Kiev…

    And the Kalifate now evolving in the Near East will take in Europe as fully intended.

    Both Glen Beck and I predicted this and we ere laughed at. People have now gone silent…Hmmm one wonders why perhaps?

    David Cameron’s politics are straight out of Trotsky as are Obama’s.

    They may wear smart suits, have educated accents and have lots of money! Whoever met a poor Communist?

    But Communists they are…Trust me!

    • Called Thatcher out as a crypto-socialist more or less from day one, have commented on that point many times over the years on GoV.

      Scottish traditionalists abandoned that crypto-socialist con in the nineteen eighties and now Scots are abandoning the Scottish Labour Party. The political movements in Scotland maybe misread and underestimated but they are significant concerning the rUK and Europe.

      • But I have never heard that Scots are anti-immigration or anything? Isn’t the same multicultural nightmare taking place there?

    • Yes! But what will happen when commies and muslims rule? Surely they will not share power peacefully?

  10. What do you mean “had this happened in some third world backwater?”

    Sweden has become just that!

  11. The subtle tyranny of the western democracies criminalising dissent under the auspices of the rule of law and good society.

    Vocally challenge the good society bureaucrat and the focus shifts from their maladministration to the criminalisation of the appellant, how dare the appellant challenge the democratic will of the people – the State invoking mob rule.

  12. The article leaves me wondering if Swedes with the financial means will opt to as we say ‘skip town’ and relocate to another country? However looking around there are sadly few places left on the planet worth considering.

    • When in Paris, at a dinner, I had a conversation with a Swedish engineer who had spent some years in Australia working on the Collins Class submarines. This was in 2008, but even back then he told me things about Sweden and it’s Traitor Class that had me thinking that engineer may have been a little loopy. But what he uttered then has mostly, and from memory, come true, and his parting words to me were in effect he would seek other ‘accommodation’ for his family and himself away from Sweden when the time came.

      I guess by now he’s probably living somewhere else.

      • On the “loopy” thing. I remember encountering a former schoolmate at a party in 1985. She had been working as a public primary school teacher in a neighbourhood I much later learned was the centre of our very new and small Shi’ite community. She was telling everyone and anyone how disgustingly behaved the Muslim boys (under 12) were and how their fathers’ were contemptuous, especially to female school teachers, refusing to shake hands, look a woman in the eye, etc. She had a wild-eyed, fearful, indeed raving loopy quality about her as she warned about Muslims. People avoided her. I recall it so well because she hadn’t been such an excitable lass at school, so I wondered whether she may have been suffering from mental illness. I realized about 10 years later she was simply ahead of us all on the learning curve.

    • I agree, there is nowhere worth living that hasn’t already been infested with 3rd world raiders.

      If you built another country, as soon as it became successful (and socialist, which is the vanity of the already wealthy) then the 3rd world hordes would arrive en-mass and ruin it again.

  13. Kent Ekeroth(SD) criticises weak Swedish government

    On Israeli TV Ekeroth, Swedish Democrats, explains how the weak leftist Swedish government is supporting the Palestine/islamic question.

    One of the – Swedish – government’s ministers, Turkish Mehmet Kaplan, was even taking part on the Gaza flotilla a few years back, explains Ekeroth.

  14. Much gratitude to Alfred Fredriksson for keeping us updated on the Swedish catastrophe. Keep em coming!

  15. I used to go back and forth to Sweden a fair bit when I had a Swedish girlfriend years back. I’ve never experienced a more brain dead country, hell-bent on its own destruction. And as you can imagine, in Europe, that’s up against some pretty stiff competition…

    It was the opinion of the majority in my experience, not a small minority of socialist nutcases in power.

    • Something in the Swedish mentality

      Sweden welcomed Hitler to pass through by train with his soldiers and equipment en route to attacking Narvik, in Norway in 1940. Why didn’t the Swedes stand up to Hitler? This happened while the war was on in Narvik. Sweden was “neutral”.

      Why was there no Swede coming up with the idea of sabotaging the trains, for instance? What went on in the minds of the Swedes, the “Sweet Brother” of Norway? Did they think of it as OK to let Hitler’s war equipment pass through Sweden, attacking their Norwegian neighbors on the other side of the border?

      Were they already at the time, suffering from the Stockholm syndrome? What is it with the Swedish mentality?

  16. Nemesis (about 20 comments above)- yes, I do call you out. The people who know me (some believers, some not) seem to think that I am a moral and conscientious person, though not a believer in your or any God. If a deity exists, I think he’d dislike your arrogance and lack of humility more than my, regretful, inability to believe.

    • I think you confuse arrogance with defending recorded factual history. I only present what I have learned in life as compared to what you have learned and accepted. Is it really arrogance to take a stance on one’s belief? If that is the case, as according to your own view on life, maybe you could enlighten me as to why you believe my stance should be arrogance in your view?

      I was once lost like you seem to be. And regardless of what you have chosen in life to believe, there is a God Mark. And of that I could not be more certain!

      I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

      • To take a stance on one’s belief isn’t arrogant, Nemesis; it’s good to have principles. To assume that this gives one a monopoly on truth and wisdom is, however; we should all continue to learn from others’ experiences and opinions.

        The best to you and yours in 2015.

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