Goodbye Baroness Warsi

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has resigned as Foreign Office minister for the British government over the latter’s policies concerning the war in Gaza. I noticed when reading news articles about today’s events that the baroness is only slightly more Paliphilic and anti-Israel than the rest of the cabinet — the British government has already taken a fairly harsh position towards Israel.

Our English correspondent Seneca III has a few heartfelt words to say about the departure of Baroness Warsi. See the bottom of this post for excerpts from a BBC article about her resignation.

And good bloody riddance! Rumour has it that this taqiyya-peddling traitor was on the skids anyway, so this is likely nothing more than the accomplished drama queen bailing out in a blaze of self-righteous publicity before being pushed. Although, if she was to be eased out, it would have been better for the Conservative Party to have been seen to do it, and with a firm hand, as that might have encouraged me and a few others like me to return to the fold.

Nevertheless the upside is that we will no longer end up involuntarily vomiting over our bacon and eggs when opening a newspaper and being faced with photographs of her handing out millions of our tax monies to her extended family in Pakistan (a.k.a. The World’s Biggest Lunatic Asylum)…

…with that gurning clown “It’s nothing to do with Islam” Cameron — who appointed her to the upper house and made her a Minister — standing in front her smirking face like a spare bridesmaid (or something else) at a wedding. Hallelujah!

But, for the record, here’s what she said just after Hamas was elected and before they set about murdering their Fatah political opponents left, right and centre and waging war on Israel:

“I think what’s happened in the Middle East with the election of Hamas is actually an opportunity and I think that’s the way we’ve got to see it. When groups that practice violence are suddenly propelled into power through a democratic process they get responsibility and responsibility can be a tremendously taming factor.”

…whereby demonstrating either her full commitment to her Jihad disinformation project or the fact that she actually is as thick as two short planks.

— Seneca III

From the BBC:

Baroness Warsi Quits as Foreign Office Minister Over Gaza

Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi has resigned from the government, saying its policy on the crisis in Gaza is “morally indefensible”.

She wrote on her Twitter feed that she was leaving with “deep regret”.

Lady Warsi, who was previously chairman of the Conservative Party, became the first female Muslim cabinet minister when David Cameron took office in 2010.

The prime minister thanked her for her “excellent work”, adding that he wanted an “unconditional ceasefire” in Gaza.

Labour backed Lady Warsi’s comments, but Chancellor George Osborne called her resignation “disappointing and frankly unnecessary”…

The full text of Baroness Warsi’s resignation letter (hat tip Jolie Rouge)

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35 thoughts on “Goodbye Baroness Warsi

    • …”mischievous jinns of happenstance”? Really? And you said you didn’t understand poetry. Sounds like the name of a Turkish heavy metal band.

      The essayist set me a-goin’ with his talk of “gurning”…an English sport for sure. Who else besides the English yeomanry could keep up such a tradition for more than 600 years?

      That’s an almost-hour long full monty about one man’s quest to win the contest (with shorter examples on the sidebar).

      Apparently the only requirements are flexible face muscles and a horse collar. If you have an overbite – or even an underbite – this is the place to use it to full advantage. Toothlessness also seems to give one a leg up.

      We will eventually learn if gurning is deemed halal/haram. Personally, I hope to no longer be extant when that ruling is handed down. Mohammed frowned on laughter, but this custom of gurning would appear to lie beyond his ken.

    • Who knows, Mark? This is asymmetric warfare we are involved in so it could be anything but I, having looked at many of the opportunist media-taken photographs of that triumphal tour of the Gender Slave and the Dhimmi, am of the opinion that it was for real, not either of your speculative hypotheses.

  1. May I suggest that world’s biggest lunatic asylum is not Pakistan but the United Kingdom? Followed closely by Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the rest of the blight-ravaged part of Europe from Berlin westward. All that followed closely by Obamerica.

    The Muz are just being themselves and doing what they have always done. The West has turned from a balanced adult into a dangerous sicko to such an extent that it may be said to engage 24/7 in the oerv porngame of autoer0tic asphyxiation (should I trademark this metaphort?).

    BTW, who is the pansy clown walking barefoot in front of the Mussulman woman? He is a contemptible idiot. She is not: she works for her own with zeal and effectiveness.

    • I mostly agree, Takuan. However she, Warsi, remains a gender slave, conditioned from birth to give absolute obedience to her male owners – and on pain of death I might add.
      Cameron on the other hand has chosen his stance of his own free will and from within what was once a free society, and as such his moral and cultural position this day is not just reprehensible, it is worthy of nothing more than the most draconian of retributions.
      High Treason is not a phrase I use loosely but I am of the opinion that here it applies, and not just to this ephemeral grandstander but also to the vast majority of the Western world’s political classes.
      For them, Bilderbergers or not, there must be no mercy if we and our way of life are to survive. Rgds, S III.

