Islamization: The Thousand-Year Crime Against Germany and the Peoples of Europe

The following essay was originally published in German at
Michael Mannheimer’s website. Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

How Socialists intend to destroy Europe with Islam’s help

Islamization: The Thousand-Year Crime Against Germany and the Peoples of Europe

A Reckoning With the Responsible Parties

Cicero on the betrayal of people and country:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not as a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Fear the murderer less. Fear the traitor. He is the true plague.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

by Michael Mannheimer November 27, 2014

Germany and Europe: In the Stranglehold of Socialism for over 100 Years

For 100 years now, a fight to the death has been raging in Germany and Europe. This battle is broken up into discrete, historical episodes by the responsible parties, so that it cannot be discerned as such. Yet these episodes are all closely interwoven, and have only one aim. That is, the destruction of Germany, the defeat of European nationality and the dissolution of the nucleus of all societies — the family. What is responsible for this life-and-death battle is an ideology which portrays itself to the outside world as an ideology of peace, of social well-being and of the end of exploitation of people by other people.

But everywhere where this ideology has come to power in its diverse experiments, it has spread nothing but misery, poverty, fear and horror. This ideology began its victorious march in Germany at the end of the 19th century, spread across half the world and has ruled Germany and half of the European continent almost uninterrupted, except for a few years, since 1918-1919. Its name is socialism.

Arch Traitor August Bebel: His Treason and the SPD (Social Democrats) led Germany into the First World War

August Bebel, chair of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) was already anticipating the defeat of Germany as a nation state. In his capacity as a Reichstag deputy and party head, he betrayed sensitive military secrets to England — at that time, the arch-rival of the German Empire. In 1911, he passed on the false (!) information that a German surprise attack was planned against the British fleet, which led to frantic political activity and a fleet-building program of unprecedented scope. Bebel hoped to force Germany into a conflict with the world power Great Britain, from which Germany, by his calculation, would emerge so weakened that it would be “ripe” for a socialist revolution.

Which indeed happened. With no good cause, the SPD signed the war credits authorization in 1911, and opened the way to the bloodiest war to date — the first World War in history. A war which would presumably never have happened — or at least not in the form it did — absent Bebel’s high treason and his party’s signature on the war credits authorization. And the leftist powers knew, as always, how to make the German Empire responsible for the outbreak of this war.

After the end of the war, Germany had to accept a humiliating peace treaty which imposed the loss of great portions of its territory, as well as a war indemnity the like of which — qualitatively and quantitatively — had never before been seen, and which a “re-united” Germany paid off just a few years ago. The Treaty of Versailles prepared the way for the next catastrophe of the century — the Second World War — and made the First and Second World Wars in hindsight the equivalent of a second Thirty-Years’ War in German history.

Already in the Weimar Republic, the Left Intended to Bolshevize Germany

Photo from Kiel municipal archives most likely depicts the funeral ceremony for those who fell in the revolution on November 10, 1918.

The left — consisting largely of adherents of the SPD and USPD (Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany) — went to work immediately after the end of WWI in 1918/19 (the “November Revolution”) to “bolshevize Germany in the image of the Soviet Union, establishing “workers’ and soldiers’ councils” in numerous Germany cities (the Bremen Council Republic, the Munich Council Republic, the Soldiers’ Council of Ludwigsburg, etc.), with the goal of making all of Germany into an autonomous soviet republic.

Text of a flyer in 1918 Pinneburg


The Soldiers’ Council met in Pinneburg this afternoon and disarmed the entire police force of the city. Simultaneously. it announced that it was unconditionally assuming responsibility for the security of persons and property. Anyone attempting to plunder or steal will be shot on the spot.

Children must without exception leave the streets at dark — at the latest 6 PM — and not return to them. Adults must limit their presence on the streets to the most necessary situations and cease them completely by 9 PM.

Whoever still must make a necessary trip must get permission of Thiede, Koppel Street through the agency of the patrols or the watch.

All weapons in the city still in usable condition and all ammunition must be brought immediately to the city hall.]

Flyer of Essen Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council in January 1919


Today, the coal syndicate and the mine association were occupied by our peoples’ commissars. This was the first step to socialism.

The central of capitalistic exploitation and the stronghold of mine-owners’ violence has thus passed into the hands of the people. Since the demands of the workers’ organizations have been granted,


For this reason, the conference of strike committees and stewards of all Essen mines


Miners, the first step toward our future state has been taken. We will follow that path with determination. Help us by practicing discipline and socialist understanding.


