Reinfeldt to the New Swedes: Make Your Mark on Christmas!

Jul i Sverige!

Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (Moderaterna, Moderates) appeared on Swedish television today, Christmas Eve, to discuss his views on Swedish immigration policy. His interviewers invited him to revisit his “open your hearts to immigrants” speech from last August, and expand on his earlier statements.

Below are two reports aired today from Swedish television, the shorter one first. Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translating and subtitling this video:

The above clip was based on an interview that Mr. Reinfeldt gave earlier in the day. Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

To refresh your memory, here is Mr. Reinfeldt’s speech from last August:

Transcript for Video #1:

00:00   The former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt received a lot of attention for his summer speech
00:05   when he pleaded with the Swedish people to “open their hearts.”
00:09   Even now in the midst of political tension with a few days left until the government orders fresh elections,
00:14   the departing Moderate leader stands behind his vision of a more open Sweden.
00:19   We are at a crossroads when it comes to what kind of country Sweden should be.
00:23   Is this a country which is owned by people who have lived here for three or four generations?
00:28   Or is Sweden what people who have come here in mid-life make of it and develop it into?
00:34   For me it is clear that it should be the latter,
00:37   and that our society is better and stronger when it is open.

Transcript for Video #2:

00:00   I was fishing a bit because your “open your hearts” speech this summer has been discussed an enormous amount
00:10   and what you actually meant by this, and when I asked about your traditions during Christmas,
00:15   I was actually fishing a bit wondering how bound you are to our Swedish traditions,
00:21   and how much do you take in having signalled that you are a person who very much wants to take in a lot from other cultures?
00:28   I will come back to my thoughts when I gave that speech, but
00:33   of course this is an important question for me, what kind of country is Sweden?
00:38   Is this country owned by people who have lived here for four generations? Or those who make up some limit?
00:45   Or is this an open country which consists of those people who have come here in mid-life and are born in other countries?
00:52   And what these people make of Sweden is Sweden? For me it is pretty obvious that it is the latter.
00:56   And this has to result in consequences, I have to stand up to those people who claim that
01:00   this is a country that closed three generations ago and no one else is welcome
01:05   and if they do come here they have to adapt to our society, never raise their hand, never say anything that is abnormal.
01:10   For me this is a non-sustainable society and it should absolutely make its mark on Christmas, I welcome this.
01:18   I want it to be different because I am curious about other people, curious about people who are different from me.
01:24   And I try to hold true to this, and throughout my political career I have tried to seek this out,
01:29   because no person can be everything. I haven’t experience everything, I haven’t seen everything.
01:33   But I have been curious, I have listened, I have observed and I have learnt a lot from this.
01:37   Do you think this is what you will remember most?
01:41   I don’t know. I think since this is the latest and that is why I refer to it.
01:47   But it is also very strong of you, not that normal.
01:50   Yes but politics is supposed to be for real, one should stand up for important values, make important decisions at a crossroads.
01:56   My view is that I’ve also stood up for a labour policy which has been very important for me,
02:02   I have reshaped the Moderate party and a lot of things I have done earlier in my political career.
02:07   But of course it makes me happy that many people see the seriousness in these questions,
02:12   because we are at a crossroads, what kind of country should we be?
02:15   If we believe in the open society that Sweden is then we also have to stand up for this and let it have consequences.

The transcript for Video #3 is available here.

35 thoughts on “Reinfeldt to the New Swedes: Make Your Mark on Christmas!

  1. I suppose that politicians like this believe in a sort of cultural homeopathy, that if they take a Sweden, and dilute its Swedishness down many times over, it becomes and effective antidote to what?

    I suppose the answer is ‘racism’, but does one have to destroy Sweden in order to purge it of racism?

    Is being ‘Swedish’ a form of racism in itself? If so, then by whose definition?

    Stalin murdered millions in the name of socialism, Mr. Reinfeldt is setting up the Swedish citizenry to be obliterated in the name of Socialism, tell me, is there a difference here?