      • “Own free will” is the key phrase. For instance America’s very old and still ongoing problems with its large black minority are not the result of free choice; they are baked into pre-Independence Colonial history. To a certain extent even the problems with the Hispanic plurality are a part of the historical fabric; e.g. the once- Mexican Southwest.

        But EU’s and Sweden’s “Camp of the Saints” scenario, and the UK’s self-asphyxiation with the Muslim Brown and the eclectically sourced Black, are a result of free choice, and a blunder that history will put in the same drawer with the Trojan Horse, World War I, the Axis countries’ pre-1939 popularly-supported lapse into lunatic fascism, and the Iranian people’s 1979 ecstatic welcome of the Khomeini Muz psycho returning from exile.

        But there is one caveat: what these EU/ Brit/ Swedish fools and traitors are doing will have far worse long-term consequences than any of the other historical ruptures iterated above.

    • Be fair, now. Shouldn’t the bizarre personality cult that propelled Obama into the Oval Office put us a mite higher on the list?

      If that isn’t enough, consider how crazy the electorate must be to give him a second term despite ongoing economic malaise, and despite consistent majority opposition to his signature “accomplishment,” and despite majorities of voters expressing more agreement with his opponent’s policies.

      If that still isn’t enough, consider how crazy an electorate must be to believe that Obama understands and cares about ordinary people like themselves, while seeing Romney as a greedy ogre despite his long record of generosity with his own time and resources (but to be fair, the media kept that mostly a secret).

      Here’s another bit of lunacy: Romney was ridiculed as an inept doofus who wasn’t “ready for prime time” — despite having been demonstrably successful as a business turn-around artist, as a governor (who met every goal on his own to-do list), and as the person who rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics from corruption and imminent failure and made them a success. BUT: Obama in 2008 was the brilliant genius of a leader, of world-historic dimensions, who was going to save our country and heal the planet — despite having never led anything of consequence, unless you count the lawsuit to force banks to extend highly risky mortgage loans (eventually resulting in the banking crisis).

      And: Does any other country on earth have such suicidal policies on borders and immigration?

      Won’t you admit that we’re a serious contender for the #1 spot?

      • The US is very high on the list, very close to the lunacy of Europe. In many ways its worse, because in the US both the Left and the Right are lunatic and inflicting either complementary or identical forms of major sabotage in slightly different packages.

        Pick almost at random: War Inc., QE and the whole Ponzi financial system, Open borders and Migra, Suicide-by-China, “Free Markets,” PC and MC, dry husks of unlovable socialist-feminist women serving as the teachers of America aided by Black and Brown ethnocentrics together turning American children’s brains into toxic sludge, etc.

        That America ranks higher than Europe it’s only because some 40%+ of its people are made of an alloy more freedom-loving and less amenable to enslavement than Western Europeans are. And that 40%+ are armed, and they will shoot anyone who tries to disarm them. Compare to how the Brits docilely gave up their guns, then swords, and now knives.

        Also, the size of the country, federal structure, and cultural diversity of the white American population makes a peaceful split from the brain-altered 60%- (including their Muslim, black and Hispanic clients) much more likely than any such possibility in Europe.

        • Swords and knives, Takuan? I don’t want to live in a city where anyone is allowed to carry them on the street. Guns are more complicated.

          • Mark,
            We ornery colonials in the US of A have a saying: “If guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns.” BTW, I hear that if you are a EuroMuz with a mission, there are ways you can get a full-auto Kalashnikov — I hear from Chechnya but there must be other sources. Now where can YOU source even a civilian-use Kalashnikow (single-fire of the type legal in most American states) to defend your family in a crisis situation?

            Outlawing swords in the UK is merely an impotent madness that leaves only the Sikhs with swords (legality means little when it comes to strongly held beliefs). And if knives are outlawed, only the Muslim and Blacks have knives, while people like you rush to buy Kevlar vests for their children to wear in school.

      • The States is not a contender for No. 1 spot. But I concede it is making a sterling effort to improve its ranking in the table. The problem the States has is the First Amendment: it allows all these contrary voices to be heard.

        Whereas dissent from the PC-Islamophile orthodoxy in the UK is not just criminalised behaviour, rigorous policing of it is an institutional priority. Witness the police response to social media comment on the murder of Lee Rigby. Witness what happened to Paul Weston when he publicly quoted Winston Churchill from “The River War”. Unimaginable 40 years ago in the land that bequeathed the rule of law to the globe.

