Sweden Abolishes Itself

Yesterday we featured Pat Condell talking about Swedistan. Today we have two more videos about Modern Multicultural Sweden.

The first video is an excerpt from a press conference given last summer by Fredrik Reinfeldt, back when he was still prime minister. In it you’ll hear him warning the audience that many more refugees fleeing awful conditions will be coming to Sweden, and that taking care of those poor unfortunate souls will be very, very expensive.

Remember: Mr. Reinfeldt is “conservative”, according to the arcane rubrics of Swedish political ethology.

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video is more current. Mr. Reinfeldt has been forced to retire, and the socialists are in power again. And guess what? They say the budget crisis caused by immigration is all the previous government’s fault!

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for the translation, and to Vlad again for the subtitling:

Transcript of Video #1:

00:00   Today I will plead with the Swedish people
00:04   to have patience with what is about to happen,
00:08   to open their hearts to the very exposed people we now see around the world,
00:15   to remember the reports about people being executed,
00:20   because some claim that they have the wrong religion,
00:24   summary executions of people who are entirely defenceless.
00:30   These are the kind of environments people are fleeing.
00:34   Many of these people will come to Sweden.
00:39   When people flee to Sweden in very large numbers
00:45   it creates friction in Swedish society,
00:48   because a lot more come then we have planned for
00:53   This leads to discussions here at home at what this will cost,
00:57   and I can already now say that there will be enormous costs
01:01   linked to people who have already come and who will be coming in future years.
01:06   They are so enormous that they will add even more restrictions on public finances,
01:12   and I am going to be completely honest and open about this.
01:16   That is why I am saying that we are promising pretty much nothing
01:19   in this election campaign because the budget is very tight,
01:22   and I am shocked when I hear the other parties’ promises
01:26   and I wonder what evidence they have that they can finance them.
01:30   I am coming right out and saying it, they can’t.
01:33   Now I am asking the Swedish people to have patience with this,
01:38   to show solidarity with a world that looks the way it does,
01:43   and that we have to prepare ourselves to do that in the coming years.
01:47   I would also like to say them that in the long run we create a better world this way,
01:53   because we make it possible for people to escape from war, death and misery,
01:58   and we have learned and we will show it once again that these are people who will become a part of society
02:04   and build Sweden together with us.
02:06   Just look at the development in Sweden in recent years, I said that I created 250,000 new jobs
02:11   and a large majority of these jobs went to foreigners.
02:15   There are a large number of foreigners who are now getting jobs in Sweden,
02:20   and it will be the same way with the people who are now fleeing.
02:24   I realize that many of them are traumatized and need help and support
02:26   because of the terrible things they have experienced.
02:29   But people have the ability to recover, and if you meet the right attitude,
02:34   get help and support, learn the Swedish language and educate yourself,
02:39   then they can also get a job and build the Swedish society and the freedom we have here.
02:44   This is the challenge we now have ahead of us and it is what I am seeking support for today.

10 thoughts on “Sweden Abolishes Itself

  1. Watching a Sweedish PM speak is equall to observing a suicide, and while the blood flood flows, they ask their fellow Sweeds to pick-up a knife and follow, and ladies of Sweeden- give yourselves over to these turd-world barbarians….
    This is gut-wrenching to watch!
    Let Svenskarna have a chance to turn things around!

  2. Its been almost seventy years since western Europe has experienced a really big war. That is a long time to go without.

  3. It’s amazing watching an entire nation act like an alcoholic. All you can do is throw your hands in the air, walk away, and wait for them to hit rock bottom.

    Stunning. Millions of people in one big trance together.

  4. At one time I would have pointed out that anyone in Europe with any get up and go got up and went . . . to the New World. That’s what my Swedish grandparents did, and they were little more than teenagers when they got here. But their descendents are allowing the same thing to happen here in the U.S., so perhaps that’s not the explanation.

  5. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to the social engineers of the Swedish political elite that some of the refugees are are as dangerous as their former persecutors.
    Sweden is running an uncontrolled social experiment, all the rest of the world can do is observe, and learn. Perhaps the Swedish middle class will revolt because, as usual, they will have to pay for the state’s largesse.

  6. Sweden didn’t see any war in her fair land in WWII. Did she even see war in WWI? I don’t know. All I know is this: Sweden is soft, effeminate, meek and submissive. A perfect host inviting all the parasites of the world to feast.

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