The SPD, USPD and KPD (Communist Party of Germany) — even though caught in bitter internecine warfare — were battling at the time for more or less the same goal, which was important to all of them — to fight against and if possible liquidate “bourgeois and “revisionist” forces, seen by the Left above all in the SPD.

To Depose Internationally Established Soviet Bolshevism, German Socialists founded a National Socialist Party, the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party)

Against the background of the political purges and the genocide of feudalist elements as those in the Ukraine carried out first by Lenin and then Stalin, to which millions fell victim, horrifying Germans at that time, there was an occurrence hardly acknowledged by historical research to this date — the formation of the first chapter of the NSDAP, from the local chapter of the Bohemian SPD. The party founders blamed the orientation of Soviet Bolshevism, which was both international and focused on world domination, for the mass murder and incomprehensible economic destitution in Russia/the Soviet Union, and intended in opposition to set up their own, purely nationally oriented socialism.

Hitler and the NSDAP were Leftist


“In accordance with the idea of the NSDAP, we are the German Left… Nothing is more hateful to us than the rightist bourgeois.”

— Joseph Goebbels, 1931 in “The Attack”]

With the help of a certain Adolf Hitler and his partisan friend, Goebbels, the NSDAP managed to build itself into the most important political power in the Weimar Republic. At no point during that time was the NSDAP perceived as a “rightist” party. Quite the contrary. Statements by Hitler and Goebbels confirm that the party’s direction was socialist — more precisely national socialist — ergo, its goal was not the salvation of the entire world, but the salvation of Germany, its workers and farmers (not the middle class nor heavy industry, as we now know).

This program was adopted and, in its election races, the NSDAP received ever stronger support from workers. Hundreds of thousands — indeed millions — of former KDP voters were now voting for the NSDAP, something our lying media reports almost always conceal. Hitler himself was a member of the short-lived council republic of Munich, before becoming a paid informer for the SPD. And along with the swastika he personally designed, he adopted the color red as an indication of a socialistic movement in his party.

“Hitler served under the Communists with a red arm-band in Munich”

— see J. Fest, “Hitler,” 1973, p. 122

“There are not a few Germans who identify Right with Evil and Left with Good. This is not helpful to their historical perspective. For instance, newly discovered photos and films show that on February 26, 1919, Hitler walked in the funeral procession for Kurt Eisner, the Bavarian governor (who was, furthermore, Jewish). During the dramatic weeks of the Munich Council Republic, the revolutionary regime sent Hitler to the main train station as a guard. His comrades chose him as the soldier representative of their regiment in the revolutionary army.”

— German historian Götz Aly

The Third Reich was a clear case of the socialist system: introduction of a paid 14-day vacation (first time in the history of the world); worker and family recuperation at state expense; a planned economy guided by the state, even though still privately held, with clear requirements concerning type and amount of production.

[The Nazis Were Left:

To this day, Leftists celebrate the “Day of Work” proclaimed by Hitler.

Only a few people in Germany know that the “Day of Work” was a holiday introduced by the Nazis. While one must be careful here not to have any demonstration on Hitler’s birthday, because leftists over-interpret; while an Eva Hermann* was stripped of all offices and publicly ostracized for a harmless comparison referencing National Socialism, the Left sings the Internationale, unashamed and unembarrassed on May 1st and thus celebrates a holiday personally introduced by Adolf Hitler. This demonstrates the insanity of the Left controlling our sympathies and dumbing us down.]

In flyers and on advertising columns in their first years, the Nazis bragged that they were the leading socialist country in the world. The economist Ludwig von Mises deserves credit for having discovered and incontrovertibly demonstrated this National Socialist system.

After the end of the Leftist Third Reich, 17 million Germans had to live under another Leftist Dictatorship

While in West Germany after WWII, there was a twenty-year recovery period from socialist doctrine, making the “German Economic Miracle” possible, socialist terror continued unabated in the GDR.

[#7 The Socialist Unity Party of Germany enlisted new members right after WWII with this text, therewith proving that the “Nazis” were left-oriented:

“The SED calls for your help with the new beginning for Germany! The SED calls on you if you once went to the NSDAP — not for egotistical, materialistic reasons but out of conviction and idealism; if you went there in the belief you would find what is good, find socialism. If so, come to us. The promise Hitler made, and no one kept, the SED will keep.”]