        Witness by contrast the astonishing inaction of the authorities to the recorded gloating of Anjem Choudary defrauding the public purse through his “Jihadseekers Allowance” – the clamour for action to be taken against him if that took place in the States would be deafening. Not a peep from the dhimmified UK populace.

        BTW I never understood how Mitt Romney was deemed under or unqualified for Presidential office. A success in a high level executive role in the private sector, a successful governor of a major state with a negligible Mormon population (his religion didn’t seem to affect his competently discharging that role) and boss of the Salt Lake City Olympics. With this trifecta of achievement was there ever a more qualified candidate?

        • Alas, all these things in the US are slipping; it’s only the disgust and rejection of the 40%+ that aren’t slipping. What good is the First Amendment if the gubmint’s own tax harvesting arm singles out Tea Party organizations for “special treatment” ? or how much good can the public discussion of the really important topics do when that discussion has all media of mass communication and entertainment closed before it and is relegated to web pages that preach for the already-faithful?

          Where have you seen a film, a TV program, a major newspaper or magazine article dealing truthfully with issues such as Islam, America’s Blacks, America’s Hispanic invaders and Reconquista, lunatic immigration policy and its long-term effects, Suicide-by-China, American women’s increasing feminism-socialism and voting patterns that go by feeling (e.g. pro-Obama) rather than reasoning (e.g. pro-Romney).

          Romney was supremely unqualified to be POTUS, however successful in business, decent and wholesome he may be. As was Dubya Bush (elected, unfortunately), the unwholesome McCain, Bob Dole when he ran etc. These men are all eunuchs on all the issues iterated above and either actually didn’t dare or would not have dared speak to and about POTUS-candidate B.H. Obama the way he should have been spoken to and about. GOP is a walking zombie, out of touch with everything that’s going on other than its fixation on “family values.”

  2. I’m tempted to sing “Ding! Dong! The witch is dead” -only the PC clown Cameron who appointed her, and the many other dhimmis, are still in power.

  3. Well I can finally answer the question ; ‘was the Gaza operation by the IDF worth it ?’

    ‘Yes’ it was worth it as we have now got rid of Baroness Warsi (also regularly referred to by many people in the UK as ‘Baroness Karsi’ . Followers of traditional UK-English will understand the meaning of that phrase. Non UK-English speakers won’t ! I will leave it to another commenter to have the fun of providing an explanation !).

    BTW I provided a review some months ago on GoV of a book by a Dewsbury newspaper editor, Danny Lockwood, ‘The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury’ (ISBN 978-0-9570964-0-0). Warsi is from Dewsbury and Danny who knew her and her family personally gives details of her advancement into politics. Well worth a read.

  4. May one tactfully point out to the “liberals” and Israel haters that shooting 7,000 missiles into a country since January tends to make people angry and send in their troops. Just thought one should mention it…..

    Oh one forgets….terribly sorry…Israelis and Europeans are supposed to do nothing while their lands and cultures are wrecked before their eyes. Indeed we are supposed to celebrate our own destruction aren’t we?

    “Hope Not Hate” apparently thought those who objected to Ebola coming to UK were “racists”……

    Such are the joys of “Inclusion and diversity”- the mad world of the psychopathy of the Left…..

  5. Muslim and BME influence generally in all British political parties is only just beginning. At the moment the British political establishment remains far “whiter” than the country at large. To be truly reflective, the cabinet ought to be about 25% nonwhite, and the day we have a Muslim in a senior post cannot be far off. (That would affect British foreign policy in much the same way as having Jews in high positions–their loyalties too are divided.) Whatever you think of all this, and it just saddens me, this will be happening all over Europe in the next two decades. The age of the all-white-plus-token-ethnic cabinet is rapidly coming to end. As it is, I think the next UK election will be the last one in which the outcome is decided by native Britons.

  6. I enjoy reading every logical sentence and ideas written by all participants. Luckily I can also save the whole page. As for :

