Schizo Mo in Fresno

On Christmas Day someone vandalized a mosque in Fresno. The police and the media immediately labeled the incident a “hate crime” against Muslims, before they even had time to dust the doorknobs or check the surveillance cameras at the mosque.

Yesterday they had to start walking their stories back when it emerged that the confessed perpetrator of the vicious Islamophobic attack was one Asif Mohammad Khan, giving the crime a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Maybe it was a self-hate crime…?

Fortunately for all the gutmenschen on the force and on the tube, Mr. Khan — like so many other devout Muslims these days — has a documented history of schizophrenia.

Phew! We can all breathe a sigh of relief — he’s just another Muslim lunatic! And thank goodness the incident had nothing to do with Islam!

When everyone thought the evil vandal liked Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer, they were looking at a hate crime. When he turned out to be a practicing Muslim who was also a fan of Osama and Hitler, the police and the media fell all over themselves to point out that he was a loony.

Not only that, he was a victim of bullies, which gives him at least two pair in politically correct poker. Maybe tomorrow we’ll find out he’s gay, making it a full house. Throw in the fact that he’s brown, and you’re looking at a royal flush.

Below is an article with more details (including the juicy parts about Osama and Hitler) from The Fresno Bee. Notice that the Fresno police can’t be absolutely certain the incident wasn’t a hate crime until they get final confirmation from the FBI:

Man arrested in Islamic center vandalism was targeting a bully, Fresno police say
by Marc Benjamin

The man who vandalized the Islamic Cultural Center on Christmas Day also vandalized and burglarized a business about two miles away because he thought he was getting back at the family of a girl who he believed had disrespected and bullied him, police said Saturday.

Asif Mohammad Khan, 28, who is Muslim, was arrested the day of the burglaries and vandalism at the Fresno Digestive Center, 7405 N. Fresno St., and the Islamic Cultural Center near Nees and Maple avenues.

His older sister describes Khan as having schizophrenia. She said he is a big National Basketball Association fan and was surprised not to see him in the family home Thursday while NBA games were being broadcast.

He was arrested at the Fresno Digestive Center on Thursday afternoon as he tried to run from Fresno police officers. Detectives interviewed him Friday evening. They then went to his home in Clovis, where they recovered a Philadelphia Eagles jacket and baseball cap that matched the clothing worn by the man who was seen on the Islamic Cultural Center’s video surveillance.

Khan told detectives that the crime was not meant as hateful to the Islamic Cultural Center, where he had at one time attended mosque programs. His crimes were targeted at a young woman who had bullied him and her family, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

“He did say this is not a hate crime, although he was angry and perhaps had some hatred toward individuals,” the chief said. “It was not geared towards the Islamic community, it was not geared to the Islamic faith or any of those things and was simply to get back at a few people at the center who had belittled him and in his eyes bullied him.”

Police theorize that Khan went to both locations because he knew nobody would be there Christmas Day.


Dyer said Khan told detectives the speakers were targeted because he didn’t like the messages expressed by the mosque. He also damaged the American flag because he believed the flag was “not being portrayed in the proper way at the Islamic Cultural Center.”


Dyer said that in the days before the vandalism, Khan had posted on social media that Osama bin Laden was the “most inspirational person in his life.” He said Khan also made references to Adolf Hitler.

“I do not know what that reference was about,” Dyer said. “Perhaps that addresses his mental state.”

Khan’s sister, Samia Khan, said her brother is a devout Muslim. He prays five times a day, but attends Friday prayers in a different mosque. She said her parents were “deeply sorry” for the damage.

“This was not a hate crime, but unfortunately a result of a mental condition in which our son was in a manic state,” she said, speaking on behalf of her parents. “He was diagnosed in his early 20s and since then, we have worked with psychiatrists and therapists to ease his condition. That cannot fix the damage that has been done, but as part of this community, we hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive his mistake and understand the health issue that has brought us here today.”


At a news conference Friday [Chief Dyer] had called the incident a “brazen” hate crime, but he thinks now that it was mischaracterized.

“This is an isolated case and it’s not a person who has hatred of any religion,” Dyer said. “His dislike was hatred or anger for some people who bullied him and paying back the parents of someone who bullied him.”


Asif Khan is being charged with four counts of burglary, two counts of vandalism and two additional counts of vandalism to a place of worship. Previously, he had little interaction with law enforcement, the chief said.

The FBI will review the case to determine whether to charge Khan with a hate crime, Dyer said.

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Hat tip for the video: Vlad Tepes, who also contributed some good lines for the introduction.

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  1. I refuse not to stare and move away from any unchained or not on a leash Muslim. Where it is legal to carry a weapon I will carry one.

  2. Great lead in to this story Baron. Got a great chuckle out of it. You’re in fine form today! As for the story itself – just another day at the office of creeping Islamization.

  3. IMHO there should not be a ‘hate crime’ category, it is a liberal buzzword. There are plenty of laws, and statues in the legal codes to charge one with.

    • You are correct and the concept of ‘hate crime’ needs to be vigorously fought against within all judicial systems. It is impossible to prove ‘hate’ as a crime, because hate is a mere motivator of those crimes where hate of the victim can be proven as a motivator. Motivators for crime can not in themselves be taken as criminal offences because the proof of any criminality is in the ‘action’ of the crime and not within the motivator. And that is what Western civilization and its criminal codes, more particularly the Angloshere, are based on. You may hate your next door neighbour, but until you take action and belt him or kill him, there has been no crime committed.

      And that is at it should be!

      The concept of ‘hate crime’ is just an attempt at completely undermining the criminal justice system, which it will do if not fought against.

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