Under pressure from the Soviet occupying force, the East-SPD and the KPD-East joined to become the SED and oppressed their people with organizations nearly identical to those of the defeated National Socialists. What had been the Hitler Youth (HJ) was “Free German Youth (FDJ) in East Germany. What had been the GESTAPO was now STASI. To be sure, not quite so bad as the Third Reich, the SED was without question the second worst party in German party history, after the NSDAP and (if you don’t count torture, kangaroo court justice, building the Wall, people who died at the Wall, absence of most of the democratic and other human rights) in a certain form a “Third Reich light.” In its new iteration as the SED (which dominated the personnel) the SPD played a dominant and inglorious role. But that would change, as we shall see.

The Free and Democratic Germany of 1949-1968 disintegrated with the Coming of the “’68ers”

But let us first turn once more to the Bonn Republic. With the rise of the ’68ers, this republic faced its greatest internal political challenge, was not equal to it, and, as we know, foundered on it. Like a seeping, barely noticeable poison, the ’68er socialists settled into almost all the strategic positions in the media, education, unions, politics and justice, and, bit by bit created in the once-free West Germany (possibly the freest episode in German history) a leftist attitude-control regime. We are living through its high point now.

“The world should simply slaughter German heroes like mad dogs.”

— Joschka Fischer,** Alliance 90/the Greens

“I believe that Christian, Western culture as such never existed. In fact, it a constructed to exclude other groups.”

— Cem Özdemir, Alliance 90/the Greens (in a written reply on November 25, 2011)

You were only politically correct if you thought like the Leftists. Any other kind of thinking was criminalized, worse yet, nazified. If you were not leftist, you were at best rightist, at worst a Nazi. The bourgeois middle/ conservatism was deleted from the language, and if it should show its face anyway, was beaten back down with the club of Nazism. The last stand of conservatives under the CDU member Friedrich Merz, who demanded respect for the German core culture, was so thoroughly damned that no one thereafter dared to express the most natural thing in the world — demand for respect and preservation of the culture and rule of law of the German people that had been maturing for centuries.

With the Reunification, the Bonn Republic became a Pan-German “GDR Light”

From now on, the leftists had a clear path. Especially with the unification of 1990 (which was in fact a hostile takeover of the larger FRG by the substantially smaller but ideologically superbly prepared GDR) the Left could now prepare the fatal blow against the Germany they hated.

“I would wish that France reached to the Elbe, and Poland bordered directly on France.”

— Sieglinde Frieß, Alliance 90/the Greens, spoken before parliament

Over the period of a few decades, without consulting the people, leftists admitted millions of Islamic immigrants — who were culturally, religiously and in intellectual history incompatible with the West. Their aim was to dilute ethnic Germans to such an extent that they would either disappear or have no political say in their own country, As an ethnic Turkish immigration “researcher” bragged recently on television, 40% of Germans already have a so-called immigration background, directly or indirectly. Konrad Adenauer — much less Bismarck — would no longer recognize his country; it has changed so much.

“Nationalism and racism are left; patriotism is right.”

— Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, in: “Not a Dichotomy but a Competition”

The Islamization caused by the Leftists has brought Us to a Place of Fear, Violence, Religious Intolerance and Danger for Ethnic Germans

Entire inner cities in Germany are dominated by Muslims. There are already schools where not one person, including the teachers, is a German. I know a kindergarten in a major German city with 172 children. Three of them are ethnic German. In elementary and high schools in the states, German children are mostly in the minority and have to put up with daily bullying by Turkish/Arabic students.

“It may surprise you, but I am a traitor to my people. I love and call for ethnic death. I congratulate the Poles for their gained territory and the Czechs for the peace and quiet they have achieved from the Sudeten Germans.”

— Christin Löchner, DIE LINKE (The Left)

German girls are sexually molested in discos, or busses or subways by members of the Islamic master race, and must hear insults like “whore,” “slut” and worse. If they refuse sexual advances, they are called “racist.” In train stations, German passengers are regularly beaten up — many even killed. In the same time period in which NSU-Group 9 [National Socialist Underground] is supposed to have killed 9 foreigners, more than 6,300 Germans were killed, murdered, beaten to death by Muslim immigrants — and hundreds of thousands crippled. These victims have no lobby. The media are keeping this internal German genocide strictly under wraps.