    Socialism is a political religion of class/race equality worship, it seeks to level the playing field but leave the director’s box intact for its priesthood. Stalin destroyed peoples’ bodies, these guys want to destroy people’s identities, and along with it, their minds.

  2. “Is this a country which is owned by people who have lived here for three or four generations? Or is Sweden what people who have come here in mid-life make of it and develop it into?”

    Three or four generations? I had no idea Sweden was uninhabited until 1900. Who built all those lovely buildings that seem to pre-date 1900?

    This man isn’t of the Green-Left, Socialist or Social-Democratic Party either. The second of his two questions is mind-boggling. My only question is does this man actually believe his own rhetoric.

    • It’s amazing to see populations who’s citizens before the EU nightmare would become hostile at anyone or anything perceived as being “foreign” now acting so dead to truly alien Muslim killers. Just saying.

    • I note he will not address the claim of people having ten to one-hundred generations of residence in Sweden. Yes, there are such people. They are known as Swedes, and their claims on the land and resources of Sweden should be INVIOLABLE.

  3. This really is a most interesting form of cultural suicide.

    Truly fascinating.

    Indeed Julius, does he believe a word he says?

  4. Call these traitors what they are!!


    Bloody Bolsheviks!

  5. So because he has a personal curiosity about other peoples, his nation has to be subjected to primitive barbaric cultures that despise his native land? He’s a complete idiot and traitor. Nations can only live in peace and harmony where they share a commonality of values and language. Otherwise, it is APARTHEID!

  6. “We are, now, building Sweden!”
    “Nu bygger vi Sverige!”

    The writing on the bus…”Nu bygger vi Sverge!”

    An incredible statement. All the more so, as it seems, based on this statement, that the Demolition Period is over…!

    What was Sweden is now in the past. There is no more Sweden. Now is the time to build Sweden from the ground up, with the help of som of the old bricks that are still working.

    Message to Swedes from Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister:
    – Move over! We are, now, building Sweden!

    What is going on in the mind of such a being? Did Fredrik Reinfeldt come to realize that Sweden would not survive as Sweden, and then took the final decision to work with the invation forces?

    • 00:19 We are at a crossroads when it comes to what kind of country Sweden should be.

      Hence, Fredrik Reinfeldt, sees as the only realistic option, to work with the enemy…islam = submitting…

      Reinfeldt and his likes, have this far, already succeeded very well in Building a MENA country where Sweden once was, with its own Gaza – Malmö – and young Swedes emigrating en masse, to Norway.

    • Edit
      The Writing on the Blue background
      “Nu bygger vi Sverige”

      Same blue background as the color of the blue bus.

      Wolf in Sheep’s clothes
      Furthermore, same blue and yellow decoration as the Swedish flag’s colors, and as the Swedish Democrats’ symbol, the blue flower. Running up to the new election, Reinfeldt is pretending to dress in the Swedes’ clothes, to blend in with the Swedes, fooling them into the trap of voting for him.

      However, I think, the Swedes do see that this wannabe emperor does not have any clothes on.

  7. 00:23 Is this a country which is owned by people who have lived here for three or four generations?
    00:28 Or is Sweden what people who have come here in mid-life make of it and develop it into?
    00:34 For me it is clear that it should be the latter,

    Reinfeldt on mass unemployment
    Ethnic Swedes working at their mid-life

    – It is not correct to describe Sweden as in a situation of mass unemployment. Looking at — Ethnic Swedes — halfway in life, we find a very low unemployment

    – Ooops…! Fredrik, what did you just say there, back in 2012…?

    In 2012 there was a dispute with today’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, about mass unemployment in Sweden.

    – Det är inte korrekt att beskriva Sverige som i ett läge med massarbetslöshet. Om man tittar på etniska svenskar mitt i livet så har vi mycket låg arbetslöshet

    So, let’s sum it all up, Fredrik

    As long as we still have enough Ethnic Swedes working up until, during, and beyond their mid-life, You, Fredrik, can still invite non-Ethnic Swedes who will NOT be working, because the Ethnic Swedes will still work and pay – and slave – for the mohammedans, as well as for You.