    Goodbye Baroness Warsi …
    No so fast. It is a stunt calculated for maximum reward: She know how to butter her bread. I am sure the dhimmi coward Cameron and his ilk will be begging her secretly either to stay or to be promoted to a higher position to force British policies to be much more against Israel and more Islamist and islam friendly and more dhimmi. She will return to a higher position only with some conditions, and dhimmi Cameron and his ilk will readily agree and declare to muslims how– by promoting her– he proves his heartfelt sincere love for muslims. When Erdogan and Saudi king hear about promoting Warsi will – – from his throne – – nod and say to himself: allah has given us control not only over Christians and Jews but also over pagans and lunatics, perverts and secularists like Cameron and Scandinavians – – that breed of “humanists” that are so self-hater and so voluntarily dhimmis whom a proper designation is yet to be manufactured. In mind is so called Dr Mads, who was in Shifa Hospital in Gaza and was weeping like a dhimmi over – guess what Gaza children. Has he ever wept over Israeli children killed and maimed by Gazan rockets and bombers, or the one that was killed only yesterday by that building machine. Can he make the connection between the hundred of tunnels via which Gazans smuggle deadly weapons and forcing Israel to defend itself.
    How come the west can’t say to Gazans if you keep tunneling and smuggling lethal weapons that’s the starter of wars. Can dhimmis of the west think like that?
    Get those “galloways”, “we are all Hamas”, “we are all dhimmis now” , “we are all perverts”, and take them to see the tunnels. Dare they say to Gazans: “well when you smuggle deadly weapons from Iran through these tunnels to then you have to bear the consequences.” Honor is when you tell the truth against the current.

    • “No so fast. It is a stunt calculated for maximum reward: She know how to butter her bread.”


      Warsi has managed to significantly raise her public profile with this stunt, particularly amongst the pre- and self-dhimmified crowd in the US and Europe who had no prior awareness of her existence. The flood of, “You go girl!”, “grrrl power!!”, and “What a brave female politician with a conscience!” reactions has been absolutely nauseating.

      • Inevitably amusing is probably a better description than nauseating, rapsail – if one has a morbid sense of humour, that is. S III.

  7. Of course the response of a sensible Conservative government to Warsi’s resignation should be: well we tried the politics of inclusive PC posturing by appointing a wholly undeserving Pakistani woman to the House of Lords and then making her Foreign Minister, it didn’t work out. So let’s not have any more of this silliness again, let’s appoint people based on their ability. And breathe a sigh of relief that at least she didn’t damage us as badly as Lord Ahmed did the Labour Party.

  8. She is `Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury`.This is a few miles south of Batley(Yorkshire) where the EDL are holding a demonstration on Saturday 9 August.

    She was previously Minister for Faiths and Communities.As such she took part in the hate-speech campaign against the EDL lead by her boss Eric Pickles and David Cameron(who is a founding sponsor of the anti-EDL street-thugs called the UAF [which is largely a front for the SWP ] ).

    An open-letter to her from the EDL can be found below.Click on `home` for new articles,including`Why We Are Going To Batley`.

    NOTE.The EDL now describe themselves as not Islamophobe but Islamo-RECUSANT.

    • No.
      She is Baroness Warsi of Pakistan.
      She represents the country and religion of her ancestors, not anything that is or ever will be English or British.
      She is a British citizen of Pakistani descent.
      Nothing more.

  9. Good riddance to bad rubbish! If there was ever a more polarising figure that shows the pathetic state of UK politics, Warsi’s it! What on earth was in the mind of the people who elevated this garbage bag to the title and privileges of Baroness only they will ever know!

  10. “(That would affect British foreign policy in much the same way as having Jews in high positions–their loyalties too are divided.)”
    The worst thing a high-ranking Jew would do would be to support Israel defend itself. And I don’t think that would be worse than what “native white” rulers of the last 30 years are doing.

    The least thing a high-ranking muslim would do would be to establish a caliphate, and give the indigenous people 3 pleasant choices recently given to Mosul/Nineveh Christians: convert, pay Jizya or face a blunt sword. The warrior Book of Deep Hate makes it clear. Honor means to open your eyes and love your countrymen more than aliens even if aliens have petrol.

  11. Shouldn’t she be five paces behind ?
    Sun Tzu has some good advice on how to deal with uppity concubines.

    • I thought that applied to concubines who were bad at military maneuvers, rather than uppity.

      I’m afraid I don’t know enough about British politics today to know if that is applicable to the Baroness’s situation…

  12. The problem is their are plenty more of the relegation of peace persuasion infiltrating UK institutions maybe it is time for restricting access to such sensitive positions in the national interests.

  13. Mind you, Guys and Gals, I predict:

    “Before ere too long we shall see the fragrant Baroness Sayeeda Hussein Warsi publish her carefully taken notes on those government Cabinet meetings she attended and never chose to contribute to followed by a swift cross-benching into the arms of Banana Man, his arguably innumerate Shadow Chancellor, Balls, the hormonally self-castrated ‘Harridan Harmon’ and the Neanderthal Trades Unionist McClusky, who will no doubt shortly thereafter in deep and abiding gratitude give her a shadow appointment wherefrom she can continue to peddle her endless Muslim bile. For us cynics who have given up all hope of ever again being governed by patriots dedicated to the service of their people this will at least afford us some light relief as we coil our rope and reconnoitre available lamp posts – metaphorically speaking, of course. S III.







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