The New Anti-Semitism has a Name: Islam

Neither in Germany nor in other West European countries can Jews be themselves. They wear the yarmulke less and less often in public. Again and again, Jews are attacked, accosted, stabbed or even killed for no reason. Not by ethnic Germans or indigenous Europeans, but by immigrant Muslims, who have brought their religiously inbred Jew-hatred with them. Muslims do not integrate in any Western country in the way which has become familiar with other, non-Islamic immigrants. The reason is, again, religious. In Sura 5:51, Allah commands them not to be friends with non-Muslims (specifically, “Christians and Jews”). These and other, even more deadly Suras are being taught right here in Europe in the — by now — thousands of mosques, which Islam has built with help of European politicians. And they are increasingly producing their desired effect.

Europe has become the overflow basin for Islam. European soldiers are brutally murdered by immigrant Muslims on public streets. In Germany, the first sharia enforcers are patrolling and beginning to monitor the observance of these stone-age laws (even by ethnic Germans). In England, anti-terror units uncover over 100 Muslim-planned terrorist attacks per week! Europeans traditionally engaged in the philosophical critique of religion must fear for their lives. Some are actually murdered.

Islam has entered the fourth of five stages in its 1400-year-old strategy of conquest. When they are in an absolute minority, it begins [#1] with unremarkable and apparently adaptive behavior. It proceeds [#2] to the building of mosques and the demand for acceptance of unique features of Islam (headscarves, etc.). An increasing demographic presence [#3] brings the successive introduction of sharia (Ramadan, deletion of non-Islamic religious festivals like Christmas because of alleged “insult” to the religious feelings of Muslims) and also applied to the non-Islamic population (the salami tactic). These demands are increasingly forced [# 4] with violence. When their percentage of the population reaches 30-40%, open warfare (jihad) begins against the non-Islamic population and does not end until the complete victory of Islam [#5].

An actual example of this strategy is Lebanon, which was once predominantly Christian. Since the colonizing settlements of Palestinians in the 1950s and 1960s, it has become a battlefield for Islamic jihadists, whose military-religious arm (Hezbollah) has transformed a once peaceful , Mediterranean state into a war zone.

Socialists are Traitors to their Country and their People

The socialists — led by the SPD and its allied unions, the Greens and the Left party (created from the uniting of the successor party to the SED — the PDS or Party of Democratic Socialism — with an offshoot of the SPD), but aided and abetted by the rest of the old, bourgeois parties, have colluded with Islam against their own people.

Both totalitarian systems — Islam and Socialism — have world domination as their goal, and they head the list of genocidal ideologies in human history. In its 1400 years, Islam has murdered more than 300 million “infidels” in the name of Allah. In nine decades, Socialism has managed to murder 130 million in the name of social justice. If we include National Socialism, Socialism has managed the proud number of 180 million murdered human beings.

Without question, Socialism is the primary infection of our peoples. Islam is simply the secondary infection it has drawn in as support in its effort to do away with Germany and the other European states. Together, they make up the deadliest threat to the West in its entire thousand-year history.

“We want Germany to become Islamic” (Words to that effect)

— Cem Özdemir, Alliance 90/the Greens

Source: Interview with Susanne Zeller-Hirzel (last survivor of the White Rose resistance group in the Third Reich)

Our media are the point of the spear in this thrust to do away with Germany — followed by the Greens and vast portions of the SPD and the unions. There is only the appearance of difference here. All the aforementioned are connected by personnel or program, and are the core of what we may call the general attack on Germany and Europe.

For over 100 years now, a war to the death has raged in Germany and Europe. Socialism ignited it, with the help of its shock troops, the “antis” (anti-German fascists) and the socialist-dominated media, in the no-holds-barred attempt to triumph.

Finally, Resistance begins to stir

But more and more Germans are beginning to wake up, be it the HOGESA demonstrations, the Monday Demonstrations, the no less powerful movement to rescue Germany and Europe from the (politically intended) grasp of Islam, the PEGIDA movement. Everywhere resistance is stirring among the people.

The courageous resistance fighters are still being denounced as rightists or neo-Nazis by the media. This is reminiscent of the GDR, where the media and the apparatus of government denounced the “Monday Demonstrations” as “agents of the West” and “populist vermin.” In the GDR at that time, such voices became quieter and meeker as the movement grew. It has not yet come to that point. But resistance is growing day by day, and alternative media are helping to uncover many lies in the media and political arenas.