  8. Mosque fire in Eskilstuna
    and Alice in Wonderland

    Three persons were injured on Christmas Day, at a fire in a building partly used as a mosque in Eskilstuna.

    Alice Bah Kuhnke, Minister of Culture and Democracy in Sweden, sees the fire as an attack on freedom of religion and democracy.

    The minister is drawing conclusions tonight, before there is any report on what started the fire.

    At the same time, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman has come to the conclusion, that the fire is a “hate attack”.

    • Sweden has a ministry of Culture and Democracy now. Will that help bring Sweden towards Democracy?

    • Dawa mosque in Eskilstuna used for
      recruitment to IS

      Witnesses, Somalis using the building as a mosque, allegedly saw a person throwing a bottle into the building housing the dawa mosque, in Eskilstuna, causing the fire on Christmas Day, says Avpixlat. Five persons were brought to hospital with injuries.

      During a recent demonstration against IS, Kurds were demonstrating against the mosque part of this same building, according to Avpixlat.

      Expressen, one of Sweden’s largest MSM, has an op-ed on the fire, stating that “Mosques must get protection against the hatred”, nothing less. After 6 – six – comments to that opinion, the comment section has been closed.

    • Problem!

      Police has no evidence of arson. No witness has reported to the police yet.

      Media and politicians on the retreat. Everything was “Clear” from the beginning – “Hate attack”, and..and..uhhhm…but..Yeah, uhm… it was supposed to be somebody “white”/Swedish, nazi, racist, SD, but, then… Nothing!

    • Very good.

      Mr. Reinfeldt adheres to an opposite, expanded school of thought which sees that no religion, idea, cultural value, practice, or custom is a legitimate concern of the polity. Sweden is open without limit. To him, a New Guinean gent who girds his loins with a banana leaf would be a valuable addition to Sweden. On what basis would Reinfeldt exclude him?

      A family of primitives who would occupy his house and roast a goat in his bathtub is an enhancement of the quality of his life in his eyes. His is not through learning about the world and objection to their presence or actions cannot be made on any basis. He simply does not know enough.

      He actually would object if this were done in his house but it would be fine with him if this were done in the house of his neighbor. A very distant neighbor, of course.

  9. He would be correct if Sweden had assimilated, law-abiding immigrants who were tolerant of others and respected the host country’s culture and traditions. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Yet he still wants to hand his country over to those who are ripping it asunder.

    I am hardly xenophobic. I am an American married to a Mexican and for the most part, immigration (legal) has been good for America. What is happening in Sweden is something else.

    • What is happening in Sweden for the most part is good for the spread of ultra-extreme racist pagan Islamic ideology. In fact everywhere in the west including the very Muslim Brotherhood outlaws sympathetic presidency of the United States appears to be invested in the advance of lower expectations. Immigration this ain’t.

      • The Dutch acted out similar nightmares with the Muslim Morrocans and other reprobates in the 60’s. It made the Dutch look so much more tolerant. Even let them vote. How is that working out?

  10. For a man who was PM of a country Fredrik Reinfeldt is a remarkably stupid man, but then he seems to have plenty of company all over Eurabia.
    Having lived in Norway over 50 years ago I’ve been in Sweden many times and have not noticed Swedes to be unduly racist, but then that word is rabidly seized upon and flung into the faces of all who disagree with certifiably stupid leftists intent on dragging third world rabble, many of whom are illiterate and have never seen a toilet in their lives, into one of the most pleasant, enlightened countries on earth–or at least it was.
    The fact that most of the third world ‘refugees’ are muslims makes an enormous problem a hundred times worse, since Reinfeldt and many others actually seem unaware of their history or mores or the fact that for their entire 1400+ years of existence they have been at war with anyone and everyone who is not muslim. In other words muslims are entirely incompatible with westerners–a fact every single country in Europe should by this time be aware of.
    To think Quisling was shot for siding with the Germans, while this man Reinfeldt knowingly, willingly, wants to see the cultural death of his country, and hand it to murderous barbarians is quite beyond belief.

