Jihad and Lunacy in Dijon

In the French news report below, you’ll see a woman explaining to the TV audience that the man who ran down a number of pedestrians in Dijon a couple of days ago while shouting “Allahu akhbar” was in fact a lunatic. He had a psychiatric history, had been institutionalized, etc. etc. It was had nothing to do religion; the attacker wanted to “commit a political act”.

Somebody should have explained to this well-meaning lady that politics, religion, and insanity converge in Islam. Islam is in fact the Perfect Storm of lunacy, politics, and religion.

Vlad Tepes has added his own take to the end of the report. Many thanks to Carolus for the translation, and to Vlad for subtitling and annotating this video:


00:00   We count 157 stays in psychiatric facilities
00:04   between February 2001 and November 2014.
00:08   When I speak of stays, it does not necessarily mean long hospital stays;
00:12   it could mean stays of only a few hours; this demonstrates that
00:16   we are speaking about an individual who exhibits a psychiatric pathology
00:20   that is old and severe. He envisioned an attack on the representatives of the
00:24   French state, namely police and army personnel;
00:28   he passed by the police station with his car; nothing happened at the time,
00:32   and it is only when he saw pedestrians that
00:36   were walking by in the city that he decided to take action,
00:40   namely to crash into them deliberately, multiple times.
00:44   I think that what we should take from this dramatic
00:48   occurrence is that it is the work of a madman,
00:52   and it is absolutely not an act of
00:56   terrorism. Some of the witnesses say that when he was at the wheel,
00:60   he allegedly said “Allahu Akbar”.
01:04   That might be true, since this is what he stated in his declaration — he answered that
01:08   to the policemen: “Many witnesses will be able to tell you that…
01:12   … to gather my courage, I screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’“.
01:16   He stated that the reason he acted was not because of an impulse from some religion.
01:20   He stated that he wanted to commit a political act. That’s it,
01:24   a political act. Those were the terms he used to reproach Mr. (inaudible),
01:28   but linked to the abuses
01:32   committed with respect to the Chechen people.

9 thoughts on “Jihad and Lunacy in Dijon

  1. It’s no different than the way the American MSM played down the NYC cop killer ties to Islam; or that black jihadi who killed 3 people(two gay blacks in Oregon and one white guy in a Eastern state) which was totally hushed up by everyone including Fox; or that jihadi who beheaded a female co-worker or the more well known case of Maj. Hasan(workplace violence).

    The fact is our political class and assorted deluded one world utopian fanatics and cultural Marxists cannot come to terms with the danger Islam poses to them and the West in general. However the lie is wearing thin as the casualties mount across France.

    The people will have their awakening sooner or later.

  2. The Narrative is always: A History of Mental Illness. Always. Which begs the question:
    What is it about Islam that attracts the mentally unstable? Or perhaps Islam causes mental instability.

    • That’s a complicated issue, Jewel. During the “troubles” in Northern Ireland, there were remarkably few patients being treated for psychopathy; apparently many who should have been were paramilitaries. Ring any bells?

      • What will the war in Europe be called “the greet mentals war” or “the March hare wars”

    • That is how the City of Santa Monica and Culver City in California report acts of terror. Random acts by “mentally ill” muslims. Crazy. Islam must have the greatest win-lose opportunity in its 1400 year history going on at this time. With Obama, Cameron covering for them they will have the big battalions mosqued and ready to go for Allah real soon.

  3. What’s being overlooked here (see the latest and greatest of the Ferguson Riots) is an apparent alliance of our leftist and muzzie enemies and their mutual support for the well-planned rioting.
    Item: where did the “palestinian” lot in the riots come from, if not from the alliance?
    From the left–“they (he) are just crazy–nothing to see, now move along”.
    Mutual reinforcement, you see.

  4. That’s right you keep telling yourself this isn’t a jihadist attack! You stupid stupid woman! He doesn’t sound that crazy if he was able to tell in detail what he did and how.. We’re he crazed he wouldn’t be lucid enough to tell the tale.. I cannot wait for marine le pen to take over and start throwing these jihadist [epithets] out of France! Violence is the only thing they know and understand! I love france and have lived in Paris.. You couldn’t pay me enough now to go back.. Sad as that is Paris is filled with these ungrateful mooching, benefit scrounching mooslims… They are a disgrace! At least the burka is banned but france needs to start deporting dual citizenship MUZZIES.. Start weeding them out! Well all be a lot safer as soon as tourism drops we’ll see action!

  5. The politicians are just playing the game? If islam is where the money is they will hang in there as long as they can.

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