All those who want their children to grow up in a free and democratic country must join this resistance. No one will save our country, if we do not. The time for defeating the socialist dictatorship and the Islamic threat is here and now. It cannot be put off until later. Every delay serves the enemy and weakens the people’s resistance. Independent organizing at every level is called for. Everyone can do something. There is nobody “up there” who will help us.

For a free future for our children and our children’s children! For a democratic Germany! We are the people!


*   Eva Hermann — German author and television presenter, who worked on the national Tagesschau news program for NDR (North German Radio) from 1989 to 2006, until a “denunciation campaign” initiated by “feminist-in-chief” Alice Schwarzer had its effect in the media and the leadership of the NDR.
**   Fans of George W. Bush’s nemesis, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, will remember his foreign minister, who had a similar regard for the USA.

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45 thoughts on “Islamization: The Thousand-Year Crime Against Germany and the Peoples of Europe

  1. Socialism is the disease for which there is no cure in Germany, and that goes for all of Europe. These people are so indoctrinated and so enslaved by the system that they lack the imagination to break their chains. The resistance against Islamisation might bring some temporary relief, but it will not bring about a change in attitudes and overall dependency.

    Thanks to Hussein Obama the US faces a similar bleak future…

  2. About time!! This should have happened 10 years ago! There will be blood one is afraid but others, many others know who is responsible and we will have our Nuremburg! Count on it. They will have a fair trial which is more than they give us. The Nazi smears and chants of racist! [Resevoirs of loathsome fluids] the lot of them.

  3. The leftist nature of Nazism still remains obscure, any historian who points it out (in Western Europe and the USA) will not prosper and will probably be drawing unemployment benefit for the rest of His/Her life.

    The left has got big and fat on the Nazi = right paradigm all the time laughing at the stupidity of the Conservatives (and Republicans) for falling for it (with notable exceptions).

    How quickly will the left’s house of cards tumble, I don’t know, because there are some very big guns behind the lefty delusion, to me, it is the ultimate work of Satan; a total inversion of everything pure, lovely and of good report that made Europe and the USA great!

    • MC, when I look at the political system that America has now become I see Democrats as Communists and the Republicans as National Socialists. The differences maybe miniscule between them, but the ideology from within both camps is such that never the twain shall meet. But however the system has now been bent to the socialist ideology so that it now compromises the very people who get to ‘choose’ the rider to oblivion at the polls, it will inevitably fall back to the people to undo the mess that the system has been allowed to become.

      I believe that time is now rapidly approaching.

  4. 1) World War One was not the bloodiest in history; WW2 has that dubious distinction (unless you amalgamate the casualties of centuries of Islamic aggression).

    2) “Socialism” is far more varied and complex than Mr Mannheimer seems to allow. It is often used as a derogatory term in the US, for example, in a way that baffles even non-socialists in Europe.

    • Mark there were less people slaughtered by acts of war during the Second war than the First during which many more millions were killed.

      For sheer slaughter value of all military participants the First World War stands alone as the most bloodiest.

      • I guess it depends how you define “acts of war”, Nemesis. Overall fatalities in WW2, including civilians, were higher; 60+ million against 16+.

        • OK, what I stated was, ‘of all military participants’. But if you wish to include both civilian and military dead in the one bag fits all description of numbers slaughtered, then the Second World War holds the ‘honor’ for such slaughter in numbers never before seen in recorded history. However, I stated that there were more military participants – as in Army, Navy and Air Corp – not civilians killed from direct military action – that is one side versus the other side in a shooting match – during WW1 than there were during WW2. The greater civilian casualty list during WW2 and for which you have included as a ‘number’ of casualties of war, came about not from direct military action, as in one side versus the other in a shooting match, but from pogroms due to a particular ideology not acts of war, committed by an occupying army against an unarmed civilian population which is a crime against humanity for which many participants of such crimes were executed by military tribunals in Europe and the Pacific after the ending of hostilities.

          I have an inkling you’ll bring up the bombing of German and Japanese cities as also being a crime against humanity. Please do, as I would appreciate the debate.

          • Not really, Nemesis; different times. And the fascist powers, especially Germany, sowed the wind, so reaped the whirlwind.

            Modern weapons, notwithstanding the opposition to drones, are far more accurate and discriminatory than those of seventy years ago, and the Israelis in particular deserve (but rarely get) credit for their care. How many civilians have been killed by the US and its allies by less accurate targeting of Islamic State forces?