  11. Times of India takes a look at bomb explosions at MENA Rosengård, Malmö.

    “The blasts were the latest in a series that has rocked the southern Sweden city in recent months. Earlier this year, a downtown building that houses a court house, police and prosecution offices and a detention center was twice targeted.”

    Sweden itself, is in denial about what is going on in Sweden. At least, the PC brigades are. Sweden is blocked by the Stockholm Syndrome, trying to please their hostage takers.

    Unfortunately, the Swedish People were lured into all of this being told gullible stories about “multiculturalism”, when it was all about islamization from the very beginning.

    Taking a people’s history, its culture and its identity from a People – can cause a lot of damage to it. This, we already know from more than 1 400 years. Divide and conquer is a very old way.

    The sooner, the better, this should teach us if ever, the hard way, the importance of knowledge about history, our own as well as history in general, knowledge and appreciation of our own culture, language being crucial, and not least, the significance of our identity.

    History, Culture, Identity

    “In the beginning was the Word…”
    Later, there were books burning…
    Then, there was censorship…

    “In the beginning was the Word…”

    • “Send them home before it is too late…. Do not allow them to taint a beautiful country with their hate and destruction. They can do what they want in their own country.”
      Maya, Mumbai-Maharastra
      Times of India

  12. Mr. Reinfeldt is a purveyor of mindless platitudes. Sweden should be flooded with primitives and hostiles because he simply does not know enough about the world. The idea that an omelet might not taste good if one of its ingredients were herring, chocolate, anti-freeze, or sand simply does not occur to him. Vive la melange!

    Christianity, Islam, civil liberties, secular government, freedom of religion, suicide bombing, ghettos, theocracy, hatred of infidels, obscurantism, welfare parasitism, lawfare, shariah supremacy, free speech, unrestricted philosophical inquiry, pygmies, Nigerians, Finns, Canadians, Mexicans, gypsies, genital mutilation, honor killing, kebabs, street abattoirs, Gitmo graduates, returning jihadis, hate speech laws, cathedrals, symphonies, representational art, satire, the scientific method, and ridicule of Islam without fear of assassination, inter alia, all should be allowed to exist and prosper in the Swedish nation BECAUSE FREDRIK REINFELDT DOES NOT KNOW ENOUGH. He DOES NOT KNOW of examples from history of primitive, aggressive cultures “mixing” with advanced cultures. He KNOWS THE FUTURE too because the new Sweden that will arise out of this chop suey/52 card pickup exercise will be a glorious New Sweden.

    A remarkable IMAX film was made from film taken from many missions of the Space Shuttle. At the time certain clearing and burning of the rain forests of Central and South America — the lungs of the world — were causing free-floating leftist anxiety. The film showed that the smoke from the fires was visible from space. It took a neutral position on what was visible but made the sensible observation that what we were witnessing was a giant uncontrolled experiment. So with the issue of uncontrolled emigration from the third world to the first world.

    The Treason Class in the West simply will not entertain the idea there being a possible negative outcome to their precious experiment in “multiculturalism” and inundation of the historic people of their nations. I’ll take Reinfeldt’s “explanation” as a state-of-the-art expression of why Western nations should disappear under a primitive tide. Few finer example of duplicitous, destructive drivel (DDD) can be found anywhere.

  13. It’s quite clear from his language that Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is quoting Agenda 21, with his ‘unsustainable’ rhetoric. From the outside, PC is working, as people scream ‘racist’ at anyone who mentions immigration or Moslems. Just as we in the UK are being accused of the same racial acts by the same PC brigade, but if we don’t stand up to the islamification, we shall all be forced into becoming Moslem, ourselves. This would only lead to civil war, so it’s best ‘nipped in the bud’ now!
    I have no problem with; Race, Colour, or Creed, but when some one forces me into something I don’t want, there will be retaliation, I am not alone! We ARE free people!

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