A Peshmerga Wannabe

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #150 — Suleyman’s Fighter Fantasy

Suleyman on the left doing her best peshmerga imitation.
Remember, it’s not polite to laugh.

Islamists in Tennessee do not allow their children to participate in Halloween festivities. This is one more way to stay separate from the kuffar and keep the children from assimilating into the American culture of fun.

With the help of Islamist leaders like Remziya Suleyman, MYNT (Muslim Youth Navigating Tennessee) plan events like “Halaloween” and use the opportunity for speakers like Cyrus McGoldrick from CAIR, to remind the younger Muslims that their first allegiance is to the “ummah” and that Muslims in the U.S. are victims who are demonized for following their religion.

CAIR is the political arm of the “shadowy” Muslim Brotherhood that has as its motto:

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
The Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Up until 2013, Cyrus McGoldrick headed the New York CAIR chapter. He speaks at anti-Israel rallies and liberally tweeted and posted his Jew-hatred on his Facebook page using the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” which communicates a desire to eliminate the Jewish homeland.

Suleyman’s Civic Engagement Coordinator Drost Kokoye, who is also a MYNT advisor, organized and led pro-Hamas rallies this past summer where the same death-to-Israel chant was used.

Who or what is Suleyman pretending to be?

Suleyman isn’t dressed up for Halloween. She says she bought this outfit so she could pretend to be a Kurdish female Peshmerga who are fighting against ISIS. Unlike Suleyman whose organization was founded on and whose identity is fully vested in the “Muslims as victim” narrative, the Peshmergas don’t see themselves as victims.

But unlike Suleyman, the Peshmergas are fighting for less sharia law, not more.

6 thoughts on “A Peshmerga Wannabe

    • [redacted] Does the keeping of the Sabbath by the Jews serve as an irritating resistance to “assimilating into the American culture of fun”?

      • (granted, the LINKS to the Front Page article on CAIR’s McGoldrick, the IAC rally poster, and ACO Suleyman’s sponsorship of antisemitic/pro-Hams rally are very much appreciated!!)

        From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea…Israel will one day from its nemesis be free!!! Jordan is Palestine.

  1. “Islamists in Tennessee do not allow their children to participate in Halloween festivities. ”

    Well be fair, a lot of fundamentalist Christian types don’t either. Even here in absurdly leftist New England, every year there are numerous warnings published or billboarded by one little sect or another about how Halloween is a demonic festival and little Johnny in his pirate costume is unwittingly worshiping Satan, or some such.

    • Well, I have my own sympathies for the “fundamentalist Christian types”. While they put up billboards, they’re at least not chopping people’s heads off, either. Further, the same guy who won’t send his kids out trick-or-treating because it’s “Satanic” may also loan you his CAR when yours is in the shop; and while a gun owner, he’s dangerous chiefly to deer in season (I lived in the Bible Belt long enough to want to spit at the usual Hollywood portrayal of my former neighbors). Further, if the Christian fundamentalists start rioting in the street and chopping off a few heads, I’ll say it was an unholy alliance of the Militant Godless wannabes, LGBT’s, and Islamicists who provoked them to it. Their default modus operandus in spreading their religion is peaceful witness, not armed jihads (their big daddy William Tyndale, back in the 1530’s, even went so far as to say that the Pope had no right to declare someone who fell in a crusade a martyr, since the Bible said no such thing).

      As for Voltaire, he was an admirer 0f the “enlightened despot” the Great Fritz (a despicable man) in an age when Anglophone Presbyterians and Congregationalists, the “fundies” of their time, had more than a century of thinking about political compact and rule of law under their belts.

  2. Suleyman isn’t dressed up for Halloween?
    The entire religion is dressed up for Halloween!

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