    • Mark, socialism may come in many guises or disguises, as one chooses to accept, but the outcome over the past 100 years should prove to anyone toying with the ideology of socialism and beyond a reasonable doubt, that socialist experimentation does not, and never will, end well!

  5. “Wir wollen, dass Deutschland islamisch wird”. – does anyone have a link to the original source for this quote by Cem Özdemir? (eg transcript of the interview with Suzanne Zeller-Hirzel, etc)

    If we can show with 100% certainty that one of the most highly-regarded young prospects on the German (if not European) political scene uttered these words, it could be a watershed moment…

  6. Maybe the man in the street at some level is somehow in touch with a national consciousness that the last conflict brought on by the “Adolph will dominate” mentality finally got sorted after 6 years and 50 million dead. Are Kufar populations aware that once a crusades begins then Islam and it’s lovers of their filthy lucre will have run out of time?

  7. I guess most who visit this site appreciate the import of the words behind this essay as being most relevant to the times we now live in.

    I formed the opinion some time ago that the Islamic invasion is simply a smokescreen to hide the Elite Collective’s agenda – Council on Foreign Relations comes to mind here – an agenda that is plainly evident to those who wish to open their eyes.

    Islam is the Collective’s ‘useful idiots’ who are expected to do the Collective’s dirty work in ridding the populace, the Elite Collective wishes to control, of those citizens who have the temerity to object through eventual violent means their own demise at the hand of those we foolishly voted into power. The genocide of the White Caucasian race began some time ago when those with some influence or authority, and who could see early on what was occurring began to protest – they were removed from their positions of authority or fell into line with the agenda. One can almost trace back to where and when this all began and how it was spread quickly to only Western civilized nation states.

    But why is it only the White Race that is being targeted? Because the White Race has been the dominant force in world progression for some hundreds of years, progression that has benefitted all of mankind all over the world to some extent. The Elite Collective, who are largely of White Caucasian heritage, but whose self delusional megalomania knows no limits – George Soros comes to mind here – realized a long time ago that for them to rule the world they had to be become top of the heap in a civilization that rewarded its true national heroes, statesmen, entrepreneurs and general citizens of good repute, by first discarding those religious values that has given the West its leading edge – and as Chinese politburo members will confirm if asked – and then denigrating all that made the West into the truly progressive civilization it once was, but no longer is.

    Remember; nothing in politics happens by chance!

    That is why is our world has been turned upside down. The process of mass immigration will cause Western civilization to become completely unworkable while using the process of multiculturalism will destroy all nation states.

    Islam is the immediate problem we must face in all our countries, but Islam is not the main enemy we should be most concerned with. The Traitor Class is our true enemy that must be brought to heel and then legally dealt with (remember; we are not like them). Destroy Islam’s influence and we then have one enemy to contend with who are only in control due to a handful of politicians who refuse to acknowledge the damage they are doing and actively participate in their own actions against their own country and people.

  8. Great essay indeed.

    We- counter jihadi’s- face numerous enemies. If we want to win this war of idea’s -within the current paradigm- we need to educate the masses.
    Cicero gave us that insight. We better act accordingly. We have the best idea’s for the future of the West. Not the socialists and their pets from islam.

    We still rule the free West! Lets fight this final battle and rid our world from socialism and islam. The West belongs to no one but us!

  9. Never underestimate the Germans : Der Krug geht zum Brunnen bis er bricht ! und dieser Moment kommt and it will not be pritty

  10. is the photo at top of “europa and the bull” by carl miles? we have it at cranbrook in bloomfield hills, mi. good choice.

        • Two of the finest men who ever lived were chiefs of security of the two towers, respectively. They would not have missed the fact that charges were being placed in them.

          The placement of charges would have had to have been precise and the number and bulk of the charges would have had to have been great. Only an operation of great sophistication could have acquire the necessary explosives, designed the firing mechanism to operate perfectly, and effected that placement.

          Plus, the detonation would have had to have been coordinated with the hijackers. They had to be willing to die in a useless act that would not have brought down the Towers but enabled Bush and the American co-conspirators to carry off some plan of benefit to the Americans. Alternatively, they believed (mistakenly) that their actions would bring down the Towers but they had to be motivated to hijack the planes as part of the American master plan. Either way, it’s gotten thinner and thinner as the complexity of the plan soars.

          The number of Americans alone who would have had to have been involved in the coordinated acts of malfeasance and nonfeasance was too large and presumes large-scale treason in the security agencies that is not plausible.

