“Kill All the Enemies of Islam”

The following video contains excerpts from a documentary that first aired in 2006 on state TV in Canada, but is still relevant today. In it an Algerian-French journalist investigates the radical Assunah Mosque in Montreal, which advocates openly for violent jihad.

Many thanks to Point de Bascule for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. In the English-language clip at the end of the video, you can hear the odious Justin Trudeau (probably, as the Muslim who introduces him says, the next prime minister of Canada) gushing about mosques in Quebec that he has visited, including the Assunah Mosque and “Wahhabi mosques”:


3:25   On Friday July 21st, Mohammed Sifaoui went to the Assunah Mosque for the first time
3:31   to attend the sermon of Sheikh Omar Sufyan, the Imam of the Mosque.
3:36   The crisis between Lebanon and Israel was raging.
3:40   The first thing that struck me was… the Imam insisted on talking about the crisis in the Middle East.
3:48   The Imam was very angry and called on the people to pull together, to do something, by telling them:
3:54   “Stop thinking that your religion is limited at attending this sermon on Friday and doing your prayer.”
4:00   More must be done.
4:02   He concluded his sermon by saying: “Allah, kill all the enemies of Islam to the last one”.
4:23   In the following days, our colleague Sifaoui went back to the Assunah Mosque.
4:30   He looked at the books available to the faithful or sold at the bookstore in the Mosque.
4:34   He was troubled by what he saw.
4:37   The first thing that surprised me was this book entitled ‘Fatwas’
4:43   written by Ibn Baaz, an ideologue of Islamic fundamentalism.
4:51   The book caught my attention because I knew
4:56   that it is forbidden in some Muslim countries
4:58   because it incites to violence,
5:00   it incites to murder.
5:03   Here is an example: When he answers a question, this ideologue Ibn Baaz
5:08   says that a Muslim who does not practice his religion must be killed.
5:16   At the library, he also found a magazine
5:19   advocating jihad, the holy war.
5:23   I know that this magazine is published in London,
5:26   but it is forbidden in most countries in the world.
5:31   The definitions provided by the magazine are without any ambiguity.
5:36   For them, jihad is the struggle against the unbelievers
5:41   in order to make Allah’s word supreme
5:48   or help realize this goal.
5:51   They say: one of objective of jihad is terrorizing,
5:56   and they chose that word, ‘terrorizing’ the unbelievers
6:01   in order to humiliate them.
6:43   There were also books for children
6:45   using caricatures
6:47   to teach them history.
6:49   In them, Jews are depicted
6:51   with features similar
6:53   to what was published
6:57   under Hitler’s fascism in Germany
7:02   in the thirties.
7:04   We always see a nasty looking Jew,
7:07   his nose, this star of David.

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7 thoughts on ““Kill All the Enemies of Islam”

  1. One day Trudeau, as he is being led to the slaughter, will say what is a quote from Woody Allen in “Play it Again, Sam.” “How did I misread those signs? The Muslims must laugh all the way to the Bank of Jihad every time a non-Muslim praises them. What a bunch of Useful Idiots for the Muslims, useless idiots for the rest of us.

    • I am Canadian and the thought of trudeau being our next P.M. is very scary. A lot of people will realize in a short time that he is a chip off the old block, on his mother’s side.
      He is a fool and will show himself to be in no time at all. I am afraid that there are too many fools allowed to vote.

  2. I am a Canadian too, and like you I’m terribly scared that he may very well become our next PM. We will then have “our own Obama” with the same end results. He uses the same tactics, the same “think-tanks”, the same advisers. We have the glaring example of what will happen before us from across the border and yet people can’t see and in particular the young voters who take their clues from celebrity cults. Pierre Trudeau had at least brains ( he used them to promote and actually install a very left ideology) but I agree with you his son is much more a chip off his mother’s block.

      • I had forgotten that. The Trudeaux suffered from Fame inflammation. Fame is one of the glamours and can draw one in like a fly wrapped in a spider’s web. Thus, your use of “thing” to describe their mutual usage of one another is apt.

        • “I said My! My! like a spider to a fly
          Jump right ahead in my web!”

          -“The Spider and the Fly” (Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, of course).

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