          Above all, it assumes a betrayal on the part of President Bush that is absurd. He wasn’t any principled conservative and was no obstacle at all to the advance of American socialism or mindless fiscal profligacy. (Respond soonest by first class mail if you know the difference between those two.) However, the man is a decent sort and would have fired any idiot who proposed such a vicious, murderous act and shut such a scheme down forthwith.

          The attack on the Towers paved the way to an attack on Afghanistan which was a laughable objective considering the enormous risks of discovery and the slight benefit to us. 9/11 had no momentum whatsoever, so much so that Bush had to make a separate case for attacking Iraq that has been universally rejected by the smart set down to the present. Bottom line: huge risk for worthless benefit.

          Under the cui bono line of analysis, it was the Muslim nutjob contingency that stood the most to gain and every last aspect of 9/11 bears the earmarks of Islamic lunacy. Americans just are not at the point where large numbers of them are willing to kill their fellow citizens in a huge criminal enterprise. It is very plausible, however, that 19 Saudi nationals were more than willing to kill a large numbers of Americans. A very large number. Remember that both towers had a capacity prior to evacuation far larger than 3,000 and it only by the grace of God that the Towers did not collapse more quickly than they did. Such a massive death toll is a moderate Muslim salafist dream, not a dream of any American outside of the circle of scum like the Weather Underground.

  11. Fascinating essay, many thanks to both the writer and GoV and its translators.

    Small but noteworthy quibble about the revealing Sonnenberg SED note. In the last line, the German reads niemals, not niemand, and I think it should be, literally:

    Denn was Hitler Dir versprochen hat und niemals hielt, das wird Dir die SED geben. (I think the German is fairly poor, BTW)

    For what Hitler promised you and never kept to, that will the SED give to you.

    This is slightly different from “The promise Hitler made, and no one kept, the SED will keep”

    Other than that, the exaggeration of this piece undermines it. Anybody who has spent more than a day in Germany knows that, dire as its situation is in the cities, “40% of Germans already have a so-called immigration background, directly or indirectly” is a gross distortion. Outside the cities, the population remains 95% ethnic German across the country, from Ruegen to Passau. Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are deeper in it, and also proportionately have larger and more entrenched Muslim minorities.

    The quotes from the Green slime is brilliant. What disgusting swine these people are, and what self-hating idiots so many Germans are for voting for them.

  12. Can anybody confirm this astonishing quote:

    “It may surprise you, but I am a traitor to my people. I love and call for ethnic death. I congratulate the Poles for their gained territory and the Czechs for the peace and quiet they have achieved from the Sudeten Germans.”— Christin Löchner, DIE LINKE (The Left)

    German searches come up with this, but it looks like all blog stuff, no solid original source.

    “Ich liebe und fördere den Volkstod, beglückwünsche Polen für das erlangte Gebiet und die Tschech/innen für die verdiente Ruhe vor den Sudetendeutschen”

  13. The education of the masses is a function of the assault on the status quo and the Traitor Class – specifically attempting to educate them is a waste of time; most learn only through experience.

    Ideas are influention only for as long as they answers the questions asked of them. Given this our energy, surely, is best spent on criticising the prevailing equality idea, which is the mortar that binds together the one-world multiculti paradigm.

    Paradoxically I welcome Islam into the West. Islam and the challenge it presents will eventually undo the status quo; it forces lines to be drawn in the sand, it forces the taking of sides. That’s what we need.

  14. I am about to read the rest of the essay, but it begins with a 100% verified as bogus “Cicero” quote. I like the sentiment, and I almost used it in a book, but fortunately I decided to verify its authenticity. Cicero never said it or wrote it. Sorry.

    “The problem with the internet is that so much of it is false.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

    • Your scepticism is justified and welcome. Here’s another often used quote in the UK: “The English people as a race do not deserve to survive.” Jack Straw, ex-home secretary (interior minister). You will find an avalanche of hits with these or similar words attributed to Straw. If anybody can pin the remark to a specific place and date, with a firsthand source, please post it here. I couldn’t.
      This movement has to stick with verifiable facts if it is to be persuasive.

  15. A compelling article. The reason for the tolerance of AntiFa thuggery by the German goverment — always so concerned with the protection of the constitution — becomes clear. As does the reason for official attacks on free speech wherever they occur in Europe and the U.S. Such attacks on a bedrock Western principle can only be explained by a profound, anti-human, ideology-fueled, satanic malevolence.

    Orwell should have added one more to his famous three precepts: Death is life.

    To paraphrase the journalist observer of the Versailles Conference quoted by Lincoln Steffens: Socialists all say they want a better way for man but none is willing to refrain from killing off all that is free, vital, or lovely in the service of compulsion, lies, and theft.

  16. We have fought Islam many times in the past and won. The problem now is that our brains have this cancer of post-modernism gnawing away at our spirit. Without this enervating mind disease, we would win again. Accordingly, it is the larger enemy.

    I agree with the author of this fine piece, but I believe our present enemy is more lethal than banal socialism…as it combines socialism with nihilism and cultural relativism. These leave our intellect empty of opinion.

  17. Who financed the rise of Adolf H. and the Nazi Party ?.

    When Adolf Hitler in 1919 joins the pre-Nazi party, 7 Marks and 50 pennies were in the party coffers. But in order to succeed in politics, much more money was needed. Who gave the NSDAP so much money that they out of nowhere could come to power in ten years? Hitler’s backers tapped into hidden sources of money, paid weapons, newspapers, propaganda and the luxurious life of the party prominence. The tracing shows: nobody gave Hitler out of iealism any money. Everyone saw him simply as a means to one’s own purposes. An adventurer, and conspirator, a drug-addicted poet, a playboy, a consolidated heritager,, a manager icon and a left-liberal banker were the six major opening financiers of the Nazis. But then…..
    Der finanzierte Aufstieg des Adolf H. 2002
    von Wolfgang Zdral (Autor)
    Wolfgang Zdral (* 1958 in Nürnberg) is a German journalist and writer.

  18. A very interesting article, thanks for posting it on here.
    The First World War was the beginning of the end for British and Western European civilization; it sowed the seeds for WW2 and out of the wreckage of that conflict was spawned the EEC to avoid (at all costs) another war in Europe. Then from that evolved the EU, committed to the incremental destruction of the nation states from which it is formed.

  19. Regarding August Bebel: When I was an exchange-student in 1961, I lived with a family whose address was 56 August Bebel Allee, Bremen, West Germany. I never thought to research anything about the name of that street. Now I wonder what the “honor” was based on! Many of my World-views were formed during that stay because my German host was a press photographer who was both actively following significant events and avoiding East German and Soviet threats to him, personally. One of the things we talked about was (Because of my mentoring by an Armenian-American MD back home.) the large, self-isolating, groups of Turkish workers that I saw at various bier-centric events that I attended. I had first thought they were just grumpy tea-totalers.

  20. Only White people are expected to have amorality which does not include our own existence. This is unnatural and goes against our basic instinct to survive. It WILL break down.
    Political correctness, the current RELIGION of the cultural Marxists, has its own inquisition. That’s why German critics are chased down and punished by the priest class (politicians) of the modern left.
    Using Islam to achieve anything political is insanity, as this is a new phase in a very old war and Islam will do what it needs to do to conquer.
    The pot of conflict is brewing as the German sleeping White Titan Awakes……..
    No German in their right mind, or any other people in White countries are going to comply with our Genocide willingly. Unless the political class wake up, major conflict is inevitable.
    Anti-Nazi is a modern day code word for Anti-White.

  21. This is a superb speech; although spoken by a fictional character in a film it is tremendously powerful and is as relevant to Western Europe and countries in the Anglosphere as it is to the U.K.
    It’s title at YouTube is “I am an Englishman” if the link below wont work, and it is well worth 7 minutes to watch.

  22. da capo:
    I wrote my thesis about that subject….. in 1974, University of Cologne, and in those days already, literature was abundant.Interestingly, an apologetic booklet denying the contributions of Big Money to Hitlers victory was classified at the library of the BDI Institute( federation of Industry)just when I needed it for my researches.

  23. “Nazies were left”- the proove are their head lines, declarations.The reality was the fascist state at war preparation and waging the war. The collectivist state of terror toward their sitizans is not the left,nor the right.The Marxsist trap of definitions. Totalitarian state can be both right and left but this means nothing.Just the atrocities has some typical features:
    Bolsheviks created golodomor – the hungry deaths of “exproprieted” population, nazies created Holocaust in medieval forms with the human skin lampshades. The efficiency there, the traditional cruelty here. So dear friends, nazies were not extream rights ,nor extream lefts they were both and the totalitarians.

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